Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 19- Plan B cancel)


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Bird Song got a lot of contracts and everyone were busy. One after the other there were projects piling up. Thanks to Radhika and Niti, they were able to pull it off. Radhika finished up with all the quotes and Niti giving ideas and suggestions and supervising at the same time. She kept encouraging too. The excitement she had and it was even shown how impatient she was. It was seen in her voice and expressions. The only that fell off was her smile. Only if that one smile was there. If she could bring it to her eyes from the bottom of her heart, she’d be complete.

Arjun would try to talk to Niti and all she did was cut him off and walk away. She too wanted to talk to him badly. Pull his collar, go on her tip toes to match his height, though she was tall. Slap him hard, scream at him for ignoring her sister. For not saving her. She put those thoughts away and got immersed in work. She didn’t see who was around her, what they were doing. All that mattered to her was work. Work hard. Get a good name in her company.

She had gained a lot of popularity both in the advertising field and in the medical field. She wanted to be the best wherever she went and she did. She was unhappy. Bagging the “Best Copywriter Award” for three years in a row and being one the world’s renowned gynecologist got her nothing. For whom was she doing all this?! And why?! No reason for it. She just did it. Followed the words of her fathers. Both Raghuveer and Arav(her biological father). Who always asked her to follow her heart. To follow her dreams and to never come under anyone’s pressure. That’s what even Prerna and Amrita(Raghuveer’s wife) wanted.

Niti was furious on the accountant for showing the wrong records and budget. So, they had spent a lot. Niti and the team made it a little extravagant as the clients had asked. She had interchanged two of the client’s documents. They couldn’t do anything. As they had finished everything. Even the shooting was done. One whole freaking month!! Went into the drain. Niti had literally lost it. She had no control over her tongue. The only thing the woman in her mid thirties could do was sign her resignation letter given by Piyali and back off. To stop her from losing her cool even more and having an asthma attack, Arjun popped a piece of chocolate into her mouth to keep her mute. Everyone were relieved. If not for Arjun, Neil would have slapped her. According to him she was like a kid who had no mannerisms and threw her frustration on everyone around her. Nandini was on leave as she had to take extra chemo sessions.

A week later, all of them were assembled in the conference hall. The clients arrived and asked them to show the shoot. When it was played, the clients almost popped out of the seat as it wasn’t what they hadn’t expected. It was way beyond expectation. It was a simple clothing line, but they made it look too good. They were happy with it. They appreciated them.

The manager said “Ms. Rajput we appreciate it. I’ve heard a lot about you. Bird Song is lucky to have you. And we’re lucky to work with you and your company.”

Niti said “thank you sir.”

Neil thought pulling the back of his hair frustratedly “she gets appreciated wherever she goes. Though she’s rude, people love her. Why?! She means nothing to me, why am I feeling proud of her? I’m supposed to hate her for hurting Arjun. What is wrong with me?!”

(Lol Neil!! Wait till you find out that she’s your sister… Your gudiya)

The next day, they had to present the other client’s presentation. It turned out to be a bit bad as it was Kritika who was presenting. Radhika was on leave. She was with Nandini. She kept stammering. So, Niti took up the other half asking Kritika to relax. She gave her water and continued once she was calm. This left everyone shocked, leaving Sam and Arjun with a smile. Niti presented it well. But still they weren’t satisfied. They left with grumpy faces. Leaving only person from the company behind. Bird Song was upset for having lost the deal.

One of the men spoke “wow Nithika, look at you now. You lost. The world knows you for your success in a short period of time. Now see where you are.”

He laughed out loud. Niti’s face flushed in embarrassment and anger. She watched the idiot quietly spoil her reputation.

He spoke again, still laughing wiping his tears off “who are you kidding?! Best Copywriter Award for three years in a row. I can see how you’ve got it.”

Niti screamed “stop it!!”

He came closer to her and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Niti tries to move away, he nodded in negative and spoke again leaving her in shock.

He said in a husky voice, which could be audible to everyone “upset that you lost the deal sweetheart?! I can get the deal back.”

Niti stared at him. She asked “what.”

He said “yes sweetheart. I can. Spend a night with me. If you do I can get the deal back. That’s what you’ve been doing all these years. f**king everyone and gaining success, fame and good name in a short span of time. Tell me sweetheart, will you come to me?”

This left everyone shocked. Arjun balled his fists in anger. Neil wanted to chop him right there. Niti was out of the track. He had insulted her. But now, it was of her character. Her self respect. In a flash, she had pushed him away and there was a loud noise that went flying across the room. The guy’s cheek had a red impression. His cheek stinging. He looked down at her holding his left cheek with his eyes all red with a murderous rage. Niti looked back at him, having her nostrils flared and lips pursed. She wanted to give him kick in his shin, but her legs didn’t listen to her. They stood there glued to the polished marble floor.

She hissed “you pervert. I’ll kill you.”

He laughed, still holding his cheek and said “you’d have done it when I asked you last time.”

Niti felt disgusted. Arjun came in between when he came closer. Arjun pulled Niti to him, having his arms wrapped around her in a protective way and looked at the guy with pure anger written over his face. All the while Niti kept staring at Arjun.

Arjun snapped “one more step, I’ll kill you. How dare you talk to my Niti like that?”

He said “looks like you’re more shameless than I thought. Sleeping around with married men. Chi chi chi. Then why not me? I’m still single.”

He said again “I wonder how you manage to seduce people in desi clothes. All in salwars, anrkalis, saris. I would have seen you in western only a countable number of times. Say five or six times. I must say you are a true temptress” and winked at her having an evil smirk on his face.

Arjun lost it. He started to beat him up like the world’s gonna end. Neil pulled him away and made him calm. The guy stood up still wobbling, smirking and stared at Niti. Then Neil came to him and slapped him hard which made him fall. This left Sam, Arjun and the others shocked.

Neil said sternly “I will not bear anyone misbehaving with my colleagues. Especially women. I hope you got me.”

Arjun said hugging Niti to him “she’s my best friend’s little sister. I will do anything for her.”

Police arrived and took him away.

He smirked. He screamed as he was dragged “I’ll be back. Let’s see for how long you’ll be safe. There is no escape baby.” and kept laughing like a maniac.

Niti stood there in shock hugging Arjun. She was sweating. It was the second time in her life she was facing the idiot. Her insane stalker. Arjun saw her all frightened and tried to pull away, but she clutched his shirt tight and didn’t let go.

She said “no please.”

Arjun said “Niti it’s alright.”

She said “everyone tells me the same and leaves me half the way. All alone.”

Arjun said “it’s alright chutki. He’s gone. No one’s gonna harm you.”

That one word was enough for her to bring her back to her senses. She pushed him off and frowned. She facepalmed herself and nodded her head vigorously trying to get herself right.

Neil asked “Ms. Akdoo what was he talking about? Last time? You know each other?”

Niti said “it’s none of your business. It’s my personal. And yes, we knew each other.”

Arjun pleaded “Niti please. Tell us. We can be careful next time. I’ll make sure that scoundrel never looks at you. I will not evn let his shadow reach your side.”

Niti said “none of your business. Why are you concerned Arjun? Stop faking? And what did you just call me?” turning to Neil.

She asked “akdoo? Yeah right. Thanks. Thanks for the new name.”

Arjun said “Niti….” was cut off by Piyali.

Piyali said “beta please say something. You’re our employee. We too have some responsibilities towards you. You just remind me of my younger daughter Manya. Seeing you just reminds me of her. So, please beta.”

Niti let out a sigh and said “okay. He worked in the same ad agency as me three years ago.

Three years ago……….

He was the manger of Neetu Agency. He was very unpredictable. He was belowed the day he saw her in the office. To him her was head over heels. But everyone knew that it wasn’t love, it was obsession. Everyone in office gave him the tag “Insane Stalker”. He’d openly send her love notes everyday. All she would do was throw them in the bin. He’d wait at the corner of the street where she resided till she came out. He’d follow her all the way to office and the same at night. Would wait till she entered her house. He’d talk shit to her. Wouldn’t even know what he was talking. Some random shit. Wanted to talk to her. Wanted her to be by his side or vice versa. All sh did was ignore him. She didn’t want to make it an issue. It wasn’t new to her. There were guys who hit on her even after knowing that she was a Rajput princess during her school and college days. These people didn’t know.

But one day, it was after she won the award for the first time. It went out of the line. He crossed his limits. It was late that night. She was in office as there was a lot of work left.

He said “Niti marry me.”

She said “NO.”

He said “I’m leaving you with no choice. I never asked you. It’s my order.”

She said “you can’t marry someone forcefully.”

He said “if not that. Then……” he trailed off.

She asked annoyed “what?”

He said “it’s simple. Sleep with me.”

Her anger raised. She screamed “how dare you?”

He said “aww come on. Don’t act so innocent. I know it’s not your first time. If not so tell me how you reached to success in very little time. Tell me how many people. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Please satisfy me. It’ll be a good secret between us. I’m just dying to have you.”

She bit out “I’m not a whore to satisfy you whenever you want. And I’m not the type of person you think. I gained success and with hard work.”

He ordered “come to me.”

She said “no.”

He came to her and held her shoulders tight. His fingers dug deep into her skin through her clothing. He took her wrong. He thought she was weak and took advantage. A woman alone in the office at night. No no no. So wrong he was. Little did he know that she was a trained fighter. He kicked on the shin and he feel down to the floor clutching hard and groaned in pain. She kicked his stomach hard and pulled him up to her and blew hard punches across his face, ribs and stomach. He caught hold of her hair and pushed her to the table. He locked her in between and bent down and kissed her wildly. One more kick. He was on the floor. She dragged him to the police all by herself and got him behind bars. She was strong, but totally shaken on the inside. Like a coconut. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside. She worked there for the next two years and then felt it was not right. That is when she shifted to Mumbai.


She said “I never knew he got out of jail. His term ended so soon. Wow.”

Arjun and Neil in unison “kill that bastard.”

All of them looked at two charming princes roaring in anger. There was a reason for Arjun to be angry. But Neil. Why him?! Niti had a smile on her face that had crept unknowingly watching her brother go angry. But it vanished into thin air in a matter of seconds. It was noticed by two pairs of eyes. Samrat and Sam. Leaving them both confused. Of what made her smile and what was it she had to do with Neil?

Sam thought “is she the Nithika? Our Nithika? Neil’s little gudiya?!”

Arjun said “yeah Neil. We will together.”

Neil said “sure.”

Here in Rishikesh……

Ankush was idle in the store. He loved their shop. But it didn’t fetch him anything. He joined his dad’s business just because he had asked him to. He had no guts to talk back. Just followed him. He had done law. What use did it come for? He put his dream and passion of practicing law behind and followed Dilip. He felt suffocated. He had to come out of the soap bubble. See the reality.

He thought “why wasn’t I like choti? She always got what she wanted.”

His inner conscience (his heart) said “no she didn’t. She fought for it. She trusted her dreams. You didn’t.”

His mind “stop. Ankush don’t listen to that piece of muscle. Always confusing. Did they even ask you what you wanted? No. You were asked to accompany your father. And you did.”

His heart “no Ankush. That was not what happened. Dada ji asked you to pursue law. It was your everything. Radhika too said it. You know how hard it was to convince your dad to make you study law. You were never sure of yourself Ankush. The same with Riddhima too. You both were never sure of yourself.”

His mind “he did what was good. Your dad knows what’s best for you Ankush. And for Riddhima too.”

His heart “look at him now. Is he enjoying it? No!! He’s suffocating. He needs to be on his own. Independent.”

His mind “no you’re wrong. I’m right Ankush listen to me.”

His heart “no Ankush don’t.”

Mind “me.”

Heart “me.”

Mind “me.”

Heart “me.”

Mind “me.”

Heart “me.”

Mind “me.”

Heart “me.”

It kept going going. Ankush lost it. He gripped his hair tight and screamed out loud. The inner turmoil in him.

He screamed “stop it you both” panting hard.

His heart said right. He never spoke a word against his father. Just did as he was told. But it was the same with Radhika. She knew her place. Got what she wanted. She convinced them in her cute ways and Dada ji. He was there for his too. But for his choti always. He smiled at the thought. He had a decision to make now. To make sure of what he wanted.

He said “it’s time I so something for me. Papa I’m sorry. I hope you agree with me.”

Back to Mumbai…………..

Niti was passing by Neil’s cabin and saw him sleeping. He had put his head down on the table. He then got up with a jerk and went back to sleep pushing himself on the cake and had his head on the headrest. Niti went in and watched him sleep. Oh!! He was so cute!! His mouth half open, feeble snores. She went to him and caressed his hair, leaving it a little ruffled. She knew that she had to control herself. But couldn’t. With her brother in front of her every single minute how can she.

She whispered to him “why do you hate me so much bhai? Its me. Your gudiya. Why? Please don’t hate me so much. I missed you so much. It’s been 15 years.”

She had tears. She had to be calm. How could she tell him that she was his sister. Her tear drop fell on his palm and Neil stirred in his sleep. She quickly wiped off her tears and went out. Sam who was outside his cabin saw all this and smiled. She was sure now. That Nithika Rajput is none other than Nithika Malhotra. Neil woke up and sat up like a statue. Had he just dreamt of his sister?!

He thought “gudiya why would I hate you?! You’re my everything. Where are you? Please come back.”

He then rubbed the back of his hand on his cheek. He felt it wet. He saw water droplets on his hand. Now he was sure that it wasn’t a dream. He smiled.

He said to himself “I’ll find you my gudiya. You’re so close to me and I can’t see you. I’ll get you this time.”

For now, as all are in their own worlds. In their own trance, no one thought of Plan B. Well it’s on hold. Will be on execution mode in a while. Hahahahaha. People. Life. And the situations. You never know what happens.

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Up next: chapter 20

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