Manmarziyan- A new story (Chapter 34- Condition and shocking revelation)


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Arjun kept starting at her with a blank face. Condition?! Only one?! What can it be? He went nuts and almost plucked our his hair in the process of scratching his head, thinking. Radhika gave him a smirk of victory. Arjun gulped down in fear and looked at her. His eyes fell in her red, juicy luscious swollen lips. He ran his thumb over it, making her scowl.

“Tell me your condition. I can do anything” he said in an overconfident tone.

“Don’t be so overconfident Arjun. It can be anything” she smirked.

“Anything” he said without thinking in the blink of an eye.

“Okay then..” she started off as she jumped off the table “my one condition has two subparts” she said.

“Two?!” he gulped down.

“Yes” she replied.

“So what are they?” he asked.

“One at a time Mr. Mehra” she smirked.

“Ok. Tell” he was annoyed now.

“So, the first one. You’ll have to sing and dance for me. No karaoke. No song running behind. It’s all you and your voice” she said with a smile.

“What?! Me and dance?!” he gasped.

“Yes. Can’t you do so much for me?” she pouted like a kid.

“You know I can’t dance. And singing don’t even think about it” he said exasperated.

“So you’re not doing it?” he threw her hands up in the air annoyed.

“These are the two subparts?” he asked.

“No, this is the first part” she replied.

“The second one?” he asked.

“First you finish this, then I’ll assign you the next” she replied.

“But..” he was cut off by her.

“No ifs and buts. Do it or back off” she said in a stern voice.

Arjun needed her forgiveness. He needed his Radhika. Wanted her back at any cost. Anything for her. So, he made up his mind. He cleared his throat and was about to sing, she stopped him.

“What now?” he asked.

“You need sing and dance in front of all. The whole office” she smiled.

“What?!” he gasped.

“Isn’t that the best part?” she squealed, clapping her hands, jumping like a kid.

“Radhika…” he dragged.

“You thought I’ll be easy on you? No way” she said.

“Ok fine” he said defeated, pulled her along with him out of his cabin.

He came and stood at the center. Arjun cursed his fate. The whole office had to be there at the moment. Wow!! The whole Bird Song looked at Arjun, waiting for him to say something. But what he did shocked everyone. The Arjun Mehra was singing. Niti was shocked. The first time after eight years she heard him singing. Randhir looked baffled. He never thought that a person like Arjun could sing too. Radhika smiled has she was the only one who could twist and bend Arjun to her will.

(The song itni si baat… I just love this song!! And Mango, thanks for the suggestion ??… Now I’m humming to it.. God this song is addicting… That too for a jobless person like me sitting on hospital bed… itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai… lalalala I’ll stop.. sorry )

He sang with full dedication which made Radhika smile and blush.

Tere dar pe aake tham gaye
Naina namaazi bann gaye
Ek dooje mein yun dhal ke
Aashiqana aayat ban gaye Main aur Tum

Kaisi dil lagaai kar gaye
Rooh ki rubaai bann gaye
Khaali khaali dono thhe jo
Thoda sa dono bhar gaye Main aur Tum

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..

He pulled her along with him and swayed as he sang.

Lage na yeh dhoop zaroori
Lage na yeh chaanv zaroori
Milte hain ishq zameen par
Ab do hi naam zaroori Main aur Tum

Apna khuda bhi hoga
Apna hi Rab le lenge
Khud ki bana ke duniya
Ye zindagi jee lenge Main aur Tum

Radhika was so lost that she only kept looking into his eyes.

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..

Ek tum, ek main, teeja maangu kya khuda se

Dil doon, jaan doon, kya doon itna bata de
Tera mera rishta hai saanson se bhi naazuk

Tum sa, hum sa, koi duja na hoga na hua re
Do dil sa ik seene mein hai jaise Main aur Tum

Ab dono hum ik jeene mein hain jaise Main aur Tum

Jaan se zyada chaha tumko piya re
Harpal, hardum, humdum tumko jiya re

Aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Yunhi nahi main tumpe jaan deta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai

Chalo ji aaj saaf saaf kehta hoon
Itni si baat hai mujhe tumse pyar hai
Mujhe tumse pyaar hai..

The whole of Bird Song was awestruck. They all knew Arjun was a good guy and could do anything, but didn’t know that he could do such a thing to get his wife’s forgiveness. Such an act of love. So romantic. Niti couldn’t stop smiling. This guy was such a love stricken puppy. Ankush imagined the whole scenario with Niti. Both of them in their own world, in each other’s arms.

Now tell me. Whose the love stricken puppy now? ??

Randhir who was so happy clapped first, bringing the whole office out if the trance. Arjun and Radhika who were lost in each other were pulled out of their lovely bubble. The whole office clapped and Radhika blushed which made Arjun to let out a smirk of victory. Now what scared him was her second task.

“Ok ok. Now that’s enough. He has a lot more to do” announced Radhika.

“Good luck on that Chashni” smiled Neil.

“Have fun” smiled Sam.

*I need to be wished. Not her. She’s giving me the task and its me whose doing it, not her. So please wish me” frowned Arjun as he crossed his arms to his chest.

“You have a lot of well wishers. So, ours are not needed” teased Neil.

“Now come on Niti, off we go” Neil said as he pulled hee hand.

“Where?” she asked.

“Obviously lunch silly” he smiled.

“I’m not hungry. And please stop being nice to me. It doesn’t suit you at all” Niti frowned.

“Mom’s sent food for you. Donno why she wants me to feed you” now it was Neil’s turn to frown.

He took her hand and pulled her along with Sam following them. People started to move. Arjun looked at Radhika and smiled. He had passed the first part of the condition. Now the next one.

“What’s the next one?” he asked.

“Come with me” she said as she pulled him to her cabin.

Once seated “what makes you so insecure that you can’t trust people?” she asked.

“This is part 2?” he asked.

“Yes” she replied.

“Some questions are better when left unanswered” he answered.

“Arjun you have my swear” she threatened.

On the other side in Neil’s cabin, Niti was enjoying the home made food by her mother. Her favourite. Rajma chawal, ladoos and lassi. Neil kept watching her eat like a kid. He smiled while Sam too smiled.

“You do act like a kid” said Neil.

“Will you stop?” she scowled.

“That’s the fact” he said.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” she asked.

“Just like that” he answered.

“So you like rajma chawal huh?” asked Sam.

“Like?! It’s my favourite!!” she squealed.

“Why do I feel like you’re my sister?” he asked finally after gaining courage.

“How would I know?” she spoke all amused.

“Niti please tell me if you’re my sister” he pleaded.

“I’m not” she said as she closed her eyes regretting for having to him.

Sam looked at her shocked. She gave her a “you’re the stupidest person in the world” look. She scowled and went back to munching on her food. Niti knew what Sam meant. She wanted Neil to realise. Not have doubts like this. Niti went back to eating and left after thanking them for the splendid meal.

“Sam why do I feel she’s my gudiya?” asked a confused Neil.

“That’s for you to find out” she answered.

Now she felt bad for lying. She had promised Niti that she wouldn’t tell him. She watched Neil whinsaw him watch her assign tasks to Zubin and talk to Randhir in between who had his arm wrapped around her shoulder. Neil’s eyes had the same hope Prerna had. Sam silently apologised and got back to work.

Radhika shook Arjun “Will you tell me or not?”

“Oh so you don’t trust me still?” she spoke again.

“No no. Radhika please don’t talk like that. I’ll tell you everything” he said as he let out a sigh.

“You can trust me on this. We can work on it together” she said as she squeezed his shoulder gently.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you. Its just that it was the worst phase of my life. Which I don’t want to remember at all” his voice fell.

“We’re on it” she said determined.

“When I was ten” he started.

*******Twenty one years ago*******

A happy family of three. Man, wife and his ten year old son. Rakesh Mehra was one of the encounter specialists who worked in the Intelligence Bureau. His wife Shika, a home maker and little Arjun. He and Arav Malhotra were the best of friends. Arjun was friends with Neil and they used to drop by each other’s home to play. Arjun loved to play even more with Neil’s five year old sister. It was always said that the sons followed their father’s steps. They were just like their fathers. The only thing, they could be manipulated emotionally, which is the fathers hated.

Four year strong before that, Rakesh and Arav were given a confidential assignment. It could risk their lives too. But the two best friends took it up and worked sincerely.

Years passed and it was like they were on a blank chase. They were so annoyed. The bond between the three kids grew more.

Arjun asked his mom one day “maa I too want a sister like gudiya. Like Neil. He’s so lucky” Arjun pouted.

“Why suddenly?” she asked.

She knew he was feeling lonely. She had to talk to Rakesh about it. But his job was important. He and Arav were receiving death threats for the past three years constantly.

Shika’s thoughts were broken as Arjun shook her “tell me maa. I too will get sister soon na?”

“You will my strong young man” chimed Rakesh from behind.

“But Rajesh…” she was cut off by him.

“Arjun will get his sibling soon” he said.

Arjun ran to his father happily as he was going to get a sibling. Little did the kid know the process of it.

“Papa I want a sister just like gudiya” Arjun said innocently.

“You will my boy. I promise you that” he smiled.

Months passed and Shika was carrying. She broke the news to Arjun, who went crazy. He was so happy that he was going to have a sibling. They were invited for dinner by the Malhotras the same night. Little did they know it was going to be the worst night ever.

Arjun bragged “I’m going to have a baby sister. I won’t be alone now.”

Little Niti clapped her hands “new fwend (friend)!!”

The parents just laughed at the kids. But Shika was tensed as time kept passing. She shared her fears and the three of them assured her that it was going to be fine.

After a good family time and dinner, the Mehras left. As they were in their car, Arjun heard a beep sound. He went all around the car and found a cylindrical object. Shika and Rakesh let it be as he was a really naughty kid. But the beep sound made Rakesh alert.

Arjun asked “what is this Papa?” showing him the cylindrical thing.

Rakesh and Shika turned around and looked shocked. It was a bomb. The bomb that would blast if brakes applied. It had only two minutes left.

(I tried finding out the name of the bomb, but couldn’t. Did a lot of research, but no. Anyone who knows can tell. Pleeeaaassseee.)

Rakesh said “nothing. One of my new weapons” he smiled.

Shika cried as she held her tummy. They were all going to die. She, her husband, her son. And not to forget her unborn baby. Then an idea struck her.

“Arjun come here” she called.

Arjun came to her and sat on her lap. Arav couldn’t stop the tears that were forming in his eyes. He kissed his son’s head as he kept driving and slowed the car. Shika hugged her son to her and cried placing kisses wherever she could. Rakesh kept slowing the car little by little.

“I’m sorry Arjun” she said for one last time.

But before he could question, he was thrown out of the car. He fell on the grass and watched the car explode as it webt in flames, not leaving a single chance if survival. Arjun couldn’t move. He was too weak to. He cried as he streched his hand out calling out to his parents. He knew he’d lost them. He lost his sister too. Now he had no one. NO ONE.

“Maa…. Papa….” he called out slowly as he started losing his consciousness. All he could see before blackening out was the orange flames and the smell of oil and people gathering around


Arjun cried hugging Radika to him. He wondered if it was a dream that she was sitting next to him. Radhika patted his back trying to comfort him.

“Then what happened Arjun?” asked Radhika.

“The next morning I woke up in a hospital with Rana kaka next to me. He took me to the orphanage and then I saw Nandu. The rest you know” he said and cried again.

Niti who was outside, heard everything. She needed the file that Randhir had given him. He was partner. She felt her head spinning. Her phone fell, cracking the screen. Before she could fall back, four hands caught her. Both Ankush and Randhir had caught her. They pulled her in. She cried, still in shock. Neil’s long lost best friend was found. And it was none other than Arjun. The Arjun Mehra she hated. She remembered how Neil had gone mad not finding his best friend and Arav finding out that they were dead. Though she was five, she remembered it all. Why did life have to be like this? Destiny always played it’s part well. Ankush and Randhir watched her cry. Randhir walked out as he couldn’t take it. He let Ankush stay and drove away almost breaking all the speed laws.

“Arjun please don’t cry” Radhika tried to comfort him.

“I lose everyone I love Radhika. Everyone who’re an important part of my life” he cried.

“I’m scared to lose you too” he cried as he cupped her face.

“Arjun I’m not leaving you” she assured.

“I always wanted a sister and I lost her. I don’t know even if the baby was a him or her” he said dissapointedly.

“That’s why I’m so possessive about everything I claim mine” he said.

“Arjun please calm down” she tried to calm him.

“I don’t even remember who my best friend was. I only know his name. Nothing more. Cabt make out how he’ll be now too. I won’t be able to recognise his parents even if I see them now” he said.

Arjun cried again and Radhika could only say soothing words to him. On the other hand, Niti cried and cried and cried. Ankush didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t pull her into a hug. Neil who barged in saw her crying and pulled her into a hug. It hurt him so much to see her cry. She cried more in Neil’s arms which worried Sam, Neil and Ankush.

“Arjun” Radhika said as she cupped his face and looked into his eyes.

“Radhika” he whispered.

So that’s all girls…. Dev here… my baby sister is a literal pain…. she made us type so much… she doesn’t know I typed this extra part here…. She’s really not well… I can’t see her like this.. my cousin brother Abhi too helped… Don’t forget to drop in your comments that really make her smile wide and laugh…. Do support her.. She only keeps thinking of how to make this story perfect…

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      Aww my baby!! Thank you so much!! That’s why I made them type.. I was resting.. and you know.. I did pester them. They’re cute and I know it..

      Thank you thank you thank you!! I love the song too.. thank you for liking the update!!

      Lol.. baccha’s new order.. aww .. thank you!! I’ll tell them a big thanks from your side.. don’t worry.

      Love you too ??

  23. _Ritu

    Superb epi Shree..Rads first condition was hilarious.. Loved the what happened to u dear?? take care of urself and don’t take much stress…we will wait for ur updates u take rest..and I must say u have very loving and caring siblings… 🙂 loads of love 🙂

    1. Shree

      Ritu!! Thank you so much!! It was all stress.. I’m fine now.

      They are super awesome..

      Love you ??

  24. Sreee

    Oh my god akka…the condition??????…how did u think of this……and the revelation was something so unexpected…. am so curious of what is to come next……..muahh….but akka health first…so take care….rest good…and dev and abhi anna r too pavam???…just kidding….love u…get well soon???

    1. Shree

      Sreee kutty!! Thank you Kanna!!

      Annas are pavam.. I’ll take care baby

      Love you too ??

  25. Awesome, wowwww shree…it’s really very heart touching n emotional episode. ..I cried while reading. ..n now end dev’s words made me cry more….u so lucky girl to have brothers n sis ,friends around you who love u soooooooo muchhhhhh n care for you from heart ….I wish I had such love in my life…….recover soon…n I know u back to home now…take care sweetie. .n give my regards to all your bro, sis cousins /family n friends. you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug ♡♡♡

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much di!! Aww don’t cry… They’re sweethearts.. thank you!! I’ll tell them all .. Muaahh to you too ??

      Love you ??

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