Manmarziyan- A new story (Chapter 2….Radhika’s hidden motive-Part 1)


Hiiiiiiii guys !!!! So I’m gonna start from where I finished the last time …

Before starting I’d like to reveal my characters in the story ..
Arjun,Radhika, Sam,Neil,Radhika’s mom,dad,Dada ji,Ankush.
Do you want Saral back? It’s a no for now .. I might add him if I change my mind… And other characters too .. What’s the fun if I reveal all of them now ..

So,let’s start …..

As they went towards the car,Radhika watched them from the from the window and all the three looked up to her and she had a smile on her face and waved them bye. Sam and Neil waved a bye where Arjun kept looking up at her with tears in his eyes .

They got in to the vehicle,nesam in the front and Arjun sat behind and left . As the car started to move Radhika ran outside her house and watched the car go . Tears just started streaming from her eyes and Arjun saw her standing there from the rear mirror of the car . He just kept looking. He still couldn’t believe that all this had happened. He cried remembering how she told no.

Just then someone came and placed a hand on Radhika’s shoulder. She turned around and it was her mom.

She pulled her back inside the house and dragged her to the hall. She was so angry that she felt like slapping her hard ,but she didn’t . She just couldn’t understand what her daughter had done. Everyone in the hall kept looking at the mother daughter duo standing with mala staring with anger and Radhika stood with her head down.

She finally asked “why did you do this choti? Why ,why why why?! Arjun came all the way for you and you sent him back like this !! All alone with tears ?! You’re not only spoiling your life ,even Arjun’s”. Radhika stood there and cried. Radhika knew what she had done was wrong ,but something stopped her . For something she felt guilty.

She finally spoke up” maa I know what I have done is wrong ,but I did this all for Arjun sir”.

Mala asked ” what?! What do you mean?! ”

She said “I have done something wrong, very wrong,I took away something which was his and till I return it back,I’m not going anywhere”.

Everyone just stood there without understanding anything.

Ankush who came from the back door was watching everything and had tears in his eyes. For the first time he felt he had to go twist his sister’s ear and go and ask to rectify her mistake. He just couldn’t see his sister spoil her own life .

His voice broke the silence ” aye Radhu! Why you did this ? This is not right ,there is still time, you can go back to Arjun. Tell me now I’ll go book your tickets to Mumbai right away.”

She said ” no bhaiya I’m not going, I’m not going anywhere until my work is done.

He shook her shoulders and asked her to tell what it was ” tell me Radhu,tell all of us what it is. You can at least tell us.”

She said “promise me you won’t tell Arjun anything, please”. She requested them all with pleading eyes and folded hands . They all agreed .

She then told them everything. It was all mute .

After she finished,Dada ji said “I told you my choti will never be wrong,there was something. Now we all know what it is. Good she took this decision”. He patted on her head and left from there smiling.

Her dad just smiled.

Mala smiled and said ” but you could have spoken to Arjun about this,he would have at least thought about it”.

Ankush said “exactly, I was going to tell the same thing”.

Radhika said “no I did this so, I will rectify it”.

Her dad said ” Ankush you’ve never understood choti properly till now.I hope will from now on. And I know my choti, there is a reason behind whatever she does.I trust her.” He then walked away smiling at Radhika.

Ankush said “but papa…”, he stopped when his dad nodded in a negative asking him to stop.

He just walked away without saying a word.
Mala said ” OK beta we all support you in this but you have to finish it soon. Don’t keep Arjun waiting for too long”.

Radhika nodded in a yes and walked to her room.

She took out her phone and called someone.
She spoke “may I please know where she went? It’s important, I need to find her soon”.

Then person(a man) on the other end told” yes I do,she’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts “.

Radhika gave out a releived sigh and said ” thank you!!thank you so much”.

The person asked “why beta?why you want all this?”

She then told him the reason. He wished her luck and hung up the phone.

Radhika went to Ankush and asked him for Karthik’s contact details ..

Karthik is Ankush’s friend who was a sheriff in Cambridge. She could easily find her.

Ankush asked “why?”. She told him that ” she ” was in Cambridge so,with his help she can find her.

He smiled and for the first time he did something without pulling Radhika’s leg as he always did that and they always ended up in an argueme. But now he was ready to do anything for her. He gave her the details after going through some contacts he had saved in his laptop. She jumped up with joy,thanked him and pulled his cheeks and went back to her room.

Ankush screamed from his room “all the best Radhu”.

She called Karthik, it kept ringing. She prayed that he should pick the call. And he did.

He spoke “sheriff Verma here, how may I help you?”

Radhika spoke”hi this is Radhika Mishra,Ankush’s sister. I really need your help. Are you free?”

Karthik understood there was some problem as he could find it out in her voice. He felt that he had to help her as she was his best friend’s sister.

He told “yeah Radhika I’m free,we can talk. How’s Ankush, Aunty,uncle and Dada ji?”

She told they all are fine. She told ” I need you to find this person for me, it’s very important. At present she’s at Cambridge “.

She gave him her details and Karthik kept listening without uttering a word and noted it down.

He told her ” your work will be done,just give me a week’s time “.

She said ” ok” as she knew being a sherrif is though and he needed his time. She then said “thank you much, once you find out about her let me know,I’ll come there and the rest I can handle. Ok I need to go now,bye,take care”.

He said ” hey no thanks and all, you’re Ankush’s sister, so you’re like my sister, anything for you “. He too asked her to take care and hung up the phone.

Radhika felt relieved now. A small smile crept over her lips.

Let’s check out on nesam and Arjun ….

The three of them just remained silent. Just then Neil held Sam’s hand. She drew away signalling towards Arjun and he understood and nodded in agreement.

Arjun just sat blank. Sam spoke ” Arjun I know what you’re going through,but trust me there’s something which Chashni’s hiding from us. Else she would have came with you”.

Arjun said “I donno Sam, what can she hide? But I will get her back her back for sure”.

Neil smiled while looking up at Arjun through the rear mirror and said” sure you will. There’s nothing that the Mehras can’t do “. Arjun smiled.

They stopped in between for lunch,tea,snacks. Arjun didnt have anything as he was just lost in Radhika’s thoughts. Nesam had little romantic moments, Arjun got sad looking at their strong relationships and togetherness.

He thought ” why?! Why does this always happens to me?” First Nandu,then Komal and then you brought Nandu back and gave me so much pain. Now Radhika!!”

He just felt that he would go mad any moment.

After hours of driving,they reached Mumbai. Nesam dropped Arjun home and Sam told ” Arjun call if you need something “.

Arjun smiled and waved a bye and went in house. It was empty. Every corner of the house reminded him of her presence. He then went to his room and looked at the bed. He just missed her a lot now.

He took out their wedding album and went through the photos and remembered their wedding. He caressed her photo and smiled looking at the photo in which they were together. He didn’t realize that he had fallen asleep going through the album.

He woke up. It was morning. He looked up,the first thing he saw was his and Nandidni’s photo on the wall. Tears just rolled down. He remembered her confession, that one confession which totally turned his life upside down. He missed her so much,though he was the one who asked her to leave. He thought “why Nandu why?why did you do this?I loved you so much. I respected you,no I worshipped you. I can never forgive you for what you’ve done “.

He took out his sandbag and started punching it hard. He remembered Nandidni’s confession,his moments with Radhika, then her no.

Radhika felt something was wrong. She thought ” I hope Arjun is not in some trouble. Hope he’s fine”. She just felt her anxiety rise and her hand reached for her phone and dailed Arjun’s number. Arjun couldn’t hear to the phone ringing as he was totally into punching.

Radhika then remembered her motive. She stopped herself and cut the call.

Arjun’s punches just got harder and harder. He then gave a kick which just broke the chain of the bag and it fell down. Just then nesam arrived. They were shocked to see what just happened. Sam let out a gasp looking at Arjun’s bleeding hand.

Neil nursed Arjun’s wound while Sam sent to the kitchen and came back with sandwiches and coffee for him.

San said “we just came by to see if you were OK,but…”. Arjun spoke up”I’m OK Sam, just trying to get used to being without Radhika,I just wanna be alone for some time plz”.

Nesam just looked at each other and Neil said “OK arjun, we’ll leave now, buy please do take care of yourself, don’t do such things”.

Sam said ” everything will be fine soon,please take care of yourself “.

Arjun said “yes I know I have to,for Radhika,to get her back”. The both of them smiled at his determination and left from there.

Arjun took a shower and came out. He felt fresh. He winced when he stretched his hurt hand. He had the sandwiches and the coffee.

He then took his phone,his beart skept a beat when he saw Radhika’s missed call. He called her back.

She picked it after a few rings. She said ” hello”.
He was just so happy to listen to her voice. He then asked “you called?” She said “I called by mistake, instead of calling my friend Archana I called you”. She hated herself for lying and at the same time she was releived as she heard his voice,he sounded fine, but it did sound pained. She could feel it.

He said” I know you’re lying”.
She said “no I’m not”.

He then let out a sigh and before she could speak, be cut the call. Radhika cried. She hated herself for what she had done.

She then said “once I find her and sort this,Arjun sir it’s only me and you. I’m doing this for you. Your happiness. After that noone can separate us. That’s my promise”. She smiled to herself.

She then said ” Cambridge here I come”.

That’s it for today friends… I hope you liked it .. My next update will be on 31st or after that as I have my exams coming up. Love you all.

I’ll give a spoiler – Arjun finds out that’s Radhika’s going to US and he too goes.

Up next:Part 2 of chaper 2

Credit to: Shree

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    1. Hi aastha!! I will let you know soon .. That’s called suspense..
      They’ll surely reunite. Love you loads. Tc .. Keep smiling

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    1. Hey manha!! Thank you so much dear!
      Your comment just made my day. I know you’ll have to wait till the end of the month,sorry for that. It’s exam time!!

      And you had asked me a qn on Ameena’s post .. Here’s your answer. I know English, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada,Sanskrit, can understand Malayalam and Telugu well but can’t talk and a little Spanish too,I can manage but not that good at it. So that’s 5 languages.

      Love you loads .. Sorry that I’ll have to keep you waiting till the month end .. Tc .. Keep smiling :-* 🙂

      1. What so many languages. Oh god, really u r multitalented. I’m overwhelmed that i hav a frnd like u. Super super super. I know only 3 languages n i’m dying for it only, hindi, english n telugu as i’m frm A.P.
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    Loads of love…. :-*

    1. Hey jade!! Thank you so much !! I just hope that my exams weren’t postponed.. Else by now I would be on vacation and be updating.. Yes I’ll do well and be back

      Sorry that I’ll have to make you wait so long .. Love you loads .. Tc .. Keep smiling

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  8. Awesome, marvellous, outstanding and emotional episode…shree it’s really interesting story of mmz…you’re taking it to new hights…radhika’s motive n arjun’s determination awesome thinking dearrrr…nesam supporting arjun in his tough time it’s superb …I’m very curious to know what happens next…n precap is very interesting, now ardhika will be in exciting. ..but you’ll update it after your exams, how m I gonna wait that long…but anything for you my sweeeet friend. …work hard for your exams and get very good grades. …love you loads and very very tight warm hug

    1. Roma !!!!! Thank you so much dear!! That’s so sweet of you!! I know ,Cambridge, so exciting no? I know its gonna be a long wait, sorry for that ..
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    1. Ameena!!!!! Hiiiiii!!! How are you?!
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    1. Hi nisha !! I’m fine thank you. And how are you ? No no I’m Shree… I know confusions do happen. Thank you so much for wishes . I love your storied. Please so update soon. I too will update soon.

      Love you loads .. Tc.. Keep smiling

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