Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 16- The shock)


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Nandini kept pacing up and down in her room. She was restless. Very much tensed. She was sweating profusely. She blamed herself for what she was now. She remembered her past deeds and cried out silently in her room. She still was guilty of herself though everybody had forgiven her. She regretted for not noticing their love earlier. There was something else that was bothering her.

She thought “I need to do something before it seems too obvious. But what to do?! I need to do something.”

The next morning Nandini woke up late. She freshened up and came out. She came out and saw ardhika in the kitchen. Kitchen romance!! Arjun held Radhika’s waist and had his chin on her shoulder as she kept smiling and kneading the dough. They seemed to be so happy. Nandini repented on the thought that she once wanted to separate them. It was a mixture of happiness and regret watching them. She was happy to see her brother happy and happy to have him back. It was all because of Radhika.

Nandini came in and coughed indicating that “dudes even I exist.” Both of them came to senses and pulled away. Radhika turned to Arjun and blushed burying her face deep into his chest. Arjun laughed and hugged her tight. Nandini laughed her heart out. Arjun was happy to see that. It was surprising for Radhika as she had never seen her laugh like that and so happy. She too smiled.

Nandini was clutching and her tummy hard as she kept laughing. Managing to catch breaths and holding her cheeks which were turning pink and hot. Ardhika kept watching.

She said still laughing “you both early in the morning!! So cute!! Getting caught is even more cute!!”

Ardhika didn’t say anything. Nandini smiled and helped them in the kitchen. They all finished preparing breakfast and sat down to have. Arjun kept observing Nandini. There was some change in her.

Nandini broke the silence on the dining table “any good news?!”

Radhika blushed. Arjun dropped the spoon in shock. They did understand why she was talking about.

Radhika said “di we’re just married.”

Nandini said “you guys were married off six months ago.”

Radhika said “nothing of such sort happened at that time as we were not in good terms.”

Arjun asked “Nandu don’t you think it’s too soon?”

Nandini said “no it’s not. And Radhika I want to be a bua soon. Bua of a baby girl.”

Radhika blushed. She asked “baby girl only?!”

Nandini said “yes. Only baby girl.”

She asked “but why?!”

Nandini said “because I want one. Do you want an explanation for that?”

Radhika said “no no. I was wondering because Riddhima di has a baby girl, soo…”

Nandini said “let Ankush get married and have a baby boy.”

Radhika sighed. She said “for that he has to get married first.”

Nandini said “he will. Soon.”

Arjun said “see Radhika. Even Nandu wants a baby girl. Everyone wants a princess.”

Nandini gave a “what are you talking about” look with a raised eyebrow. Arjun laughed at it.

He said “Nandu’ll make a perfect daadi.”

Nandini said “no it’s bua. Not daadi. I’m not so old.”

Arjun said “you’re more than a mom to me. So it’s daadi.”

Nandini scowled as she rolled her eyes at him. Radhika laughed at them.

She said “OK. I have a perfect idea. She’ll be daadi bua. No, bua daadi sounds better.”

Nandini said “good idea Radhika. I like it. Daadi bua it will be.”

Arjun asked “Nandu why do you look so dull?! So pale. Why?! Anything wrong?”

Nandini got tensed. She took out her phone and looked at her face on the front camera. She then looked at both of them.

She said casually “I look fine Arjun. Maybe it’s because you both are back after a week. Too much work at office. Maybe that’s why.”

Arjun said “OK.”

Radhika said “but di you do look pale.”

Nandini said “no Radhika I’m fine. You both husband and wife have no other better job. I want a junior soon. Mind it you both.”

She told the last sentence sternly and went to get ready. They too went and got ready and left for Bird Song. Just as they entered Teji came across and went swiftly. He was tensed. He went biting his nails reading some papers. All the three looked at him as if they had landed in the wrong place.

Arjun asked “what’s with him?! So tensed.”

Both Nandini and shrugged their shoulders. Arjun looked around the office. Everyone was occupied. They were working as if there was no tomorrow. The three of them were stunned and stood frozen in their place. Teji again passed by. This time Arjun caught hold of him.

Teji without looking up said “you Dumbo let go. Can’t you see that the whole of Bird Song has been put upside down. Let go now.”

Arjun said “Teji tell it out now. What’s going on here?”

Teji looked up at him and got scared. He saw Radhika and Nandini too. Teji got off Arjun’s hold and ran and hid behind Radhika. He didn’t want to get a dose from him. That too in the morning.

Teji said in a frightened voice, peeping out of Radhika’s shoulder “ss… sorry sir. I didn’t see you. I didn’t mean to say all of that. I’m sorry. Please don’t scold me.”

Arjun laughed at him. Teji looked at him shockingly. He had never laughed out so much. Though he had changed a lot in Radhika’s presence, he was still that “Angry Bird”. Teji still held on to Radhika’s shoulder tight.

Arjun said “I won’t scold you Teji. Come out now. Why will I scold you when you’ve done nothing? Tell what it is now.”

Nandini said in an assuring tone “come on Teji. Don’t be so scared. It’s my guarantee that he won’t do anything to you.”

Teji looked at Nandini and then Radhika turned around a little and gave him an assuring nod. Then at Arjun. He smiled a little. Teji felt good seeing him smile so much. He smiled a little and walked out. He stood in between Arjun and Radhika, Nandini.

He said “there was this project which went unnoticed. It was handed over to us after you and Chashni left to US. We were busy with other projects. It was very tough for us as our creative director quit and even the head of the writer department quit. We had to do everything. A lot of projects were taken up. Neil and Sam managed very well. Now that Chashni is here, we can make her the head of the writing department. I just donno how this project went unnoticed. And yes, I forgot to tell. There’s a meeting in the conference hall. Please do go. Everyone are waiting for you three.”

Nandini asked “which one is it?”

Teji said “new range of Johnson’s baby products. The fruity range.”

Nandini said “I donno how this went unnoticed. I checked everything five days back. How come?!”

Arjun said “it’s k Nandu.”

Teji said “no ma’am it’s not your fault. We updated you only with the recent ones. The ones which we had talked up in the last two months. This one was given four months back. They called us up to give a reminder. We need to present it tomorrow. The final one. They loved the demo. And Chashni I forgot to tell, congrats on having your plan executed.”

Radhika smiled at him. Nandini smiled at her. It was because of her she was here. Arjun now turned serious. Teji knew it?! How?! She was so free, open to him. Radhika saw this expression of Arjun and got scared.

Arjun said “OK Teji. Let’s move to the conference hall.”

All four of them started off towards the conference hall. The meeting took place. Piyali was tensed. Sam kept thinking of how she had not remembered it. They all put in their ideas and started off to work dividing the tasks evenly. They managed to finish it by late evening. All of them were relieved. Sam was annoyed with Neil as he didn’t let her work at all. He made her rest and took care of her well. Juice every three hours and light food for her. Some romantic moments between Zubin and Kritika. All smiled at their childish behavior.

The next day all of them assembled in the conference hall with the delegates from Johnson’s. They presented them and they loved the idea. They made even the telecast part which impressed them even more. They were happy with the performance.

After they left Piyali said “guys just relax. No work for today. We’ll resume tomorrow.”

Everyone’s face lit up. They packed up and left the office. It was only nesam, ardhika, Nandini, Piyali and Samrat left in the office. Piyali just slumped down in her chair. Rest of them took chairs and sat down there. Neil suddenly placed his hand on Sam’s forehead. He went out of the cabin. Everyone looked at his actions and couldn’t understand. He came back with a cover. It was Sam’s pills. Sam scowled seeing them. The others laughed at it.

Neil said “Sammy you’ve got fever. And you didn’t take medicines too. Now take them” as he took out the pills needed.

Sam said “no Neil. Baby please not now.”

Neil asked “then when will you take?”

Sam said “when I feel like.”

Neil said “I’m not a fool Sam. Take them now” handing them to her and a glass of water.

Sam had no other go. She took the pills from Neil and swallowed them. He smiled at her patting her head. Piyali smiled seeing this. She was relieved that her daughter is in the safest hands. Samrat was happy. Ardhika and Nandini smiled. All of them spoke the whole without knowing if the time passing so soon. They all realized when Neil’s phone rang. It was Prerna’s call. Neil picked up and informed her that they’d be reaching home soon. Everyone packed up and left to their homes.

Nesam reached home and saw Prerna waiting for them. Dinner was ready. Neil felt bad for being late. That too today. This very day. He knew she was broken inside though she seemed to be strong. They all had dinner quietly. Neil put Sam to sleep and went to Prerna’s room. He saw her crying with a photo frame, sitting on the bed. He went to her and hugged her tight. He too cried seeing the photo of his sister. It’s been 15 years since she left them. She was kidnapped. No one knows why. No ransom calls, nothing. No sign of her till now.

Prerna asked still crying on Neil’s shoulder “when will gudiya come back Neil?! Where is she?!”

Neil said “shhhhhh maa. She’ll come back.”

She said “it’s been 15 years Neil. No sign of her. Nothing. I donno where she is. What she is doing, how she looks. Nothing. I miss her Neil.”

He said “she’ll be back maa. Soon.”

Neil thought “where are you Niti?! It’s been so long. Please come back. God please keep her safe.”

Neil said “she’ll be back maa. Don’t worry now smile. She’s my sister. She can fight anyone and anything.”

Prerna said “she was sick Neil. Donno how she is now.”

Neil said “maa you’re health will go worse. Please note any more. I can’t see you like this.”

Prerna looed up at Neil and saw him upset. She then smiled faintly. Neil hugged her tight. Sam who was awake heard all of this, cried and smiled at the same time. Though he smiled everyday, he still was stuck there. Worried about his beloved sister, Niti. Nithika Malhotra. She silently went to her room and slept. Neil too came after a while and slept. He held Sam tight and slept.

Arjun and Radhika finished dinner and came to their room. Arjun for some reason was restless. Radhika saw this and went and sat next to him and held his hand. He suddenly put his head on her lap and held her tighs tight. Radhika gently kept stoking his hair.

She asked “what’s wrong baby?”

He said “I donno Radhika. I just feel too restless. I feel something is going to happen. Donno if it is good or bad.”

Radhika said “nothing wrong will happen. Everything will be good. Don’t think too much and stress yourself.”

Arjun said “I think so. I love you Radhika” and kissed her hands.

She said “love you too. Now come. Let’s sleep.”

He said “on your lap.”

She said “OK” and adjusted herself, so that she’s could be comfortable.

The next day, all of them got ready and lest for office. They reached and saw nesam approaching. They greeted them and went off to their respective work places.

After a while, a girl entered the office with s file in her hand wearing black palazzo pant and a dark blue long kurta. She was tall and had long hair, till her waist. She straight went to Piyali’s cabin.

Piyali smiled and greeted her as she entered her cabin. The girl had no smile on her face. She was expressionless and took her seat. She was pretty though.

Piyali said “Ms. Nithika Rajput, I hope you had no trouble.”

Nitika said “no no ma’am. No trouble at all.”

Piyali said “I hope Bird Song doesn’t upset your expectations.”

She said “I love your company. Read a lot about it. I’ll see to it.”

Just then Samrat entered the cabin. He saw the two of them and gave a blank look. Piyali introduced her to him and they dhook hands.

Samrat asked “why are you so dull?! No cheerfulness, no smile. Why?!”

She said “when there’s no reason to smile or be cheerful, what’s the need of it.”

He saw her resume and said “wow!! You’ve achieved a lot at the tendr age of 26. Omg!! Wait!! You’re Raghuveer Pratap Rajput’s daughter?!”

She said “yes. The younger one.”

He said “you gave your own diamond estate and other businesses. Why here?!”

She said “I’m adopted. They hate me cause I’m not of the Rajput bloodline. They’re royal. So, that’s why baapu moved out of India and we were a happy family untill…..” she started to cry.

Samrat and Piyali felt bad for her. It was big news 11 years back where Raghuveer and his wife Amrita had died in a car crash. Soon after that, 3 years after that, Komal the elder had died. In London, shit point blank. It would have taken a lot of courage to move on and bring up oneself to such a great position.

Samrat said “you’re mom, dad and sister are proud of you. Of what your are today. Only one thing is disappointing them.”

She asked “what sir?”

He said “you’re smile.”

She said “no. I will never. I smile to someone and show care, I loose them in no time. It’s better people stay away. People need to hate me. Like hies it’s been for the past 8 years. I’ve been so rude. I don’t care of it. Please don’t ask this again.”

Piyali said “come I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

She said “OK” and got up.

Samrat too came along with them. Piyali gathered everyone’s attention. All of them came upto the front. Arjun couldn’t see her. He felt eveen more restless.

Piyali announced “everyone this is Nithika. Nithika Rajput. Your new creative head.”

Arjun was shocked. So was Nandini. The name was familiar to her. Radhika saw both of their reactions and couldn’t understand a thing. Piyali introduced her to Teji, Zubin and Kritika. When it was to Nesam and ardhika and Nandini, she turned around. Nithika looked at Arjun and Nandini.

Piyali said “meet Sam, Samaira my daughter. Her husband Neil Malhotra.”

She shook hands with them. Still with the emotionless face.

When it was Arjun’s turn, Nithika cut her in between.

She said in a taunting voice “hello Mr. Mehra. Long time.”

Arjun stood there like a rock. He was shocked. Huge guilt written on his face. Next was Nandini. She too was shocked. Arjun felt happy too. To find her after 8 long years. He wanted to hug her tight, but no he couldn’t. She hated him from the core of her heart.

She said “Ms. Pandey. Nice to see you here. You came from the hospital without finishing your treatment. And Arjun, I hope you got that revenge of yours. Wait are you the same Samaira?” turning to Sam.

Arjun felt like braking down. Nandini felt so bad. Radhika had her mouth hung open. Sam and Neil too. Same with Piyali and Samrat.

She said “I will never forgive you for what you’ve done. Never ever. You must be Radhika. I love your writings. And I think you’re the one who fooled the whole of Harvard with your fake admission. How are you with this man?! Do you know what he is?! Who he really is?!”

Radhika said “I know it all.”

She said “OK. So, now.. From now on I’m your creative head. I don’t care if you hate me. But, the sad thing is, you all have to bear with me.”

Arjun said “Niti please. Can’t we just forget everything and get back to normal?”

She screamed “NEVER!! NEVER!!”

She ran to the washroom and cried locking herself in. Arjun went to his cabin with tears. The other 4 came along with him. Piyali and Samrat went to their own cabins with sad faces. Everyone else carried on with their works thinking of the drama that just happened.

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Up next: Past brewing up

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