Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 17- Glimpse of the past)


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Arjun collapsed on the sofa in his cabin. He had his eyes closed and didn’t know what to do. He saw her finally, after 8 years. How much he had searched for her, but couldn’t find a thing. He even hired a private detective. It didn’t help. He knew, even if they found out, they wouldn’t tell. She was the Rajput princess. Well, to the world. Even if she didn’t have the rights. He felt like life had given him a second chance, to get his good old chirpy, bubbly little lost friend back. At the same time, he never thought that she could hold so much hatred for him. He felt like he had failed again. But, he was ready to go to any extent to get her back. He swore to clear all the misunderstandings between them.

Radhika sat next to him and held his hand tight. She didn’t know of what was going on. She didn’t know where to start, how to ask and what to do. Nandini sat next to Radhika and had her face buried in her palms. She knew Nithika. She being Komal’s adoptive sister. Was a good friend of Arjun. Such a sweetheart she was. Just like Radhika. Or you can say even more. She could bring a smile on anyone’s face in the blink of an eye. Nandini looked up and smiled as she remembered all of these. Though she had met her only once, she loved her company. She never knew that that one event could make her lose her everything and hold so much hatred for Arjun in her heart.

Sam sat on one of the rolling chairs and Neil sat on his table. Neil was angry on Nithika for being rude to Arjun. He felt like throttling her. Eyes red and fingers clenched tigh. So much anger. Sam kept watching Neil. She had never seen him this angry. She just hoped that he doesn’t do something wrong.

Neil to himself “that girl!! How dare she!! So young she is and has so much guts. To talk ill of Arjun in front of me. I will make sure that she quits Bird Song.”

Nandini spoke after a while, breaking the awkward silence “Arjun I miss the old Niti. Her cute little smile and her pranks!! Omg!! No one can be like her!! One big chatterbox only she is!! Her scowls, her scrunched up nose with the pout and with her left eyebrow raised. One of the cutest thing that God could create. She has faced a lot Arjun. Please get her back. She’ll brake in no time. She has held herself strong till now, but she can’t for long.”

Neil was shocked when he heard all of that. It reminded him of his sister. All the qualities Nandini had told. Tears welled up. He thought if she could be his sister. His gudiya. He immediately brushed it off as his gudiya could never be this bitter. She can never hate anyone, even if they had done something wrong. Very wrong. Sam too was shocked. Neil’s sister too had all of these qualities.

Arjun looked up and said “she hates me Nandu. So much hatred for her best friend. Though I know the value of friendship, I tried to break two immense bonds.” indicating to Sam-Radhika and Nesam.

Nandini said “it’s all because of me. All of you had to face so much.”

Arjun said “you have nothing to do with Komal and Niti.”

She said with tears welling up “but still. You lost Komal only because of me. If you hadn’t met me that day, you could have saved her. It’s all because of me.”

He said “no no Nandu. Meeting you was important. Only if I had not rejected her calls. Only if I hadn’t turned my phone off. I still remember, he had called me 20 times in 5 minutes. I should have understood that she was in trouble. I’m responsible for all of this.”

He let out a deep sigh and spoke again turning to Radhika “that is why I never wanted you close to me. I felt so possessive for you. You and Niti are the same. Well almost. I didn’t want to lose you. That is the only reason why I kept running away. From you.”

Radhika said holding her head “someone tell me what’s going on?! Pleeeaaassseee.”

Nesam in unison “yes please.”

Arjun said “you have all the right to know.”

8 years back………

Arjun happily entered Imperial College London. It was his last year here. He had taken an integrated course of both bachelors and masters in mass media and communication. He was proud of himself. He acheived his dream of studying in London. He had made friends with Nitin on the first day of college. They shared dorms too, which was coincident. They were happy.

Komal had joined three days late during the first year. The institution was happy to have her as a student. She was not only known for being a princess and the daughter of Raghuveer Pratap Rajput, her hardwork and dedication. The way she and her sister Nithika refused to go back to their grandfather and wanted to independent. Komal was a very beautiful girl. She had modern thoughts, but she stuck to her roots. She was very quiet and reserved. She was teamed up with Arjun and Nitin for all the project works. She didn’t talk even then. It was Nitin who made her comfortable and she opened up after spending some time with them. After their first project was a success, they started to spend more time with each other. Due to God’s grace, they were teamed up always by the lecturers. Komal eventually fell in love with Arjun as time passed. He failed to notice it.

One day her friend asked “Komal, when are going to tell Arjun that you love him?!”

She said “no Riya, I’m not going to tell him. I know he hates love. I don’t want to spoil my friendship with him cause of this. I just want him happy. I don’t want to force myself over him. He has his own choices. Even if he falls in love some or the other day, with some other girl, I’ll be happy for him. I just hope he believes in love.”

Riya asked “does he know that you’re the one who donated him blood when he met with an accident?”

She said “no?”

Riya asked “why?!”

She said “I can do anything for him. I would have done it if it was someone else too. I don’t want him to feel inferior and I don’t want to show off or be superior in front of him.”

Arjun silently heard their conversation. He had tears. She loved him so much. Even Nitin was there. His respect for her increased to infinity’s as she was never this person who annoyed him like the others to go on a date or to sleep with them. She was in her limits. She loved him silently and made sure he never noticed. He felt bad as be can never reciprocate those feelings. She was a friend to him. Very best friend. He walked away silently with Nitin. He never showed that knew it. He was all normal with her.

One day, as they were sitting in the park, near the lake, Arjun asked “Komal, why didn’t you go to your grandpa for help?!”

She smiled and said “it took three years for you to ask this Arjun.”

Arjun said “well….”

She said “it’s k.”

She then let out a deep breath and said “I didn’t want to be a burden. It’s not of being a burden, I don’t want Niti to suffer. Dada sa hates her as she isn’t from the royal bloodline. And so do the other family members. That’s one reason why baapu and maa moved out of India permanently. They didn’t want Niti to cry. She deserves all the happiness. She’s such a nice girl. She keeps blaming herself for maa and baapu’s death. She claims herself to be an omen. Three years back maa and baapu passed away. Niti blamed herself as it all started after she came. She said it was because of her baapu fought with Dada sa. She even claimed that she didn’t deserve the love my parents gave her. They never differentiated between us. Maa and baapu died in a car accident. She had nothing to do with it. Dada sa was ready to take me in, but not her. So, I decided that we’d stay together. The bank came and claimed our home and cars. We had very little money. We moved out packing our things and found a small house. It was locked. A single bedroom house. We cleaned up and started living there. I and Niti worked hard to make money. We had to save a lot as we had to pay school’s bills and work hard on studies so that we have to pay less or get a scholarship. We washed cars, raked backyards, ran errands. Niti even worked in a hospital. In the gynecology department. She was a councillor too. She worked more than me. She used to keep running. I never saw her sitting. She hardly slept. She had to run if she got a call from the hospital. The government even gave her medical license, so that she can practice medicine. As she’s too good in studies, she took up advanced. She’s only 18 now, but she’s studying almost done with her integrated course in engineering. Both bachelors and masters in computer science in Harvard. Hard work pays off. She’s got scholarship and I’m very happy for her. She’s doing her medical too on correspondence. She’s given it a break now as I asked her to. Baapu wanted her to be a doctor and she’s almost fulfilled it. I’m proud of her. I’m happy that I got her as a sister. I can kill for her Arjun. Anyone who thinks of hurting her will have to face me first. She’s more than a mom to me though she is young.”

Arjun said “I’d like to meet her.”

She said “she’s coming day after tomorrow.”

He asked laughing “how old are you?”

She said “same as you.”

He gave her a glare. She said “OK. 23.”

He asked “you adopted her from where?! Which orphanage?”

She said “not orphanage. We found her unconscious on the road. She had a wound on her head. She was in a hospital gown. Seemed like she had been kidnapped. We admitted her in a hospital and she recovered. The only thing was, she lost her memory due to the big blow. Baapu took her along. When we visited Jaipur, Dada sa was furious. He insulted her. So, baapu moved out. Baapu was disappointed. We Rajputs are known for our generosity. We give hope and life to the lost ones. I too couldn’t believe it. We moved out of India and settled in Chicago. We were relieved when she regained her memory two years back. She told us about her family. Her brother and mother. She was admitted in hospital as she had typhoid. Baapu wanted to send her back. But maa wasn’t ready to. Baapu even checked with Mumbai police, there was no missing complaint in her. Maybe her family didn’t as the kidnappers would have warned.”

Arjun asked “what’s her real name?”

She said “Nithika Malhotra.”

(Arjun will not be mentioning this to them. He’ll actually forget to. But, Komal would have told him.)

Nitin said “she’s coming day after tomorrow!!”

She smiled and said “yes.”

There was a voice that come from behind them. It was a girl’s voice.

She said happily “jiji!!”

Komal turned around and sprang on her “chutki!!”

She said “jiji leave. You’re strangling me.”

Komal said “that’ll never happen. How come you’re here?!”

She said “I wanted to give you a surprise, but you weren’t there. So, I came here.”

Komal asked “how do you know I’ll be here?”

She said “I know about you. You always come to park when you feel good or low. So, I just guessed. As this is the only park near college, it wasn’t that difficult.”

Arjun said “you’re sister is one nut case.”

She said “don’t you dare Mr. Mehra.”

She said “your the only one who talks like this. Hello Nitin bhaiya.”

Nitin said “hi chutki.”

She said “you too?!”
He smiled and said “yes me too. I like it.”.

She said “ OK OK.”

Arjun asked “for how long will you be here?”

Niti said “10 days.”

He exclaimed “what?!”

She asked “you don’t want me here? Ok fine I’ll go.”

He said “no no. It’s just shocking. I’ll have to bear you for 10 days.”

She said “yeah right. Like you’re gonna take my expenses on your head.”

He was about to say something, when she cut him in “now shut up.”

She said “jiji I want ice cream. And I’m hungry too.”

Komal said “come on let’s go. I too am hungry.”

They went to a nearby restaurant and had food. They spent good time with each other and days passed. Arjun and Niti became good friends. Nitin was too sweet to her. He had no sister, so pampered her to the core. They met Nandini coincidentally. She too enjoyed her company. Niti had added chilli powder to Arjun’s coffee which made everyone go laughing. Nitin even fell off the chair. She even put raw fish in his shoes when he had removed them.

Niti had to leave early as she got a call from her teacher. Extra classes were being held for the extraordinary students. Komal had to go to the bank to check her balance. Niti was busy packing so couldn’t accompany her. Arjun had gone to meet Nandini. To discuss of their revenge plan. Everyone knee of it. Niti too. She hates him for it. She asked him to punish Samrat, not Sam. She was innocent. Nitin couldn’t do anything as he was so much into it. Komal didn’t say a thing. She too was disappointed.

Burglars entered the bank when Komal was there. They asked them to sit down and hand over their belongings. Everyone did so. Komal was so panicked that she called Arjun. He was the one who dropped her. He was near, he told her that he’d be meeting Nandini. Arjun was so irritated that he cut the call and switched off his phone.

Nandini said “Arjun go. It might be an emergency.”

He said “nothing’s more important than you Nandu.”

Suddenly, one of them grabbed Komal and pointed the gun at her. She still kept calling him. Then Nitin. He too didn’t pick up. Niti felt strange as she never took so long. She called her, but she didn’t pick up. Next, it said “switched off”, which made Niti panic even more. The burglar broke her phone. Niti ran to the bank, leaving everything as it was. Bank was close by. Niti ran with all her energy. She entered the bank and saw her sister pleading to the burglar. She ran to save her, but was unfortunately caught by one of them. Then, it was all over. A bullet fired. Niti’s world froze as she saw her sister being shot point blank in front of her. Everyone panicked. It was silent. They then took all the money and left. The one caught Niti threw her to the floor and ran off. Niti ran to Komal and held her on her lap. She was breathing her last. Niti took her phone, joint all the part and checked it. She saw that she had called Arjun 20 times. Her blood boiled. Her sister never called her, but she called him. She loved him do much. Trusted him so much. Komal then died in Niti’s lap. Arjun rushed to the bank as it had been too long. He saw that it was a havoc there. Police, media, sacred citizens. He ran into the bank to see a emotionless Niti with a dead Komal in her lap. The shock had gotten into her like hell. Jus tas Arjun started to approach, Niti turned to him and signalled him to stop showing her palm high in the air.


Arjun asked “how did all this happen?”

She said “when you were discussing your blo*dy revenge plan with your sister.”

He said “chutki listen to me.”

She bit out “don’t you dare calm me that name. You have no rights. You killed my sister!! It’s all because of you!! She trusted you so much. Loved you do much. But never told. You know why? Because she valued your friendship more than her love. Your trust was everything for her. And you!! You let her die!! She called you 20 times. Nitin bhaiya once. Me!! Not even once!! It’s all because of you I lost my sister!! Only YOU!! YOU YOU YOU!!”

Arjun broke down. He never expected this to happen. How could he clear her this misunderstanding that he couldn’t bear. She was one of the most important women in his life. After mom, Nandini and Komal. She thought him to laugh edn more. To see the brighter side of life. Komal to an extent made him laugh.

She said “jiji please get up. Please. Once. For me. I have no one. It is only you I have. You promised me that you’ll never leave me. How acan you now?! Please wake up. Hug me once. Open your eyes. Jiji please!!”

Nitin too came. He came running and saw an inconsolable Arjun and an unexplainable Niti. And most of all, a dead Komal. It shocked him. He went and shook Niti hard. She hadn’t shed a single drop of tear. She then saw around her. She then saw Komal lying dead in her lap.

She screamed out crying buckets of tears “JIJI!! JIJI!! Get up once. Please. Jiji please wake up.”

Nitin pulled her head to his chest and hugged her tight. She kept crying. Kept screaming out to her name. Nothing helped. She then got off his hold and looked up at Arjun and wiped her tears.

She bit out “I will never forgive you Mr. Mehra. I HATE YOU!! HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU!!” clenching her fists with her eyes closed.

Komal was taken away and her body was flown to India, where her last rites were performed.

All were in tears. Arjun just cried putting his head in Radhika’s lap. Neil cried. He didn’t know why, but he felt strange. Sam didn’t know how to react. Niti who was outside the cabin heard to it all and saw her brother. She felt good that her brother felt for her. Though he wasn’t sure, he had some mixed expressions. She walked away. She went to her cabin and sat on her chair and laid her head back. She too remember some events.

15 years back…….

It was a happy family. A family of 3. Mom, son and daughter. A happy one. Her father had left them as he had some work. Very important work. He never returned. Mom always had hopes.

Se knew Sam well. And Jai too. The funniest part was Jai had a crush on her. She was 11 and he was 20. It was only known to Sam, Neil and Niti. The three of them went to Sunshine school.

Suddenly, Niti fell ill one day. It was too severe. It was typhoid. Doctors had told there was very less chances. She responded to the treatment and recovered. One day, when Neil and Prerna weren’t around, some goons came and took her. She was given chloroform, she went unconscious. All the she heard was “boss we’ve got the girl.”
And then, SLAP.
The guy said “you’ve bought the wrong girl.”

She had tried to run. They had hit her and then she went unconscious again. The left her on the road and drove off. It was the Rajputs who found her and gave her a new life. She forgot everything. But still they took her in. Gave her love, shelter and care. She one day remembered everything. Maa wasn’t ready to leave her. So she stayed back.

But three years later, both of them died in a car crash. She blamed herself for it. Her Dada sa cursed her. That she’s an omen and Raghuveer defensed her and moved out. She and her sister moved out and worked hard. Hard work payed off and they had their futures settled. But little did she know she was going to lose her sister too. She was devastated. She stopped smiling. Stopped talking to people. Built walls around her. She balmed Arjun for her sister’s death. She never spoke anything. Kept working. Kept herself busy. She knew of Arjun searching for her, but she requested the officer to not let out anything of her whereabouts. She even finished medicine and held a degree in gynecology.

It’s been 8 years, she’s changed a lot. Never talks to anyone. Always rude.

In the cabin, Neil too told them the same of how he had a sister and she just disappeared from the hospital. They got calls from the kidnappers asking them not to go to police and will return her safe as it was a misunderstanding. They waited. Nothing happened.

Neil said “it’s been 15 years. Maa has hope that she’ll be back.”

Arjun said “she will.”

Sam said “remember Neil, bhai had a crush on 11 year old gudiya.”

Neil smiled as he wiped his tears off and said “yep.”

Sam said “I have nothing to say as you all know.”

Arjun asked “what was Niti talking about Nandu?!”

She said “nothing.”

Arjun said “Nandu now!!”

She said “I have cancer. Thad what she was talking about. I got it 20 years ago. That’s one reason why I left you. I was in London for treatment. It was tongue cancer. I recovered. It relapsed after I left you again. Six months back. She worked in the hospital I was treated. I backed out as we had to come back. That’s all. I missed my last chemo session. That’s all.”

Arjun screamed “are you crazy?! Why didn’t you tell me?! We could have stayed back.”

Nandini said “I spoke I doctor. He said it’s k. I’m taking it tomorrow.”

He said “that’s why you were dull.”

She said “yes.”

Radhika said “I too need to say something.”

arjun asked “you too?!”
She said “yes.”
She said again “ 10 years back it was.”

10 years back…….

Radhika was in college. Had a best friend named Spandana. Same class. It was like without the two, the world is going to end. A guy called Preetam liked Radhika. He would go talk to Spandana as Radhika never wanted to talk to him.

One day, in front off… In the ground

Preetam said “Radhu I love you.”

She said “I’m sorry Preetam. It’s a no.”

He said “I’ll go mad without you Radhu.”

She said “sorry Preetam. No is a no.”

He screamed “will you accept my love or not?! I’m asking one last time.”

She got annoyed. She screamed back “NO!!”

He said “I’ll never let you be anybody’s. You’re mine forever” and took out a knife.

Radhika froze. As he was about to stab, Spandana came in between and got the stab. She collapsed right there. She died in the hospital after lot of treatment and prayers.

Her parents were inconsolable. She was their only daughter. They asked Radhika not to blame herself, but all she did was that. Preetam committed suicide for killing Spandana and feared of getting caught by police.

Back to present, Radhika cried hugging Arjun. Arjun felt bad. He was angry on Preetam. But nothing can be done as he is no more.

At last, it was a dark session. Everyone revealed their most bitter moments of life. It’s so funny right, one starts and the other one continues. It ends with nothing. Only tears. Piyali and Samrat listened to them and walked out silently as they wanted to give them all a break. It was too much for the day.

Arjun then said “I’ll do anything to get my chutki back. I’ll make her laugh. Bring back her smile.”

Radhika smiled at his determination and placed her hand on his shoulder. The others too came and placed hands on each other. It indicated their strength. Always together.


So that’s it peepz…. Hope you all liked it.. Tata … babaye…. Love you loads.. Tc … Keep smiling… Bear hugs to all of you ?
up next :Making Niti laugh

Credit to: Shree

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