Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 38- Ahana makes Niti smile)


Ok.. I’m back back back… sorry for the previous update… I know I did that.. it was so required.. how else can I pull Saral to Mumbai?

Lot of you pitied Mala and Riddhima.. lot of you scolded me for writing this.. it was so needed.. there’s more tragedy to come…. A lot more of drama… So grip it up ladies.. I’m warning you all.. Don’t go to a shocked state… be prepared cause you don’t know me at all.. lol what am I saying?

And some may feel I’m dragging.. yes you may as it has less of ardhika and nesam… well let me tell you.. it’s not only on ardhika and nesam.. has a lot of couples.. I need to give equal space.. I too feel at times I’m dragging.. but my major writer friends and my brothers tell me a no and advise me to not think like that…. Thank you people..

No more ranting.. straight to story

As usual.. please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors

Happy reading ??

Niti was pacing up and down the corridor. Why did she tell Arjun that she needed time? She can never forgive him. For what he had done to Bonnie and her jiji. Bonnie’s condition had worsened since the day she had seen Arjun. Though she had convinced her, it was still hard to make her believe that Arjun would never reach her. No she can never. But why was she so calm around him? Had she started giving in?

Why couldn’t he love Komal? She was a good girl. Well maybe not to his eyes. He had other priorities at that time. Ruining the Khannas. Which he never succeeded in. He was a gem of a person who was exploited. He was the lost best friend of her dear brother. She couldn’t hate him. Why? Just because of what he had faced in childhood? Losing his loved ones. But why did he have to ruin Bonnie? Bonnie wasn’t as naive as Radhika. She should have understood. She shouldn’t have expected things like love, care and affection from Arjun. She should have been careful. A bit shrewd. Mistake was her’s too. But who was suffering? Bonnie alone. Arjun qa happy. Happily married to the woman he loves and led a normal life. Now, he was filled with guilt as she was in front of him now. And he knew things.

Niti silently wept. Pair of eyes watching her. Neil. Why was he watching over her? Why did her tears matter to him so much? Why did his mother care for her so much? Is she the Nithika Malhotra? And not a Rajput. Did she know? If she did, why didn’t she return home? Why was she making them suffer? Sam taking her side. Did she know too? Was it only him who didn’t know? What was it that made her be so hurt? Neil kept watching her cry silently with all the thoughts running in his head.

Neil went to her “need some help?” he asked.

“How can you help me?” she asked as she turned to him wiping her tears.

“Well, maybe a brotherly hug” he smiled as he opened his arms wide “aww come on, don’t think so much. My hands are paining stretching wide” he said as he saw her rooted to her spot, blinking.

Niti ran to him hugging him with all she can. Neil stumbled at the force, but managed to balance himself. Niti sobbed into his shirt, wetting it. Neil felt peaceful to have her in his arms. He kept patting her head. Arjun along with Sam who saw this, smiled.

“Finally he found it” smiled Arjun.

“Maybe not. My husband is one stupid” frowned Sam.

“Correction. It’s idiot” said Radhika from behind.

“True that” said Sam and the three of them burst out laughing.

“Will Neil accept me for Niti?” pouted Ankush like a kid.

“First tell Niti. Then we’ll think about Neil” said Arjun as he patted Ankush’s back.

“I almost did. But managed to change the topic. She’s a tough nut to crack” sighed Ankush.

“You what?” screamed Radhika.

“I told her ‘I love you’ in tension. But managed it at the nick of time. She too advised me to go tell it to the girl I love. But she has no clue it’s her” said an annoyed Ankush as threw his hands up in the air.

“Lol. You told her I love you and backed off. Such a scaredy cat” laughed Sam.

Ankush threw her a death glare and she laughed even more. Arjun and Radhika too laughed along with her. Ankush was losing his patience now. He felt like going in and pulling her out of Neil’s arms and confessing. No matter what.

“Are you scared of her?” asked Radhika.

“A little” confessed Ankush.

“Happens. She’s a tough one” smiled Arjun “but you can do it” he smiled.

“I love her so much” said an exasperated Ankush as he buried his face between his palms.

“We know. It’ll be fine” cooed Sam.

“Aren’t you supposed to be home Sam?” asked Arjun.

“Why?” she asked.

“You’re pregnant. Need a lot of rest” frowned Ankush “stupid mother. I pity your kid in your womb” he completed.

“Hey stop. I’m fine” scowled Sam.

“No Sam. Don’t get angry. It’s not good for you” said Niti who came with Neil.

“I want hot chocolate fudge” pouted Sam.

“Damn. She’s on it now. Now she’ll be pampered so much” facepalmed Neil.

“She’s your wife. You need to fulfill her needs. For now it’s chotu troubling her with the cravings. You want a chubby kid don’t you?” asked Niti.

“Yes. You’re right. Thank you Ms. Akdoo for telling” he smiled as he pulled her cheeks.

Now everyone scowled as they facepalmed themselves. He still didn’t know she was his sister. Damn.

“You better bring her to City Hospital in the evening. I’ll be there. I’ll conduct some tests. Need to see if the foetus is healthy. And how many weeks it is. She looks anaemic too” pouted Niti.

“Aye aye ma’am” saluted Neil.

“Now we have a meeting to attend” said Arjun.

“Ms. Rajput. Piyali ma’am wants you in her cabin” said Teji.

“I’ll join you all with Piyali aunty” said Niti as she left.

“Beta I want a bubbly grandchild” chimed Piyali as Niti entered her cabin.

“Am sorry. What aunty?” said Niti as she shook her head vigorously, blinking.

“This is my first grandchild. I need it to be cute and adorable” smiled Piyali, which made Niti roll her eyes.

“Typical granny” she thought as she rolled her eyes again.

“Who is that?” asked Niti as she saw Sam and Jai’s portrait together. She knew it was Jai, but asked.

“That’s my son Jai” smiled Piyali. Hurt clearly seen in her eyes.

“Oh. What’s he doing?” asked Niti curiously.

“He’s no more. He died in an accident” sighed Piyali.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to” said Niti as he eyes welled up.

Jai was no more. He was more than a brother to her. Always by her side. He had spoilt her by giving her what she wanted. They had a nine year gap. She knew of him having a secret crush on her. Lol. It hurt a lot to know he was no more. But some things are not in our hands. They are destined to happen. Niti wiped her tears and left along with Piyali to the board room.

On the other hand, Mala and Dada ji were trying for Ankush continuously. They had reached Mumbai. Mala turned to Dada ji who was sleeping. She tried to wake him up, but he never got up.

“Ridhi Papa ji isn’t waking up” said a panicked Mala.

“What?! Maa are you alright?” asked Riddhima as she kept driving.

“But he’s breathing” said a relieved Mala “let’s take him to hospital” cried Mala.

“Ok maa. There’s one nearby” said Riddhima she drove faster.

“It’s a heart attack” said the doctor in Lilavati hospital.

“He needs to be operated ASAP. It’s all due to shock and skipping medicines” the doctor spoke again.

“But..” said Riddhima.

“Ridhi go find Ankush. I stay. Take Ahana” said Mala.

Riddhima walked out with Ahana and turned on her GPS to Bird Song.

Radhika was presenting her ideas on the next project. Niti was stopping her every now and then and throwing her tricky questions. Arjun got up and made Radhika sit down, answering all of Niti’s questions. All of a sudden, Niti started to sneeze. Dust allergy. She scowled as she started to sneeze continuously. Stuffing her nose and mouth with tissue, she gestured Arjun to carry on. Niti kept sneezing quietly without any noise. Arjun paused now and then and looked at her and she gestured him to carry on. The meeting was going on. Just then the door opened abd little Ahana came in running and caught Niti’s legs.

The little kid has so much strength to push such a big door and come in. Thanks to her grannys for feeding her.

Nithika pulled her out and made her sit on the table. Ahana smiled her evergreen smile that made Niti laugh and hug the kid. Ankush identified his niece and smiled. But, she here? How?

“Mami” Ahana chimed as she jumped on Niti’s lap still hugging her.

“Woah baccha. I’m not Mami” smiled Niti.

“Mami Mami Mami” screamed Ahana as she stomped her foot on her lap.

Ankush smiled releived. Someone loved her even before knowing who she was. And she was his choice. If Ahana wanted something she had to get it. Now he had his little pataka to help him. Arjun and Radhika were so happy to have Ahana. Neil smiled seeing Niti with the kid. Sam waa so happy that she could be near a baby and watch as it can help hwr when she’ll be a mom. Piyali and Samrat were overjoyed.

“Ok ok. Fine mami. Now you’re one pataka kudi” she smiled as she pecked the little angel’s cheeks.

Ahana jumped as she clapped her hands “Ana(Ahana) pataka.”

“Ana?” asked Niti.

“Ahana” corrected Ankush “hey my pataka. Come to mamu” he smiled.

“So she’s Mrs. Joshi’s daughter” smiled Niti.

Ahana turned around “mamu!!” she squealed as she went to him by stomping her feet to the table and hugged him tight.

“Mamu” she sobbed.

“What happened baby?” cooed Ankush.

“Bad man” sobbed baby Ahana.

Niti understood it was Saral. Ahana was so terrified. Ahana went back to Niti and hugged her. Ahana sobbed onto her bosom.

“Baby no crying. See I’m here. We all are here. Don’t cry. Strong girls don’t cry. My little Pataka kudi doesn’t cry” cooed Niti as she pacified the kid.

“Your name” said Ahana.

“Nithika” she smiled.

“Titika” repeated Ahana.

“No. It’s Nithika” smiled Niti.

“Titika” she said again.

“See. Nee” said Niti

“Ni” repeated Ahana.

“Thi” she said.

“Thi” she repeated.

“Ka” she finished.

“Ka” repeated Ahana.

“Nithika” said Niti.

“Titika” Ahana was back to square one again.

“Ok fine. Niti” said Niti nit ready to give up.

“Ithi” said Ahana.

Niti sighed “Nunu” chimed Ahana.

“What?” asked Niti.

“Nunu Mami” clapped Ahana.

“Call me Nunu. Not Mami. Please” fake cried Niti.

“Nunu Nunu Nunu” clapped Ahana as she roamed around the table.

Niti facepalmed herself. This kid was a handful. And who was she kidding? Mami? Good lord!! No. Just then Riddhima entered. Ankush just jumped from his chair. Radhika almost stumbled. She would have fallen if not for Arjun who caught her at the correct time.

“Mommy bwak” pouted Ahana. She hated her mommy’s colourless appearance.

“Baby no” hushed Niti.

Ahana listened to Niti and kept her finger on her lips and laid hwe head on Niti’s shoulder. Everyone were shocked at Riddhima’s condition.

“Di what happened?” asked Ankush.

“Saral” hissed Riddhima as tears failed to stop.

“What did he do?” hissed Niti in anger.

“He killed my husband. My in laws and dad too” sobbed Riddhima.

“Where was Vaibhav?” hissed Niti as she was losing her patience.

Ankush regretted it. Not calling them to Mumbai. Niti’s fear had come true. She stared at him with pure hatred when he turned to her. Radhika ran and hugged her sister.

“They left as they thought Saral wouldn’t come” cried Riddhima.

“f**k you Mehta” screamed Niti.

“Faaaa..” repeated Ahana.

“No baby. That’s bad” said Niti as she covered Ahana’s mouth and tickled her, making her laugh “now I need to have control over my tongue” sighed Niti as she looked at Ahana who was playing with her long straight silky hair.

“Where’s maa and Dada ji?” asked Ankush.

“Hospital. Dada ji got a heart attack in shock. Maa’s with him. We need to operate him ASAP” cried Riddhima.

“Which hospital?” asked Niti.

“Lilavati” clipped Riddhima.

She called up Akash “Akash is there a patient named Suraj Mishra admitted?”

“Yes. Cardiology department. 85 years old and has three blocks” answered Akash.

“Operate him ASAP. I’ll clear the bills. Just start” screamed Niti with Ahana in her arms.

“I’m on it” he said as he cut the call.

“I’ll take care of Ahana. You go to your grandpa” said Niti.

“Thank you so much” said Riddhima as she ran out.

“Thank you” said Ankush as he too left with Riddhima.

“We’ll also go” said Arjun and took a teary eyed Radhika with him.

It was only Neil, Sam, Samrat, Piyali and Niti with Ahana left. Neil had to go home as he had to collect Sam’s previous medical records. Niti had asked. Just as he was searching, a blue file fell. It was the DNA report file. Neil took it and opened it.

So I’m done with this one too…. Tata babaye.. don’t give me those death glares… I hate it… I’ll be back later.. need a big break… Love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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  1. Jessie

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    1. Shree

      Aama di break venum… 40th chapter ku aparam break edupen.. yes Mami nu kuptuta.. she is cute.. ayeeee.. don’t you know?! Cursing is bad.. lol bayandanguli.. Dada ji will be fine.. Neil will find out.. I love Ahana..

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    Arjun, sam and radz pulling legs. Arjun has changed so much. haha. Missing typical arjun mehra now. ???. Riddhima came, family union gud. But with lots of crying. ???.

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    1. Shree

      Thank you thank you thank you!! Thank you so much super intelligent senior!! I was waiting to write this chapter for five months.. and I’m happy I did it well…

      Nunu.. now stop.. my story.. Ankush is stupid.. lol sasu maa… Pataka will help her mamu..

      You miss old Arjun Mehra? Lol the only problem is I’m not able to write him like that.. yes pulling legs.. some fun needed.. Saral I will take care.. yes pata chalega..

      Love you too ??

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, I am afraid who Saral will hurt next, Niti and Ahana scene was cute, looks like Neil will finally know the truth if he see the DNA file, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much brin!! Neil will find out

      Love you ??

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      Thank you so much!! Yes it will

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      Thank you thank you thank you!! Lol shocks.. That I am giving.. thank you so very much for liking my story..

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      Hehe Gia!! Thank you so much!! Ik she found out..

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      Di.. thank you so much!! Haha Ahana did irritate Niti… Just like the way my neice does… Dada ji will be fine.. everything will be fine soon..

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      Di!! Thank you so very much!! Ahana is a smart kid… Niti smiled!! Yey!! Ik he’s psycho.. he won’t harm anyone now.. deal between Niti and Saral.. next one posted long ago di.. double dhamaka..

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