Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 35- Radhika forgives and tension)


Hey all!! I’m back!! All fit and fine.. Lol what had my brother done?! Me being a pain?! Oka.. Yeah I kinda was.. Those two are hell fast in typing.. I take three hours, whereas these two typed it all in one and a half hour.. Thank you to the both of them.. Love you both Dev and Abhi!! ??…Muuaaahh ??

Coorg was good… It was needed.. A change… It kept raining for 24/7 though.. My dad let me drive 200 kms out of 300 while coming back.. While going we took turns… I hardly drove for 90 kms… But this one was insane.. Crazy isn’t it?! It was fun!! Highways.. Speed exceeding 140… Singing.. Laughing… Cursing the other drivers… Racing now and then.. Lol it was fun.. My parents were as cool as a cucumber.. My sister capturing videos of all the weird and crazy super happy moments of me driving.. But I did miss Dev and Abhi.. Stupids had their important meetings scheduled then.. It’s k.. It was all because of me.. They had it all postponed as they were with me 24/7 for three days..

I remember this one incident while coming back…. It was before I and Appa switched driver seats…. Was on 15th…. We has to stop next to a wedding convention hall due to traffic…. Totally crowded…. Noisy….

Me (exasperated.. I was so annoyed): Who loses their independence on Independence Day?!

Maa: It’s k. Ho jata hai.

Appa: I pity the guy. Like I lost my independence.

Maa (full anger): Excuse me!! Like we were married in Independence Day.

Appa (getting scared): Kutty ma (how I’m addressed), weren’t we supposed to switch seats?

And then he whispered: But I did lose my independence (which only I could hear).

Maa (with pride): Adhu (stay like that).

Me: OK fine. Stop. Appa we’ll do it. And you both, happy married life. Hope the bride is dominant (as I turned to the convention hall…. We were stuck…. Traffic).

This made Maa laugh and Appa heave a sigh of relief and give a pitying look thinking of the groom…. Which made me and my sister laugh along and Appa too laughed along finally….

Ok now that’s enough I think.. This update is dedicated to my dear Sathya ka!! Akka padichi sollunga.. Hope you like it…

Please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors..

Happy reading ??

Arjun kept staring into Radhika’s eyes as she too did. Their hands cradling each other’s faces. Radhika came closer and finally captured his lips. Arjun kissed her back and surrendered himself to her, letting her take control. This kind of shocked her as it was him always who was dominant, being in bed or in office. Ok, you can say everywhere. And she loved it.

“Submissive” she thought as she smirked against his lips.

Radhika’s fingers traced up and down his front. From his chest to his abs. Arjun started to sweat as she kept going lower. He gasped as her fingers almost reached his V-line. She took her hand away as her tongue entered his mouth as she took advantage. She knew Arjun needed her and his surrender showed how much he needed it. Arjun after a while held Radhika’s face tight and pulled her closer. Now she knew he was going to take control and let him.

“Not for long babe” he hissed as he smirked against her lips, making her groan.

After a long hungry and passionate kiss they pulled away as they knew it was going out of hand. The s*xual tension around them was thick They knew how desperate they were for each other. These two months were hell for the both of them. Arjun trailed kisses down her jawline to her neck. He then buried his face at the crook of her neck and stayed there.

“I’ll complete what was left incomplete” he whispered as he trailed his finger down her full swollen blood red lips.

All she could do was bury her head in his chest. That belonged to her. Only her. It was only him that made her blush so much. The only man who could drive her insane with his slightest touches.

“I can’t wait till then” she whispered against his chest as she placed a kiss there.

Arjun pulled away and cupped her face “I promise I’ll do it” he said as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Radhika I’m sorry. For everything” he said.

“I forgive you Arjun” she whispered as he looked deep into his eyes.

Arjun pulled Radhika out with him and found Niti, Randhir, Neil and Sam standing a few feet away, discussing something. He went to them and stood in front of Randhir with a victorious smirk. Randhir understood what he meant. He saw Radhika smiling and smiled more.

“I won” Arjun said all proud.

“Oh God!! Finally!! You put down wnse I to these idiots brains. The work that had to be done in a day to months” he folded his hands and fake cried as he looked up the ceiling “and who was Bali ka Bakra? Me!!” he cried again as he pointed to himself.

Everyone understood it. Even Arjun and Radhika. He was playing cupid. It was all done to pull them closer and it worked.

“Sorry Randhir. We misunderstood you” said Sam.

“I really am sorry” said Neil.

“Me too. And thank you” whispered Arjun as he pulled him into a hug.

“Sorry that I screamed at you” whispered Radhika.

“Why you all so senti? It’s k. And Radhu, anything for you” smiled Randhir.

Niti who was having a hard time controlling her laughter, burst out laughing. She knew what he was up to. The whole of the office turned around and saw her laugh. Everyone’s faces had a look of peace, happiness. Arjun had tears. She laughed. After eight long years. Neil smiled as he had tears and Sam too smiled. Radhika smiled seeing Arjun have a guilt free face for the first time. Randhir who could control no more, went to her and pulled her into his tight, love filled embrace. She too hugged him back in the happiness that he had succeeded. She knew he would. His tactics and methods were like that. Always perfect. He was crying. He loved her so much that it pained to leave. But he had to. His time here was over and she belonged to Ankush. Ankush who saw this controlled himself. Randhir wiped his tears before anyone noticed and pulled away.

“Take care” he whispered as he cupped her face “keep smiling. Stay happy” he smiled.

“I’ll miss you. You too take care. Find yourself a girl” said Niti.

“Miss you too. My heart’s not on sale” he gave a sad smile.

“Who is she?” asked Radhika.

“She doesn’t love me. She loves someone else” he said sadly as he looked towards Niti and then Ankush.

“Give yourself and your heart another chance. You deserve the best” said Niti.

“I have no time to think about all that. I need to leave. Two months are done” said Randhir.

“But Randhir…” Niti was cut off by Randhir.

“Please Niti. No. Goodbye you all” he smiled weakly “Arjun I’ll kill you if Radhu cries again” he threatened as he turned to Arjun.

“I’ll never hurt her” said Arjun honestly.

Randhir turned around to leave. He went to Ankush and hugged him.

“Don’t let her. Please take care of her” his voice broke as he whispered.

Ankush was guilty “thank you” he whispered. He knew of his sacrifice now. Randhir too loved her.

Randhir left. Neil pecked Sam’s lips as he was so happy. Everything was in it’s place. Niti rolled her eyes as she was right next to them. The went off like in a jiffy. Arjun and Radhika reached home. Arjun locked the room and pulled Radhika to him. They shared a long kiss and Radhika who was playful bit his lip.

“Ready?” she whispered breathless against his lips.

“Someone’s desperate” teased Arjun as he smiled.

“Shut up. I want to enjoy your love. As your WIFE” she whispered stressing on the word wife.

He knew what she meant. He pulled out the wedding locket out of pocket and held it out to her.

“Why don’t you help me?” she smiled.

Arjun put it on and filled her hairline with vermillion. Radhika’s happiness had no bounds. She hugged him tight and didn’t want to let go. He picked her up and threw her on the bed and looked as if he forgot what he was supposed to do and looked clueless which irked Radhika. He was teasing her.

“What was I supposed to do?” he asked as he rubbed his chin.

“Shut up and get to work” she pouted as she opened her arms wide.

“Love me Arjun” she whispered.

That was more than enough for him. He walked to her and pulled her to his embrace and fulfilled his wife’s demands.

Bird Song was a happy company since then. Every single person would talk of Randhir’s motive and laugh out loud. Ankush was excited as Ahana’s birthday was coming. But was scared at the same time. He knew they wouldn’t celebrate. Saral. The air was still thick. The tension. Where was he hiding?

“Bhai can’t we ask them shift to Mumbai ASAP. We can celebrate little Ahana’s birthday too” Radhika suggested.

“You think that’s gonna work?” asked Ankush as he cocked up his eyebrow.

“It’s for safety” she started off.

“Radhu I’m watching over. It’ll be fine” he said.

“Ok” she said as she left his cabin.

But none of them had positive vibes. They were scared for their families. Niti knew to what extent Saral could go. She was scared for Radhika more than the family. They just carried on with their works. Niti kept in touch with Vaibhav, asking him about Saral. Bit no positive response. The team as losing hope. They started to break apart. Dissolve. The security system started to leave. They thought Saral would never come back. Niti begged them to stay and some of them did just for her. But that strength wasn’t enough to tackle Saral. A maniac like him. The Mishras and Joshis were so upset that they couldn’t celebrate their princess’s first birthday. They wanted it to be special. But Riddhima had suggested to celebrate it after the tension was clear.

“Ankush please ask them to shift” said a concerned Niti.

“Why are you so concerned?” he asked.

“Cause I know to what extent Saral can go” she replied.

“They’ll never listen” he sighed.

“Oh, so you’ll let them be?” she screamed.

“Then never ever regret if something happens. Never ever!!” she screamed as she pointed her finger at him and left in a huff.

Ankush sat back as he closed his eyes. She was right. Time was passing. He didn’t want to regret. Everyone’s heads were going in circles thinking of it. Though they put up a smile, that didn’t mean they had no fear or tension.

In a dark place, there were faint humming noises heard. There was a person on bed humming and shaking his legs. At last his eyes shot open and he smirked. It was nine other than Saral.

Ok peeps… hope you all liked it… sorry for the short update… will update next one soon.. will be a little long.. promise… till then tata babaye.. love you all loads.. tc… keep smiling.. bear hugs to all of you ??

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  1. Shree

    God!! Major part got deleted!! Damn… I’ll post it again..

    Love You All ??

  2. Brin

    Awesome episode, best part was Ardhika making out, eagerly waiting for the next update and Shree glad that your okay stay blessed. 🙂

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much Brin!!

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  3. Jessie

    Shreeeee… am so happy that u got fine..yess.. wonderful brothers u have..!
    Yippeee… my dad too Will call me Kutty ma..same pinch.. u got well so u drove 200 kms.. hmmm.. unga kooda irundhale calories burn aagidum polairuke.. idhule cool as cucumber nu ice vaikureenga..
    Super update …Rads manichuta..! Arjunku kondatam than…Randhir.. evalo nallavan.. n Niti..laughed aftr 8 yrs n Arneil had tears..Idhu thanada pasam! Nice moment yaar.. Saral is waiting 4 d moment?? I doubt whom he will attack first.. hmm.. curious…
    TC n loads of love.. Be naughty n stay happy… thanks 4 updating…!

    1. Shree

      Hahahahaha… Jessie!! Why do I end up laughing at your comments?! But I love them.. thank you so much for commenting!! Muuaaahh to you ponne ??

      Lol calories.. yes 200 kms.. Appa ku muti vali.. yes they trust me more on highway than local roads.. so it’s cool…

      Hehe nandri di… Aama romba santosham avanuku.. Randhir ku ponnu ready.. don’t worry . Yes after eight long years.. Saral yaara attack panuvan nu teriya varum..

      I’ll be happy and naughty.. you too stay extra naughty and happy.. ayee why thanking?! I need to thank you for reading and commenting..

      Love you so much ??

  4. Sathya

    Oh my sweet sister… Shree…. Love u so much da ???????? u made my day. I m smiling brightly n madly. It s a sweet surprise for me n did not expected it. Thank u so much da. Now come to chappy.. Awww so romantic one… Wow loved the kiss n yar radhu becomes daredevil now… ???? arjun gets sweat coz of her ha ha ha… Lovely.

    The reunion is so blissful but I felt bad for rancher now. Arneil gets emotional seeing niti… So beautifully narrated the whole sequence.

    And shree I thought the consummation sequel is small ??????????? he he he… All over it is a beautiful and loveable episode. Love u love u love u soooooo much ??????

    1. Shree

      Sathya ka!! Aww I’m so happy to see you happy!! hehehe you’re welcome..

      Lol she turned too desperate… Haha I made the great Arjun Mehra sweat in fear… Thank you so much!! Ada akka!! Neengluma?! Consummation kutty aah?! No mature content in ffs.. one shots la mudinja kudukuren.. lol ka..

      Love you love you love you too ??

  5. Lakshmi05

    Awesome update shree… Really….Who loses their indenpence on Indepence day…lol…shree u r becoming all naughty day by day.☺☺..Neil n arjun’s happiness seeing niti laughing that was so cute… Will be waiting for next one… Luv u…tc…

    1. Shree

      Hehe Hari.. you know me.. how I am.. isn’t it true?! Who the hell would want to lose their independence in Independence day?

      Thank you thank you thank you!! So much!! Next one posted.. TU needs to update..

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    Shree……i am glad you are fine and that you enjoyed your holiday… 🙂
    And the update was amazing… eagerly waiting for the next..

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  7. Sammy

    oh my god randhir chala gya …iam crying …but saral we can’t trust him..shree show some romantic moments betwwen niti and Ankush ..waiting for it and shree where is your werewolf ..i am angry with you ..i love that ff very much ..pls update that soon dear ..well one confession ..the more interesting thing was reading your family convo ..i enjoyed that more your appa and amma convo….girl i was laughing know in Uttar Pradesh style ghajab…hehe funny me ..and one more thing next time when you write any consummation ..lil bit write in detail …omg i am so shameless ..well not my fault really write good …as you had written in that one shot of yours you shree

    1. Shree

      Sammy baccha please don’t cry… He’ll be back… Who trusts Saral? No way!! Lol I’ll try… Lol don’t go angry.. the book’s on hold.. so I’m not updating..

      Lol my family.. everybody loves them.. lol thanks.. no no.. no mature content in ffs.. maa said strict no.. you are shameless indeed.. aww…thank you so much!! Dev still reads that one shot and is still not able to that I.. his baby sister wrote it.. lol..

      Love you too baby ??

  8. Gauri

    Awesome Shree glad you are feeling better 🙂 loved the conversation between your parents….well guess that in every house…me and my sister are the referees when are parents fight 😀 now about the update loved it…but felt bad for Randhir…now the greedy part are you getting someone for Randhir … 😛 would love if u do…. stay blessed happy and keep smiling you have a beautiful smile 🙂 love u

    1. Shree

      Di!! It does happen everywhere… My sister plays sage by mkt opening her mouth.. it’s only me.. poor me who has to stand in between and stop them.. so me refree.. Hehe..

      Thanku! I already have a backup.. so chill.. Randhir has his girl.. in hiding..

      Thank you!! You too keep smiling

      Love you so much ??

  9. What???!!!! It started and ended. ????. ok. Radz n arjun. Lol. s*xual tension. ???. Poor randhir. Why are u always making the poor boys cry For love. ???. Bechare. pata nahi ankush ko kitne papad belne padenge. Ufff. Niti getting frustated on saral’s issue. Ok and what the stupid devil is back. Just kill him already. Turned into psycho.

    Coorg tour super aa. Kk. Enjoy. Take care my sweetu. Lovee you a lot.

    1. Shree

      Ammo!! Stop being angry.. I know it was short.. sorry… Lol Ikr.. tension.. I told you Randhir has a backup.. chill.. I love making people cry and you know that…

      Lol I love troubling Ankush… Niti is always frustrated.. devil is back.. I’ll kill him soon..

      Lol Coorg only raining. It was good… I’ll take care..

      Love you too ??

  10. that very nice that you came back fit and fine…that’s what we needed…now update:
    the chappy was really nice…i enjoy each and every part…update next one soon…take care dear…and please do update the part you misses….:)love

    1. Shree

      Krishna!! Thank you!! The repost is already there…

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  11. Jnana

    Omg…. It was awesome…. I liked that randhir character yaar…. Fond him a bride soon….

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      Jnana!! Thank you so much!! I will

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    1. Shree

      Thank you so much dear!!

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  12. Aasthu

    hey shreeeeeeeeeeeeeee how r u????????????? njoying?????? liked it…….sry but I feel u r dragging………i hope my wrds didn’t hurt……..if so or if not so tell me…………k??? otherwise I’ll be cuttice……….

    1. Shree

      Aastha!! I’m fine.. you? No ko I don’t feel bad.. there’s a lot more.. it’s not just ardhika.. it’s on multiple characters..

      Lol chill.. I’m fine.. we’re cool

      Love you ??

  13. S.v

    Ponne enna idhu so small but why did radhir went yaar ?? i hope you find some girl for him . Saral now im gulping . Enna panna porano avan theriyaliye just now saw your next part. I feel glad that you are alright . Lovely convo between your family nice and Take care of your health too. Love you.

    1. Shree

      Sorry Shri ponne… Thank you so much for liking it!! Randhir left as his time there was over… Ponnu ready.. Vara Vara Ava yaaru nu teriya varum.. Saral enna panucan nu unnaku teriya varum..

      Lol nandri.. Appa Amma oru sila samayam kutty pilainga madri panuvanga.. I’m fine di.. I’ll take care.. don’t worry

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    Loved it

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  15. Shree darling this so awsome chappy….i could resist laughing the incident u mentioned abt u driving n uncle aunty’s cute nok jhok….n aradhika omg..they were so cute today..i just like the way u wrote.. U always rocked it baby..n last part..saral’s entry…making me hell worried for all yarrr…so hoping he will not harm them….come soon

    1. Shree

      Dipika di!! Thank you so much!! Hehe maa and paa are funny..

      Hehe thank you!! Saral is not case… hiw can he be without harming?! That’s not Saral at all…

      Next update posted.. TU didn’t update.. so slow .

      Love you too ??

  16. Shree….my lovely sweeeeeetheart. ..I’m glad that you r fine now….n why not you have very lovelyyyyyy family to take care of you….wowwww u drove 200 kms…hi fi….n your appa n maa nok jhok so cuteeeee…love you soooooooo muchhhhhh. …the epi was really awesome, superbbbb, marvellous. …ardhika scene was very romantic. ..poor randhir…lol..niti n ankush so sweeeeeet. ..sad for randhir’s sacrifice….nesam n all happy now…wowwww. …but this saralllllll….ufff…still pain in the…..what is he upto now….keep it up honeyyy. …love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh. ….tight bear hug. .. 🙂 ♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Shree

      Romaaa di!! Thank you so much!! Hehe everyone loves us.. hifi to you..

      Thank you thank you!! So much!! Anthika are cute.. ik.. Randhir has a backup.. don’t worry di… Saral you’ll know..

      Muaahh to you too ??.. take care

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  17. _Ritu

    Superb Shree..glad to know u r all well..the convo between ur mom dad 😉 lol.. 😉 ..update was amazing…all sorted…now plz bring someone for Randhir going to read the nxt

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