Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 28- Neil apologies)


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Neil came into the room and stared at the three of the tensed ladies. He sat down on the stood on the other side of Niti’s bed and cupped her face. She was cold. Very cold. Pale. Damn pale. Eyes lost shine, lifeless. Niti looked straight into his eyes without blinking. She seemed shocked at his face. He too looked dull.

“Why does he look dull?” she thought.

He thought “I know you hate me for what and all I’ve done. I deserve it too. Oh God!! Why is it so hard to throw accusations and to say a sorry so difficult? It’s like your tongue and mouth have been sealed. It’s just a SORRY. It’s like you’re losing your prestige. Your ego. Everything!!” he looked into her eyes with guilt and repent.

Niti kept looking at her brother, who still had his hand on her cheek. How much she had waited for this day!! For him to cradle her face in his hands and say everything is alright and he’s never gonna let go of her and stand by her always. She still had rakhis collected for him each year. She wanted to show how much she missed him and his over protectiveness and over possessiveness. She wanted to be in his embrace. That promising, secure embrace. He seemed to be tensed. Wanted to say something, but couldn’t.

“What’s wrong with him? Is he alright?” Niti thought as she felt his forehead and cheeks.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

He just nodded in positive. Prerna and Sam just kept staring at the both of them.

Finally Neil took a deep breath and spoke. It was like he said the most difficult words in his entire life. Greek and Latin looked easier.

“Sorry” he mumbled.

“What?!” Niti gasped as she heard the words from his mouth.

“Do you want to insult me?” he frowned.

“No no. It’s nothing like that. I just wanted to know why you’re apologizing.”

He asked “what do you mean why? Oh you want to insult me in front of my mom, making me list all the stupid and harsh things I’ve done?”

She sighed “are you okay? You look dull.”

Neil replied “I am. The allergy had a little reaction. That’s all.”

She sighed relieved “Oh. Okay.”

“Nithika I’m sorry” he said again.

“Shoo. Why are you apologising when you’ve done nothing wrong?” she spoke.

His face beamed “you aren’t angry on me?”

“No I’m not” she replied.

“I’ve been so hard on you.” he mumbled.

She cupped his face “look at me. I’m not angry on you. You were an idiot, that’s true. You judged things from Arjun’s way as you’re his friend. It’s k. I’m not angry at all. So, there’s no need to apologize. Got it idiot?” she pulled his cheeks.

Sam and Prerna laughed. Neil had happy tears. He hugged her to him and found solace with her in his arms. How did he judge her so wrong? No one can ever hate her. How did he? He cursed himself for it. Niti too hugged her brother with all the strength she had. She didn’t want to let go. Sam and Prerna smiled at the two of them.

“Thank you so much” he said as he still had her in his arms and played with her hair.

“Shut up” she snapped.

“Where’s my phone?” Niti asked as she broke the hug.

“Here” said Sam who handed over a Moto g3.

Niti made a call.

(Peeps I’ll be using Tamil here… A bit of Iyengar Tamil will be there…. I’m not too good at Iyengar Tamil… Please forgive me… I’ll try my level best in making no mistakes…. Normal Tamil no problem… Tamil terinja avanga enna mannikanum)

She said “Hello Venkat uncle.”

Venkat(Venkataraman) asked “Niti kanna (small kids are addressed like this). Enga ma iruka?”
(Tamil: Niti. Where are you?)

She answered “hospital la uncle.”
(In the hospital uncle.)

“Yen da? Accident edavudu acha? Onum agalela?” he asked concerned.
(Why? What happened? Met with an accident? Nothing happened no?)

She answered “Illa uncle. Neku onum agala. Allergy ayirtu.”
(No uncle. Nothing happened to me. Had an allergic reaction.)

He asked “Yen kanna? Apdi enna sapta nee? Ava ava solikite irukanumo? Udamba ulanga patukanum nu?”
(Why? What did you eat? Do people have to keep reminding you to take good care of yourself?)

She answered “uncle I’m fine. Inno konja neratla aatuku vandruven.”
(Uncle I’m fine. I’ll be home in a while.)

He said “Kanna ne angiye iru. Naane vandu unna alichindu poren.”
(You stay there. I’ll take you home.)

“Sari uncle” she said.
(Ok uncle)

“Enda hospital?” he asked.
(Which hospital?)

She answered “Lilavati.”

He said “I’ll be there.”

The line went dead and she sighed. All of them kept blinking as they couldn’t understand a word. Tamil it was.

She said “my landlord is coming to pick me up.”

“Good for you. You can go home too” chirped Akash from behind.

“Akash!!” Niti called out.

“Yeah me. How have you been? It’s been so long. Never expected to meet you like this” he smiled.

“Neither did I” she frowned.

He asked “How are you feeling?”

“Better than ever” she answered.

“Oh I can see that” he smiled.

“You’ll never change” she sighed.

“Why should I? I love myself” he explained.

“Okay fine. Now shut up” she spoke as she put her hands up in the air, surrendering.

“Who’ll sign the discharge papers?” he asked.

Neil was about to take it, but a voice from behind stopped him.

“I will” said the voice.

It was none other than Venkataraman. He came and took the papers and finished all the formalities. Venkat thanked the Malhotras and Akash for taking care of her. They left, leaving the Malhotras behind. Prerna cried watching her daughter walk away. They too left after a while. As it was Sunday the next day, Niti took good rest. Even the taunting aunty didn’t open her mouth.

Niti came to office the next day and saw a big “Get Well Soon” card lying on her table. She looked at it and put it away. She knew it was Arjun. Just as she sat, there was a knock. It was Arjun.

“How are you?” he asked as he got in.

“I’m good. Thank you” she answered calm.

“How are you Niti?” asked a happy Neil from behind.

“I’m fine. Stop asking” she said annoyed.

“We can’t. You keep us worried” said Sam.

Niti just rolled her eyes.

“Hope you’re well”said Radhika.

“You too!! Stop!! Enough!!” she screamed covering her ears.

Neil laughed at her. She was such a kid. Arjun, Radhika, Sam and Niti saw him wide eyed. What made him laugh him now? After a little bit of talking they left. In that time, almost all of Bird Song came and asked of her well being. Niti was tired of all the care and concern she was getting. Piyali came and gave her homemade food.

And by the way, it was Ankush who left the card. Not Arjun.

Arjun was in Radhika’s cabin trying hard to crack how to make her laugh. But impossible. Just then Radhika came and hugged him. He smiled as she relaxed in his hold.

“What makes my sweetheart be so romantic?” he smiled.

“Can’t I hug you?” she groaned.

“You have all your life to do that” he replied.

“Then shut up and hug me tight you idiot” she commanded.

“Your wish. My command” he said.

“And what? Idiot? From since when?” he asked.

“Since the day I met you” she spoke inhaling his scent.

“Awww.. so sweet” he chuckled as he too inhaled her scent and kissed the top of her head.

The day went on quiet. But that doesn’t mean everything was alright. It was the indication of a very big storm. The Mishras and Joshis were being panicked like every second of their life. Saral was such a threat. Ankush was tensed more and more with every second passing by. He stayed with Arjun and Radhika. Though he had protested, the couple didn’t let him stay alone. Ankush just wanted to find Saral and kill him with his bare hands. He’d never think about Ahana. He’d harm her too. To him she was not his niece, she was his brother’s daughter. Nothing more. He didn’t want anything to happen to her. She was his everything. No no. He can’t be selfish. It’s not only Ahana. It’s of both of the families. Ankush sat lost as he could find no solution for it. Niti saw him from outside and knew what was running in him.

“I need help” she said.

“Yeah” he said as he opened his eyes.

She asked “What are the formalities to sue a company? Or maybe take away someone’s legal rights to something.”

“Why is that so?” he asked.

“A company runs human trafficking in the dark and advertising in the light” she answered.

“Got evidence?” he asked.

“Yes” she clipped.

“Which company?” he asked.

“Exotics” she clipped.

“Varun Shekar’s?” he asked wide eyed.

“Yes” she spoke tired of answering.

“That’s my friend’s company” he gasped.

“Wow!!” Niti said sarcastically.

“We need to stop it if it’s true. How can it happen?” he looked mortified.

“It’s k. It’ll be fine” she cooed.

“For now, highest priority to your family. How come he’s so silent? For how much I know him, he should have done something by now” she spoke again all confused.

“Yeah. Wondering the same” he said.

“I’ll leave now” she said as she got up.

“Ok. But don’t do something stupid” he warned.

“Ok” she said as she rolled her eyes and left.

Ankush smiled as he saw her leaving. Yes, he did love her. To the infinities. He shook his head at the affect she had on him. Neil smiled as he saw all of it.

“You love, her don’t you?” Neil asked.

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