Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 23- Saral’s on the loose and Niti’s outburst )


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Niti kept her phone stuck to her ear like her life depended on it. Like waiting for the best result/ news you’ve been waiting all your life. Her expressions kept changing. Different shades of anger, annoyance and frustration can be seen.

“The f**k is wrong with you?” Niti screamed.

“Poor Mehta” thought Sam “donno whose face he saw when he woke up in the morning” she smiled.

There was a pause. Mehta on the other side was talking.

“The f**k was your team doing huh?” she screamed “you put up so much security for this? For nothing? I told you he was faking. You just never listened to me. It was me. f**king me who counselled him. So, I know. blo*dy don’t open your mouth” she screamed with her teeth gritted.

Arjun was shocked to her like this. She hated cussing. She never uttered one single word. She’d have a hard time finding words to scold. It was because of her he had stopped cussing to an extent. Here she as doing the same. Omg!! She was on fire now!! The room felt like it was on fire. They all felt like they were burning. Everyone had their ears shut. It was on the verge of bleeding. Arjun was happy to see her like this. She was letting out her frustration. Her anguish. Though it was the wrong way, she just did it. She was breathing hard. Fear was seen too.

***** Telephonic conversation*******

“Niti Saral’s on the loose” clipped officer Mehta.

“What?! Joshi?!” she hissed “I knew this would happen” she spoke again.

“I just donno how it happened. So screwed up” he spoke.

“I can see that” she mocked.

“Niti help. Please” he pleaded.

“The f**k is wrong with you?” Niti screamed.

“Niti?” Mehta seemed shocked. This girl just used the f word on him.

“Yeah me you psycho” she burst out again.

“The f**k was your team doing huh?” she screamed as she banged her fist on the glass hard leading to a crack and a wound on her hand. She was never bothered about it. This shocked everyone.

She hissed again “you put up so much security for this? For nothing? I told you he was faking. You just never listened to me. It was me. f**king me who counselled him. So, I know. blo*dy don’t open your mouth” she screamed with her teeth gritted.

“Niti listen. I donno how this happened. My men are still unconscious. It’s been an hour and they’re not awake. I’m worried here and you’re cussing” he snapped as he raked his hand through his hair.

“What?! Unconscious? Give them medical aid as soon as possible. He has a good amount of knowledge on drugs. It’s not that difficult for him to get it as the guy in the opposite cell is a drug addict. Now go and hospitalise them. RIGHT NOW!!” she screamed at the last part.

He stuttered “Niti you woman, calm your hormones. You pmsing or what? Shit I’ve never seen you this impatient. I know I’ve done a mistake. I’m sorry. Please stop cussing now. Tell me a solution.”

When there was a long pause, Mehta feared.

“Woman open your mouth” it was his turn to shout now.

Niti scowled as she pulled her phone away. This guy was driving her insane now. The amount of problems she had wasn’t enough that God gave her another. First Arjun, then Neil and now this guy. Wow!

“Thanks” she mouthed in the air as she looked up the ceiling.

She banged her forehead and her blood smeared there “hell with you. I’m not pmsing. Me and a solution? Aren’t you the intelligence officer. The encounter specialist? Why don’t you think of something. You should have had a backup plan” she taunted.

Vaibhav pleaded “Nithika please. I’m not able to think of anything. I’m under so much pressure. The higher ups are drilling me. His reports show that he is mentally unstable. So, please understand. Please Niti, don’t ditch me now.”

“Ok ok. Fine I will. Relax Vaibhav” she said “it’s not a small thing. He will surely attack on them as he told me. He wants revenge from his family as they testified against him. Warn the Joshis and the Mishras. Tighten the security. He won’t attack soon as he knows we’ll warn the families. Don’t stay in uniform. For now we need to think of his hideout” she finished.

Vaibhav asked “do you about the people? Umm…. those four people whom he wants to avenge so badly that he’s been having sleepless nights. And he’d been asking for you. He went out of control not seeing you here.”

Nithika answered “I donno. It’s not four. It’s five. Try finding out and warn them too if possible. Don’t worry of the higher ups. I’ll take care. And of that idiot, it’s just his obsession. I told him not to expect me every time. That means he’d been planning for long.”

Vaibhav said “yeah. Thanks for your help Aren’t you scared?”

“I am a little scared” she confessed. She was sweating too.

Vaibhav said “I’ll go now. Please take care. Call me up if you get into trouble. I’ll send some arms if you want.”

“No no. That’s not needed” she retorted “yeah bye. You too take care” she finished and hung up on the phone.

****** End of telephonic conversation******

Everyone got worried hearing the word Joshi. And then the Mishras!! Which one? Was it the Mishras they were thinking? Everyone just brushed off the thought thinking it can’t be. But, they knew it was a sensitive matter. It made Niti so tensed.

“That Joshi!!” she hissed as she banged her fist again.

She froze the next moment. There were two reasons. One, everyone were watching her wide eyed. Second, she heard a crack. The table had a hole in the centre with her hand stuck in the middle.

“I’m so sorry” she apologised looking at the table as she pulled her hand out.

Piyali came to her and took her hand “sit down and Samrat get me a first aid box.”

Samrat nodded and left.

Piyali kneeled down, covering her bleeding hand with a kerchief and asked “why so much anger? Calm down. I know it’s hurting. Just don’t do this. Don’t worry about the table.”

“Ma’am it doesn’t hurt. I feel a bit better after cussing” she said casually.

Piyali scowled “how many times do I have to tell you? Call me aunty.”

“Ok ok. Anger doesn’t suit you at all aunty. Just keep smiling” she answered in the blink of an eye.

“The same with you too bete” Piyali said as she cupped her cheek.

Niti just rolled her eyes at it.

“Chutki I’m gonna kill you for this. Look at what you’ve done to yourself. Komal is not going to be happy with this” Arjun said concerned. He was angry too.

“Will you just shut the hell up? I don’t want your concern over here. And I’m fine. And don’t you dare take my sister’s name. Hearing it from your mouth makes it worse” she snapped at him.

This hurt him even more. He watched the blood drip down the white cloth that was stained red. She didn’t flinch even a bit. She just sat there counting the drops as the blood dripped. Samrat came back running with the box and handed it to Piyali. Piyali carefully took out the glass pieces that had pierced her tender skin. Niti sat there lifeless. She didn’t flinch. Not a single tear escaped her eye. Piyali winced and flinched as if she was hurt and looked up to Nithika to see if she was hurt. Seeing her state hurt her even more. Everyone just stared at it. Piyali cleaned the blood on her face too.

Piyali patted her once done “bete it’s done.”

“Thank you aunty” she said.

Niti made a call “Ashika get me a tetanus. Send it through Niranjan.”

The guy called Niranjan, who looked more like a ward boy arrived and gave her the injection and left. Niti injected herself and just kept pacing around.

Saral was on the loose. He was way more dangerous than she thought. That guy was a threat to almost everyone around. She had to do something. And the higher ups. She promised Vaibhav she’d manage. But, how? She kept pacing back and forth. Arjun on the whole, lost his cool. He pulled her and made her sit.

“Woman will you sit?” Arjun scowled.

She asked “Why you so concerned?”

“I don’t need your fake concern Mr. Mehra” she spoke again.

He asked shaking her hard by shoulders “why am I not the same Arjun to you? Tell me why.”

“You really don’t know?” her left eyebrow cocked up.

“Not sure” Arjun stuttered.

Omg!! The Arjun Mehra stuttered!! Good lord!! That just happened. The one stood proud like a lion with head held high with confidence was shaking.

She screamed “you don’t? Ok fine. Then get ready.”

Arjun gulped down looking at her feirce eyes.

She asked calm “Did you know that my sister loved you?”

Arjun couldn’t answer that question. He knew it and was guilty to not reciprocate those feelings. His silence annoyed her. He asked and she was now ready to answer all his questions. But they had some questions too which needed his answers.

She screamed “did you f**king know that my sister loved you to the infinities?!”

Good lord!! Now it was Arjun’s turn to hear her cussing. Omg!! Poor Arjun. Help the poor soul. This was what was running in everyone’s heads. Radhika feared the situation.

“Yes” he replied slowly. It was more like a whisper.

“Why didn’t you love her back? Ok fine… Why couldn’t you love her back?” she asked.

He replied “I… I just couldn’t.”

She screamed “but my sister did. Then why couldn’t you? Did you how much she regretted loving you? Do you know how much tears she shed for you? She showed herself to be strong. Every time she proved, she broke even more. You were not even worth her friendship. You were worth nothing of her” she was breathing hard.

She spoke again “she regretted it but, kept falling for you even more deep. Shs knew that you’d never love her back, still she loved you. She was just hurt. She cried all the way through. And was only me and Ria (Komal’s best friend and dorm mate… I’d have mentioned her in chapter 17) who knew it. She saved your life, just like how Radhika did. My sister gave you blood, but this girl risked her life. For a man like you. And you called her bad luck. Panoti. Ouch!!

You hurt her though she helped so much. You joined hands with Bonnie. To get this girl out. Out of your path. You wanted “To Destroy Bird Song.” To punish the innocent. Wow!!

My sister never let you know of her selfless love for you. She just wanted to be with you as a friend. Watching you always. She was your shadow. She never let any harm come your way. She could do anything to bring that one smile on your face. To see you happy.

Do you know what her last wish was? Do you know what it was?” she had gripped his collar. She was crying.

Arjun with his head hung low, nodded in negative. He was feeling so terrible now. Everyone there worried about Arjun more than Niti. This guy was going to have a hard time in bringing her back. Niti was just pouring it out. Eight years!! She’d kept in all her pain just for herself. In that tiny Little Heart.

She let go and spoke “how would you know? Why would you? Why should you? I’ll tell you. I, Nithika Rajput will tell you.

She wanted to see your face one last time. Before leaving. Before breathing her last. Though she was shot point blank. Just one glimpse. That was why she had her eyes towards the entrance. She breathed only for you. Waiting for you in all that pain. All she kept saying was “Arjun” and you… You were so much into that sick revenge of yours. She finally left only after seeing you. She had that smile on her face, even when left. With all the pain she had to take.

You were never happiness Mehra. You were darkness. You are and will forever be. You eat away everyone’s happiness. You took away my Sister. The only person I had to call as my own. The only reason I had to live.

Do you know how burdened I feel? I too am to be blamed. All the bad time started afer I entered that family. And my sister’s ultimate bad time started after you entered her life” she cried.

Long pause. Sobs. Deep breaths.

“Why couldn’t you come when she called you? Why couldn’t you? You knew she loved you. Why couldn’t you try giving a chance? Why? Why couldn’t you?” she broke down to the floor crying, beating her fists on the marble floor. Leading to the bleeding to start again.

Arjun couldn’t say anything. He had no answers to her questions. Yes, he was careless. He could have been there for her. Everyone were just standing there not knowing what to do. Her outburst was unexpected. But it was needed. To calm her down a little and to work harder on bring her old self back. But how did she know about Bonnie? And the Lonavla accident? How?

“How do you know about Bonnie? And the accident?” asked Arjun bewildered.

“Just like how you hired private detectives to find me” she replied.

“But they told they never found you” he said confused.

“Simple. I asked them not to” she said in between tears.

He asked “why?”

“Cause I hate you” she snapped.

He said “Now tell me how you knew it all.”

She said “I kept an eye on you since the moment you entered India. You got Bonnie’s background checking done. And she was in Bird Song as a designer. You used her. Lured her. But she risked her whole career for you. That was because she loved you. Do you really know the reason why she was ready to help you? She was Riya’s younger sister.”

This revelation left Arjun shocked. He knew Riya had a sister. But never thought it’d be Bonnie.

She spoke again “And then she fell for you. You just used her for all your dirty work. She helped you trying to ruin Radhika. But she got herself ruined. Black mark on her career. She kept quiet just because she loved you. Thinking you’d love her back. But no. You just told in her face you don’t love her.

And about Radhika. I got her checked too. A wonderful person. Passion for writing. But got engaged to a jerk. She came in between your path as she saw your true colours. She was always between you and Sam. You hurt her in all aspects. She tried bringing the true you out. Your fun loving, smiling and helping nature. She wanted to pull out that mask of yours. And wanted to reveal your motive too. She put her life at stake just to save you. That hospital in Lonavla is baapu’s. That’s how I knew.

She almost got herself ruined. Was abandoned by her family just because she married a monster like you. She put her self respect in the pit to save her friend whom she just knew for a month. She was framed as a b*t*h, sl*t. What not? Still she kept moving.

You hurt her even though you loved her. Just for Nandini. When you found out the truth, you believed. You all need proofs to trust. Wow!! This is just amazing. She left. You got her back. All drama in Cambridge. Her fake admission to unite you and your sister. Oh god!!” she finished in one go holding her head.

She finished pouring out and sighed. Tears still not stopping. She felt light. She just poured out everything. This was what was needed.

Her revelation left everyone shocked. She knew everything.

Radhika jumped “Now I got you” everyone stared at her.

“You’re the one who delivered to Riddhima di’s baby” she exclaimed.

Ankush said “that’s why you seemed so familiar.”

Niti replied “yeah it was me. Your sister had such a complicated delivery. Low bp. Internal bleeding. Chord around the baby’s neck. I was in Rishikesh at that time for a conference. I was immediately called and I rushed to treat your sister. We all feared that we’d loose her, she started to sink. Thank God it turned out to be fine. How’s the baby?”

“She’s fine. A handful” Ankush replied.

“Good to know” she clipped.

Neil came to her and pulled her up. He made her sit and changed the dressing again. He was doing it quietly. Didn’t utter a word. Niti kept staring at him.

“Don’t try these stunts again” Neil snapped as he got up to leave.

“I never asked for your concern” she counterattacked “I never asked you to. You nursed my hand. Who asked you to? So please” she raised her hand.

She got up and left the cabin. She went to her cabin and cried out loud. The whole office shook. She was happy in one way. Neil cared. He had a bit of soft corner for her. Arjun flinched at her loud cries. Sam ran out to her cabin and hugged her tight. Neil was just standing there not able to digest Niti’s words. Shs nver spoke back. Today she did. Samrat and Piyali sat down at the mess in the lives of their loved ones. Radhika was now clear that she had to use her backup plan to unite them. She’d surely be hurt, but it was needed.

Saral on the other hand managed to hide into a truck that was loaded with stinky dry fish. The officers at the check post couldn’t bare the smell, so was let go. The truck heading to Rishikesh.

He thought of how he’d escaped. He had good knowledge on drugs. Bribed his jail mate to get a drug that keeps you unconscious for hours and you hardly remember a thing that happened at that interval. He called one of the officers in and stuffed it in his nose and mouth. Others came running listening to the struggled voice. He did the same to them and ran. He released drug addict as it was a deal between them and ran off.

Saral came out if his thoughts and smiled at his tactics. Now no one could stop him. He had sworn revenge.

“I will finish you all” he said with his teeth gritted “Radhika Mehra, you’re gonna pay for all you’ve done” he spat.

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      Love you ??

  20. Shreeeeeeeeeeeee. .wowwww it’s superbbbbb n awesoooooome. …very interesting n outstanding. . Loved it to the coreeeee. …I’m speechless. words. ..just splendid. …muaaaaahhhhhh. .. ♡♡♡

    1. Shree

      Thank you so much Roma di!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

      Love you loads.. Tc .. Keep smiling .. Bear hug ??

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