Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 22- Niti’s resignation)


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Ankush walked into Bird Song smiling. His meeting with Niti gave him a different feeling. He couldn’t understand one thing. Who on earth would wanna make a pure soul like her cry?

He peeped into Radhika’s cabin. She was sitting in front of the computer with her hands filled with papers and she had an annoyed expression on her face. He tiptoed towards her and……

“Boooooo” he cooed in her ears, which startled her.

She turned around to see Ankush. She was so happy to see her brother after two and a half months. She squealed in happiness and jumped on him, clinging to his neck. Ankush too hugged his baby sister. Just then Arjun entered her cabin. He saw her hugging a guy. He couldn’t see as Ankush had his back to him. His jaw hardened and eyes red in anger. But he controlled it and went to see who it was. As they pulled away, he noticed the anonymous man to be Ankush. Greeting each other with a brotherly hug, they say down.

Radhika asked as she popped in the chocolates “what made you come here? Missed me so much?”

Ankush replied “job Choti. Quit business. I’ve attended interviews for law firms. Waiting for response. And yeah, I kinda missed you too.”

Radhika asked amazed “what did Papa say?”

He replied again “Papa let me choose this path of mine.”

Radhika beamed “you could have done this five years ago.”

Ankush only smiled.

Radhika asked “how’s Maa, Papa, Dada ji, di, jiju and our cutie pie?”

Ankush replied “all are fine. Pataka misses you a lot though. She’s really a handful.”

Radhika said “she is our princess. Bhai prepare now itself. It’ll be handy for future.”

Ankush asked “wanna see her picture?”

Radhika beamed “you bet.”

Arjun said “yes please.”

Ankush showed them baby Ahana’s pictures and both of just oohed and aahed. She was a handful. They laughed heartily at the videos that reflected her cuteness and innocence. She was running around like everywhere. She was cute. They could only see Riddhima screaming and running behind the little athlete. And baby Ahana would stick out her tongue and run.

Radhika said “I miss her like hell.”

Arjun spoke to make the situation light “we’ll visit soon. Smile baby.”

Ankush said “I too miss her. It’s the first time I’m leaving her. We’ll visit her soon Radhu.”

Ankush asked “Choti who was the girl that ran out the office all wet crying?”

Radhika replied “she’s the creative head. Nithika Rajput.”

Ankush wide eyed “you mean the Rajput princess?”

Arjun clipped “yes.”

Radhika asked “bhaiya why so concerned?” she teased too.

Ankush replied “nothing like that Radhika. I asked as I saw her running out crying bad. We clashed and she helped me with my file and went away.”

Arjun sighed when he heard that she was crying still. Why did Neil have to do such a thing? Why did he hate her so much? He promised to calm, but still. It was all Teji’s fault. She checked and asked him to correct. She shouldn’t have raised her voice though. He had no right to insult her in such a way.

“Oh” was all Radhika could say.

Ankush spoke again “Radhu I think I’ve seen Nithika somewhere. I just can’t remember. Do you too feel the same?”

Radhika replied “me too bhai. Even I’m not able to figure out. Those eyes are so similar.”

They both sat quietly thinking. But could figure out nothing. Just then he remembered about Bird Song wanting a legal advisor.

Ankush asked “will it be possible to get a job here? As a legal advisor or something?”

Arjun beamed “sure. We’re in need of one. Like really bad. Get me your CV.”

Ankush said handing over the CV “that girl too saw my CV and suggested me to try here.”

Arjun said as he went through “she has a name. Impressive. You’ve got good records.”

Ankush replied “okay. Thank you.”

Arjun said “go to Piyali and have a word. All the best. You’ll get the job for sure.”

Ankush asked “like now?”

Arjun chuckled at his nervousness “yeah now.”

Radhika encouraged “bhai you can do it. All the best.”

“Thanks” he replied as he got up and moved to the door.

Niti came back after a while. She stormed into her cabin and sat heavily breathing. She quickly turned on her PC and started to type her resignation letter. All the while tears kept pouring out. Her brother hated her. From the core of his heart. Even when she entered the office, everyone laughed at her. Arjun who was passing by saw her still in tears typing fast through the blades. Her nose was red from all the friction between the skin and the tissue. She was fair in complexion, so it was natural to have a red nose when she cried. He knew what it was. He knew what she was typing. No!! She was not doing it!! She just can’t!! Was he dreaming?! No!! She was typing her god damn RESIGNATION!! His body tensed up. He wanted to stop her. But how?

“Neil” he cursed under his breath.

He walked away muttering even more curses. Sam who saw Arjun walking in anger, all cursing didn’t understand. Sam rushed towards Nithika’s cabin and stormed in. She froze at her state. Her eyes, nose and cheeks red from all the crying. A pile of used crumbled tissues that sat on the table. She saw her typing something on the computer. She was super fast in typing. Man those are some fingers. Niti kept scowling as a stray kept falling over face that covered her eyes, which had spectacles sitting on her nose. She still was wet. Her hair sticking to her. She was sitting in the AC room with the lowest temperature. She was going to fall sick for sure. Now it was Sam’s turn to scowl. Both the brother and sister were dumbos for sure.

Sam walked to her and saw what she was typing. She felt like she was going to have a pass out. She was typing her resignation.

(Shock pe shock… Neil will be happy)

Sam pleaded “gudiya please stop. Don’t do this. I apologise on his behalf.”

Niti looked at her and replied after blowing her nose “Sam.. I mean bhabi, it’s not about his way of treating me. He hates me. He hates my presence. I’ve tried giving him all hints that I’m his Niti. His gudiya. He just doesn’t budge. He judges me just by the way I see Arjun. That is between the two of us. Why is he so mad at it? And you expect me to stay even after all this?”

Fresh tears started to flow. She was not wrong. She did try. The idiot never noticed.

Sam thought “what will he do when he finds out? How is going to face her? I need to do something.”

Sam wiped her tears and said “try harder or let him find out himself. But, pease stay. Don’t leave.”

She snapped “no bhabi I’m not.”

Sam pouted “call me Sam. You make me feel so old.”

Niti chuckled a little through her tears and said “ok Sam. Sorry for making you feel old.”

Sam replied “that’s alright. Please don’t go. Stop typing” catching her hands.

Niti said pulling her hands away “I’m sorry Sam. I have to go. Take care of Neil. He is my everything. And mom. How is she? Please take care of her too. I wish I could see her once before leaving.

I hope Neil never finds out my truth. Apologise to Arjun bhai from my side too. I’ve insulted and been so rude to him. I’m sorry for everything. To everyone. Teji, the poor soul. I shouldn’t have done that. Convey my love to Radhika too.”

Sam asked annoyed “are you dying? You’re acting as if you’re giving your last speech. And yeah, mom is all good.”

Niti said “good to know mom is fine. I just wish to have a glimpse of her. Sam I know you’re trying to stop me. It’s just not going to work. So, please let me finish.”

Sam just sat back watching helplessly as Niti typed her resignation. Sam all the while kept cursing Neil. Arjun’s anger was right. Niti finished typing and sent a copy to Piyali, Samrat, Arjun and Neil. Everyone’s mails just blinked as a new mail arrived. Samrat was shocked as he saw Niti’s resignation. As far as he had heard about her, she was a strong person and never backed out. So much background check he had done on her.

Piyali was busy with Ankush in the interview. So, she didn’t see the mail. Radhika on the other side was so excited thinking of Ankush joining, though he hadn’t. She was thinking of how they’d be spending time together and she finding a girl for him. Arjun literally went psych seeing her resignation. He was in Radhika’s cabin. He didn’t want to disturb her, and let her be in her bubble. He found her only two months ago. She was leaving. She wasn’t this coward type of person. She faced whatever that came by her. There was something she was hiding. She wouldn’t leave the company just because of Neil’s ridiculous behaviour.

Niti took a printout of her letter and signed it. Her slender fingers glided on the paper as she signed it. The atmosphere felt royal. She was proud of herself. She had zero regrets. Anything for her brother. If her resignation made him happy, so let it be. Her happiness mattered to him. Sam pulled her hair like some lunatic. She didn’t know what to do. She remembered how Radhika had decided to resign because of her. She managed to stop that time. Now it was different. She was able to stop. Had all the means and possibilities to do it. But she couldn’t. Se felt guilty just like when Radhika had left. No it was more. She felt burdened again. She knew the pain. The pain of staying without a sibling. A big brother. She felt helpless as she had no solution of uniting the stubborn hard headed siblings.

Neil on the other was was happy that she was going to be out of their lives. For good. But on one side, his heart twisted in unbearable pain. He didn’t know why. It just hurt like hell. He ignored it as it was time to celebrate.

He to himself “finally you’re leaving. The so called Nithika Rajput lost. Hahahahaha. Omg!! It just feels so amazing!!”

Niti left her cabin with the letter. She had no tears. She was doing it for someone’s happiness. So, she didn’t feel bad at all. She had a small smile on her face as she walked to Piyali’s cabin. Arjun and Sam came running to stop her. Niti looked at Arjun and just turned away. Radhika who had read the letter after seeing Arjun run too came out trying to stop.

Zubin said “finally she’s leaving. Rakshasi is leaving!!” heaving a sigh of relief.

Kritika agreed “so true Zubin. We zn alm be in peace now. Boss will be in peace more than us. His only goal was to kick her out. And he succeeded. He’s surely going to throw a party.”

Teji went to Niti and requested “ma’am please don’t leave. Just because of boss’s behaviour? Please don’t. It was my mistake. Please stay.”

Niti smiled a little and said “it’s not that Teji. I’m sorry I screamed at you. Someone’s happiness lies in my resignation. Anything for them” and walked into the cabin after knocking.

Teji thought “she’s just like Arjun sir. Masking herself. She’s such a nice person. She resigned just for boss. Something is very wrong. Why is she so concerned for him, though he insults her so much?”

As she entered, she saw Ankush and Piyali exchange pleasantries. She just stood there watching the both of them. Piyali smiled as she saw her, but dropped instantly as she saw her state. Samrat cane running into the cabin. Piyali grew suspicious seeing a paper in her hand. Ankush turned around and saw her. His face beamed and gave a huge smile. She just nodded at him.

Piyali completed “congratulations Ankush. Welcome to Bird Song!! We look forward to working with you. Don’t dissapoint me.”

Ankush said “thank you ma’am. I’ll never disappoint you.”

Samrat chuckled “Ankush from since when the formalities? You can call us uncle and aunty.”

Ankush smiled “okay. I need to thank her. She’s the one who gave me the idea of trying for Bird Song. Thank you so much Nithika.”

She replied “you’re most welcome. And it’s Ms. Rajput.”

She spoke again “ma’am this is my resignation. I hope you sign this and accept it.”

Both Piyali and Samrat tensed up. Ankush too was shocked. All were at loss of words. All their mouths opened and closed like fishes.

Piyali blurted out finally “why bete?”

She replied “I just lost the interest to work here. And yes, a lot of people will be happy with me leaving this place.”

They all knew what she meant. The only person who didn’t want her here. NEIL.

Ankush frowned “it takes a lot of strength to come upto this point. All alone. And you’ve made it. You shouldn’t be leaving just because of se stupid who was jealous of you just because he/ she couldn’t reach your height of success. Don’t spoil your dreams for them.”

She replied “well thanks. But I’m leaving.”

Piyali said “I’m not letting you leave.”

Nithika said “you know I can sue you for this.”

Just then Arjun entered and snatched her resignation letter from her and tore it into pieces and threw it at her face.

Arjun hissed “I’m not letting you leave. Don’t care even if you sue this company. And you can’t. You’re under a three year contract. If you break it you’ll have to pay 75 crores.”

She clipped “I’m ready to pay for it. I’ve got my hard earned money.”

Piyali smiled “Arjun not just contact. She’s a permanent employee here. I git her signatures on it. She can’t leave even if she tries.”

Niti was shocked “what?!” she asked sti not out of the shock.

Piyali replied cupping her face “yes bete. You’re just like my kid to me. I hust love you and can’t afford to lose you. You’re a wonderful person. Don’t leave. Please” through tears.

Nithika couldn’t say anything. She just burst into tears hugging her. She had longed for this for the past eight years. A motherly hug, soothing words. Piyali hugged her back caressing her long silky black hair. Sam and Radhika heaved a sigh of relief. Neil who saw this was furious. But one corner of his heart wanted her back. He too smiled a little. Arjun came to her and patted her head. He smiled, brushed her tears away and planted a small kiss on her forehead. She knew it held a lot of emotions. She broke the hug and looked at all of them. Everyone’s eyes pleading her to stay. So, it was all a waste? Typing the resignation letter. Her emotional talks. Everything.

She said letting out a sigh “okay. I’ll stay.”

All of them smiled. It felt so good to hear those words. Just then, Niti’s phone rang. Shd looked at the number and her body stiffened immediately.

“Hey Mehta” she spoke a little cheerfully.

She carefully listened to the words the so called Mehta was saying. Her eyes widened. Shock written all over her face.

“What?!” with a shocked expression on her face.”

“I knew this would happen” she spoke after composing herself.

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