Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 18-Plan A)


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Nithika came out of her cabin and went to the washroom and washed her face. She was so angry. She didn’t know that Arjun would still work here and would have been forgiven. He was a partner. Guilt ridden. Niti banged her fist on the washbasin slab and hurt herself. Nothing seemed to get into her. No pain. Nothing. The slab cracked. She had hit it so hard. Not to forget, she is a martial arts-taekwondo black belt. Now clenched her fists and went and packed up and went home. It was late. The others too packed up and went home.

Next day, Nithika went straight to Piyali’s cabin. She knocked her door and Piyali smiled and gestured her to come in. She sat down and spoke.

She asked “ma’am what’s the deadline for the promotion of one of the LIC schemes?”

Piyali said “beta take a break. Call me Piyali. I’m not that old.”

She said “ma’am elders are never called by name. So please.”

Piyali said “okay. I won’t force you.”

She asked “when is the deadline ma’am?”

Piyali said “we’ve got two months time.”

She said “ma’am it’s only two months. You’re so calm.”

Piyali said “it’s because I have the four of them. Especially Radhika. And beta congrats for winning “The Best Copywriter” Award. Thrice. Three years in a row.”

She said “thank you. Neethu Agency in Chennai was the best. That’s how I was able to do it. You need a perfect atmosphere.”

Piyali asked “what about for Bird Song?”

She said “you’ve got Radhika for that. She’s even more better.”

Piyali said “I trust her.”

She said “good to hear that. Trust is a very important thing. Easy to build, once broken, very hard to resurface it.”

Piyali knew what she meant. She said “beta please forgive Arjun. I know he is wrong and you’re in pain. One chance. Please.”

She said “ma’am this is office. No space for personal things. It’s only professional here.”

Piyali let out a sigh and said “ok beta. At least you can smile.”

She said “NO!! That’ll never happen.”

Piyali requested “beta please.”

She said “no ma’am. I think it’ll be good if we stop here. I think I can call it a period. No more.”

Piyali couldn’t say anything. She wanted to, but couldn’t. She gave her a file regarding the upcoming project. Niti took it and left. Samrat was watching all of this. He wanted to talk to Arjun about this. He had seen her crying in the washroom and her cabin. She showed to the world that she was strong, but was totally broken inside. Lifeless. He could understand of why she had built walls around herself and never mingled with people. She feared of losing them. If she cared, she lost for them. Samrat had gotten her background checked and managed to talk to a few people who knew her well. He felt something familiar in her, but couldn’t say what it was. He wanted her to smile so badly. It had to be done soon. Before she breaks down totally.

Samrat came to Arjun’s cabin. As he entered, he heard them talk. Samrat made sure that they

are not interupted.

Arjun said “I’ll do anything to get my Niti’s smile back. Anything for her forgiveness.”

Nandini asked “but how Arjun?”

He said “I’ll do something. Anything. By hook or crook.”

Neil said “for that akdoo. She doesn’t deserve it Arjun. It’s not your fault at all. All she deserves is one tight slap. She’ll be out of her trance then.”

Everyone were shocked. Especially Sam and Radhika. Nandini popped out of her seat. What had gotten into him? Why did he have to hate her?! Everyone gave him “throwing thousand daggers at once” looks. Arjun couldn’t stand it. No one had the right to talk ill of his Niti. Samrat had his mouth hung open.

Arjun screamed “Neil!!”

He asked “what?! I didn’t say anything wrong.”

Arjun bit out “not a word against her. You get me?! Not . A. Word”

Radhika and Sam in unison “stop it you both!!”

Neil said “you’re defending her. It’s all her fault. You didn’t do anything. It was an accident.”

Arjun said “I could have saved her.”

Neil let out a sigh and turned around. He was shocked to see Samrat standing, who was quietly listening to their conversation. Sam too turned around, seeing him freeze. She smiled at her dad, though she too was a bit shocked. The three looked up to see Samrat standing there. Samrat gestured Arjun to come out and he too obliged.

As soon as they were out, Samrat asked “how are going to make her normal? It’s not some petty issue.”

Arjun said “I know. I have to do something.”

Samrat said “it’s the first time I’m seeing someone so broken yet strong. I know you’ll all succeed. Make sure not to hurt her in the process.”

He said “I’ll take care sir. Don’t worry.”

After a while, the four of the went to Niti’s cabin. They all sat around her smiling. Arjun hah his ipad with him. She knew of something being fishy, but didn’t mind it. She just kept working on her laptop. Just then, she heard some noises. She saw a video being played on his tablet. It was Zee TV’s dramebaaz. All kids were there in the sequence. It was the diwali special sequence. Ramleela thingi. All of them were laughing watching it. Niti found nothing interesting in it. She kept staring at the video annoyed and moreover, emotionless. The scene where Sita herself jumps into Raavan’s arms. Ram will be hunting and Lakshman comes running and falls at his feet saying Sita was kidnapped and Ram asking who he is and Lakshman saying that he is his little brother. Eam’s sarcastic reaction as Lakshman looked older and was taller. Sita on the other end Sita tells Raavan that he’ll get his payment and Ram not being able to recognise Hanuman and then Lakshman again, who gets frustrated. Then not remembering who Sita is and not remembering raavan. All of them lmaoing and loling. Niti being expressionless. Arjun felt bad though he kept laughing. The end where all of them ask Ravan to die and he refuses and then baby Hanumaan chasing to kill him and they take a break and the Raavan gets disappointed that ram is so cool and he himself takes the arrow and pierces it into him and screams. Lakshman then says you’ve got an arrow pierced not heart attack. Ravaan says sorry and then lies down. The kids the wish Happy Diwali and it ends. They are still laughing holding their tummies and Niti is just watching them. Her anger is at peak now.

She screams “what the hell are you all doing here?!”

Arjun said “we…” and she cut him in,

She screamed “if you want to watch video go watch in your cabin. Not mine. I’m least bit interested.

Arjun said “but….” again cut in the middle.

She said “let me ask you something. Do you come here to work or enjoy?! This is office Mr. Mehra. You come here to work. You can enjoy. But outside my cabin. Out of my sight. I’m least bit bothered of what you do. Now please go out, before I lose my temper completely. Please.”

They came out of the cabin disappointed. First attempt fail. But Arjun wasn’t ready to back off. He went in thinking of something and smiled. Neil’s anger was at it’s peak. He didn’t know why, but he was very angry. Sam and Radhika saw Arjun smiling and didn’t understand anything. They went behind him. Nandini was resting in Arjun’s cabin. Neil too cae in his cabin. Nandini looked up and smiled. Her smile vanished when she Arjun disappointed. He smiled again and she had a confused look. He went to her and whispered something. Nandini’s eyed popped out and she too smiled big in excitement. The others were clueless of what was going on. Arjun then pulled away and smiled. Nandini too smiled.

What if Plan A had failed?! You always have Plan B!!

That’s it for today peeps…. I don’t think I’ll be able to update after this…… My schedule is too hectic and I have no vacation this time….. Totally occupied…. I’m so sorry….. I think I’ll be back… But for now a temporary goodbye… Temporary farewell…. Your Shree loves you all so much!! Will try to make time to read your ffs… Don’t feel bad that I won’t be there to give my reviews… Just think of me saying “I’m lamoing here… loling here… it’s amazing… chhoo cute… chhoo cchhwweeettt…” …. And not to forget “loooooooooved it!!” I just wish I can come back… Will see what happens… Please don’t forget me…. I’ll miss you all soooooo mmmuuucchhh!!!! OK fine I think that’s enough… Such a drama queen I am… Me and my melodrama…. Tata babaye… All the best to you all… God bless you all… Last but not the least…. Love you all loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling… Bear hugs to all of you… Muuuaahhhh

Up next:Chapter 19-Plan B

Credit to: Shree

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