Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 15- Ardhika honeymoon)


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Radhika woke up in Arjun’s arms. She blushed thinking of last night and their wedding. She got off his hold and went to freshen up. She went to the kitchen and saw Nandini cooking. She went and helped her. As, they finished preparing breakfast and laid it all on the table, the doorbell rang. It was Rana. Radhika greeted him and took his blessings.

Rana said handing a gift box and an envelope to her “sorry beta, couldn’t attend your wedding.”

Radhika said “no problem kaka. I know you had to attend that meeting. For the benefit of the asshram. So, how’s everyone there?”

Rana said “everything’s fine. I’m glad that you entered our lives. God bless you child.”

Radhika smiled and called him for breakfast. Just then, Arjun came from his room after freshening up, calling out to Radhika. Nandini controlled her laugh looking at Radhika. Rana just sat and smiled watching it all. Nandini teased Radhika. As he came, he saw all of them and stopped there. He then saw Radhika who was standing next to Nandini blushing. He went to Rana and took his blessings.

They all sat for breakfast and spoke a lot of things. Gossips, business, funny things and lot other things too. Everyone were smiling and enjoying the “complete family” atmosphere that was around them.

After breakfast, Radhika asked looking at the envelope “what’s in there kaka?”

Radhika asked funnily “new business?! Promotion?! Or is it property?!”

Radhika laughed at herself for her silliness. Arjun and Nandini too joined along. Rana felt

He smiled and said “see it for yourself.”

She opened it and saw what is was. She gasped out loud. It was a honeymoon package to Paris. For a week. Radhika’s jaw dropped. Arjun took it from her and saw it and chuckled. Nandini smiled at it. And they had to leave day after tomorrow.

Radhika asked “what was the need for all this kaka?!”

He said “it’s the least I could do. Now go pack. Soon. Even the visa is ready. Don’t worry.”

Arjun smiled and said “thank you kaka.”

Radhika asked “day after tomorrow?!”

He said “yes. Why what happened?

She said “we have an important meeting tomorrow.”

Nandini said “Radhika this is the only time you can enjoy. If you work now and then get usy, you’ll find no time for honeymoon. So, this is the best time. Go now. Go pack. Don’t worry about office. I’ll take care.”

Radhika was about to say something, her phone started to ring. It was Piyali. She picked up and spoke.

Radhika said “good morning aunty.”

Piyali said “good morning beta. I wanted to tell you that I’m giving you and Arjun a ten days off. For your honeymoon.”

She exclaimed “what aunty?!”

Piyali said “yeah honeymoon. And a week off. Now no more arguments as Neil and Sam to are going on honeymoon. They are off to Venice.”

Radhika said “Sam never told me.”

Piyali said “it’s k. You know now.”

She asked “when are they leaving?”

Piyali said “they already left. Morning.”

Radhika gasped. She said a little angrily “she didn’t tell me at all. I will kill her when she gets back.”

Piyali said “calm down Radhika. I heard Rana has booked tickets. He spoke to me while leaving to your place. So, you too go. Anyways you’ll be bored without Sam. So, I think it’s a good idea.”

She said “you’re right aunty. I’ll go pack. There’s lots of work to be done. Bye aunty.”

Piyali said “bye beta. Take care. Have a safe journey.”

Radhika turned to Arjun and said “nesam have left for honeymoon. Without informing. So bad that is.”

Arjun said “I knew it long ago Radhika. They were just waiting for you to come back and wanted us married. Now that it’s all done, they left.”

She asked “what does it have to do with us and their honeymoon?”

Arjun said “they thought that I’d feel bad if they left when I was all alone. I kept remembering you so much. I missed you a lot. So, they decided after our wedding they’d go for honeymoon.”

Radhika ran to Arjun and hugged him. She started to cry. She never wanted them to prolong their honeymoon because of her. And Arjun, how much she had hurt him.

She said still crying “sorry. I never knew that so many people will have to sacrifice so much for me. I hurt you all. I’m really sorry.”

Arjun said “sshhh.. Now stop it. It’s not your fault. Now come, let’s go pack.”

Nandini said “now go.”

When both of them just stood there and kept staring, Rana and Nandini screamed in unison “GO.”

They packed their bags and were ready. They had done enough shopping. They checked the weather. It was cold, so they packed some extra thermal wear. Nandini kept giving them a long list of instructions and even Mala kept calling and kept advising them. The couple had had enough of it.

Radhika said “maa one more advice, i’m going to cancel the trip. I’m no kid, I’ve got Arjun with me.”

Mala said “I’ve got nothing to say. Take care. Happy journey.”

They left for the airport and were seated in the plane. One of the air hostess kept smiling at Arjun. He too smiled back, but was uncomfortable. Radhika saw this and went up to her.

Radhika said gritting her teeth with a fake smile on her face “it’s not nice to stare at someone’s husband in such a way. One more look, I’ll rip your eyeballs and play goli with them. Mind it.”

The girl got so scared that she switched places with the senior. Radhika smiled victoriously and walked with pride. Arjun laughed a little nodding his head at her tactics. He loved her for what she was and he always will.

They reached Paris!! Finally!! THE CITY OF “LOVE”!! They reached the luxury hotel that was already booked for them. They entered their honeymoon suite. It was a large one. Very beautiful. It had the ancient french feel. Antique furniture, room setting, etc. They were too tired. They informed their respective families of their arrival and slept off.

The first day, they went to the Musée d’Orsay with the help of guide. He kept explaining, but they couldn’t understand more than half of it as he had more than 70% of french in his vocabulary. But they did enjoy it. It was a beautiful museum built between 1998 and 1900. It had paintings by the maestros, ancient paintings, furniture and etc. They managed to click a few pictures as it wasn’t allowed inside.(please don’t get bored)

Next day, the Louvre. One of the world’s largest monument. It was a museum too, being the world’s most visited landmark. Was the fortress of the late Phillip II. A breathtaking sight.

The third day!! The most exciting one!! The Eiffel Tower!! Every couple’s dream to visit there. Radhika was so excited. Arjun found it hard to handle her as she was like a kid. Totally!! Radhika wasn’t happy as they couldn’t reach the top. They got down and clicked a few selfies. One of it was too cute to resist. It was a picture where they are standing in front of the tower and Radhika was smiling and Arjun kissing her forehead. But in the end, Radhika ended up sticking her tongue out. It was cute indeed.

The next day,they went to the Pont des Art bridge. They tied ribbons which symbolizes your committed love to one another. Before it was locks with each other’s names that were
put at the mesh. Now it’s not allowed. So, it was ribbons.

As they were leaving, Radhika got a call. It was Sam. She happily picked it up.

She said “hi Sam!! I’m gonna kill you for not telling me that you’re leaving to Venice. Anyways leave all that. How are you? Neil? And Venice?!”

Sam said weakly “Chashni we came back two days back.”

Radhika panicked. She put it on speaker so that Arjun could hear. Arjun too looked tensed listening to Sam’s voice.

Radhika asked “Sam are you ok? And so soon? Any problem?”

Sam said “all are fine Chashni. I got sick that’s all. So, we came back. Nothing to worry. Slight food poisoning.”

Radhika asked “that is nothing? I’m coming back right away. Sam you need to be careful. How are you now?”

Sam said “meri maa stop. I’m fine. You don’t spoil your honeymoon because of me.”

Radhika said “but…”

Sam cut in the middle and said “give the phone to Arjun. Now!!”

Arjun took the phone and said “Sam how are you? It’s k. We’ll come back.”

Sam screamed “NO!! You both are staying and coming only after it’s over. Please Arjun. Pleeeaaaaeeeseee.”

Neil said “she’s right. We’ll go again. To some place better. You both enjoy and come.”

Arjun said “ok” and cut the call.

Radhika let out a sigh. She was so disappointed that she wasn’t by Sam at this time. Arjun pulled her by his his side and gave her a warm hug.

The next day, ie. the fifth day, Notre Dame Cathedral. They did some shopping. Perfumes, lots of perfumes, dresses and handmade soaps and went back to hotel.

The next day, Palais Garnier (the Paris Opera House). It is the world’s most reknown opera house. Beautiful structure, which got it’s name from the architect Charles Garnier. They saw a ballet concert and came back.

The next day, the had breakfast and left. They just roamed. For lunch they went to Pierre Gagnaire (I personally loved it). They then saw a few fountains Place du Tertre. Street flooded with paintings and sketches by street artists. They got their sketch done too. The artist blessed them. Radhika kept herself close to Arjun as she felt too cold. Arjun gave her all the warmth needed. They went back to the hotel.

The last day, they stayed back in hotel as they were tired and had to do packing. Radhika finished packing and was standing in the balcony. Arjun came back with lunch and saw her standing in the balcony. He went to her and hugged her from behind. Radhika caught hold of his hands on her waist. Arjun kissed her neck and both of them went and had lunch. They then slept off. They ended up waking the next morning and got ready. Flight was in the afternoon. They got ready and double checked everything. They checked out of the hotel and left for the airport. They boarded the plane and reached Mumbai.

They came back home and Nandini welcomed them. They had dinner and went to sleep as it was late. They went to meet Sam. She was at home. Neil had strictly asked her not to go to office. She walking around joblessly in her room. She looked pale. Radhika went and hugged her. Sam was so happy to see them. Radhika gave Sam the handmade soap of lavender and cocoa flavour that she had asked Radhika to bring for her. She gave her perfume and a frock that she had bought for her. A leather coat for Neil. They talked and had lunch with Prerna.

They went back home and found Nandini sleeping on the sofa in an inapropriate position. Arjun lifted her and put her on the bed. Radhika prepared dinner and she woke up Nandini. They had dinner and spoke of the trip. Radhika explained everything like a five year old with full excitement and actions. Nandini laughed at her and Arjun kept smiling at her. How on earth did he fall for her? But he had and she was his for eternity. She showed everything that they had bought and gave her the dress and perfume that they had bought for her. She showed her the portrait too. Nandini smiled lovingly at the portrait.

She said “Arjun get this one framed and hang it your bedroom. It’s so pretty. Now go sleep. It’s late. Good night.”

Arjun and Radhika wished her for the night and went to their rom. Radhika was still holding the picture to her chest. Arjun came to her and took it from her.

He asked “ can I sleep on you lap tonight?”

She said “you don’t need to ask Arjun. It’s your right. Come.”

He laid his head on her lap and her tight. Radhika kept stroking his hair gently and he went off to sleep in no time. He felt so peaceful. Free of sins, regret. He was happy. It felt like heaven. Radhika too fell asleep after a while.

That’s it for today.. Hope I didn’t drag it or bore you all.. I’m so sorry if I did… I have my lab exams coming up… It was cancelled.. It’s there now… Not funny at all… I’ll be back soon..

Love you all loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug

Credit to: Shree

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