Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 14- Ardhika wedding)


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It was a big day for everyone at Bird Song. They had to bag this big project. It was Piyali’s dream project. Anita Dongre was launching a new range of bridal collection and wedding jewelry. They had approached Bird Song for promoting their new collection. Piyali was on cloud nine. She was obsessed with the collections of Anita Dongre. Every jewelry she had was of Anita Dongre. She didn’t want the opportunity to slip out of hands, if they were impressed they’d launch all their collections with the help of Bird Song.

Samrat found it tough to handle Piyali, so tough to bring her back to reality. She only kept dreaming of her so called obsessed designer. Sam laughed over Samrat’s state. Nandini didn’t react much as she knew Piyali for long. Neil and ardhika were in trance to see Piyali like that. They all decided to make it the best presentation. They had to, for Piyali. If they lost, it’ll hurt Piyali. So, the five of them took initiative.

(Lol I can understand.. The excitement… I have two dresses designed by her… They are awesome…. The accessories are MINDBLOWING!! I too am a big fan of her… ??)

They had a week’s time. They worked day and night. Neil and got information on the new collection that was to be launched. Teji, Zubin and Kritika took care of pamphlets and Radhika prepared the ppt and quotes. Arjun was supervising. He’d go make coffee for all as they were busy and he had to just sit and watch.

The night before the presentation, Radhika was very droopy. She almost fell asleep when Arjun caught her and stopped her from falling. Everyone saw and smiled.

Arjun said “Radhika go sleep.”

She said “no Arjun, I’m fine.”

Neil said “Sammy you too go. Seem to be too tired.”

Sam said smiling “okay” and pulled Radhika with her.

Radhika protested, but finally gave in. She went with her and they both slept for an hour. They then and back fresh and started to work. Once the work was done, everyone stretched and cracked their knuckles. Radhika was still with her laptop making some final touches with a serious face. She looked nervous too.

Arjun went to her and asked “what’s wrong princess?”

She looked up from the laptop and said “I’m scared Arjun.”

Arjun asked “why?”

Radhika said “the presentation. What if it isn’t upto the mark? And Piyali ma’am…..”

Before she could finish Arjun said “sshhhh… nothing of such sorts. It’s gonna be the best. And you’re there. There’s nothing that can go wrong” and kissed her forehead.

She smiled at him and said “thank you. I donno what I would have done if you weren’t there with me.”

All of them smiled looking at them. Neil out his hand around Sam’s shoulder and pulled her closer to him smiling. Sam too smiled looking at him and saw them.

He smiled and said “now that I’m there stop thinking of such things and come. It’s late.”

They all left for their respective homes. Nandini was waiting for both of them. She was tensed and pacing up and down. It was very late. She picked up her phone to call Arjun, both of them entered the house. They saw Nandini tensed and looked at each other.

Arjun asked “what happened Nandu?”

Nandini asked “what took you so long?”

Radhika said “it’s a very important presentation di. Piyali maam’s dream. We made sure it was perfect.”

She said “yes I know. The Anita Dongre!! She loves them and so do I. Ok fine, chuck all of that. Come have dinner.”

Arjun asked “you ate?”

She smiled and nodded in negative. Arjun’s reaction changed. He didn’t seem to be happy.

He asked “why didn’t you eat for so long? You know you need to eat your medicines.”

Nandini said smiling “I wanted to eat with you all. It’s been so long. And about the medicines, doctor said I’m fine. I don’t need to eat them. Perfectly alright. I’ve got a clean chit.”

Arjun was so happy and shocked at the same time that he didn’t know how to react. His sister was alright. He then pulled Radhika and twirled her around and then hugged Nandini. Radhika laughed at him and Nandini was happy to see Arjun smile so much and hugged him back. They had dinner and went to bed. Radhika rehearsed thrice before going to bed and Arjun kept laughing at her nervousness sitting on the bed. Radhika gave him an angry stare. They then went to bed.

The next morning, everyone was dressed in their best. Arjun in his formals as usual, but looked extra handsome. Radhika in a black palazzo pants and a pink and white combo long kurta. Nandini in a simple light blue patiala suit. They had breakfast and left for Bird Song.

Samrat was in a tuxedo, Neil as usual looked dashing in his style. Sam in a white colour jumpsuit and Piyali in a simple yet elegant magenta with brown border sari. Everyone were in their best. Even Teji, Zubin and Kritika. No, the whole of Bird Song was in its best.

They assembled in the conference hall with the delegates. Radhika was nervous. Arjun squeezed her hand in an assuring manner and smiled at her. Nandini winked and wished her luck. Nesam patted her back and went and sat down. Piyali and Samrat nodded in assuring manner and smiled at her. Radhika smiled and started off with the presentation. Everyone were watching her with the reaction “what’s going on?” types. After the presentation was over, all of them gave her a standing ovation. Radhika was happy. She saw Piyali, who had a peaceful reaction on her face. Arjun was proud of his princess. The others were much impressed and took up the contract with them and blessed Radhika for her talent. They said that the future collections will be promoted through their ad firm. They even promised to design Radhika and Arjun’s wedding outfit.

Piyali came to Radhika and hugged her.
She said still hugging her “thank you Radhika!! Thank you so much!!”

She said “it was my duty ma’am.”

Piyali said “not ma’am. Aunty.”

Samrat said “and me uncle.”

Radhika looked at them and said “OK uncle. Ok aunty” and winked.

Everyone laughed. Arjun came to Radhika and hugged her and kissed her forehead. The others too were happy. It was after so long, Bird Song got it’s bright side back.

Samrat organised another party. This was a big one as this time Piyali had initiated it. Everyone enjoyed it. The next day, Radhika’s parents along with Ankush and Riddhima arrived. Baby Ahana was there too. Not to forget Dada ji. Radhika was so happy to see Ahana and took her in her arms. Even Arjun was happy to see them. They all greeted Nandini with a warm smile which shocked her. She too smiled at them. They called the pandit home and discussed everything. Samrat and Piyali toi were there. Not to forget nesam.

Pandit said “next week Monday is a very auspicious day for the engagement. And exactly after a month on the same date, is a perfect day for the wedding. I guess you all have very less time.”

Mala smiled and said “thank you pandit ji. We can manage.”

Piyali said “yes we can manage. Don’t worry.”

The pandit left. Arjun and Radhika kept smiling looking at each other. Nesam saw this and coughed intentionally and were flapping their hands at their faces indicating “it’s hot”. Everyone saw this and burst out laughing. Ardhika felt embarrassed.

The engagement preparations were on full swing. Neil and Sam pulled Arjun and Radhika respectively to shops to buy dresses. They planned to finish the remaining things required for the wedding along with the engagement ones as they had very less time. They didn’t worry about the wedding outfits as it was known that Anita’s team was working on it.

Meanwhile at Cambridge…..

(Thought that I’d forget them?! No ways!! Now watch ??)

Nitin came to Reena’s table and kept staring at her. She was so much into her work the she didn’t notice him. He tapped lightly on her table, still no response. He lightly shook her shoulder, which bought her back to reality. She looked up and was shocked to see Nitin there. She gave him a sheepish grin, Nitin smiled looking at her.

She composed herself and asked “sir?! You here? You could have called. Why did you take all the pain to come here?”

He lost his smile. Turned serious, which frightened Reena. He came close to her and locked her between the chair.

He said “no need to be afraid baby. I’m not gonna hurt you. I just wanted to come with me for coffee. And that’s an order. Come soon. I’m waiting.”

Reena was shocked. She nodded in agreement with fright like a robot. She watched him turn around and walk towards the entrance.

She thought “what?! Baby?! What’s going on?! How dare he order me?! I know he’s my boss, but not in personal issues.”

She then got up and walked hurriedly towards the parking lot. She saw Nitin and stood right there. He smiled to his fullest seeing her. She was lost in him. This guy made her go in knees for him. She then snapped out of it and got into the car and they drove off. Nitin held Reena’s hand while driving. She felt tickled and tried to pull her hand off, not to make him doubt on her. As she tried to do it, he caught her hand even more tight. Reena gasped.

Nitin still driving, bit out out at her “don’t you dare try to pull away.”

Reena was shocked.

She asked “sir?”

He looked at her and kept driving still holding her hand. Reena liked it, but she couldn’t tell it. She placed her head on his shoulder and stayed quiet. Nitin smiled at this and kissed her head. Reena didn’t seem to care. They reached the coffee shop and ordered. Just then Nitin’s phone rang. It was Arjun. He put it on speaker so that Reena could hear.

Nitin said “hi Arjun.”

Arjun said “hey!! How are you?”

He said “all good. And you? Radhika?”

Arjun said “all’s well.”

Nitin said “hmmm.”

Arjun asked “you told her?”

Nitin asked “who her and what to tell?”

Arjun said “aye nonsense, your girlfriend. Did you confess?”

Nitin kept quiet. Reena heard this and felt bad. He liked someone else. Nitin saw Reena. She was upset.

Nitin said “soon I will.”

Reena fought back her tears and sat there listening to their conversation. Just then Radhika came and snatched the phone from Arjun and spoke.

Radhika said “hello brother. How’s life going?”

He said “all good.”

She asked “is Reena with you? If so, can you please handover the phone to her. I called her, but she didn’t pick my call.”

Reena said “I’m sorry Radhika. My phone was on silent mode.”

Radhika said “chill. It’s k. I just wanted to ask if you’ve confessed your feelings to your boyfriend.”

Reena said “I will. Soon.”

Nitin felt bad now. She loved someone else. Not him. He clenched his fists and sat along trying to be normal.

Then Radhika said “I and Arjun are getting married again. Engagement next week. Wedding next month. You all are invited. I know you can’t make it for the engagement. But, please do come for the wedding.”

Nitin and Reena said in unison “we will.”

Radhika asked “engagement?”

Nitin said “no. Wedding well come. You can make it live so that we too can watch.”

Arjun said “great idea. We’ll surely do it. Please do make it for the wedding. I’ll send the invitation soon.”

Nitin said “you’ve informed. That’s more than enough. We’ll surely come. Dad will be so happy.”

Arjun said “OK bye. Got a lot of work to do.”

Nitin said “yeah ok. Bye.”

Radhika and Reena too told bye and hung up the call.

The preparations were on full swing. Arjun and Radhika wanted it simple, but no one payed heed. The theme was Royal for the engagement. Ankush had bought in the best wedding planner in the city for both engagement and wedding.

It was engagement day!! Radhika was dressed up in simple pink and yellow lahenga wih simple matching jewelry. But it was enough to make her look more like a queen. Sam helped Radhika. Sam was in a red lahenga with golden work and she too looked pretty. Arjun was in a lavender colour sherwani. Neil in a red one. On the whole, everyone were in their best.

The ceremony took place. There was a lot of games. It was fun. Everyone were enjoying to their fullest. Ankush had a lot of fan followers. He kept running, but collided with some of the other girl. Everyone laughed at his state. Nitin and Reena along with Nishanth watched the engagement on live and they too laughed.

Mala said “beta, select a girl na. Please I want a bahu.”

Dilip too smiled and nodded in agreement.

Ankush with an angry stare “maa you too? And papa?! You?!” and ran from there.

Just then Samrat announced “there’ll be a dance performance by one of the best dancers of Mumbai.”

Everyone applauded. As the music started, a girl, a tall one wearing a patiala suit entered the hall with a veil covering her face.

The song was thoda thoda pyaar from love aaj kal.

Lalalalalalala ho gaye re….

The girl danced and kept watching the couple. Arjun felt uneasy. The steps used by the girl was little familiar. He remembered someone. But, he managed to stay normal with a smile on his face.

Mere dil ka… Mere dil ka hua eisa mehrab thoda thoda pyaar aa gaya..

The song finished. The girl stopped dancing. Everyone applauded. She folded hands in a thanking manner and left the hall. All of them had dinner. When they were about to leave, Sam came and caught hold of Radhika.

Sam said “Radhika’s gonna be shifting with me.”

Arjun looked bewildered. Radhika understood and smiled. Laughed out loud and everyone joined him.

Arjun asked “what?!”

Sam said “bride and groom can’t meet each other till the wedding is over.”

Arjun said “what rubbish?! One month?!”

Neil came to him and said “yes Arjun. No romance for a month. You need to wait.”

Arjun looked at Neil angrily and everyone laughed at him. Prerna hit Neil asking him to shut up.

Radhika exclaimed “office!”

Everyone looked at her. Arjun smiled at her smartness. He was happy to see his princess go naughty.

Sam said “but still. It’s work place so that’s an exception.”

One month seemed to be like just a week. So much work pending. Shopping deemed to like a never ending process. Arjun and Radhika were tired to the core. They managed to make time for each other. Finally they finished everything.

Nitin and Reena along with Nishanth arrived on the haldi day. Samrat and Piyali were happy to see them. Piyali hugged Nitin and greeted Reena with a warm smile. Karthik couldn’t make it as he was on an undercover mission. Radhika was upset and she was sure that he’ll come visit once he’s done.

Piyali said “Nitin you’ve grown so much. I’m glad that I could meet you.”

Nitin said “same here aunty.”

Nesam came and greeted them. Nitin hugged both of them. And congratulated them for their wedding. Then after some time, the haldi rasm took place. Nitin took both Arjun and Radhika’s side. Reena was on Radhika’s side and Sam too. Neil was on Arjun’s side. They all rested after the ceremony was over.

The next day, mahendi-sangeet.
Radhika in a simple green and orange lahenga. Reena and Sam were with her. Nitin kept watching Reena as she got the henna applied in her hands. Arjun and Radhika were smiling looking at each other. Nesam were exchanging naughty glares at each other.

The mahendi artist asked Reena “what is your husband’s initial? Or you’re would be?”

Reena said “N.”

Nitin’s blood boiled. The guy and he shared the same initial. Arjun smiled at this. Neil too smiled as he knew it all. Whatever it was, he was going to confess tonight. No matter what happens. After Reena was done, she got up and started walking. Nitin pulled her and pinned her to the wall. He made sure that her mahendi doesn’t smudge. Reena tried to go, but he held her waist tight.

She said “sir please let me go.”

He said “no. Not until I find out.”

She asked “find out what?”

He said “about your lover.”

She asked “what about him?”

He asked “who is he?”

She got angry.

She bit out “none of your concern. You have a girl.”

He said “I’m not letting you go till I find out.”

Just then, Nishanth called Nitin. He frowned and went to his dad leaving Reena frozen to her spot. She had tears in her eyes.

She said slowly “I love you Nitin sir.”

The dance started. Every guest was seen enjoying. Nitin came in with his dad and Reena too entered at the same time from another side. He saw her and smiled. Reena turned her face away.

Again, the mysterious dancer. She danced on the song nachaan farate. This time, Arjun and Neil danced along with her. Everyone cheered. Arjun wanted to find out, but couldn’t. She had her face covered well.

Radhika and Sam danced on chittiyan kalaiyaan. Riddhima and her mom danced on sasural genda phool. Dilip, Ankush and Dada ji showed off a few steps.

Nesam danced on the song tune maari entriyan.. It was so cute. Everyone applauded. Ardhika danced on tujhe deka tho ye jaana sanam….. The perfect song..

After that Nitin went to Reena asked her hand for dance. She first refused, but when ardhika asked her to she went with him. Nishanth was happy to see his son fall in love.

The danced on the song pehla pehla pyaar hai…. They lost themselves into each other. Everyone was happy to see this. At the end, Nitin went on his knees and pulled out a small box from his pocket.

He said “Reena darling, will you please marry me? I love you!!”

Reena still in shock asked “sir?! Me?!”

He said “yes you. I don’t which guy you love. I’ll break his bones and make you mine.”

She laughed out and asked “so, you’ll break your own bones?! Wow!! I’d like to see that.”

He asked “what do you mean?”

She said “are buddu I love you. You’ll go break your own bones is it?!”

He asked “buddu?”

She got scared and said “sorry sir.”

He got up and asked “what did you just say?!”

Everyone stood there enjoying the drama. Everyone were seen biting their lower lip controlling their laughter.

She said slapping her forehead “you are surely a buddu. I donno how I fell in love with such a guy.”

He asked “did you just say that you love me?”

She said with an annoyed face “no. I said I hate you.”

He pulled her close and said “don’t you dare say that.”

She said “then what have I been telling all this time? And you be stuck in that one place only. Stupid.”

He asked “stupid?”

She said “yes you.”

He said “OK baba. I’m sorry. I love you. Will you please marry me?”

She said happily “yes I will. Love you too.”

(I can say she was more excited than being happy. ??)

He made her wear the ring and hugged her tight. Everyone applauded at the scene. They burst out laughing too. For long they had controlled it. Both of them smiled at all. Nishanth came and blessed them both.

(Finally, inki love story success ??)

The next day, reception!!

Went on well. Very few guests. Radhika in a pink anarkai and Arjun in a tuxedo.

Teji danced. Zubin and Kritika paired up. Zubin ended up proposing Kritika, which shocked all. No one expected it. But Kritika happily accepted and hugged him tight.

(Ek aur love story ki success ??)

The next day!! Was The Day!! The WEDDING!!

Everyone was busy checking the things. Preparations!! It had to be perfect. Time came for them to officially seal themselves. The official knot.

Radhika was wearing a peach colour lahenga with heavy stone work. Diamond jewellery!! Sam in a red colour sari with heavy embroidery with minimal jewelery. Arjun as usual, in a white stunning sherwani. Neil in an ash colur sherwani. Mala and Dilip were busy in welcoming the guests. Piyali and Samrat were busy too. Nandini and Prerna in the kitchen. Nitin and Reena made sure nothing is wrong. Riddhima along with her daughter and Dada ji sat in a corner watching everything. Ankush kept running. He was like a tornado. He didn’t want anything to be left over to make his sister’s wedding the best of all. Radhika was very excited and on the other hand,Arjun was very nervous. But he managed to stay calm. Neil kept teasing him. Finally, it was time. To face it. Arjun went to the mandap. Radhika arrived after a while. The rituals took place, phere and finally the tag “man and wife”. It was a happy moment.

Everyone left home. Nitin, Reena and Nishanth left for Cambridge.

Radhika was welcomed with love. Her family stayed with her for the night. Arjun was pacing around tensed and at the same time Radhika entered and went and hugged him from behind. Arjun turned around and smiled at her. He kissed her forehead, carried her in his arms,laid her on the bed and consummated their marriage. Again.

So that’s it…. Put things in quickly…. I won’t be updating for the next two weeks… I have my internals coming up…. Till then.. Tata.. Bye bye… Cya all soon… Love you all loads.. Tc… Keep smiling… Bear hug ??

Up next : Chapter 15

Spoiler: New entry… past revelation… ect

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