Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 36 Award function and Sam’s pregnancy)

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Saral smirked as he looked up the ceiling. It was time. Time to put his four and a half month plan into action. No one knew where he was. The police had a tough time. He had been watching the Mishras and Joshis residence in the disguise of an old man. No one could recognise him. The security forces were reducing as time passed. They’d only keep discussing on his return. But were frustrated he never showed up. This is what he wanted. The families to have no backup. Saral had managed to get so close that he knew of everything that the family was upto. This made him plan on how to put his plan into action even more easily.

“Here I come my family. And you’re going to love me for this” smirked Saral as he sang.

“Brijesh came to him “how long?” he asked.

“Soon” Saral clipped.

“Ok we’re in together. I’ll watch your back” smirked Brijesh.

“No I can do it alone. I wanna do it alone” replied Saral.

“Ok. I’m not. I know how important this is to you. All the best” smiled Brijesh.

“Thank you” smiled Saral.

Bird Song was in a total chaos. Sam and her mood swings. It had everyone on their tippy toes. She was so crazy. Had made the whole office go upside down. Nobody knew why. Niti doubted. Her craving for food… junk food made her doubt rise even more. Piyali and Samrat had a hard time in calming her down. Neil was pitied by every single person in the office. It was like seeing the next version of Niti. Niti was literally scratching her head as to how to go to Sam as every time she went, she’d get screwed by her. But now she had to. Niti took in a deep breath and went to Sam.

“Sam when was your last period?” asked Niti.

“Why?” she asked.

“Just tell me. And this is not the answer to my question” spoke Niti.

“We have a meeting Niti. I have no time for this” said Sam as she turned around.

“Rule number one, no one. No one turns away from Nithika Rajput and her questions” spoke Niti as she was losing her temper.

“Nithika Rajput?” asked Sam as she cocked up an eyebrow.

“Yes” she clipped.

Just then, Niti got a call. She gulped down as it was from Anant Narayan.

“Yes uncle” clipped Niti.

“Beta your father has been nominated for the Bravery Awards. His seventeen years. Please do come. I’ve informed his family too” informed Anant.

“Why do I have to come?” Niti gasped as she thought of it.

“You’re his daughter. You too helped in nailing Surya Prakash” he replied.

“Uncle but….” Niti dragged.

Sam got up as she saw Niti uncomfortable. She thought he was troubling her. Niti gestured her to stop as she approached her.

“You’re coming beta. You’re collecting the award on your father’s behalf” he spoke.

“Why can’t mom do it? And the media” she scowled.

“I’ll take care of the media” he informed.

“No uncle I can’t. The Mehras will be there too” spoke a scared Niti.

“It’s k beta” cooed Anant in a fatherly tone.

“No one knows about dad” she cried.

“They’ll have to find out now” sighed Anant.

“I don’t want to see mom’s hopes shattering. I can’t uncle” Niti cried.

“Beta it was Arav’s dream. For him. Please” pleaded Anant.

“Ok uncle. Fine” said an exasperated and defeated Niti.

“That’s like a good girl. See you tomorrow night at Taj” he said.

“Ok bye” she said as she hung upon te phone.

“What happened?” asked Sam.

“None of your concern” snapped Niti as she walked away.

Taste your own medicine. Sam cringed at the tone she used and looked at her as she walked away. She was zoning out again. She got Prerna’s call who informed her on the awards function. Arjun too was called and informed on te Bravery Awards and how Arav got Rakesh justice. Arjun was shocked as to how he was found. Anant informed that he had been keeping an eye on him since day one after his parent’s death. Arjun and Radhika decided to go. It was one way he could find his long lost best friend.

The night was going to be the night for everyone to remember. Everyone got ready in their best. Arjun and Radhika arrived grace and poise. As Anant had promised, there was no media, which made Niti heave a sigh of relief. Arjun was shocked to see Niti. But he brushed it off as she had contacts in the police force. Then arrived the Malhotras that shocked Arjun. Radhika looked confused. Was he the childhood best friend of Arjun?

As they a took their seats, Anant announced “ladies and gentlemen. This has been the most awaited event of all time. I’d like to welcome you all to this auspicious function. So I’ll cut short my speech and go in to the awards.”

Niti sucked in a deep breath as she sat next to Prerna. Niti was tensed as she had seen Arjun and Radhika. She didn’t care of Neil now. It was high time he found out that she was his sister. Prerna squeezed her palm gently.

Anant announced “The award goes to….”

Neil got a call and got our of the hall due to network error. Niti wanted Prerna to go collect the award on behalf of her husband. She just prayed for it to happen. Prerna’s eyes kept searching for Arav.

“Goes to Arav Malhotra” finished Anant “now I call upon his daughter Nithika to collect the award in behalf of her father” he smiled as he saw her.

Niti scowled. There was no way escaping now. Prerna’s heart sank as she couldn’t see her husband. She gave Niti a confused look in what was going on. Niti knew what was coming and just got up to collect the award. Sam smiled. Arjun was shocked. Niti was Arav’s daughter!! Which means she was a Malhotra. She’s Neil’s sister. Neil was his long lost childhood best friend. Oh God!! He was in tears. Radhika was not in a state to react. Ankush was nowhere to be bought back to earth. He kept staring. Whatever was happening was too much for him to digest. Nandini was smiling. Finally everything was falling in place.

Niti collected the award and went to the mic “good evening everyone. First of all, sorry mom. I never told you this. Dad’s no more. This happened last year. My dad died in my arms. For him, it was his duty that came first. He did everything he could to bring justice to his best friend and his family. As promised I never let his seventeen years go in vain. I met my dad after seventeen years” she cried. Prerna watched her daughter in tears.

“We killed Surya Prakash. And it was all I could do. Dad this is for you” finished Niti as she showed the momento looking up.

This left everyone in tears. Arav had died trying to get his friend justice. How wrong Arjun had taken them to be. He silently apologised as he cried and Radhika let him be. But it was too painful to watch a person like him break down. Prerna cried as her husband was no more. Sam let Prerna be. She had to break down. Niti quietly sat next to Prerna in tears and dumped the award in her hands. She squeezed her hand and mouthed a feeble sorry. Prerna cupped her face as tears failed to stop. Just then, Neil returned. Sam scowled. Destiny played so well. Everyone knows she’s a Malhotra, except for her dumb husband.

“God, I missed it. Mom why are you crying?” asked Neil.

“You’re dad’s no more Neil” cried Prerna.

“Mom it’s k. Shhh.. calm down” cooed Neil as he hugged his mother. He too was breaking down, but tried to be strong.

Niti cried silently turning away. She knew this was bound to happen, but it was too painful for her to see it. She too needed her family. Their embrace. Everyone left after the function. Arjun stormed to his bedroom and threw himself over the bed.

He remembered Neil’s words “I want to hate you so much for what you’ve done. But I just can’t. I donno why.”

“Neil” whispered Arjun as he cried and images of their childhood flashed.

Next day was a gloomy one. The whole of Bird Song wondered why the “Powerful Five” of Bird Song were so quiet. It was like they had lost a big. Like something terrible had happened. The meeting that was supposed to be held the previous day was scheduled today.

As they assembled, Sam started to explain things. But she felt giddy at one point. Everything going round and round. She brushed it off and went on. Finally, she gripped her chair hard and then went back falling to the floor. Niti ran to her and checked her pulse. She smiled a little. She placed her palm on her tummy and rubbed it gently. She bought her palm to her lips and kissed it. Tears failed to stop. She was going to be an aunt. Her brother, a dad. Her mom, a grandma and most of all, Sam was carrying!! Neil sprinkled water and woke her up. Sam looked at Niti with a confused face.

“When was your last period madam? Answer me atleast now?” asked Niti.

“Three months back” answered Sam.

Everyone laughed and cheered as they understood. Sam still had a confused face. Neil was speechless. He just sat to the floor as he was kneeling. Arjun and Radhika were on cloud nine. Ankush smiled. The grandparents to be were jumping.

Niti informed “you’re carrying. You’re going to be a mother.”

“Better get it checked in a hospital. On how many months the foetus is. You look too weak Sam. Need vitamins. Congrats to the new parents” said Niti as she got up and left.

Sam hugged Neil. It was the best thing she could ask for. Everyone congratulated them. Now Niti was even more tensed. Sam was pregnant. Saral was on te loose. He should never find out. She will never let him.

That’s all people… hope you all enjoyed it.. Tata babaye.. love you all loads.. tc.. keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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  1. Sammy

    wao ..sam pregnant ..pls reveal niti’s identity to neil ..pls and now everyone know about niti ..Ankush will be like ..neil’s sister he have to tackle with neil ..hehe ..too good and thanks for giving back to back updates ..this was awesome .

    1. Shree

      Sammy!! I’ll do it soon.. Neil knows that Ankush loves Niti… But now it’ll be different as it’s his sister.. aww you’re welcome… Thank you for reading and commenting

      Love you ??

  2. shree akka wow such an amazing update it is amazing akka srsly sam pregnent but it was very emotional tooo
    help to neil to find out his niti soon nah plzzzz and clear the diff between arjun and niti also
    overall it is a fantastic update

    1. Shree

      Nitu kutty!! Thank you so much!! I’ll unite them all soon..

      Love you ??

  3. Myra

    It was amazing shree….and what a quick update…..waiting for what saral is upto!

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much!! You’ll see

      Love you ??

  4. Ada ada ada wat a emotional scenes ssweetheart 😮 😮 superb 😀 kalakureenga ji 😀 😀 award function was so emotional 😀 arjun n Neil are childhood frnds wowwwwwwwwwww dats awesome 😀 😀 omg all get to know abt niti except Neil dats do sad 😮 waiting for dat moment 😀 😀 Neil gonna b dad wowwwwwwwwwww 😀 😀 happy happy 😀 😀 loved it 😀

    1. Shree

      Madam vanduteengla? Thank you thank you thank you!! Semma la? Yes Neil ku mattum teriyadu.. adhayum seekrama paniduren… Yes happy happy

      Love you ??

  5. S.v

    Argh network problem vazhakaila evlo problem loosu neilukku appa dhan call varanumma ?? Ayyoo eppa dhana varanum argh now im really scared saral enna panna porano ?? Gosh still scared aama one question when will niti would be known as neil’s gudiya ?? Yaar pls unite the brother and sister soon and happy that sam is gonna become mom and finally arjun came to know that Neil and Niti are his lost friends. Lovely one shree ponne lovely one but only one request pls make neil come to know that niti is his sister. Love you tons take care and always smile.

    1. Shree

      Lol ponne!! Aama appo dhaan call varanum.. he shouldn’t have picked it up….. Avanuku seekrama teriya varum.. Saral is Saral.. loosu tanama will do something.. he’ll find of Niti being a Malhotra soon.. I’ll do it seekrama..

      Yes di I’ll do it soon … Thank you so much!!

      Love you too ??

  6. Manha

    Happy tears…. uff soo much emotional one. Bravery award. All know abt niti. But neil. Poor boy. Always come after the show is over. Arjun got his long lost friend back. But why did he not say to neil that niti is his sis?? So many questions and ur suspense.

    Saral that idiot in disguise. Dont you think he is using his brains too much. Yeahh the sweet news. Sam pregnant. Why not radz?? Hmmm. Bechara arjun. You are not even making him papa now. Happy environment. All laughs with evil lurking behind. Waiting for next. update soon. Take care. Be healthy. Lovee you.

    1. Shree

      Hehehe… Ikr… He comes after everything is over… You’ll see… Hehe I made Saral intelligent.. for once.. lol ya il make Radhika pregnant soon.. Arjun bechara ante.. lol…

      Next one updated… You know it.. the speed of TU..

      Love you too ??

  7. Dev

    Now thats cald d destiny play…..neil had 2 attend d call????….n inconsolable prerna…..sorrowful arjun…..n bewildered radu….bt last happy all bt confused sam…

    1. Shree

      Dev!! Thank you so much!! Ikr… Destiny.. yeah Ik

      Love you ??

  8. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much!!

      Love you ??

  9. Awesome update, I had great hopes that Neil will know about Niti’s identity at the award function but it didn’t happen why r u torturing us like this ? Sam is pregnant that is great, Arjun now knows that Neil is his long lost friend yippie. Loved the update n love u more

    1. Shree

      Gia!! Well sorry about that.. you’ll see that happening really soon… Hehehe..

      Thank you so much for liking it!!

      Love you too.. even more ??

  10. Omg shreee this such cute n lovey dovey chapter.. darling you are awesome…. Arjun n neil discovering their relations…award function… Omg this written so marvelously….. Niti confirming Sam’s pregnancy… Omg tht is so cute… nesam bcuming patents..its so adorable…. M waiting for next so eagerly… Love you my cute

    1. Shree

      Hehe di.. thank you so much!! Next one posted.. TU taking time

      Love you too ??

    2. Shree

      Hehe di… Thank you so much!! Next one posted.. TU taking time

      Love you too ??

  11. Jessie

    Shreeee… Adi dhool… I loved tat Award function scenario.. big secrets revealed silently..Neil.. he missed..! Saral got ready..! Naan1 ena sollrena.. vegama plana execute panna varum.podhu saral kaal thaduki keezha vizhunthu comaku poidanum..! Even in this happy situation Niti cudnt enjoy.. she worries.. ankhush is nowhere 2be brought back 2 Its really hard 2 tackle Niti.. then Arjun.. now Neil too..kaadhal le idhellam saahajam da !! Enjoyed reading this update.. Happy Raksha Bandhan Shreee!!. TC n loads of love..

    1. Shree

      Vanga maa vanga… Sooper dooper kalakalana comment oda… Yes yes revealed.. stupid Neil miss pannitan.. lol coma … Avana naa koodiya seekram koldra plan la irunden.. coma ku pona tirumbi mulichi prachana panuvan.. so murder…. Ankush is thinking how will Neil react to his proposal for Niti.. lol..

      Lol di.. thank you so very much!! Belated Raksha Bandhan wishes to you too

      Love you ??

      1. Shree

        Oru chinna help… Idhe madri.. nee oru super story aramipiya.. naanum adhla sooper comment adipena.. enna deal aa?

        Love you ??

      2. Jessie

        Oh wow.. u are gonna kill him.. thangame .. idha than ethir parthirthu irunden naane..vairame.. andha episode kaaga kaathu irupeanee.. lalallala.. hahah..
        Super deal.. neenga ellam prologue oda arambicha naan disclaimer oda arambikanum.. Am not responsible for any consequences nu..??

      3. Jessie

        Help nu arjun sizeku periya vaarthai sollatheenga.. plss.. love u shreee.. TC

      4. Shree

        Lol di Jessie… Let it be.. elarukim pudikum… idea irunduchu na aramichidu…

        Help.. Arjun sizeku illa… En sizela keten.. lol

        Love you too di ponne… Take care ??

  12. Brin

    Awesome episode, Sam is pregnant, Arjun discover Neil’s his childhood friend And Niti is Neil sister, but Neil still doesn’t know about Niti yet, when will he find out? I have a feeling that Saral is going after the Mishra family and Niti is right they should bring them to Mumbai, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much Brin!! Neil will find out soon.. Saral will go after everyone.. lol… You’ll see…

      Next one posted.. TU is slow… I’m not liking it even a bit..

      Love you too ??

  13. Rossy

    How much u make us running ??? niti is Neil’s sis..when will he know..i thought to go to u n punch u for that…plzzzzzz reveal the truth soon…all most every one knows but brother doesn’t know about sis…painful…sam is gotta good news…lol…waiting for niti’s identity…n what this saral is upto…kill him asap…

    1. Shree

      Maa.. I never asked you to run.. Sit down now.. now I’m sure you’ll fall in the next update… Aiyo always talking about punching.. I’ll reveal the identity soon… Saral will be out forever after his drama

      Love you ??

  14. Gauri

    Awesome SHree ….Sam pregnant …yayyy…..Saral on loose that makes me nervous 🙂 update soon …. well you are doing that already 🙂 love u darling keep smiling 🙂

    1. Shree

      Hehehe di!! Thank you so much!!

      I submitted the next part… TU needs to post.. you know its speed.. stupid people

      Love you too di ??

  15. Lakshmi05

    Amazing update shree…n award function …no it’s not’s shree …neil..she’s not letting u know about ur sister…anyway she gave a gift to u neil by giving sam’s pregnancy news…so we’ll wait for sometime…Saral …don’t know what he’s going to do now.
    Luv u …tc…

    1. Shree

      Lol hari!! I am destiny!! Hahahahaha..
      Ill let him know… Hehehe I made him pappa.. Saral you’ll see

      Love you ??

  16. Amazing update

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much!!

      Love you ??

  17. Roma

    Wowwwww….Shree my dearrrrr sweeeeeetheart. was awesome, marvellous, outstanding. …very heart touching n emotional episode. …things are coming in their correct place….niti accepted award for her father…was very hurting. ..arjun found his long lost friend n Lil sis….but neil still doesn’t know yet…ahh…things here good news of sam very lovely. ….saral can be really dangerous. ..keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug 🙂

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much di!! Yes things kinda fell in place… Saral.. I have my ways of taking care of him… Muaahh to you too di

      Love you ??

  18. _Ritu

    Superb Shree. .. 🙂 award ceremony part was too emotional… Bt again Neil didn’t get to know the truth about Niti.. Plz unite them soon…Sam pregnant yipee.. 🙂 loved the chappy.. Saral ..waiting to know what that idiot is upto…love 🙂

    1. Shree

      Ritu thank you so very much!! I’ll unite them soon.. Sam’s pregnant.. yes.. Saral next part posted.. go read.. you’ll find out..

      Love you too ??

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