Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 4-Cambridge)

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They waited at Dubai for their connecting flight. Just then a voice from the speakers echoed in their ears.

“This is an announcement for the passengers traveling from Dubai to Boston in Emirates flight no…xyz(I have no clue). The flight has been delayed by 2 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. Happy traveling.”

Radhika frowned and clenched her fists in the air closing her eyes tight. Arjun who was seated next to her looked at her in amusement.

Arjun asked “have we both swapped each other? Cause I feel so. I feel you’ve turned into me as I’ve never seen you this impatient. I’m being calm, so….”

Radhika asked “so, you mean to say that I can’t control myself?!”

He said “no I didn’t mean that. You’re just not being yourself. So, the point is ….. STOP FAKING!!”

She stared him with her eyes wide. She opened her mouth and closed it like a fish. She gulped down her throat in fright. He caught her. He knew her so well.

She said “I’m being me. The only thing is I’m excited. You’ve never seen this side of me. I always wanted to pursue my higher studies. But papa didn’t let. It’s only that that’s all. And yeah, the flight delay. That too.”

He gave her the “you want me to believe you?” look. She felt bad for lying to him. She never wanted to peruse higher studies. It was her dad who asked her to write GRE TOEFL and peruse higher studies. She didn’t react.

She sprang up from her seat and turned towards him.

She said “we have two hours. I wanna see how this place looks. Let’s go shopping. Now, don’t give me that look. You’re jobless by the way.”

Arjun let out a deep sigh looking at her. Though she was rude, she kept ranting. Non stop talking. Ok, in his language bakwaas. ??

He got up and walked along with her. She walked and hopped around like a little kid holding his strong arm. She was a kid to him now. She got into a perfume stall and bought a Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty for herself and DKNY Be Delicious for Nandini. Arjun’s mood totally changed when her saw her buying that perfume. It was Nandini’s favourite. She even bought one for him. Givenchy Pi. He only started at her. She then went to an accessories store and bought some bracelets, bangles and some earnings.

While walking back, Arjun asked “for whom was the men’s perfume?”

She smiled at him and said “I donno. Let’s see…. Ummmm.. That handsome guy over there” and then looked upto him to see his reaction.

Arjun gritted his teeth. His body turned stiff. His hold on her waist got harder. She knew trouble was coming.

She said “accha baba, don’t get angry. I was joking. It’s for you. I knew that your perfume got over. And you can’t stay without it. The next one is, it’s your favorite.”

He looked down at her. His hold on her got light. He was smiling. (Why couldn’t he smile throughout the serial like this?!??)

He asked “how do you know it’s my favourite?!”

She said “it’s obvious. I see you using only that. Right from the start. You need to be like me. See, two two perfumes. You’ll feel pleasant. A change. Not like you, boooorrrriiiiinnnnggg.”

She dragged the last word like for 15 seconds. Arjun gave her a sheepish grin.

He asked “who boring?”

She said “you.”

He said “we’ll see.”

She said “yeah yeah.”

The went and sat back in their places. This time he was sitting opposite to her. He checked his watch. They still had half an hour.

She said “the airport’s beautiful. And so many shops!!”

Arjun said “yeah. We still have half an hour left.”

Radhika said “let’s have coffee then.”

Arjun asked “woman can you please sit in one place? So hyper!!”

She said “no. I wanna waste time. What will we do for another half an hour?”

He said nothing. He had no other go. He had to go with her. She was right, they can do nothing. He got up wearing his coat.

He said “OK, let’s go.”

They went to Starbucks. Radhika had rice cake and coffee, while Arjun had only coffee.

She asked “so, what plans? You suddenly said you’re coming along. What are you going to do?”

He said “I’ve taken up a contract with one of the best ad companies in Cambridge. Piyali has spoken to them. And they’re ready. It will either be a two month or a two year contract.”

She suddenly said “take the two month contract.”

She sounded very excited. She realized what she did and sat quietly. Arjun only stared at her. His suspicion on her grew stronger day by day. She was surely hiding something from him. Her weird behavior showed it.

He asked “why? Anyways we’re gonna be there for two years. And you even wanna settle down, then why?”

She said “nothing. You’ll be familiar with the system if you do small ones. Then it’ll be better if you go for big ones.” Trying to cover up.

She thought “I need to finish before two months. Else, its gonna be very hard. I need to find di before his birthday.”

His voice broke her thoughts.

He said “I’ll see.”

They finished the coffee and went back and sat on the metal chairs. They then heard the announcement of the flight and went.

They then boarded the plane. They slept most of the time. Arjun woke up in the middle now and then, Radhika kept sleeping. He watched her sleep. No nightmares. She slept peacefully. He smiled looking down at her sleep with her mouth half open. He bent down and gave a small kiss on her forehead. He then saw her wake up and acted as if he was asleep. She woke up to him fast asleep. She caressed his cheek and gave a small kiss there. She smiled and then went back to sleep.

Arjun wondered “if she loves me, why isn’t she saying it? I now know that she loves me. Radhika whatever happens, I’m never gonna let go of you.” He smiled looking at her.

They reached Boston. They came out of the airport. Radhika wondered where Karthik was. Just then she heard a voice call out to her.

The voice said “Radhu! Over here!!”

She knew the voice. She recognized it. It was Karthik’s. She knew him from childhood. He was Ankush’s best friend and knew Saral too. She was so happy. She turned around to see him. Arjun was shocked as to see who it was that knew Radhika was here.

Radhika screamed “Kaarrthhik!!” And went and hugged him tight.

Arjun was shocked. He got angry. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

Radhika then broke the hug and turned towards Arjun and said “Arjun I’d like you to meet Karthik, Karthik Verma. He’s a sheriff. And Karthik this is Arjun, Arjun Mehra. My husband.”

They both shook hands and greeted each other. Arjun put up a fake smile in front of him.

Karthik put his hand around Radhika’s shoulder and said “let’s go. Else it’ll be late.”

Arjun couldn’t stand it. Who was he to put his hand on his wife’s shoulder. Arjun just kept quiet and got into the car.

They drove on the highway. Boston was just 20 minutes away from Cambridge. Radhika and Karthik kept talking all the way, where just sat behind quietly, watching the two of them talk sitting in the front.

Karthik halted the car and said “here we are Radhu. Your house. I would have searched for a bigger house if you would have told that your husband’s coming along with you.”

She said “that’s so sweet of you Karthik. It’s k. We can adjust.”

Arjun said “yes. It’s alright. Thank you so much for your help.”

Karthik said “anything for Radhu. She means alot to me.”

It was like pouring ghee into burning fire. Arjun got even more angry, but stayed calm outside.

Just then Karthik said “Radhu next week classes will start. I’ve enquired about everything. You don’t need to worry.”

She said “thank you. Now let’s go in. Why are we standing like this ?!”
(They realized so soon … lol ??)

They then went in and set the things right. Radhika was amused to see the house furnished. Everything was in its place. Food items were also there.

She asked “Karthik who used to stay here. Everything is in its place.”

He said “my friend. She used to stay here. Before she left the place without telling anyone a thing. After that I used to come here everyday and admire this place. So, I was maintaining it. Managed to keep it neat. No bad na?”

Radhika smiled and said “you loved her didn’t you?”

He said “no. She used to keep this place so neat. Just like my maa.”

Radhika now felt bad. She shouldn’t have dug deep. His mom passed away when he was 15. His daadi took care of him after that. The Mishras and Vermas were very close. Just like family. She then saw him tearing.

She said “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

He said “it’s OK Radhu. It’s not your fault.”

Arjun too felt bad for him now. He too knew the pain well. The pain of losing a loved a one. A single tear escaped his left eye.

He went to Karthik and placed his hand on his shoulder and said “everything will be fine Karthik. You will get someone who’ll give you love all her life and you’ll never be alone.”

He smiled at Arjun and said “I hope so.”
Arjun too smiled back.

Radhika prepared dinner. Arjun kept working on his laptop. Karthik helped Radhika in the kitchen. Arjun saw this and was fuming.

They then had dinner together. Karthik left after that. Radhika then spoke to her family and Sam.

The next morning, Radhika woke up and screamed. Arjun woke up panicked.

He asked “what happened Radhika?”

Radhika just sat there on the other end of the bed. She didn’t say anything. Arjun thought it was nightmare again. He pulled her closer to him. She was on his thighs.

She then looked at him. At his panicked and tensed face. She then burst out laughing. Arjun couldn’t believe it.

She said still laughing “just look at your face. Oh god !!”

Arjun got angry. He caught a fistful of her hair. He held very tight. Radhika winced.

He said “this seems to be funny to you? You know how scared I was. Every time I see you like this, it just kills me.”

She said “arrr.. Arjun please let go. It hurts. I’m sorry.”

He then let go of her, pushed her off and walked out the room. Radhika felt bad. She shouldn’t have done that. She went running behind and caught hold of him.

She said “before you never cared like this. Why now?”

He looked down at her and said “before, the time was different. The situation was different.”

She asked “so?”

He said “I used to hate you then. Hated you for coming in my way. Now it’s not that. Things have changed. I love you. I love you Radhika.”

She looked at him with her arms folded to her chest.

She said “you better starting hating me Mr. Arjun Mehra. Cause there’s no love. Why do you wanna hurt yourself? It’s only one sided. Arjun you’re free to leave. You don’t have to stay.”

Arjun said “I’m not letting go of you so easily. I’ll make you come to me. Just wait and watch.” he walked away with a sad face.

She stretched out her hand to stop him. But, she stopped herself. She wanted to hug him tight and tell him that she loved him more than anything in the world.

Both of them took a shower and had breakfast. It was oats for the morning (and I hate it without sugar)

She said “let’s go out and explore the place. Seems to be nice. Well even go check out the campus. And yes, even your office.”

He said “woman hold your horses. Take rest. We’ll do that tomorrow.”

She said “ok.”

She was talking over the phone to Karthik. She wanted to sneak out of house, but couldn’t. The house had only door. If she did Arjun would find out.

She asked “bhai, found anything else? About di.”

Karthik said “no Radhu. I didn’t find her there. But, she does work there. They’re not ready to let out a single word about her. Even when I told I’m sheriff. Why are you looking for her now?”

She said “bhai she’s Arjun’s sister. There were some problems due to which they split. It was all because of me. Now I want to get them together. Bhai, Arjun won’t find out about my fake admission na?”

He said “no, Radhu he won’t. And what problem? Don’t blame yourself. You can never do anything wrong. I know you from childhood. And why were you calling me Karthik? It felt weird as you never called me that ?”

She said “bhai, that’s a long story. I’ll tell when I meet you. For now, I want to make him jealous. Make him stay away from me.”

Karthik asked “why?”

She said “it’s because of me they are not together. And I love Arjun. Arjun doesn’t want to see di. I need to get them together.”

Karthik said “hmmmmm. Then why not talk to him about this.”

She said “I tried bhai. Negative.” and started to cry.

He said “OK fine. We both will find her. Together. Now smile Radhu. Don’t cry. I promised Ankush that I’ll take care of you. And Riddhima di, she’ll kill me.”

Radhika wiped her tears and said “no bhai. Nothing will happen to you. I’m smiling.”

She heard Arjun’s footsteps.

She said “OK bye Karthik. Meet you soon.”

Arjun stopped by and heard this part. He fumed. She was taking all this time to him.

He came in and sat silently. She kept staring at him. She went and sat text to him.

He said “lunch is ready.”

She said “you could have called me.”

He said “it’s k.”

OK , the day was boring. Nothing to do. There was a small garden behind. Radhika sat there staring at the wide range of colorful flowers. There were tulips, roses, petunias and etc.

The next day they got ready and went out. The explored the whole place. It was beautiful. Radhika went along with Arjun to the new company and got the contract finalized. They gave one and a half months time.

They then visited the college campus. Radhika was so excited. She hopped around and twirled like a little kid.

They came back home. It was 6 in the evening. Radhika’s phone beeped. It was Karthik’s message. She read it.

It said “Radhu we need to meet soon.”

She punched a reply “will try.”

Her phone rang. It was Karthik’s call. Arjun fumed seeing him name on the screen. Radhika picked up the call.

She said “haan Karthik. What happened?”

He said “I found out that she changed her location. She’s not tin Cambridge now. What do we do?”

Radhika said “what?! How can this happen? It’s all over then? What am I gonna do?!”

Arjun stared at her. She was tensed. He had no patience. She shared things with Karthik and not him.

Karthik on the other side said “calm down Radhu. We’ll find her. She’ll have to came back. As all her documents are here. She can’t do anything without them. They’re in my hands.”

She asked “how?!”

Karthik said “informer.”

She said “fine.” And cut the call.

She turned and saw Arjun staring at her with anger. She gulped down her throat in fright.

He pulled her closer and pulled her up.

He asked “what is going on? What’s all this? For this is what you came? This is why you said no to me? You like Karthik. This is why want me to leave even now. Wanna enjoy with him.”

She bit out “none o your concern. It was your choice to come.”

He then let go of her. Pushed her so hard that she lost balance and fell on the floor. She saw him walk away. She sat there crying.

She said “sorry Arjun.”

They didn’t talk to each other after that. They minded their jobs and didn’t interfere. Arjun went along with her when she went out, only because he was her husband. She bought a few study materials. She had to show in front of him, though she wasn’t going to study. A week passed on like this.

On they of college, Arjun came to her. He gifted her a bracelet. She was happy.

He said “all the best. It’s getting late, we need to move.” He too was ready.

He then dropped her and drove off. She walked into the college looking at all the students. She walked for a while and sat on the bench. She took out her phone and made a call.

She said “hello. Come now.”

Karthik said “OK.”

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Up next:Chapter 5-Search to find Nandini

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