Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 44- Ankush confesses)


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It had been weeks since the incident had taken place. Ankush had visited her once. He had a tough time keeping himself in control. He just wanted to pull her in his embrace and never let go. Arjun and Radhika too came to visit her with Nandini, Mala, Riddhima and Ahana. Ahana was kept a distance away from Niti.

Niti was enjoying her time at home with her mom. Being fed well. Sam would make her laugh all around with her tantrums and mood swings troubling Neil.

“Can I get some love too?” pouted Neil like a kid.

“You’re my sweetheart” cooed Prerna.

“Yeah I can see that” Neil rolled his eyes.

“Aww.. my brother. Come on and help me up” chimed Niti as she held her arms out.

“What for? Stay right there” commanded Neil.

“Stupid, help me up. I’ve had enough of my day in bed” Niti snapped.

“You’re still hurt” Neil answered back.

“It’s been three weeks. And my bandages have been removed too” Niti pouted.

“Still. Stay” Neil pointed to the bed.

“Am I not being treated like a baby?” Niti sighed.

“You are our baby” smiled Prerna.

“Mom I’m 26” pouted Niti.

“Still you be my baby” smiled Prerna.

“You guys are so dramatic” sighed Niti as she buried her face in her palms.

“Me too?” asked Sam as she came in with coffee for all.

“You’re the entertainer” Niti laughed.

“Are you serious?” Sam gasped.

“How does it feel? You’re phase to motherhood” smiled Niti.

“Do you really eat so much during pregnancy?” sighed Sam.

“Yes. That’s the best part. You get to have everything want. No one can refuse a pregnant woman’s needs. It’s all for your baby” Niti smiled.

“No wonder people grow fat” Sam looked at herself in the mirror.

“The baby needs space to grow. So all your body parts expand. Oh God, who am I kidding?” screamed Niti as she was so annoyed with her sister in law and sighed as she facepalmed herself.

“Arey aunty. Stop staring at the mirror. Ask me I’ll tell you how you look” spoke Niti who was even more annoyed.

“Aunty?!” gasped Sam as she pointed to herself.

“Yes you, my sister in law” pointed Niti.

Neil and Prerna laughed their hearts out. There was someone who could tackle Sam. They were so relieved. Sam pouted rolling her eyes. Niti smirked a victorious one watching Sam.

“I’m coming to office tomorrow. And I’m going back to the rented house” Niti spoke.

“Niti” Neil raised his voice.

“Neil didn’t I tell you?” Niti cocked up her brow.

“Yes. But still” sighed Neil.

“It’s for everyone’s betterment” Niti smiled.

“I’ll miss you” Prerna rubbed her back.

“I’ll miss you all” smiled Niti.

“I’ll annoy you all once I’m back again” Niti smiled making everyone laugh.

“And yes, I need to finish things soon so that I can be here before chotu arrives” smiled Niti.

“I’ll pull you back even if you don’t” said Neil.

Niti got ready and left for work the next day. Office after three weeks. She came along with Neil. Neil had a feeling of victory. All smiled. It was known by then that Niti was a Malhotra.

Ankush kept watching Niti. He was so happy to have her back. It was a nightmare for him to not have her in front of his eyes. Now that she was, his happiness had no boundaries. Karthik had come to take her statement. It was needed for him to throw Saral behind bars with multiple charges. It was like his new dream now. New target to be achieved.

“Hello Malhotra” smiled Karthik as he entered her cabin.

“Basic etiquettes. Knock before entering someone’s cabin” scowled Niti.

“Ok then” Karthik said as he went back out “now may I come in madam?” asked Karthik as he peeped through.

“No I’m busy” said Niti in a sarcastic way.

“Oh, come on” Karthik acted like a desperate kid.

“Desperate are we?” smirked Niti.

“In a way” he rolled his eyes “now let me in” he scowled.

“Ok. Get in” Niti chuckled.

“You look so beautiful when you smile” smiled Karthik.

“Are you here to compliment my looks?” asked Niti.

“No. I need your statement” he said.

“Statement? For what?” Niti asked.

“To nail Saral” he clipped.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help you” Niti said as she got up from her seat and stood by the window.

“Look I know you’re still terrified. But still we need you to speak” he said.

“Do I look like I’m terrified?” she snapped “If I was so, I’d have never stepped out of home” she snapped again.

“Now can you open up?” asked a tired Karthik “and stop snapping with that tongue of yours. It hurts a lot” Karthik fake cried.

“Now shut up. I think you need to leave” Niti frowned.

“Tell me. Then I’ll leave” Karthik folded his arms to his chest.

“I’m not helping you. And I said it. Don’t ask me again. I can use my Royal power to punish you” she said and threatened at the last part.

“Niti please” hs pleaded.

“No, I’m not” she snapped.

“I think you need to leave. You’re wasting my time” Niti spoke as she pointed at the door.

“Niti this is important. Don’t you understand?” Karthik sighed.

“I know. But I have nothing to help you with” Niti was stubborn.

“Niti” Karthik raised his voice.

“You raising your voice at me or you using your police authority will not make me open up” he spoke at the same pitch.

“So you’re not saying a thing?” Karthik tried one more time.

“I’m not saying a thing. How much ever you try. Now leave” she sighed.

Karthik left disappointed. He was so disappointed that a person like Niti was not speaking against Saral. Ankush saw Karthik leaving with a disappointed face. He didn’t understand what was the thing that made him so disappointed. He went to Niti and saw her sitting with her gripping her head. Niti didn’t want Saral to know that she was a Malhotra and Sam is carrying. She had her own problems. That was one reason why she refused to say a thing to Karthik.

“You ok?” asked Ankush.

“Yeah” she sighed.

“Coffee?” he asked.

“No” clipped Niti.

“OK” he sighed and left.

Ankush met Karthik in the canteen. Ankush placed a coffee in front of him and Karthik looked up. He smiled. His best friend knew him so well. He took the coffee and gulped it down in one go.

“Wow!! Which girl is that who has put you in such a state?” chuckled Niti.

“There’s someone” chuckled Karthik.

“Really?” Ankush’s eyes popped out.

“Yeah” Karthik rolled his eyes.

“Ok, I wanna meet her” chimed Ankush.

“You will. Today” smiled Karthik.

“And when am I going to meet bhabi?” Karthik asked.

“What?” gasped Ankush.

“Come on, don’t act like an innocent kid. You’re just too happy these days” teased Karthik.

“You know me too well don’t you” smiled Ankush.

“Too well” Karthik chuckled.

“Now let’s go” chuckled Ankush.

The two friends spent time with each other and drove off to the destination they had to. Ankush stopped at Niti’s house, shocking Karthik. He then convinced himself that he had come to meet Riddhima as she was staying Niti. Karthik smiled more as his work was easier. They got down and went inside. Niti was on the sofa writing something.

“Niti” Ankush called out that made her look up.

“I need to tell you something” Karthik said.

“Isn’t di at home?” asked Ankush.

“No she’s not” replied Niti.

“I too need to tell you something” Ankush spoke clearing his throat.

“You too?” asked Karthik in a suspicious tone. Hw wasn’t having positive vibes now.

Niti stood up and went to them “what is it?” she asked.

Both the friends shockingly went on their knees and blurted out “I Love You” in unison.

The confession left the two friends shocked. The two of them looked at each other and looked at Niti who was equally shocked. Niti looked around and sighed nodding her head as it went lower and lower.

Ankush got up “I love you” he said.

“No. I know you from before. So, I love you. More” Karthik snapped.

“I love her” Ankush snapped.

“No. I” snapped Karthik.

“No. l” snapped Ankush.

“No. I” snapped back Karthik.

“No. I” snapped back Ankush.

“No. l” snapped Karthik.

“No. l” snapped Ankush.

Niti who was shocked didn’t expect such a confession. That too from both the best friends. At the same time. She saw them fighting like kids and gripped her head. She had had enough of it.

“Stop it you both” she screamed as she covered her ears.

Both of them who were arguing stopped and saw her. Her eyes were red. She was breathing hard.

“Why are you both fighting now?” she asked in pure anger.

“Umm.. we.. I mean.. I love you” Karthik stammered.

“I love you Nithika” confessed Ankush honestly.

“But I don’t love you. Either of you” Niti spat.

“You don’t?” Ankush’s voice almost broke.

“No I don’t” snapped Niti.

“Do you love someone else?” asked Karthik as he closed his eyes.

“Yes” she sighed.

“Who?” asked Ankush. He was sweating.

“Of course me” chimed a voice filled with attitude. Overconfidence. It qas familiar.

“Saral!!” gasped Ankush and Karthik in unison.

“Yes. Me. Missed me? My best friends” Saral smirked as he mocked at the ‘best friends’ term.

“You? Here?” asked a shocked Karthik “that’s why you said you wouldn’t help me” hissed Karthik in pure anger.

“Yes” clipped Niti.

“How are you both? It’s been a long time” Saral asked like a good boy.

“I’ll make sure you rot in hell” hissed Karthik.

“I think it’ll better if you let him go. He deserves a chance” said Niti.

“After a he’s done” scoffed Ankush.

“Look. All deserve a chance. I’ve accepted him with all his flaws” Niti said as she crossed her arms to her chest.

“Are you serious?” Karthik shouted as he raked his fingers through his hair.

“Now that you both know that I don’t love you and I love Saral, I think there’s no use of you both fighting. You guys deserve girls better” said Niti.

“Niti” Ankush sighed at her decision.

It was hard for him to believe that a person like her had taken the worst of decisions. She had pushed herself into hell.

“She told you didn’t she? She loves me. She’s mine” Saral smirked an evil one.

“Saral” Karthik came forward to punch him, but Ankush stopped him.

“I’ll see you around honey” cooed Saral as he kissed Niti’s neck and left.

Niti watched him leave with pure hatred. Ankush saw this. But couldn’t understand.

“Please don’t spoil your pure friendship for me. It’s so true, the strong friendship of two men are broken only because of a woman” Niti sighed.

“Niti” Ankush came forward.

“No. Don’t. I love Saral. Please leave. Please don’t fight. Just because of me. No. You people deserve the best” Niti smiled as she walked in.

Just then, Riddhima came in along with Ahana with a load of groceries. She smiled at the both of them. Karthik smiled at her and went to Ahana and walked out after ruffling her hair. Ankush smiled a sad one at his sister and left. Riddhima who saw him walking away all sad, couldn’t understand what was wrong.

That’s all for today… tata babaye.. will be back soon with the next update.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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      The malhotra family banter, sam’s tantrums, neil n niti scenes were too gud. Loved it.

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