Manmarziyan- A new story (Chapter 2….Radhika’s hidden motive-Part 2)


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Radhika was smiling looking out of the window. Just then her mom came. She stopped watching her daughter smile. A smile crept onto her face too, after so long she saw her daughter smile.

She then called out “choti..”
Radhika turned around and smiled at her. She too smiled back.

Radhika asked “maa? You here? You could have called me, I would have come down.”

She said “no beta, I wanted to tell you something. It’s important.”

Radhika just stared at her. She then shook her shoulders and ssked “what is it maa? Is there something which is bothering you? You can tell me.”

Her mom hesitated. Radhika just couldn’t stand it. Then her mom burst out laughing. Radhika looked on confused.

Her mom then stopped laughing and said “Riddhima’s here. You’re jiju left her here as he’ll be out for two weeks. And guess what she’s due in two days.”

Radhika couldn’t believe it. She said “di’s here?! Ghosh maa you just scared me. I thought something had happened.” She gave a sigh of relief.

She was overjoyed and walked out of the room. She stopped at the door and said “maa for this you came up? You could have called me, I would have come.”

Her mom told “but beta…”
She said “I know. I get it. You wanted to surprise me”, she gave a smile and walked out and went to the hall.

Radhika came down and was overwhelmed to see her sister. Riddhima was sitting on the sofa with Dada ji. Both of them were overjoyed to see each other. They hugged each other, tears rolled down as they were too happy.

Mala came to the hall and smiled looking at both of them. Dada ji too smiled. He had tears, his choti smiled after so long.

Radhika said “omg di just look at your foot !! Swollen like as if it’s a pillow. You first sit down.”

Riddhima sat down. She looking down at Radhika who sat down to massage her foor and asked “why did you do this choti? You should have gone back with Arjun. Now don’t look at me thinking how I know everything. Ankush told me everything.”

Radhika still massaging her foot, looked upto her and replied patiently with a smile “di if I would have left with Arjun sir then I would have to come back after two days to meet you and your baby. Think about it, how much of travel. See I saved energy. Now I can spend time with you. I will talk to jiju later. How can he leave you like this?”

Riddhima said “you have an answer for everything no choti?” and smiled. Radhika too smiled back.

After a few minutes Riddhima screamed loudly ” aaaah … Aaaaah”.

Everyone were shocked. Dada ji and Radhika got shocked. They just couldn’t react. Mala came running out of the kitchen. Ankush too came down running from his room hearing her scream.

Dada ji asked “what happened beta? What happened?”

Riddhima managed to catch a few breaths and talk “Dada ji you’re going to be a great grandpa.”

Everyone were happy and shocked at the same time.

Ankush told “I’ll go get the car” and ran out.

Radhika called up her jiju and told him everything. He told that he’d be back right away. She informed even Riddhima’s in laws.

Mala called Dilip and told him to come right away. He told that he’d come directly to the hospital and asked them to take care.

Mala and Radhika came back at the same while Dada ji sat next to Riddhima trying to pacify her. Ankush then came and helped her to the car.

……. At the hospital ………

Everyone were tensed outside the room as it was already more than half an hour and they could just hear Riddhima screaming. Riddhima’s husband had arrived with his parents. Dilip too had arrived.

Mala sat with folded hands praying to God. Dilip was sitting next to her. Radhika stood biting her nalis next to Dada ji who was seated praying. Ankush just stood there looking the door waiting for the doctor to come out and tell the good news.

Mala said “I just donno what’s happening. Hope everything’s alright.”

Dilip said placing his hand on her shoulder “everything will be fine.”

Just as they finished their conversation, it fell silent. Riddhima’s scream stopped. They were even more tensed now. After a few seconds they heard a baby’s cry.

They were overjoyed. Everyone hugged congratulating each other.

The doctor came out and said “congratulations it’s a baby girl. Both the mom and child are healthy. There’s nothing to worry about.”

Everyone were happy. Riddhima’s mother in law said “I always wanted a granddaughter as I have two sons.”

Her husband asked “can we go meet them?”

The doctor said “yes you can. But make sure you don’t make too much noise.”

They all agreed and went in. Radhika didn’t go in. She went to the other side making a call.

She was calling Arjun. She prayed for him to pick the call.

On the other side Arjun was overwhelmed to see her call. It was the second time she called him.

He picked up the phone and said “hello”.
She said ” Arjun sir I’m so happy today!!”
He said “please call me Arjun.”
She first hesitated and then said “OK Arjun”.

He was so happy to hear her voice. She sounded all cheerful. He was even more happy. The reason: she called him Arjun.

He asked “what’s the occasion?”
She said “it’s no occasion. But I have good news. You’ve become a mausa.”

He said “what?!”

She said “Riddhima di’s delivered to a baby. A baby girl. I’m her masi, then it’s obvious that you’re her mausa as you’re my husband.”

He was so happy. He said to himself “thank you so much baby. It’s because of you I get to see my Radhika again. And I get to meet you too, that’s the most important thing.”

Radhika’s voice broke his thoughts.
She asked “hello? You there?”
He said “yeah. I’m coming tomorrow. I’ll bring Neil and Sam along.”

Radhika said “there’s no need for all of that.”

He said “I’m not coming for you, I’m coming to see the baby. No one can stop me from meeting her. Not even you.”

She let out a deep sigh and said “OK fine.”

Next what she did shocked him. She started crying. He could hear it. He just couldn’t bear it.

“Oh how she lost her chirpiness in just a second” he thought.

He then spoke “Radhika.. Radhika why are you crying? Tell me. Radhika speak to me.”

She spoke crying “I’m sorry. I hurt you.”

He now understood that she was hiding something. He now understood that she too wanted to be with him, but something stopped her. He felt happy that she poured her heart out.

Before he could speak she hung up the phone.

She wiped her tears and walked towards the room. She felt relaxed after talking to him.

On the other side Arjun called nesam and gave tgem the good news. They too were overwhelmed. They agreed to go to Rishikesh along with him.

Radhika entered the room and saw everyone playing with the baby. She gave out a smile.

Dada ji who was seated on a stool next to Riddhima said “today I’m a proud great grandpa of this beautiful little princess.” He stood up and started to dance.

Dilip stopped him and said “no papa, you need to stop. This much excitement is not good for you. It can take toll on your health.”

Dada ji said “are Dilip, half of my illness is gone cause of this little girl. So no one can stop me today.” He started dancing again.

Radhika then said “you’re right Dada ji. But its enough for now. We need to dance for many other occasions too. So to dance again you need energy. So save some, you’ll be needing a lot of it.”

Dada ji smiled in agreement and sat back on the stool.

Dilip asked “choti only you can control him. How do you do it beta ?”

She said “cause I’m his granddaughter” and smiled.

Everyone laughed .

Riddhima then called her “choti.. Come meet my daughter,your neice.”

Radhika went to her dad who had the baby and took her in her arms and cuddled her.

Radhika said “hi baby !! Welcome to our family!! I’m Radhika, Radhika masi. You can call me Radhu or whatever you want” and kissed her forehead gently.

Riddhima said “how can that be? You’re her masi and elder to her. She will call you masi only.”

Radhika said “no di.. She’s my daughter too. My everything. We’re now best friends. She will call me by name only. I’m OK with masi, but it would be good if she calls me Radhu” and smiled looking at the baby who was sleeping peacefully in her arms.

Riddhima said “but…”
Her husband came to her and said “let them be.”

Riddhima let out a deep sigh and said “you both do whatever you want” indicating to Radhika and her daughter.

Radhika went to the cradle and put her in. The baby started crying the moment she put her in. Radhika immediately picked her up and she stopped crying. Radhika rocked her in her arms for a while and put her back into the cradle.
Everyone smiled at the bond that had formed between them.

Riddhima said “you both are going to be one big dhamaka. What have you done to my daughter choti?”

Dada ji said “see that is my choti. Wherever she goes she spreads happiness. ”

Saral’s parents (Riddhima’s in laws) came to Radhika and indicated her to come out.

She went out along with them.
Both of them stood in front of her with folded hands. Radhika just looked at them.

Saral’s mom spoke “forgive us beta. Forgive us for what our son has done.”

Radhika put their hands down and said “uncle,aunty why are you asking for forgiveness when you haven’t done anything? It’s Saral who has to apologize.”

They smiled and blessed her for all happiness in life and left from there. Radhika went back into the room.

The doctor came and checked Riddhima. She said “Riddhima can be discharged after two days. Any one of you can stay in the night. Oh I forgot, its time for you all to leave as visitor’s time is over.”

Radhika said “I’ll stay.”
Mala asked her to take care and they all left.

Radhika stayed up all night looking after the baby while Riddhima slept. She got up a few times to nurse her.

In the morning Mala arrived with clothes and tiffin for both Riddhima and Radhika. She saw Radhika sleeping by Riddhima’s side and woke her up. She found out that Radhika hadn’t slept well as she looked dull.

Radhika went to freshen up. After her Riddhima too freshened up. Radhika had breakfast while Mala fed Riddhima.

Just as they finished Arjun along with nesam arrived. They made sure not to make noise as it would disturb the baby. It was a pleasant surprise for all of them.

Sam went and gave a genle hug to Riddhima and congratulated her. She went to Radhika and gave her a big hug and so did Neil.

Arjun hugged Radhika tight and congratulated her. It was a special moment for him as she was in his arms. He didn’t want to let go of her. Everyone smiled looking at them.

They had their hands filled with gifts and toys for the baby. Ooh and not to forget the balloons.

Arjun had his hand into his pocket making sure Radhika doesn’t see his wound.

Sam went to cradle and said “Neil come here. Just look how cute she is!! Can you please pick her up for me as I donno how to carry one.”

Mala smiled and said “Sam beta it’s high time you learn to carry one. What will you do when you have a baby? Neil can’t manage alone.”

Sam just kept blushing while Neil kept smiling. All of them started laughing looking at them.

Neil went upto her and said “yes she is a beautiful little princess. She’s got di’s nose. ”

Arjun went upto the cradle to catch a glimpse of the baby.

He said “I do agree with Neil that she’s got di’s nose” and picked up.

He had tears in his eyes. He cuddled her in his arms.

Radhika saw his wound and she just stood there shocked. She just kept staring at him. She had tears.

“Oh what had he done?”she thought.

Arjun spoke to the baby. He said ” hi princess!! I’m Arjun, your mausa. You can call me Arjun. ”
He gave a gentle kiss on her forehead.

He walked to the side bed where the gifts were kept, with the baby in his arms. He took out a box from one of the covers and opened it. It had a small chain with a beautiful small diamond pendant and a matching bracelet. He made her wear it.

He then said “I wish I could do more.”
Riddhima said “what is the need for all of this Arjun?”

He smiled and said “di she’s my neice. Like my daughter. I too have responsibilities towards her.”

Sam then said “oh! So, for this is what you said important work? You left us and went alone? Not bad huh, you’ve got good taste.”

Arjun just smiled at her.

He then went upto the cradle to put her back. While placing her,she caught hold of his shirt. Arjun smiled looking at the baby and took her clutch off his shirt and put her back. All of them just kept looking at what had just happened.

Riddhima asked “what have you both husband and wife done to my daughter?! Yesterday she stopped crying when choti picked her up and today she’s not ready to let go of you !! She’s recognized you both so well.”

Arjun just smiled and then gave out a deep sigh looking at Radhika walked out of the room. Radhika too went behind him. She went out and saw him sitting on the chair outside with his face buried in his palms. She placed her hand on his shoulder. He looked up at her. He got up and just started to walk away. Radhika too kept walking behind.

He stopped and asked “why can’t you just come back with me? I know what I have done is wrong and I even asked for forgiveness. What else do you want me to do?”

She asked “will you answer my question? Just one question.”

He said “yes you can ask.”

She hesitated and finally asked “will you able to forgive Nandidni di?” Of you’re ready to then I’m ready to go back with you. I know what she has done is wrong but, she did it blindly. She was so much blinded in love that she couldn’t see what was right or wrong. And so were you. You too did all this cause you were blinded in her love. I know the pain of being separated from a sibling as I too have one. ”

Arjun just kept looking at her. He said “no Radhika I won’t be able to. I loved her so much. Not love worshipped her. She was more than a mother to me. She gave all the love and whatever I wanted. But she used me for such cheap tricks. I hate her.”

He sat on the floor crying. She too sat next to him with tears in her eyes.

She said “think once again. I will be happy if you do.”

He said “no Radhika. I just can’t.” and got up from there and started to walk. He had tears as he couldn’t do something which Radhika asked him for the first time.

Radhika thought “oh what have I done? But,I tried to talk. I’ll get you both back and that’s a promise.”

She then remembered his wound and ran behind and caught hold of him.

She asked “what did you do to your hand ? How did you get this wound?”

He asked “why do you care ? And it’s nothing.”

She said “I do. Get me your hand and let me look at your wound.”

He asked “why do you care so much? And as I said, its nothing and you don’t have to worry about it.”

She lost all the patience she had and screamed “I do care because I lo.. ” stopped there composed herself and said “because I just care. I can’t leave your wound like that. It can turn dangerous.”

Arjun just stared at her. She too kept staring at him. Just then the banage which covered his wound fell off. Arjun realized it and bent down to pick it up. Radhika caught hold of his hand and sat there crying looking at it. Arjun couldn’t stand it and tried to draw his hand away when she caught good hold of it.

She asked “what have you done to yourself? On whom were you throwing your anger? Such a big cut.”

She caressed his hand. Blood started to trickle down.

She asked crying “this is nothing?! Nothing for you?! Just look at it. The blood flowing and this is nothing? Why do you hurt yourself like this? I just can’t see you like this.

He just kept staring at her.

Radhika saw a nurse passing by and asked her to get the first aid kit and she bought it immediately.

Radhika cleaned the blood off the wound gently with cotton balls. She just kept looking at him while doing it and kept crying. Arjun had his eyes closed controlling the pain.

She asked “does it hurt too much ? Just hang on. It’s almost done.”

He smiled at her and said “no it doesn’t” wiped her tears and caressed her cheek.

She finally finished bandaging his hand and patted it gently still crying. The nurse stood there watching them. Radhika gave the kit back to her.

The nurse said taking the kit back “you both love each other so much. This proves it. May God bless you with all the happiness in life. And dear he needs to get an injection for that wound. Make sure to get it done.”

Radhika said “we’ll get it done right away.”

The nurse smiled and left from there. They both got up and Radhika started to pull him.

Arjun said “there’s no need for all of that. I’m all fine. Let’s go, I don’t need injection.”

Radhika said “you’re scared of injections aren’t you?” and laughed.

He said “no I’m not!”
She said “oh yes you are. If you’re not, then why aren’t you getting it done?”

He said “I just don’t want to.”
She said “you’re coming with me now. And that’s final.”

She took him to the room. Arjun just closed his eyes and held Radhika’s hand tight indicating not to leave him alone. She understood that he was scared of it. She stood there right next to him.

They walked back to the room after it was done. They saw the baby in Sam’s arms when they entered.

Sam saw Radhika and said “Chashni see I learnt how to carry the baby!! Oh I’m so glad I did. It feels so amazing!!” rocking the baby in her arms.

Radhika and Arjun just smiled at her.

Mala asked “beta Arjun Wht happened to your hand?”

Arjun said “nothing maa. A small burn. It happened while cooking.”

Radhika stared at Arjun while nesam looked at each other.

Mala said “be careful beta. It’s not too much no? Does it hurt?”

Arjun smiled and said “no maa it doesn’t. I’m fine.”

Mala smiled back at him.

Arjun said “OK fine,I think we need to leave.”

Mala said “beta have food. I’ve bought lunch also. There’s food for all.”

Sam said “Arjun please… Let’s stay.”
Neil too nodded in agreement.

Arjun let out a deep sigh and said “OK fine but only till lunch.”

The two of them smiled and nodded in agreement.

All of them had lunch together. Before leaving Arjun took Mala’s blessings. He then went to the baby and picked her up in his arms.

He said “bye princess. Meet you soon.” He gave a kiss on her forehead and put her back in.

When they reached the parking lot and about to get into the car, Ankush came running to them.

He called out still panting trying catch breaths “Arjun I need to talk to you. It’s important. Ummm.. About Radhu.”

Arjun could see the tension in face. He took him to a side telling nesam that he’d be back in a while.

Arjun asked shaking his shoulders “what is it Ankush?! Why are you so tensed? And Radhika? What about her?!”

……… FB starts …….

Radhika is sitting with the whole family.
She says “papa I’m going to US. To Cambridge. I spoke to Rana kaka and found out that Nandini di’s there. I even spoke to Karthik and found out that she is incharge of a child orphanage.”

Her dad said “beta its good you found out. But won’t people question about your immediate decision to go to US? Especially Arjun. What will you tell him?”

She said “papa remember I wrote GRE TOEFL four years ago? And have a good score. I will tell him I’m going for my higher studies. And Karthik has got a fake admission done in my name at Harvard. He has his friend there.”

Her dad said “but beta isn’t it wrong? Lying to him?”

She said “I know papa. But, it’s for a good cause.”

He said “OK beta. So when are you leaving?”

She said “next month. Next week I’ll go to Mumbai as I have some work pending in Bird Song. I’ll spend some time with Sam and Neil. And with the others too.”

Ankush said “OK Radhu I’ll go book your tickets. I need to check the availability too” and went to his room.

After that everyone went to their respective rooms to sleep as it was night time and very late.

……. FB ends ……..

Arjun just stood there in disbelief and stared at Ankush. Ankush made sure that he didn’t reveal the Nandidni part. He just told that she was leaving for her higher studies.

Ankush then said “OK fine I’ll make a move. I need to meet di. It’s already late” and left from there.

Arjun walked back to the parking lot whetewhete nesam were waiting for him. He told them everything.

Sam said “are yaar Arjun Chashni will be back. She’s just going to study. She’ll be back after two years.”

Arjun said “how can she do that Sam? Without telling me? Didn’t she think even once about me? What would I do without her?”

They got in the car and drove back to Mumbai.

Arjun freshened up and took out his laptop. He then went to Harvard University website and went to the contact section. He then picked up his phone and dialed the number.

A woman picked up the call. She seemed to be in mid forty’s.

She said “hello Harvard. How may I help you?”

Arjun spoke “hi this is Arjun Mehra from Mumbai. I need to know if there’s a girl named Radhika Mishra or Mehra who has taken admission for this academic year. I think it’s the school of arts and science.”

The woman said “I’m sorry sir I can’t help you in this. I just can’t leak out information about our students and faculty. It’s against the rules.”

Arjun said “ma’am please. It’s about my wife. Please.”

The woman who could sense the tension in his voice let out a deep sigh and said “OK sir I will. I’m risking my own job. Just hold the call, I’ll check.”

Arjun said “OK” and waited.

The woman spoke after a few minutes. She said “yes sir. There’s a girl with both the surnames. Radhika Mishra Mehra.”

He said “thank you ma’am. Thank you so much.”

She said “it’s my pleasure. Have a good day” and hung up the phone.

He then said to himself “I just can’t let you go all alone. I’m coming along. Nothing can stop me from coming to you.”

A week passes by ….

Radhika’s had her bags packed and ready to leave. Ankush came and took the bags. Mala fed her dahi shakkar wishing her all the best and gave her a big hug. She took her dad’s blessings and hugged him.

Just then Riddhima arrived with her daughter Ahana.

She said “choti take care. Take your meals properly. I’ve called Karthik and asked him to keep an eye on your activities.”

She said “di in just going to Mumbai. US tho after two weeks. Don’t worry I’ll be fine.”

She took Ahana in her arms and said “bye baby. I’ll be back soon” and kissed her forehead. She gave her back to Riddhima and gave her a hug.

She came out and saw Dada ji sitting on his chair. She went to him and cried.

Dada ji wiped her tears and said “choti when going to do something good,you don’t cry. Now smile beta.”

She smiled and said “I’ll miss you Dada ji” and gave him a big hug.

She left with Ankush. He dropped her in the airport. He wisged wished her luck and gave her a hug.

He said “all of will be coming in two weeks to send you off. Take care Radhu.” He left from there.

Radhika went in and took the boarding pass. She waited for the announcement. After a while she went and sat in the plane. She mostly slept throughout the journey.

She woke up when the plane landed. She came out to see Arjun, nesam, Teji, Zubin and Kritika waiting for her. They greeted her and gave her a big hug. All of them left together in Arjun’s car. Radhika mostly spoke to Teji, Zubin and Kritika as she was meeting them after a long time. The five of them got down at Bird Song leaving the couple alone.

Radhika said “drop me home. The house in which Sam and I used to stay.”

Arjun stopped the car in a corner and asked “why? You’re saying this cause we’re divorced? You’re thinking wrong. I never signed them. So, you’re my wife and will always be.”

Radhika was so tired that she didn’t have the strength to argue with him. She said “fine.”

He drive towards home. Radhika slept all the way and Arjun smiled looking at her.

Both of them reached and freshened up. Radhika came out to see Arjun in the kitchen cooking. He was making aloo puri with halwa. It smelled delicious. He thrn turned around to see her. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was wearing a red patiala pant with a white top. He was wearing black color trackpants and a grey v neck t shirt. He then served her and served himself.

Arjun asked while eating “how is it? I hope it’s not too bad.”

Radhika said “no Arjun its delicious. Love you” and kept eating.

She stopped eating realizing what she had just said and looked at him. He too stopped chewing and looked her. He was smiling. Their eyes met. They could feel what they felt for each other.

He thought “after so long. After all these days I get to hear it.” She told it though she wasn’t in her senses. He was so happy. He felt he was on top of the world.

He then asked breaking the eye lock “I heard you’re going to US for your higher studies. Now don’t look at me like that. Just because you have stopped keeping track of me doesn’t mean that I will stop.”

She said “yes.”

She thought to herself “does he know everything? Hope he doesn’t.”

She then looked up to see him crying. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She felt like telling him everything. Something inside her told her not to.

She went by him and placed her hand on his shoulder. She held his face and wiped his tears. She too was crying. He held her hands and kissed them. She then realized what she was doing and drew herself away from him.

Before she could even turn and start walking he caught hold of her hand and in a flash she was on his lap. He held her waist. She tried to get away , but his strong arms held her tight. She found it useless protesting. She just sat on his lap staring at him. She felt secure. She could feel his warmth getting into her body.

She just burried her face into his chest and held him tight. She pulled her even more closer and hugged her even more tight.

He then made her look up holding her chin. Her eyes were red and so were his. He made her forehead meet his. Their lips were hardly inches apart. They could hear each other’s heartbeat.

He held her cheeks. He kissed her on her forehead and looked down at her. She looked at him smiling. He then looked down at her lips and slowly went closer and seconds later their lips met. Their breaths became one. Radhika opened her eyes and tried to move away, but finally she gave in. She held his cheeks while he tucked his hand deep inside her hair. His hands moved down her shoulders and caught her waist. In no time his hand slid inside her top touching her bare waist. He drew away and kept his forehead on hers. Both of them had tears in their eyes, but were smiling.

He then planted a wet kiss on her neck sliding his hand even more inside her hand and caught hold of her stomach.

He turned her around and had her back plastered to his front. He buried his face deep inside her neck and held her tight.

She asked “how’s your hand?”
He said “it’s fine” still having his head burried in her neck. He then kissed her earshell.

She then jumped off his lap and started to walk away. Arjun just looked on. He went to her and caught hold of her.

Radhika said “Arjun let go.”
He said “no. I won’t.”
She said “no this is wrong” and pushed him.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He pushed her to the wall and trapped her. There was no way to escape for her now.

She said “let me go Arjun.”
He asked “what is wrong Radhika?”
She said “whatever just happened now. It was a big mistake.”

He just couldn’t believe it.
He asked “you mean the kiss and everything that happened now was a mistake?!”

She said “yes. I just donno how it happened.”

He just let go of her and looked at her in disbelief. He walked a few steps backwards looking at her and then turned around and walked away.

Radhika just stood there and watched him walk away. She hurt him again. She sat on the floor crying.

She said “sorry Arjun .”

After some time she walked into his room. He was asleep. He kept talking in his sleep “Radhika please don’t leave me. I love you. I love you more than everything in the world. I’m incomplete without you. Please don’t leave me.”

Radhika just couldn’t look at this state of his. What had she done. She creid profusely looking at him.

She said “I love you too Arjun. I love you more than myself.”

She caressed his hair and gave a gentle kiss on his forehead. She then looked down at him, held his cheeks, bent down and gave a small yet gentle kiss on his lips. She caressed his wound and wound and went to the other side of the bed and lied down.

After a while, when she was half asleep she felt something around her waist. It was familiar,tight yet gentle. It then formed a band around her waist and pulled her closer. Radhika turned around to see Arjun pulling her closer to him in sleep. She held him and drew herself closer to him and burried her face into his chest. He held her even more tight. She felt secure and she liked it. She then fell asleep. Both of them were in each other’s arms. It was their dream come true.

So that’s it for today guys …. Hope you liked it…. I’ll try updating inbetween… My exams are goi g on .. I’ve done them good… See you soon … Love you all loads …… 🙂 🙂

Up next : Chapter 3

Spoiler: Radhika’s meeting with Karthik and Arjun getting jealous.

Credit to: Shree

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