Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 26- The DNA report)


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Niti swallowed the hard lump forming in her throat in fear. There were nuys in the kheer. And she was allergic to them and so was Neil. But Prerna wasn’t allergic. She used it for her own. But never let it come near her kids. The question is…. Who added the nuts? Sam? She looked up at her with uneasiness. Sam worried looking at her sweating, breathless pale face.

Sam asked “at you ok Niti?”

“No Sam I’m not” she replied shaking her head.

Prerna asked “bete are you ok?”

Niti asked “did you add nuts in the kheer?”

Sam answered “I did.”

Prerna screamed “omg!!”

“What happened” Sam asked.

“Neil is allergic to nuts” Prerna screamed as she turned to Neil who was in the same condition as Nithika.

“I too am” replied Nithika breathing hard.

In no time she passed out, making everyone shake in fear. Nut allergy can take a toll on life. Everyone stared at a Niti who laid breathless on the sofa. Neil who was not so badly affected, managed to get up and check her pulse. Zero pulse. She had to be hospitalised IMMEDIATELY. He lifted her up in his arms.

Neil said “no time to think. We need to get her treated first.”

“I’m so sorry” Sam cried “I never knew. I’m so sorry” she broke down.

“It’s k. She’ll be fine. You didn’t do it on purpose” Prerna tried soothing her. She was worried about Nithika too.

In no time they reached the nearby hospital. Neil had broken almost all of the speed laws. He didn’t understand why it hurt him to see her in that state. Was she really his sister? Everything that’s happening makes him suspect it? Is she really his gudiya? Even if she was, what made her change so much? Didn’t she recognise him? Let him be, not even Prerna? She was as cool as a cucumber, like she came for the first time. If she was Nithika Malhotra, she’d have broken down in front of Prerna.

She was taken into the emergency room. She was given a CPR as she was having no pulse. Sam sat there crying. Prerna sat near the God’s idol praying for her wellbeing. Neil’s cheeks turned wet as he kept staring at her from the hole through the door. He should have been nice to her. Atleast today. Neil who had a capacity to withstand the allergy, started to weaken.

“Mom” he called out. The next second was on the floor.

Sam and Prerna rushed to him and the next thing was, Neil on the bed in the next room with some fluids running down his veins. The doctor came out of Neil’s cabin and assured there’s nothing to worry about.

In Nithika’s case it had taken a big toll. Her body wasn’t responding much.

The doctor came out and said “her pulse is too low. Are you her family?”

They nodded in agreement.

He continued “she’d had her first typhoid attack fifteen years ago. Second attack, eight years ago. The third one, two years ago. It’s dangerous. A severe head injury that lead to a partial amnesia. Has she recovered her memory?”

Sam answered “yes she remembers everything.”

He said “good thing you bought her on time. Her allergy was in the worst condition. Good thing her head injury is not being a problem here.”

“Good to know” Sam clipped and smiled wide.

Prerna looked at her in suspicion. Why did have this feeling that it was her daughter? A very strong one. If it was so, why didn’t her daughter recognise her? Has she still not recovered? Or was she acting? Good lord, she had a lot of thought running in her head. She collapsed on the metal seat, gripping her head tight.

“Will she be alright?” Sam asked with hope, holding on to Prerna.

“For that she needs to respond. I know her form long, she will never give up. She’s a hard nut and I donno what’s wrong with her now. Just pray” he said and walked off.

Prerna sat listening. Sam internally cursed herself for the situation. She went to the doctor’s cabin.

She said “doc I need a DNA test of both Neil and Nithika.”

“Why is that so?” he asked as he rested his head on the headrest of his chair.

“Both of them are siblings and I need to prove it” she stated.

“What?! She is Neil’s sister? The one who got kidnapped fifteen years ago?!” he gasped.

“Yeah. What happened?” she asked. Shs was very curious to know.

“I and Neil are childhood buddies. Nithika’s case was handled by my dad. That’s how I know” he replied.

“You are….?” Sam asked as she was finding it hard.

“Akash. Akash Reddy” he clipped.

“Bakru!!” squealed Sam.

“How do you know?” he asked all shocked.

That was his nickname in school.

“It’s me. Sam. Samaira you dufus” she laughed at his shocked face.

“Omg Samaira!! So you did decide to spend your life with these hard nuts?” he laughed “how have you been?” he asked.

“I’m fine. Will you help me now?” she requested.

“Think that your work is done” he said, getting up on his feet.

“Thank you” she clipped and walked out the door.

After a while, Neil gained consciousness. Prerna was sitting next to him.

“How are you now?” she asked as she kept patting his head.

“I’m fine. And Niti?” he asked.

“She’s still not gained consciousness” Prerna replied worried.

“She’ll be fine mom” Neil assured as he held Prerna’s hand, squeezing it gently.

“I just hope so” she said.

“She will be” Sam said as she entered.

“What was that you said to Akash?” asked Prerna.

Sam asked “about what mom?”

“About her memory” clipped Prerna.

Sam answered “she told me she’s recovered and isn’t ready to go back to her family.”

Sam went to Neil “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to” she sobbed.

“It’s k. I’m alright. Sam look at me” Neil called out.

Sam bent down and kissed his forehead. Sam gave him medicines and made him sleep. Prerna just sat there watching him. But all she could think of was Niti. The day’s events kept playing in her head. Her touch. Her eyes. All so familiar. Her smile was the only thing missing. Was she her daughter? Her baby? Her gudiya? Sam feared seeing Prerna lost. She could tell her. But Neil. He’d never accept. That is why the DNA test. Prerna suspected the moment she found her way to the kitchen. Hope glistened in her eyes. She still had hope thinking that it’d be her daughter. She was. She is. Will forever be. A mother can never fail in identifying her child, even if it is after a long time.

Akash came to Neil’s room after a few hours.

“Pst. Pssst.. Sam come out” he whispered.

Sam got up and tiptoed. Prerna was sleeping. So was Neil. She went out and looked at the report in his hand. He gave it to her.

“You’re right. The hard nuts are siblings” he chuckled.

“I told you” she smiled.

“Yeah” he replied.

Prerna who woke up, found Sam missing. She looked around saw Sam talking to Akash all smiling. She had something in her hand. She too quietly went out to hear what they were talking about. When she went out and stood behind to listen to listen, what she heard shocked her.

Akash said “now it’s proved that Niti is his sister and Prerna aunty’s daughter. What are you going to do now?”

Sam replied “I’ll show this to Neil. He hates her. He doesn’t know it’s his sister.”

“He is one idiot” Akash laughed.

“That he is” Sam agreed.

“The DNA matches 50%, meaning they are siblings. I verified with aunty’s too. Found her hair on the floor. Perfect match. 50%. Now it’s even more clear” Akash beamed.

“Thank you so much Akash. Thank you so much for your help” Sam thanked.

“Aye.. from since when have you become this formal? Nothing between us” Akash smiled as he patted her cheek.

Sam smiled. Akash was about to say something, but froze. Sam saw his unexplainable face and questioned through her eyes. Akash indicated behind her, through eyes. Sam too turned around and froze. There she was, her mother in law. Standing all teary eyed. Happiness written in her face. Sam just kept staring at her. Akash excused himself and walked off, leaving the mother in law and daughter in law alone. Sam cursed him as he left her alone. Alone with her super emotional mother in law.

“Great” she said to herself as she cursed her fate.

Sam walked towards her, clutching the report in her hand. Prerna was swift. Taking long strides, she reached Sam in no time. She took her by shoulders and shook her hard.

“Tell me Sam. Is Nithika my daughter?” she asked.

Sam stood there quietly. When she didn’t answer, she shook her even more hard.

“Tell me Sam. Speak. Open up!!” she screamed as she shook her harder than ever.

Sam replied “yes mom. She is.”

Prerna took the DNA report from her hand and read it. She was so happy. She got her daughter back. Prerna smiled as she hugged the report to her chest. She got her daughter back. She will never let her go now. Never ever. Sr hugged Sam tight and cried hard. Now the thing in Sam’s mind is… how will Neil take this news? They broke the hug and Prerna just couldn’t stop smiling.

“I got my baby back!!” she whispered.

“You did mom” Sam smiled as she whispered too.

Prerna ran to her room and stared at her daughter, who laid lifeless with drips and monitors beeping. She went to her, caressed her head and kissed her forehead. She remembered her childhood events and at last… the day she went missing. Prerna stiffened and looked at her daughter.

“No matter what happens I’m not going to let go of you” Prerna said as he wiped her tears and held on Niti’s hand tightly.

She was determined to keep her daughter to herself. No more. Her daughter needed love, care and protection. She needed hee smile. She was ready to do anything to make her daughter smile.

Sam thought, watching the both of them “I just hope time stops. Now it’s time for Neil to know.”

Prerna asked, breaking Sam’s thoughts “why does Neil hate her?”

Sam asked “why you asking mom?”

“That’s not the answer to my question Sam” she sounded angry.

Sam answered letting out a deep breath “because she hates Arjun.”

That’s it for today… Hope you all liked it… Tata babaye.. Love you all loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hugs to all of you ??

Up next: Chapter 27

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