Manmarziyan- A new story (Chapter 33- Radhika’s cold shoulder)


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Radhika came home and just took out her suitcase and started packing her things. Ankush who came running behind along with Nandini saw this. They thought she was leaving the house. Ankush got worried as she can’t go to Rishikesh too as it’s not safe there. Saral was nowhere to be found. She can’t go to Rishikesh. Hw will not let her. Hes cab let her stay with the Khannas and Malhotras. Alone with Niti too. But can’t let her go alone anywhere. Ankush looked at a helpless Nandini. She begged him though her eyes to stop Radhika from leaving.

Radhika finished packing and looked at the two of them standing at the door. Worried looks written on their faces.

“Choti don’t leave” spoke Ankush after along difficulty of finding words.

“Yes Radhika, please don’t” requested Nandini.

“I’m not stupid to leave” stated Radhika.

“Why are you packing then?” asked Ankush.

“Shifting to the other room. Ned to give Arjun some silent treatment” she answered.

“Good idea” chimed Nandini.

“Ummm.. but can’t you make him understand staying along with him?” asked Ankush scratching his head.

“You’ll understand once you’re married Ankush” Nandini smiled.

Ankush gave her a you’re impossible” look. She wasn’t married. But knew things. Hats off. He imagined Nithika giving giving him the same reaction. Cold shivers ran down his spine thinking of the scene. But he’d never let it happen. He loved her. He will be the best to her. Will never hurt her. She’d already been through a lot. Now all he’d give her was happiness. Immense happiness that’ll make her forget her pain. Her dark past. No more tears. Only happiness. He had his eyes closed as he thought of her. He had fallen deep and he knew it well.

He opened his eyes as his thoughts were broken when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Nandini.

“Nithika, isn’t it?” she smiled.

He was shocked. Did he look so desperate? Did he look like such a love stricken puppy?

“No you don’t look like such a love stricken puppy. Well you do a little” smiled Nandini.

“Did I say it loud?” he thought scratching his head.

“You didn’t say it out loud too silly” laughed Nandini.

“What’s there in it to laugh?” he scowled.

“You look so cute. So much in love with her” smiled Radhika. Her eyes had pain too. She was trying hard to cover it up.

“I promise you, I’ll beat the pulp out of your husband” growled Ankush as he hugged his sister to him.

“No need. I’m doing the best thing that can make him control himself” smiled Radhika.

“It’ll be hard. But I’m doing it” she spoke again.

“Raaaadhiiiiikaaa….” came a voice from the hall.

Everyone knew it Arjun. But why was he talking like that? Was he drunk? Oh yes he was. They had it confirmed when he sang her name dragging it again. Ankush and Nandini left the room as if they knew nothing and put up serious faces. It was so hard for them to control their laughter watching Arjun stumble. He kept tripping, but managed to balance himself. It got Nandini angry.

“He does stupid things and now acts like a devdas” hissed Nandini in anger.

“It’ll be a scene to watch how Choti treats him” chuckled Ankush.

“Yeah. But I donno what he’ll do. He’s drunk. Too much” Nandini frowned as she had her arms folded to her chest.

“It’s ok di” smiled Ankush.

Arjun stopped as he saw Nandini and Ankush standing watching him. He gulped down in fear and put up a sheepish grin.

“Good night Nandu. Good night Ankush” he sang as he saluted like a kid and walked back to his room still tripping here and there.

Now it was hard for them to control their laughter. They had their lips pressed compressing their laughter for God knows till when. They burst out laughing holding their tummies and each other for support. After having a hearty laugh, they went to their rooms, wishing each other for the night.

Arjun came to his room and saw Radhika pulling her suitcase out the room. He wanted to talk, but she held her hand out asking him to stop and covered nose at the smell of the scotch. She covered her nose with one hand and pulled the suitcase in the other and walked out. It then flashed that she hated liquor. Arjun noticed something different in her. Something missing. It didn’t click him. He followed her and tried talking, but she never budged. Didn’t even look at him. She entered the guest room and shut the door at his face. Arjun banged the door and on the other side, Radhika crouched down and cried hard. All that kept flashing was his accusation. Arjun then got up and went to his room. He freshened up and walked to the table that had a water bottle. He was about to pick up the bottle, but something caught his eye. The wedding locket. She removed it. That was what it was that kept making him think of what was missing on her.

He picked it up and held it tight. His eyes red with tears and anger. He treaded to the room and banged the door. She knew it that he found out.

“Radhika open the door” screamed Arjun as he banged the door.

No response.

“Radhika open now!!” he screamed as he kept pounding the door.

Radhika didn’t open and Arjun ended up sleeping supporting himself to the door as the effect of alcohol was still there. Radhika woke up in the morning and got ready. She stayed in her room for the whole day as it was a Sunday. She opened the door only when Nandini knocked for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Next morning, Radhika got ready and came to her mirror. Sue looked dull. No wedding locket, no vermillion in her hair partition. But she had made her mind. She came for breakfast and greeted both Nandini and Ankush. They saw the change in her and smiled understanding her plan.

Arjun came and pulled Radhika “what’s going on? Why are you doing this Radhika?” he growled as his hold on her got tighter.

“I think you gave me a better name. sl*t” Radhika replied blankly.

“Radhika please….” Arjun begged.

“Nope. sl*t” said Radhika.

Well this was not a what Nandini and Ankush were thinking. But they let it be as it was between them. Radhika got off Arjun’s hold and sat down for breakfast. Arjun too quietly sat down and had. They reached Bird Song and Neil greeted Radhika with a hug. He turned away when Arjun approached. San didn’t even look at Arjun. Piyali and Samrat spoke to him only on professional basis. It hurt. Like a lot. Every single person giving him a cold shoulder.

Two weeks passed. Arjun was growing impatient. It was hard for him now. Everyone were so quiet. He silently prayed to God to get his Radhika back. But he couldn’t face her at all. Every time he went to her, he just backed off.

There was a meeting with the five kings and queens of the advertising industry. Niti was one of them. It was an honour to have a meeting with them. As everyone assembled in the board room, there was one chair left vacant. Niti rolled her eyes as she knew the person. There was Niti, who sat first, the vacant space for the “special person”, then Amisha Thakur, daughter of Nitish Thakur, a powerful business tycoon, but managed to make her mark in the advertising industry all by herself. Last but not the least, Ashish Raman, an engineer by profession who had started his own firm and grew powerful. Niti was the youngest of them all. Everyone were waiting for the other one to arrive. Just then, the door flung open. It was none other than Randhir. He came in mumbling sorrys and sat down next to Niti. Randhir pulled Niti’s cheeks as he sat down. Neil scowled as he saw that. Ankush furious. Sam, Radhika, Samrat and Piyali smiled. Arjun who was exhausted from all the happenings was even more annoyed.

“Sorry sorry sorry. Sorry I’m late” spoke a breathless Randhir.

“It’s ok Mr. Kaushik. Now shall we begin?” asked Piyali.

“Oh yes” he said and the meeting began.

The meeting was about how to improve the methods of satisfying the clients and gaining high profit with low investment. And on how the projects can be completed in a short span of time. The expectations in the industry. The upcoming trend. Everyone listed keenly as the five of them took turns and presented with full determination and dedication. They explained so well that it left them awestruck. The meeting went on for five hours. Now it was the job of voting. One person had to stay back and supervise for two months. Niti had been ruled out as she was already working for Bird Song. No self voting allowed. The other four were also not allowed to vote. Not even for the others. But people can vote for the other four. Zubin voted for Amisha, Kritika for Ashish, Teji for Randhir, Piyali and Samrat each voted for Randhir, Ankush for Randhir, Nandini for Ashish, Neil for Amisha, Radhika for Randhir, Sam for Randhir and Arjun for Amisha.

So, the winner was Randhir with six votes. Amisha with three votes. Ashish with two votes. Arjun scowled as Niti read out the results. People had wantedly voted for Randhir. To fuel Arjun. Amisha smiled. Ashish was disappointed. Randhir fake cried as he’d have to face Arjun, but he was smirking inside. He had his own plans. Randhir hugged Niti and Radhika as he got to stay with the two of them.

A month passed and things went well in Bird Song. With the help of Randhir, Bird Song improved. The closeness between Randhir and Niti grew. Radhika was happy and herself with Randhir, which irked Arjun.

Radhika couldn’t take the silent treatment she wa giving Arjun. She thought he’d come and pull her and make her talk to him forcefully, but he didn’t. She broke down in the boardroom. Randhir who was passing by heard sobs and got in. He saw Radhika sitting, putting her head down and crying. Randhir went to her and pulled her into a hug. He knew if the tension between them from Sam and Neil. They didn’t help him as they wanted him to realise all by himself. Radhika sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

“Why don’t you leave him Radhu? Why can’t you just leave him? He doesn’t deserve you at all” spoke an angry Randhir.

Arjun who had come looking for Radhika, stopped by and peeked in as he heard voices. His blood boiled as he saw the both of them together.

Radhika said “I think you’re right. I’ve given him enough chances.”

“Radhu just leave” spoke an exasperated Randhir.

“I want to, but I can’t. It hurts at the thought of leaving him. But he never trusted me” Radhika cried hugging him again.’’

“I make sure he never wins” spoke a determined Randhir.

He pulled away and walked out. As he went, Arjun stormed in and pulled Radhika to him. Radhika winced as his hold in her was tight.

“How can you think of leaving me? And why aren’t you wearing your wedding locket and vermillion?” growled Arjun.

Radhika said “do you see Sam wearing them? No right. Then why should I?”

“Sam is different” hissed Arjun.

“No. It’s all Neil’s trust. He knows his wife. But I have to keep proving it to you every second of my life” said Radhika “and you know what, Randhir was right. You never deserved me” she completed.

Arjun just threw Radhika to the floor and walked out. He went searching for Randhir and found him in Neil’s cabin. He stormed in and pulled him up. Randhir who was clueless kept blinking. Neil knew what was going to happen and stopped Arjun before he could throw a punch at Randhir.

“The f**k is wrong with you Arjun!” scowled Neil.

Arjun who was pulled back, pushed Neil and punched Randhir. When he was about to throw another, Randhir blocked him and twisted his hand. Arjun winced and Randhir left his hand after holding it right for a good amount of time.

“This guy wants Radhika to leave me Neil” screamed Arjun as he pointed to Randhir angrily.

“He was right” replied Neil coolly as he folded his arms to his chest.

“What?!” asked Arjun who was now in shock.

“Yes. You never deserved Chashni. You just kept hurting her all along. And she has to keep forgiving you every time. Not fair man” replied Neil in an even calmer tone.

Arjun just went out if the room in tears and stormed to his cabin. He saw a file that needed corrections. He did it and it needed his and Niti’s signatures. He signed it and went to her cabin. He knocked. No response. He went in and saw the singing. Niti who opened her eyes, smirked as she saw him lip-synching the song. He had arrived at the right time.

She sang louder “Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen

You won’t find me, the past is so behind me

Buried in the snow…”

(Let it go- Demi Lovato version)

Okay. That hurt him more. He walked to her and kept the file down and left. Nitika stopped Arjun as she had some doubts to clear in the file. Arjun sat back and cleared her doubts.

Niti called out as he was about to leave “Arjun.”

“Yes Niti” he turned around.

“Thank you” she said softly.

“Your welcome” he smiled a little.

Arjun, Radhika, Nandini and Ankush reached home. Radhika ran to her room as she had been controlling herself for long. Arjun broke down in his room. Nandini who was watching had had enough. She went to Arjun and hugged him tight. Arjun like a kid held his his sister’s lap and cried like a kid. Nandini blamed herself for what Arjun was. If she hadn’t done all of that, Arjun wouldn’t be this bad.

“You’ll get her Arjun. Just try harder. Just control your temper and grow to trust her. You’ll never get another Radhika Arjun. Don’t let her go” spoke Nandini as she cupped his face and caressed his head.

“I’ll get her Nandu. I’ll get my Radhika back. That’s a promise” whispered Arjun.

Nandini smiled and left his room wishing him for the night. Arjun went to sleep. A peaceful sleep. There was someone who supported him and didn’t give him a cold shoulder.

As time passed, Radhika and Randhir grew close. Arjun kept burning. He was losing his patience. He wanted to make it slow. Give her time. But it looked like he’d lose her if he gave her time. Even everyone in Bird Song started hating Randhir. They all felt like he was hitting on Radika. Turning her against Arjun. People felt disgusted as he was hitting on a married woman. The consequences of messing with Arjun Mehra was secondary. Niti would almost end up laughing at the things going on as she knew Randhir too well and the way he was carrying his motive to unite the two of them. His ways were unique aways. That’s why he was liked the most in the whole gang. She found a change in her. She was growing calmer. She’d almost end up laughing here and there, but in the end would control herself with great difficulty.

One day, Randhir who was in Radhika’s cabin got a brilliant idea. Arjun too was there.

He spoke “Radhu why not apply for divorce?”

“What?!” exclaimed both Radhika and Arjun in unison.

“You heard me right” he replied.

“You don’t need to live with this jerk” he spoke again.

“Randhir” Radhika was losing her patience.

Randhir smirked as his plan was working. He wanted Radhika to scream at him. Ask him not to interfere in her personal life. Arjun was also losing his temper. He had his teeth gritted and fists balled. All he had to do was all more fuel.

He asked “I’m right. Now why are you acting like this?”

Arjun stormed out of the cabin. He knew what she’d tell. That she was ready for divorce. He couldn’t afford to hear it from her. She was his life. He wasn’t ready to leave her even if she wanted to leave him. But the opposite happened in the cabin.

“Don’t you dare all my Arjun a jerk. You have no right to. I’ll live with him and I love him with all my life. Did you get the Mr. Randhir Kaushik” completed Radhika pointing her finger at him in all anger.

Randhir mentally facepalmed himself. Couldn’t Arjun stay back and listen to this. Damn. Aarrgghh. But she opened up. Now it was his turn to instigate Arjun.

He went to Arjun’s cabin and sat opposite to him crossing his legs. Arjun who was pissed was pissed even more as he saw Randhir in his cabin. That too with Full attitude. He anyway controlled himself.

She’s ready to leave you” chimed Randhir.

He knew he was lying. But there was no other way to push Arjun to the edge of the cliff. There was just a few days for the month contact to end. Arjun was so damn annoyed. So damn angry.

“Okay now…. Who pissed in his morning cereal?” hw thought.

“She’ll always be mine” smirked Arjun.

“I make her mine” said Randhir as he clicked his tongue.

“You can never do it” challenged Arjun as Randhir was leaving.

“Challenge huh? Accepted” clipped Randhir and left.

He smiled as he came out. He saw Niti and smiled as he let out an exasperated sigh. Niti gave him a thumbs up. He went to her and pulled her into a big hug. It seemed shocking to her, but he needed her. She hugged him back and patted his back.

“Coffee?” he asked as he pulled away.

“Sure” she replied.

Ankush watched the two leave hand in hand. It hurt him. He kept thinking all these days of how to ask coffee, but this guy just managed to. They looked so much in love. What if she loved him? He went cold at the thought. He sat back and closed his eyes and all that appeared was her beautiful face. Her peaceful sleeping face.

“The two of them are big idiots. Stubborn heads. Nut heads” spoke an annoyed Randhir as he threw his hands up in the air exasperated and went back to sipping his coffee.

“Relax. No one asked you to do it. You took it up. So, suffer” Niti said as she chuckled.

“Did you just chuckle?” asked a shocked Randhir.

“I think I did” she gave her dimpled smile.

“You know? You look really beautiful when you smile” he said as he cupped her face.

“Thank you” she said.

“You know, I would have proposed you” he stated.

“What’s stopping you?” she asked.

“I would have. But someone else loves you” he said.

“Who?” she asked “who’d love a person like me?” she asked again, pointing to herself.

“You’re beautiful inside out. Anyone can love you” he said as he cupped her cheeks “and that is for you to find out” he completed.

Niti scowled “come on. Tell me.”

“Did you like me?” he asked.

“No. Why?” she asked.

“Cause you asked me what was stopping me” he replied.

You said you would have proposed me. That’s why” she said back.

“Did you love me?” she asked.

“No. I wish I could” he smiled. His eyes went dull.

“Do you love someone?” he asked.

“No. Why?” she asked.

“Just like that. It’s time you fall in love” he smiled.

“What?” she almost spat out her coffee.

“He loves you so much. He’s the best for you. Don’t let him go” he smiled.

“Who is he?” she was so annoyed. She was asking this for the umpteenth time.

“You need to find that out my dear” he smiled.

“Ok fine. I’ll leave” she said as she got up finishing her coffee.

“I’ll drop you home” he said.

“Okay” she said.

They drove off. There was a bearable silence between them. Randhir didn’t want to talk. Good thing that she too didn’t want to talk. They were so silent. Niti felt it awkward to talk. But Randhir being silent was new. He’d keep talking throughout. Se let him be. Maybe some tension huh? They reached home and Niti got off. Randhir waved a goodbye.

She asked “aren’t you coming in?”

“No. I’ve got some work” he said.

“Ok. Bye” she smiled as she waved and turned around and went in.

Randhir watched her until she disappeared. As soon as she went, a tear rolled down as he closed his eyes.

“I love you” he whispered.

He had loved her from the moment he met her. He knew that Ankush loved her. She too. But didn’t know. Anything for her. Randhir cried silently and drove off after wiping his tears.

Next day, Arjun stormed into Radhika’s cabin.

“Why are you so close to him?” he asked angrily.

“I’m a sl*t ain’t I? sl*ts aren’t supposed to care of whom they’re close with” she answered as she looked into the files.

“You’re my wife” he said.

“Hmmm” she hummed.

“Radhika..” he called out.

“Nope. sl*t” she corrected him.

He just walked out of the cabin in anger. Randhir facepalmed himself. Radhika cried. Niti couldn’t understand what were the two of them up to. She turned to Sam, who gave her a helpless look.

Another week passed. Arjun was growing so impatient. He tried to apologize. He knew he had done wrong. He had had enough. He was going to apologize by hook or crook. By will or force she’ll have to listen to his apology and forgive him. He went to her cabin, he didn’t find her there. Not with Sam or Neil. He went to the boardroom and found Niti, Randhir and Radhika. Niti walked out after a few minutes. Arjun hid himself and made sure he wasn’t seen. After Niti left, Randhir’s focus was on Radika, but he looked at the door and found Arjun there. He smirked. Yes plan working. He was so happy. His last attempt. He pecked Radhika’s forehead and hugged her to him. This fueled everything in him. Radhika walked out after a while. Arjun knew what he had to do. He just ran to her and knelt down in front of her with tears and folded hands. This shocked Radhika.

He pleaded “Radhika please forgive me.”

“Arjun please move” said Radhika.

“Radhika please” pleaded Arjun.

“No Arjun” Radhika raised her voice.

Arjun had had enough of it now. He got up, caught her wrist hard and pulled her with him to her cabin. He picked her up and placed hwr on the table like she weighed nothing. He then came I between her legs to make himself spacw and kissed her hard. Radhika protested, then gave in. It was a hungry yet passionate kiss. But Radhika realized what se was doing and pushed him away. She regretted giving way. She regretted kissing him back. But what to do? Her heart was so weak. She had lost it to him. Arjun looked at Radhika and placed his forehead on hers. He then placed a his on hee forehead and had her face cradled in his hands.

“I love you” he said honestly.

“I have a condition” she said.

“What? Anything” he said.

“You need to do what I ask you” she said.

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