Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 27- Prerna-Niti)


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Prerna looked at Sam and then Niti. She kept blinking continuously. She kept looking at Sam and Niti as she kept patting her head. She couldn’t understand a thing? Why’d her daughter hate Arjun? And Neil wasn’t such a stupid to hate her just because “She Hated Arjun.”

Prera broke out of her trance when she felt a palm gripping her’s tight. She wiped her tears and looked down at her daughter who kept quivering. Eyes shut tight, eyeballs moving swiftly though her eyes were shut. She looked so pale. Her fair alabaster skin looked so lifeless. Her long hair that was oiled and plaited a while back was now open and the waves intact because of the oiling and plaiting. She did lay lifeless on the bed. Her one hand gripped Prerna’s tight and the other one bit down the mattress through the pristine white sheets. Looked like she was having a nightmare or remembered something that wasn’t supposed to be remembered. Sam went to her side and pulled her free hand out of the sheets and rubbed softly, trying to soothe her. The monitors started beeping wildly. Sam and Prerna looked on panicked. Sam ran out of the room searching for Akash, leaving a tensed, feared and crying Prerna behind. Not seconds had passed, Akash came running to check on her.

Sam pulled Prerna away, letting Akash check her. He injected sedative with her drips and looked at her worried.

He thought “this girl who was full bubbly and chirpy, full of life is in half state, confused to stay or let go. No she cannot go. She needs to slap Neil for all he has done. And I need a picture of that to laugh at for lifetime and laugh at him, embarrassing him every second. She needs to go back to where she belongs. Her family.”

He went close to her and whispered “come back Velcro. You used to stick to me like…. oh god!! I don’t want to remember. You need to tell Neil. Ask him for all the chocolates he did get you for the past fifteen years. Come on babe get up. Look even I’m here. Your Bakru is here. Pleeeaaassseee” and moved away wiping his tears.

As he moved, he saw her nodding her head lightly. Like she had understood what he said. He smiled at her responding even with a strong dose of sedative.

Prerna asked as she shook up Akash “what happened to her? What’s wrong?”

Akash answered calm “her bp shot up. What did you tell her? She can hear what you talk aunty. Don’t worry, she’s all fine now. I’ve given her a sleeping dose. She’ll be up in a few hours.”

“She’ll be perfectly alright no?” asked a desperate Prerna, filled with lots of hope.

“She will aunty. Don’t worry” Akash answered as he chuckled, holding her by shoulders.

He looked at Sam and she mouthed him a “Thank you” in the air. He smiled and left the room. After he left, Prerna ran to her daughter and shook her hard as tears failed to stop. Sam tried pulling her away, but she gave up after a while. It was a mother’s anguish. Her pain, sorrow, frustration, everything you can put in. Nothing can describe how pained a mother will be seeing her child on the hospital bed in a miserable state. And moreover, meeting her after fifteen years and she falls I’ll the next moment. How much she had searched for her. Every nook and corner of Mumbai. Every hospital, every orphanage, every remote and abandoned site. Where not?

She shook her hard “woman you wake up this instant. I command you to. We need to talk. Like a lot. Baby look at mom once. Wake up. It hurts. I know I’m wrong. I should have asked about your allergy. I’m sorry baby. Please. Look at me once. Talk to me.”

Sam pulled her up “mom she’s not on her deathbed. She’s given sedation. She’ll wake up soon.”

Prerna stammered “b.. buu.. b-but Sam. Gudiya….”

Sam cupped her cheek “she’ll be alright. Don’t worry.”

Prerna quietly went and sat next to Niti. Sam left to check on Neil. Neil was alright. He was awake and smiled as she entered. She too smiled at him. He looked handsome though he was in his hospital attire.

“He can be discharged” chirped Akash from behind.

“Hey Mr. Bachelor” grinned Neil.

Akash rolled his eyes “lol. Will you shut it?”

“Ok Bakru” teased Neil.

Akash gave him a death glare, which made both Sam and Neil have a hearty laugh. Akash too was laughing seconds later.

“I still don’t get it” Neil started “You are good in everything. Looks, personality, character, everything. Why not settle down?” he completed.

“Dude I’m not like you. Life is easy for you. But it’s not like that for me. I need to run when I get a call at any second of the day. After police force, it’s the doctors who’re most wanted in their feet” Akash replied.

“But I life has second thoughts, I’ll wait for the right woman” Akash smiled as he spoke again.

“Good luck” Sam wished.

“Yeah same” smiled Neil.

“Dhanyavadalu” smiled Akash.

Neil replied“You’re welcome”

Sam cocked up an eyebrow, Akash said “Thank you in Telugu it was.”

“You Reddy ke bacche” Sam threw a pillow.

Akash laughed as Sam missed the aim… as always in hitting him. He gave Sam the discharge papers and left. Sam completed everything. Neil changed in the meantime and sat down thinking about Niti. He realized that he had been too hard on her. He was such a stupid. Hated her for no reason. He insulted her. Threw water on her face, in front of all. Hated her from day one. But, Arjun wasn’t to be blamed too. But when stood in her shoes, it’s frustration of having lost everything. And today!! Not to forget… adding chilli powder in her portion of rice. She never complained. She ate it all. Her smile. Though it was in her sleep, it was the prettiest thing ever. Neil felt like a jerk. An idiot. He wanted make up for everything he had done. Wanted to apologise to her. He was sure that now he’d too help Arjun in getting her smile back.

“Where is mom?” asked Neil after Sam came back.

“She’s with Nithika” she replied.

“Good. I need to go there” he said.

Sam gasped “why?”

“You’ll see” he replied and walked out.

Sam stood glued to the spot. What did he want now? She’s on the bed. All sick and pale. Wants to torture her now too. The nerve of him!! She broke out of her thoughts and ran behind, trying to stop him.

Prerna was sitting by Niti, patting her head. Prerna smiled as she thought of her. Her childhood, her mischief. Hwe care for Neil. She froze at thought of Neil. How was he? He hated her daughter, his own sister. So very much. She looked down at her and saw her eyeballs moving slowly. Her eyelids lifted up slowly. Prerna was so happy. Her happiness knew no bounds. Her baby was going to wake up. Niti opened her eyes and looked at the teary eyed Prerna.

“Mom” she whispered with tears.

“Yes baby. It’s me” Prerna smiled as she the back of her daughter’s hand.

That was what was needed. Niti shot up and pulled her mom into a big tight hug. Prerna was so happy as she too hugged her daughter, clutching her to her chest, like she’ll vanish into thin air. The mother daughter sat there hugging each other for God knows how long.

(God: I never let my devotees prayers go in vain. I give things back at the right time. Take care of your tiny gem Prerna. You have my blessings with you always.)

“Missed you so much” she whispered again. The poor girl was so exhausted. So out of energy.

“Me too baby. No one can miss you as much as me. Not even you” Prerna chuckled through her tears.

“Love you mom” she gathered a bit of her voice.

“Love you too my Gudiya” Prerna answered.

“How did you escape? Why didn’t you come back?” Prerna asked as she pulled away.

Niti let out a deep breath “it’s a long story. Some things are better unanswered.”

“But I want answers. Tell me why Neil hates you so much. Why do you hate Arjun? How do you know him?” Prerna kept throwing questions.

Mom I will answer. Yes, I hate Arjun. And always will. Neil hates me cause I hate him. I escaped the kidnappers that very day, but I was hit by an iron rod. I collapsed. I lost my memory. The royal Rajputs took me in. The king, ok Dada sa hated me as I was not royal. They moved to Chicago only for me. So that I could have a happy life. I regained my memory two years later and they checked with every police station in Mumbai. My missing complaint wasn’t filled. Moreover maa wasn’t ready to let go of me. So I decided to stay back. A year later, maa and baapu died in a car crash. Three years Komal jiji, their daughter was shot blank point in a bank by burglars.

I know Arjun as he was jiji’s best friend. She loved him. He never did. She’d cry way through the night. Loved him immensely. Called him for help. He never bothered to check in her. It was because of his carelessness she died. If he’d have come on time, she would have been saved. I will always hate Arjun for this” she finished crying vigorously.

“Baby no” cooed Prerna as she hugged her again.

“I hate myself mom. I feel like l’m dying. I just hate myself. I can’t open up with people. I feel so lonely. I can’t smile. I lost my smile. I don’t even have a reason to smile” Niti cried.

“Baby come back home” Prerna requested.

“No mom” she protested “Neil hates me. Has no clue I’m Nithika Malhotra. Let him find out. Rectify his mistakes and come to me. I’ll come back home” she stated.

“Baby smile. I can’t see you like this” Prerna cried.

“No mom. I can’t. I just don’t want to” Niti said.

“Come back home. I want you in front of me 24/7. I can’t afford to lose you again” Prerna pleaded.

Niti just looked at her mom. She saw her forehead partition. It had a tinge of vermilion. She cried even more seeing it. She still has hopes her husband would be coming back. How was she going to tell her what happened?

“Mom…” Niti started, but couldn’t complete as the door opened.

In front of them was Neil.

“Why hello ladies” he smiled his signature dimpled smile.

Both of them looked at him as if they had seen a ghost. He stared at them suspiciously. Sam came running from behind and entered the room. She straight went to the side table and blocked the DNA report from Neil’s view.

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  1. RituM

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    1. Shree

      Subha!! Nika nandri!! None avanuku teriya varum… Sorry ponne.. werewolf I’ll see…

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  3. Rg2015

    Gud one shree.poor niti, poor arjun,poor Neil.

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  4. Myra

    Shree…it was beyond all expectations….it was just delightful…i have no words to say what i feel rightnoe…why cant niti just come home…hope neil realises her to be his gudiya and bring her back home soon…..thank you so much for posting early….september…huh? Its gonna be a long wait…but nevertheless….its gonna worthwhile…love you. 🙂

    1. Shree

      Myra thank you so much!! Hell realise Soon.. I’m sorry about that.

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  5. Brin

    Outstanding episode, you nail it, well done. 🙂

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  6. Sammy

    Thank u so much shreee for writing it for me. …I mean I am so happy you put such extra efforts for me .. love u so much .. and the chappy was so nice all mother and daughter bonding is really lovely and I was feeling so good while reading it ..thank uuuuuu again dear 🙂 🙂

    1. Shree

      Ayeee my Sammy!! It was my pleasure.. Happy to see you happy!! Thank you!! Thank you so much for liking it…

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  7. S.v

    Yaar shree ponne not fair yaar why is neil alwags coming at the correct wrong time. Cha…….. I just want to beat that idiot for coming minute late. When are u planning to make them again to be a a brother and sisiter and when will arjun and niti will reconcile ?? Yaar enough of hide and seek. S upnite the bro and sis. Lovely shree . Love u lods dear.

    1. Shree

      Ponne!! Lol di.. chill.. It’ll happen after some hardcore drama ??

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  8. Tata…bye bye ki bachi…I will not leave u…always in cliff hangers…now m going to scratch my head again… Seriously why u had to stop here…n m confirm now itz akash n niti pair..I want Neil n niti reconcile now…n m running now…of course to beat u

    1. Shree

      Lol mamma!! Yeah Tata babaye.. Hehe.. How many times have I told you not to mess up with that pea brain of yours ??.. Sorry.. that’s how I am… I’m not confirming on ghe pair now.. All I can say is… Wait and watch… Running? Ok.. How long will it take for you to reach?! No update.. I’m waiting.. lol why beat me? I’m sick… Wanna beat your poor Sick daughter? Lol.. it’s k… Come

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    1. Shree

      Lol di Jessie.. Aduku inno oru masam iruku ??.. nandri nandri nandri!! Nandri ponne.. pairing pati naa Onnum solamatein.. Saral kolarpadi pannaporan.. Hehe..

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  11. Totally emotional and beautiful..Superb Shree..was so much drawn in the story that didn’t wanted it to end 🙂 hope Neil and Niti also unite soon..OMG September ? Plz try to post soon if possible dear… Love

    1. Shree

      Ritu!! Thank you so much!! They’ll soon.. September.. yes.. sorry

      Love you ??

  12. Dipika

    Shree it is awsome n emotional update..i like the way u wrote niti n prena’s emotions after meeting their loved one afr so many years..specially God’s blessings.. I just loved this epi..n i was happy whn i saw ur update tht u came back but at the end u said u will come sept..thts not fair..pld try to come soon.. Love

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    Hellllloooooooooolllloooooooo di. I was realllyyyyyyyyyy veryryyryryryryryryyyyy happie to see u update an episode though it was a short one it was really very beautiful. I wnated to give u alot of hugs and kisses fr updating today. Bt i cancelled them seeing ur statement that u r gona post only in sept??????????

    So fr tday nly wrds. No chocs,no hugs and kisses. And loved the maa-beti emotional talk. Hw many guys r waiting fr niti????? Ankush,aakash and nt to rule out saral. She has got a huge fan following i guess???

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    And dnt frget our cakes di????

    Love u loadssssss

    1. Shree

      Hey dear!! Thank you so much!! Lol.. I’ve saved Your previous hugs.. Hehe … Thank you so much!!

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      1. Fanficoholic

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  14. Kavina

    Loved it

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