Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 21- Hot Head and Chill Pill)

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Arjun came back to his cabin all angry. He couldn’t understand why Neil hated her so much. She was in pain. She was right from her point of view. The situation was like that. She was not to be blamed at all. Arjun knew the pain. The pain of losing loved ones. She was separated from her real family. And the ones who gave her immense love, though they had no ties had faced the worst of death. She hated him. For not being by her sister’s side. For ignoring her repeated calls. He should have been more sensible. Should have sensed something. But no. He was so stuck to his plan of revenge, that he lost two best friends. Komal and Nithika. He lost Komal forever. Niti hated him. All he had was her now. As a friend. A good old friend. A friend who could make you smile no matter how low you were. Her appearance would make a person forget all the sorrows he had.

He found her after eight years. No no. She herself showed up. He wasn’t going to let go of her now. He has to bear him for lifetime. She has to smile again. Bring back her old self. And here was this idiot Neil. The perfect name Sam had kept for him. He wanted to thank Sam for it. He wanted to kick her out just because she hated him. Where’s the logic? She’s was here on the purpose of business. To work. Not to take revenge. If she wanted to do so, she’d have done it long ago.

Neil had been calling him right from the moment he had stormed out of Nithika’s cabin. Neil then patted his shoulder, breaking his thoughts. Arjun saw him and jerked his hand off his shoulder, which left Neil confused. Radhika and Sam too reached.

Neil asked “dude why are you angry on me?”

He asked “why did you talk to Niti like that?”

Neil said “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

He said “Neil she hates me. Not you. So stop.”

Neil said “she needs to learn that it was an accident. You’re not to be blamed.”

He asked “so kicking her out of Bird Song is the right thing?”

Neil said “she needs to learn.”

He said “that I will decide.”

Neil asked “why Arjun? Why are you giving so much importance to her?”

He asked “why do you hate her so much?”

Neil said “shs needs to learn. There are some etiquettes to behave Arjun. She is so rude. The way she behaves with you. I cannot stand it.”

He said letting out a sigh “Neil she is broken. She needs someone. After Komal’s death if her grandpa would have accepted her, she wouldn’t have been in this state. She was left all alone. She didn’t know whom to trust and what to do. She appears strong. But isn’t. I know her well. She’s the one who thought me to see the fun side of life Neil. After Nandu left, all I knew was to seek revenge. Revenge for hurting my Nandu. After going to London, I and Nitin used to have a little fun. He was upset as his mom had left him. Then came Komal. We had fun. This girl, my chutki was one energy packet. So full of life. Even after so much of struggle, she managed to smile and make others smile and laugh. I could have saved Komal. Niti would at least have someone by her side today.”

Neil was pissed. Blaming himself again. What happened was destiny. No one could change that. Both Nithika and Arjun had to understand this. It was useless talking to Nithika (according to Neil), as she’d never listen. But Arjun. He had to understand. He could talk to only him. Radhika and Sam kept watching them. They knew it is important. Neil had to calm his nerves. He was being so rude to her. Sam didn’t like it. Neil would never do that to his gudiya. But he was. He didn’t know it was her. Why couldn’t he just see things? It made Sam go mad. This guy was unpredictable at times. He wanted to throw his own sister out of the company. She too happily accepted the challenge. Impossible!!

Neil scowled and said “stop blaming yourself!!”

He said “ok. If I do, will I be able to get Nithika back? She hates me because I ignored Komal’s repeated calls. Neil I’m explaining. Not blaming myself, listen and then talk. I should have sensed something wrong. Komal loved me Neil. Loved me to the infinities. But I couldn’t reciprocate that. I knew it and I didn’t let her know that I knew that she loves me. I heard her talking. If I’m alive, it’s only because of her. She donated three bottles of blood and saved my life. And here, I couldn’t even help. Couldn’t even check on her.

Neil Niti was kidnapped when she was 12. Lost her foster parents when she was 15. Lost Komal when she was 18. In a short span of time she faced a lot. Her grandpa too abandoned her. Just because she didn’t have the royal blood, the Rajput blood running down her veins. She lost herself completely. Komal was her everything. She was the only thing she had. That’s when she built walls around herself. Tuned out that chatterbox nature of hers. No smiling. It hurts to see her like that Neil. She deserves to be happy. Just like us all. When a person like me can get a second chance in life and be happy, why can’t she?”

Neil said “I have nothing to say.”

He said “Neil she rules the advertising industry. You can’t do anything to her. She’s made her mark here. She’s won the Best Copywriter Award thrice. Which no one has ever done. She can do wonders. Has magic in her hands. Whatever she does, ends up to be the perfect thing. She’s so pure and innocent. I knew there’s this girl from Chennai who bagged the award thrice, never knew it was her. Never played heed to know the name. I was in London at that time. All knew was I had to execute my plan. Oh! Now I get it!! Why Rana kept bugging me every time the award function was being held. He had found Niti. Loser me. I want you to get this thing encrypted in your skull Neil. Niti is not going anywhere. I won’t let her slip away this time. I will make her smile and win her trust again. I will get it done. By hook or crook .”

Neil sighed. He had no other go. Hell he was taking her side. For him, he had to shut his mouth. Can’t do anything. He lost before even it started. It’s k. She was a kid. Who needed some grooming lessons. She hated him and here he is defending her. Wow!! Amazing!!

Neil said “ok fine. I won’t do anything.Happy?”

Arjun said “thank you so much Neil. Now I need your help.”

Neil asked “my help? For what?”

Arjun said smiling “to make chutki smile.”

Neil cocked up his left eyebrow “you think I’ll do that? No way!!”

Arjun looked towards Sam and Radhika and asked them to come in.

Sam said “Arjun I’ll help you in making her smile.”

Neil cocked up an eyebrow at Sam. She just rolled her eyes at him. What the hell?! Now she was taking her side!! His wife let him go! What was happening? This made Neil feel light headed.

Arjun smiled and said “thank you Sam.”

Radhika said “count me in.”

Arjun chuckled “you’d have to even if you aren’t interested.”

Neil said “I’m left with no choice.”

They left the cabin thinking if what can be done to make her laugh. Radhika had a backup plan in her mind. She was not ready to reveal it. She wanted to do it if Plan B was a fail. Anyways she was going to do it. This was a very good opportunity in her career too. She smirked at the thought. Arjun saw this and knew that she was up to something. He didn’t want to ask her. As she herself would come and tell him. They went to the cafeteria and ordered coffee for themselves. Just when Arjun went to the counter to pick the order, he saw Niti there. She was ordering some for herself. He went closer to hear.

Niti with a poker face “bhaiya one black coffee. Strong. Sugarless.

The guy in the store have her a “are you straight?” look.

He asked “aur kuch madam?”

She said “haan. One cheese sandwich too.”

Arjun heard this and his face dropped. She hated coffee. That too black coffee. And sandwiches!! She hated the sight of it. She would have her nose scrunched up and nod her head vigorously. She used to keep cursing the guy who bought sandwiches to the world and marked them as a signature dish. That too a staple dish. Arjun would always laugh at it. Komal loved coffee and sandwiches. But not black coffee. Her coffee had to be sweet. He brushed off the thoughts and saw her. She was totally the opposite now. She had changed herself so much that she had put herself to like the things she hated and put away the things that made her the perfect person. She payed for the order, picked up her tray loaded with food and coffee and left. She didn’t even look at him once. He took his order and went to their table. The three of them had seen him observing her. Arjun sat down and they all started to eat.

Radhika kept observing Nithika. Nithika was sitting at the window, staring outside as she kept sipping her coffee. Her face flinched when she took the first sip. Nithika then let out a deep breath and started to sip again. She put down her coffee and started munching on her sandwich. Anyone could tell that she hated it, but she ate it. She put down her sandwich and stared at both the coffee and the sandwich in front of her. Her eyes filled with tears. She cried silently for a few minutes and then wiped her tears, making sure not to smudge her eyeliner and mascara and not to spoil her minimal make up. She finished her sandwich and started write something. She kept looking up the ceiling, then outside and back to her dairy.

Radhika went to her and said “you can join us. Why sitting alone?”

Nithika said “thank you so much for calling. But I’m fine thank you. You wanna sit? You don’t seem to be alright.”

Radhika said “I’m alright. But you don’t seem to be.”

Nithika said “I’m fine.”

Radhika said “Ok I’ll make a move. Bye.”

Nithika said “bye.”

Radhika went back and sat down. Nithika started to write again. She then closed her book and gulped down the coffee and walked away without giving a glance to the four of them. Neil just rolled his eyes. Sam was helpless. She wanted to tell that she as Nithika Malhotra. But how? Will they believe her? Radhika made up her mind for the backup plan. Arjun kept thinking of how to make her laugh.

As they all came back, they went to their respective cabins. But Neil didn’t. He went to Niti’s cabin. He saw her working on her laptop. She was cute. She was so engrossed in her work that she didn’t see Neil standing in front of her. He smiled at the sight infront of him. She had her pen in her mouth, her long straight hair in a messy bun that was supported by a pen. Stray hairs covering her eyes. Still she was busy typing. He smiled at it and went to her side. He took the pen out of her mouth and brushed her hair away and tucked it behind her ear. Niti watched him with a shocked expression. Neil smiled and cupped her face, looking down at her. He ruffled her hair a little, pulled her cheeks, slightly pinched her nose and left, leaving a dumbstruck Niti behind. Sam saw this and smiled. She thought that Neil was going to scold her as he was very angry. But what happened was the opposite. She wondered if Neil was in his senses. Anyways she was happy.

Meanwhile in Arjun’s cabin, Radhika was standing facing the large glass window that have perfect view of the city. She let out a sigh as she watched out the window. The busy traffic, greenery here and there. The sun shone bright, spreading it’s warmth and positivity to every nook and corner.

Arjun came in and saw her standing there. She stood there if she was either tensed or stressed. It was both. And he knew it. Nandini was not well. Due to her negligence, she was being given extra dozes and was asked not to step out of home. Tensed cause of him. His and Niti’s drama. She was by his side always. With all these thoughts in mind, he went towards and pressed his thumbs at her lower back. It was one new discovery of his. It calmed her instantly as her tense muscles loosened and she relaxed pushing herself in to his chest. He kissed the top of her head and wrapped his arms around her waist. She let out a relaxed sigh. She let out another sigh as he buried his face in her neck and breathed a kiss there. She turned around and looped her arms around his neck, going and tip toes and pecked his lips. She had her face buried deep in his chest. That very place which belonges only to her and gave her the most secure feeling in the world.

She mumbled against his chest “will everything be alright? Will you get your chutki back and Neil, his gudiya?”

Arjun spoke as he lovingly stroked her hair “it will be alright Radhika. Now relax.”

She said “I am all relaxed when I have you.”

Sam hopped on to Neil’s lap. She seemed to be too happy. She was. He ws being nice to Niti for the first time. Neil pulled her closer and adjusted himself so that Sam could make herself even more comfortable. She relaxed into his chest, looping her arms around his waist and placed a kiss on his lightly exposed chest. He kissed the top of her head and chuckled. Both of them closed their eyes, cuddling each other.

Days passed. Ankush attended several job interviews at some of the top law firms in Mumbai. They were impressed with his talent. But he had to wait for the results. He attended one of the interviews close to Bird Song. He decided to surprise Radhika. He got her a box of her favourite assorted chocolates and headed towards Bird Song with a smile.

Meanwhile at Bird Song, Niti was furious. She threw all her anger on Teji, who stood opposite to her with head hing low.

She screamed flailing the file in her hand “is this the way you present a file? Did you look at this? This piece of shit. Did you even check it once?!”

Teji mumbled “sorry ma’am.”

She screamed “what sorry? This is atrocious Teji. You’re one of the most trusted workers. How can you do this? This file is full of mistakes. You expect me to sign this?”

Neil who was passing by, saw this. He saw Teji standing with his head hung low and Niti screwing him up. He rushed in.

Neil bit out “Teji!! Out now!!”

Teji stammered “b-but …. B-bb-boosss…”

Neil bit out again “I said out now!!”

This made Niti flinch. She had never seen Neil like this. He would never get angry. He was this who always took things in a a calm way and solved them with ease. She gulped down in fear as she watched her furious brother’s actions. Once Teji was out, Neil turned to her with his eyes red if anger. She was sure that it was going to be her last here. He was the future owner of Bird Song.

He bit out “what is wrong with you? You have this problem of throwing tantrums. You seem to be throwing your frustration on innocent people.”

She said “look at the file. You’ll get to know.”

Neil took the file from her and saw it. Damn. It was full of mistakes. How did Teji go so careless? That doesn’t mean that she could scream at the poor lad.

He bit out “That doesn’t mean you scream at him.”

She snapped “so you expect me to sign the files that have no meaning? Want me to show this as records?” pointing to the file Neil was holding.

Neil ket out a sigh. She was right. But was wrong at the same time. She could have been a bit more nice. Instead she used her voice. Sam and the others are too gathered to see what the commotion was. Their jaws dropped at the sight.

He bit out again, pointing a finger at her “you have no rights to raise your voice. That too to my friend.”

She just gave him a “hell with you” look.

Neil snapped “you know what? You need to really calm your nerves. I have the best solution for it.”

Neil took a glass of water from her table and walked towards her. He stood a feet away from her and in a flash… he emptied the glass on her face. She wasn’t dreaming alright. Her brother had thrown a glass of water at her face. Zubin and Kritika laughed their lungs out enjoying the sight, while the other three were giving them dangerous looks. They stopped laughing. Nithika was so upset. She never expected this from him. So much hatred.

He bit out “your problem is with Arjun. Keep it with him. Don’t show it on others. And you know what? I hate to even look at your face. You’re such a horrible heartless person. It’s a shame to even know your name.”

Niti couldn’t take it. He hated her so much!! Her own brother!! Wait what?! Horrible? Heartless? Tears started to well up her eyes. His eyes showed hatred and disgust for her. Sam balled her fists in anger. Arjun and Radhika left in shock. Niti left the cabin in tears. Neil watched her leave. Niti kept walking fast. She started to sneeze. Her tears failed to stop. She stopped as a voice from behind stopped her. She stood dead in her tracks at the way she was addressed.

Sam called out “gudiya!!”

She turned around to see Sam. She was shocked to see how she knew the truth.

She said “Sam please go away.”

Sam said “I’ll not let him hurt you.”

She said “thanks big sister. No sister in law.”

Sam asked “why don’t you tel him?”

She said “it’s k Sam” and pulled her into a hug.

Neil saw the both of them hugging and fumed. His wife was with the person whom he hated the most. Niti broke the hug and ran out, still in tears. As she was at the entrance, she crashed on to someone. She saw Ankush. He held on to her safely in his arms, saving her from a fall and kept watching her beautiful grey eyes. He didn’t care of his file being scattered on the concrete below their feet. He just stared at her pink luscious lips.

Niti spoke “hello mister. Eyes are up here.”

Ankush looked into her eyes. Niti pushed him off.

Both of them together “sorry.”

Again together “it’s k.”

Niti’s cheeks turned pink, which left Ankush smiling. She was beautiful!! Omg!! The best creation on earth after his mother and sisters. He voice broke his thoughts.

She stammered “y-your f-file.”

They bent down and picked up the papers. Niti saw his marks and resume. She was impressed.

She asked “you here for an interview?”

He said “no. I came to meet my sister.”

She asked”your sister?”

He said “yeah. Radhika Mehra.”

She said “oh k. Wow!! Wait a second?! You’re her brother?! Arjun’s brother in law?!”

He chuckled “well yes.”

She said “I can help you in job. I am talk to my friends in Bangalore and Chennai. You can try Bird Song too. As a legal advisor. We are in need of one.”

He said “I’ll see. Thanks a lot.”

She said “pass me a copy and get on with it.”

He handed her a copy and kept staring at her. She was breathtaking.

She bit out “I think it’s enough. You’ve checked me out enough.”

Ankush asked “huh?”

She snapped “I said stop checking me out.”

He asked “may I know your name?”

She snapped “none of your concern and walked away.”

He smiled as he watched her walk away. She was one hell of a sort. She never had a glint of humor in her eyes in all the twenty minutes they spent. Not even a smile. Her eyes puffy and red. Her hair!! Omg!! The best thing that defined her. Seems like she’d been crying. Ankush kept watching until her fragile form disappeared.

He said to himself “maa I think I found your bahu. Miss Hot Head I think you need a Chill Pill.”

He brushed the thoughts away and walking in to the office with a huge smile on his face. The excitement in surprising his sister also took on him.

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Up next: Chapter 22

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    hey shree hi. I was actually a silent reader bt finally I decided to comment. I thought I had commented on the day u posted tis epi bt I was wrng. so srry fr commenting late. amaxing ff I tell u. urs is really fabulous. and belated bday wishes dear. may you have a grt year ahead and may you keep posting wonderful ffs like tis. r u writing anyother ff? if so pl tell the name of it. I wll read tat also

    1. Shree

      Hey there!! Thank you so much for commenting!! It’s k… Thanks again .. I’m writing Mate-A werewolf love story… Based on ardhika… I’ve just started it… Only posted the prologue .. Will post the next part soon…

      Love you ??

  25. Fanficoholic

    Love u too di???

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