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Something woke Arjun in the middle of his sleep. It was Radhika. She was shivering in her sleep. She looked very frightened. She mumbled in her sleep.

She mumbled “no … no … Please don’t do anything. Please let me go” and clutched a handful of his shirt and buried her head deep into his chest.

She was cold. Arjun pulled her even more close, trying to keep her warm. She looked like a cute little lost kitten in his strong yet gentle arms.

He said in hushed voices “sshhhh…. It’s k. There’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s only me and you. Go to sleep” and planted a small kiss on her head.

After mumbling for a while, she went back to sleep holding him even more tight.

He thought “what is it that is troubling her so much that she can’t even sleep properly?! I need to find out.”

Radhika woke up cursing as the sun rays hit her face harshly. She cursed even more when she found the other side of the bed empty. She sat on the bed still sleepy rubbing her eyes. Suddenly she gasped out loud.

She said to herself “gosh!! it’s 10 already?! How did I sleep in ? Why didn’t he wake me up?!

She got off the bed still drowsy and went to bathroom to freshen up. She came out if the room and went towards the kitchen thinking of what to make for breakfast. She stopped mid way. Something amusing caught her sight.

She went towards the dining table. She saw a wide range of delicacies spread across the table. She saw that he had cooked both breakfast and lunch for her. She then took a look at all the items that were cooked.

For breakfast it was pancakes loaded with maple syrup, cheese sandwiches, orange juice and coffee. It seemed to be like an English breakfast… It wasn’t like … It was one.

For lunch it was daal chawal with aloo gobi as side dish.

A cute smile crept on her face as she saw all the items. She then found a small note under one of the vessels.
It said “finish them all. It’s all for you. I’ll be home early. We’ll think of something for dinner. Love you. Take care.”
The smile she had got even more wide. The next second her smile vanished. She was angry now. Just wanted to shout at him. It was his lucky day. ??

She thought “what was the need to do all of this? Has he cooked for me or for the whole town?! And with that hand … that injured hand!! Why didn’t he wake me up?!”

She heard her tummy rumble. She was hungry. She sat down to have the breakfast. She tasted the cheese sandwich. It was wonderful. Next the pancakes. It was so divine it just melted in her mouth. She had all of them in a jiffy. She had the coffee in the end. She got up with a heavy tummy as she had eaten too much.

Radhika spent the whole day at home. She cleaned up the whole house. But still, time didn’t seem to pass out quickly. She surfed on net, read books. Lunch was also good. She waited for Arjun’s call, but didn’t get one. Too busy huh?!

It was 6 in the evening, Radhika went to the kitchen to cook dinner. Arjun came home and went to his room straight away to freshen up. He came out to see that she had already finished cooking and ha laid the items on the table.

He smiled at her. But she only gave him a stare. An angry stare.

He asked “Radhika why are you angry?”

“Sit” she said.
And he obliged.

She served him food and served herself too. When he was about to ask her again, she stuffed a piece of roti and palak paneer into his mouth.

“Eat” she said and went and sat in her place.

Arjun tried hard to make a conversation, but couldn’t. Radhika smiled a little looking at him like that.

He than said “nice food.”
She only gave a smile. A small one.

After that it was silence. Too silent it was. It seemed like even the walls wanted life. Some spark.

(I just hope the walls could talk ??)

After dinner, Radhika laid the remaining items and was walking towards the bedroom. She stopped mid way when she heard Arjun calling her.

Arjun called out “Radhika come here. I need to talk something important.”

She saw him seated on the sofa and went and sat next to him. She sat quietly, didn’t utter a single word. But, she finally lost her cool.

She screamed “what was the need for all of that Arjun? Why did you cook? With that hand? What if your wound gets big? Are you doing all this to make me weak? That’s not gonna happen. How many times do I have to tell you that things are not going to get sorted and we can’t be together. I left you for a month and you’ve bought yourself to such a state. I’m leaving… out of the country…. for two years. What will you do then? I’m not coming back. I’m planning to settle down there. Just move on Arjun.”

(Lol she ranted for so long ??)

She then saw Arjun looking at her with mixed expressions. They had an eyelock. A long one. That is when she realized that she had been ranting for so long. And she kept wondering if she had spoken too much. But, she felt good.

Arjun smiled looking at her. She was back to her old form. Talking non stop. The other part which made him happy was she cared for him.. Soo much. He now had the confidence that he can get her back and she did love him.

He then cleared his throat and spoke “I think you’ve told this a thousand times that it’s not gonna work in between us. And about the hand, it’s fine. I even went and got it checked. And yes, as you say my princess. We’ll surely settle down, if that’s what you want” and gave a smile.

Radhika looked on confused. She thought that he would be upset hearing to “settle down”, instead he smiled. It was the other way around. She looked shocked.

She asked with a confused face “what is that “we” supposed to be? I’m going alone. Isn’t it?!”

Arjun nodded in a negative and smiled showing his tickets.

He said “no.”

She was happy. But, didn’t show it out.
She thought “oh lord!! He’s coming! But, it’s gonna be though. Please help me.”

She said “I’m no kid. I can take care of myself.”

He said “it’s not about you. It’s my wife. I just can’t leave her alone. It’s my duty to be with her.”

She said “suit yourself. Oh, so this was the important thing you wanted to talk about? and got up to leave.

He caught hold of her hand and said “no, that’s not it. Sit down.”

She saw his tensed face and wondered what it was and sat back.

He hesitated, but finally managed to put up the strength and ask her about her nightmare.

He said “your nightmare.”

She looked at him shockingly. She wondered how he found out.

She asked “who told you?!”

He said “no one. You mumbled in your sleep yesterday night and looked very frightened. Tell me what it is Radhika. I’ll try to make things alright.”

She sat there quietly. She didn’t say a word. Arjun found it useless after waiting for a while and got up to leave. Just then she held his hand and stopped him. He turned around and saw her crying. He sat back.

He voice broke “I’ll tell you. Everything.”

………. FB starts ……….

It was few days after Radhika returned to Rishikesh. She was walking back from the market and suddenly someone caught hold of her bicep. She turns around and was shocked to see who it was. It was ….. Saral.

She asked “Saral?! What are you doing here?!”

Saral said “I was supposed to be asking you this question Radhu. It seems like you’ve lost your brain after going to Mumbai. It was bound to happen. When you have friends like sam, it will happen. Doesn’t know what to do and what not to do and when. She trusted me blindly. And I’m so happy that you left that Arjun and came back. You belong to me….. Only me, you get that?!”

Radhika bit out “you’ll never change Saral. Don’t you dare talk anything about Sam. Anyone who was in her place would have done the same. And about Arjun, don’t you dare utter a word. Me and you?! No ways !!”

Saral laughed out loud and said “what Radhu? You’re still not out of it. What’s the use of standing right there? You and I are meant for each other.”

She said “how cheap Saral!! I’m married. And even if you managed to convince me, how will convince my family? How will you face them? You want me to marry you? A person who doesn’t know how to respect women and their ambitions. Never Saral!! Never !! I pity the girl who’s gonna enter your life.”

Saral was losing his temper. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. But, controlled himself.

He said “I don’t care, even if you’re married. But, you’re mine. Only mine” and caught hold of her bicep even hard.

Radhika winced. She said “Saral please let me go. It hurts.”

He said “first say that you’ll marry me.”

She said “no.”

He lost his cool. He raised his hand high up in the air to slap her. Radhika expected it to sting her right cheek and closed her eyes. But it didn’t happen. She opened her eyes to see someone shielding her. It was Ankush. He caught hold of his hand and twisted it. Saral winced and put his hand down. By that time, Saral’s friends had come. They formed a circle around the three.

Ankush bit out “how dare you? I’m letting you go because of our past friendship and the most important thing, you’re my di’s brother in law. Or else……”

Saral asked “else what?!”

Ankush said “something would have happened, which you wouldn’t have dreamt about.”

Ankush took Radhika’s hand and started walking, breaking the circle.

Saral screamed “I won’t let you live in peace. I’m coming for you.”

Radhika turned around to his wicked face, where Ankush kept walking without paying heed.

The next night, Radhika woke up with a jerk. She felt very restless as she heard weird noises in her room. She turned on the lights to see who it was, but found none. She went back to bed and lied down. She secretly took a pocket knife and hid it. She then heard a voice. A familiar one, she hated it.

The voice said “hello babe.”

Radhika said “Saral?!”

He said “yes my baby. See the power of my love. You found me.”

She said “no, not love. Hatred.”

He laughed out and said “I don’t care babe.”

She then gasped out loud and asked “how did you get into my room?!”

He said “the window. It gave way.”

She bit out “the window is kept open for fresh air. Not dogs like you” still holding the knife tight. She saw him walk towards her.

He came close to her, took the knife and threw it away.

He said “babe watch it with that thing. Somebody could get seriously hurt.”

She was irritated now.

She asked “ what is this babe? Stop it.”

He said “no, it suits you.”

She said “get lost” and slapped him hard.

He lost control of himself and slapped her back. He then threw her on the bed. In a flash, he was on top of her. Radhika protested. But, her top tore off. She kept crying out for help, but no one came. He planted wet kisses on her neck and all around her cheek. He bit her lower lip so hard that it started started to bleed. S

hen found a glass on her side table. She caught good hold of it and flung it on his head. She pushed him off and wrapped herself with a dupatta. Saral got up with both his hands holding his head and wobbled. He laughed looking at her.

He sneered “babe if you do that, I swear I’m gonna rip off everything.”

Radhika felt disgusted.

She bit out “stop calling me that.”

He ordered “yes i will. It suits you. Now,come to me” and spread out his arms.

She said “no” and stood right there.

She was still confused as to how no one come when all of this was happening. Saral saw her confused state and gave an evil smirk.

He said “babe,I’ll clear your confusion. I mixed sleeping pills in everyone’s milk. I didn’t mix in yours as I knew that you drink in coffee mug, not in glass.”

Radhika looked shocked.

She asked “how many tablets did you mix? And Dada ji!! Oh no!!”

Saral laughed and ordered again “come to me. Now!!”

She said “no” and tried to run.

But, fate was so unfortunate. The door was jammed. She tried hard. Saral’s anger rose. He pulled the back of his locks. He saw the knife lying in a corner and picked it up smiling. He looked at her still struggling to open the door and went and attacked her. There was a big cut on her shoulder. It was bleeding bad. She cried out loud holding her left shoulder.

She said “Saral!! What have you done? Are you mad?”

He said “yes Radhu I am. I love you so much. Why don’t you understand?”

She said “this is not love. You’ve gone mad Saral, mad!!”

He lost it. All the control he had. He held the knife with proper grip and moved few steps back. Radhika knew it was gonna be her last. She closed her eyes and remembered all the moments she spent with her family, nesam, everyone. Especially Arjun.

Saral screamed “Radhu” and was about to stab her.

It didn’t happen. Ankush stopped him. He held his hand so tight that Saral winced and threw the knife away.

Ankush looked at Radhika with tears.

He said “Radhu, go to maa and papa now.”

She ran out and saw her parents at the door. She hugged them both. Ankush thrashed Saral. Saral didn’t seen to lose energy. He kept getting up each and every time and Ankush beat him hard. Finally, he gave up and he was arrested by the police.

Radhika had changed into new clothes. But her wound kept bleeding.

She said “maa where is Dada ji? Saral mixed sleeping pills. That’s why you all slept. Gosh, I just hope he didn’t overdose.”

She ran towards Dada ji’s room. The others too came behind her. They all stopped by the door and saw his sleeping figure on the bed.

Radhika shook him trying to wake him up.

She said “Dada ji…. Dada ji wake up. Please.”

Dada ji woke up after continuous shaking. He was confused as he saw all four of them in his room. He saw Radhika’s shoulder bleeding.

He asked “you all in my room?! At this time of the night. And choti, what happened to your shoulder?”

Mala trying to cover up the situation said “n.. N… nothing papa ji. Choti wanted to see you. She was very restless. We also came along as we hadn’t slept.”

Dada ji looked at Mala with a raised eyebrow and said “bahu, I asked choti. Not you.”

Radhika said “it’s nothing Dada ji. A nail in my room was sticking out. My dress got stuck there and it’s a small scratch. Nothing to worry about.”

Dada ji said with a sigh of relief “OK beta, be careful. Dilip go get that nail fixed. I don’t want my choti to get hurt again. Ankush take her to hospital and get her wound treated. She needs to get an injection as it’s a metal cut” and went back to sleep.

In the hall…..

Radhika said “maa Dada ji should never know of what happened.”

Mala said “never beta. He will never find out.”

Radhika went to the hospital and got her wound treated. She got stitches as it was a very deep one. She didn’t react as she was still in shock and the horrifying incident kept standing in front of her eyes. Ankush too got dressing as he had a few scratches due to the fight.

………. FB ends ……….

Radhika cried hugging Arjun. She had her face buried deep into his chest. Arjun fumed in anger. His blood boiled. He pushed her dress down her shoulder to see her wound. Gosh, it was a big one. The mark remained.

Arjun got up and bit out “Saral I won’t spare you. You hurted my Radhika. I will kill you.”

He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. His muscles rippled.

Radhika caught hold of his arm and said “ there’s no need for that. He’s in police custody.”

She hugged Arjun. Very tight.

She said “please don’t leave me. I fear he’ll come back. Please don’t leave me.”

He hugged her tighter and said “no princess, he won’t. I won’t let even his shadow reach you. And that’s a promise.”

The only thing that bothered him was her wound. How dare he.

Two weeks just passed on. Radhika spent most of her time in Bird Song. She even helped them bag the highest budget project.

Two days before leaving, she went shopping with Sam. Arjun and Neil sat in the coffee shop, while the girls shopped.

Neil asked sipping the hot coffee “so what was Chashni’s reaction when you told her?”

Arjun too sipping the coffee said “nothing. She said I can come along. But, the only thing that’s bothering me is, she wanted to settle down there. All alone.”

Neil laughed out and said “dude, she won’t be able to stay there for a week. She’ll come back running. Stop worrying about things that won’t happen.”

Arjun let out a sigh and asked “do you think I should forgive Nandu?”

Neil looked at Arjun with a raised eyebrow and asked “why her now? I mean suddenly.

Arjun said “I was thinking.”

Neil said “It will be good if you do. I know she did wrong, but she does deserve a chance.”
Arjun smiled at him. Neil too smiled back.

Neil asked “what is taking them so long? Are they buying the whole mall?”

Arjun said “its k Neil.”

Neil said “no Arjun. It’s not OK. Even we do shopping. We finished our so quick. So, why can’t they?”

Arjun didn’t say anything as Neil seemed to be very irritated. If he said something, then it will be a nightmare. So, it was better to keep quiet and not talk much.

Arjun smiled and said “its OK Neil.”

Just as they were talking, Sam and Radhika came with a handful of shopping bags and sat next to their respective husbands. They were really tired.

Sam shouted “idiot. Where and all to search you? Where’s your phone? How many times should I call you? And Arjun from since when did you turn this irresponsible?”

Radhika nodded in agreement. Both of them took out their phones to see the number of missed calls they had received from their wives. They looked at each other and then their wives. They knew trouble was coming.

Arjun said “sorry. My phone was in silent.”

Neil said “yeah, mine too. Sorry.”

Sam said “sorry won’t work. Got get us something to eat. Wait I’ll tell. I want one double cheese chicken burger, french fries and coffee.”

Radhika said “for me…. The same. And yes, add a chocolate cake.”

Both of them got up to leave. Neil pinched Sam’s nose and went to Radhika and pulled her cheeks. Both of them smiled at each other. So we’re Sam and Arjun.

Neil said “yaar Chashni, I feel like pulling your cheeks again and again” and went to pull them again.

Radhika said “before we get even more hungry and ask for more, you both better leave.”

The two of them stood there watching the girls laugh at them and slap each other a high five. They left and came with the food in no need. They ate the burger, french fries. They shared the cake and the coffee in the end.

She said “see Chashni, these people do things only when we are angry. Or else nothing.”

Radhika said “no Sam. Maybe Neil is like that. Not Arjun, he does his things properly.”

Neil kept staring as Arjun kept smiling looking at her. He felt happy to see that she took his side and had a soft corner for him.

Neil said “accha.. I don’t do anything. Who cooks everyday? Who cleans up your mess everyday?”

Neil turned his face away annoyed and was angry. Sam stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes. She apologized continuously shaking him. Arjun and Radhika laughed looking at them. Neil started laughing when he saw her make a face like a cute little sad puppy. She even caught her ears. He hugged her and gave a kiss on her forehead.

Sam asked “Chashni why didn’t you buy any sleeveless tees and Kurtis? All half and full sleeved.”

Radhika sat quietly. Arjun didn’t react as he knew the reason.

Arjun said “it’s k Sam. Let it be.”
Sam said “sorry Chashni. I’m really sorry if I hurt you.”

Radhika said “I’m not gonna talk to you if you say that again.”

Sam said “OK fine. I won’t. Happy?!”

Radhika smiled and said “yes. Very happy.”

They again laughed out loud, slapping each other a high five. Arjun and Neil too joined in and laughed along.

They then left for their respective homes. All the four of them were very tired as it was a hectic day at office which added extra stress.

Arjun and Radhika reached home. Radhika finished packing her stuff and saw that Arjun hadn’t finished his. She was shocked when heard a light snore. She turned around to see Arjun snoring. She giggled looking down at him. It didn’t suit his personality at all. She sat back and finishes packing his too. Finally, she went to sleep.

In the morning, they woke up hearing the doorbell ring. Radhika opened the door to see her family standing at the door. Arjun too came behind and saw. She was happy to see them all. But, she felt sad as she couldn’t meet Riddhima and Ahana before leaving.

Arjun stopped by the kitchen and watched Radhika sing while she was cooking. Everyone else who was chatting in the hall stopped talking. It was complete silence. She was singing to the top of her voice.

Tt was Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. She sang….

Can’t you see that I’m the one who understands you, been here all along

So, why can’t you see me.. You belong with me….

Standing by and waiting at your backdoor

All this time, how could you not know baby…

You belong with me….

She then turned around to see Arjun smiling, standing along with Ankush, who had had both his hands covering his ears. She felt embarrassed.

Ankush said “meri maa stop. I was so happy for two weeks. My ears felt so pleasant, not again” with folded hands.

Arjun said “it’s k Ankush. She used to sing worse before marriage. It’s gotten better now.”

Radhika looked at Arjun and smiled at him. They both remembered the car sequence while travelling to Lonavla. He too smiled.

Mala came by and said “enough of your talks. Come and have breakfast.”

They had breakfast together. Nesam came by during the afternoon and stayed till dinner. In the morning, they all got ready and left for the airport. Teji, Zubin and Kritika too joined in to send off the couple along with nesam. They all stayed for a while and left
When it was time for them to leave, Radhika and Arjun took her parent’s blessings. Ankush wished them both all the best and pulled Radhika’s nose. Radhika spoke over the phone with Riddhima.

Radhika went to Dada ji and hugged him.

She said “bye Dada ji. I’ll be back soon. But, I’ll miss you a lot. Don’t forget to take your meals and medicines properly. And yes, no sweets. I’ll keep asking maa.”

dada ji laughed out loud and said “choti beta I’ll take care. Don’t worry. And all the best. Finish your work soon and come back. You too take care beta. I’ll miss you too” and gave a kiss on her forehead.

He said “beta call Arjun. I need to talk to him.”

he “ok” and went and called Arjun, saying that Dada ji called him.

Arjun went to Dada ji asked “you called Dada ji?”

He said “yes beta. Beta please take care of my choti. She seems to be strong to the outside world, but is a child inside. Only I know her well. Please beta, stay with her. Never let go of her.”

Arjun held Dada ji’s hands and said “I promise you Dada ji that I’ll never let go of her. I’ll always stay by her side.”

Dada ji smiled and said “thank you beta. May god bless you and give you long life and happiness.”

Radhika and Arjun left. They both their boarding passes and boarded the plane after a while. Radhika hated Arjun for changing her ticket to business class from the economy one.

She asked him “what wa the need for all of this?”

He said “it’s k. It’s my money.”

She frowned, while he smiled looking down at her. They sat in their seats. An air hostess who was passing by saw Arjun and tried to flirt with him.

He said “good morning sir. How may I help you?”

Arjun was about to say something when Radhika cut in.

She said “there’s no need for that now. My husband is very comfortable. Thank you” and put a fake smile.

The air hostess felt embarrassed and moved away with a fake smile on her face.

Arjun said “someone’s jealous.”

Radhika said “a wife can’t see another girl trying to flirt with her husband. It’s common.”

Arjun smiled at her, while she looked out of the window. The plane then took off.

Radhika thought to herself “I need to find di soon and reunite them.”

Arjun thought to himself “whatever happens Radhika, I’ll win your love. And these two years are more than enough for me.”

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