Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 11- Arjun’s birthday)

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Radhika woke up in the morning. She smiled looking at Arjun, who was sleeping next to her. She was in his arms. He held her tight, as if she was his dream who’d stay all night and then just vanish into thin air, when he woke up in the morning. She smiled, blushing thinking of what had happened last night. She caressed his cheek and gave him a kiss. She carefully got off his grip and sat on the bed. He was so cute. She kept watching him sleep. She then gasped.

She thought “omg!! His birthday’s just two days away!! And I’ve done nothing. But, what to do? I really want to make it special for him. Think Radhika think. Do something.”

She then smiled when something struck her mind. She got off the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out, she saw that Arjun was still sleeping. She went down to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Arjun woke up after a while. He spread his arms around the bed and all of a sudden, his eyes just flew open. He turned around and found that Radhika wasn’t there. He panicked again.

He thought “where did she go? That too this early.

He called out “Radhika!! Radhika where are you?”

He panicked when she didn’t respond. Radhika smiled and continued to cook. Arjun got off the bed and checked the bathroom. It was empty. He stormed out of the room. He came down and stopped when a saw he saw her delicate form in the kitchen. He felt relieved. He ran to her and hugged her from behind. Radhika didn’t respond, she just kept cooking.

He said “good morning princess” and kissed her cheek.

She responded “good morning.”

He said “I got so scared.”

She asked “why?”

He said “when I saw you weren’t in bed. I thought you…”

She said “thought that I ran away. Left you. Arjun how could you think of such a thing? You still don’t trust me don’t you?” and started to cry.

He said, wiping her tears “I’m sorry princess. It’s not about trust, it’s my fear. What can I do? That morning you just left me and went. And every morning I fear the same thing when I don’t find you next to me.”

She said “ssshh… Not a word. Arjun I’m not going to go anywhere. Trust me. I’ll never leave you.”

He turned her around and asked “promise?”

She gave him an angry stare. He was asking this since yesterday. She got annoyed and turned around, continued to cook. Arjun knew he shouldn’t have done that. He hugged her again.

He said “I’m sorry princess. But, I’m scared.”

She said “I know Arjun. You don’t have to be sorry. It’s all cause of me.”

He said “no Radhika. Don’t say that.”

She asked “then what else?”

He said mischievously “ok fine, you’ll be punished for this.”

She exclaimed “what?!”

He said “yes.”

She let out a sigh and said “ok.”

He said looking up at the ceiling still thinking “so, your punishment is, you’ll have to wake me up with a morning kiss aaannndd….”

She asked “and?”

He said “I’ll think and tell.”

She asked “and if I don’t?”

He said “I know how to take it from you.”

She said “Arjun you’re too much. And I’m not going to do it. Now go freshen up.”

He said “your wish is my command princess.”

He gave her a kiss and went. Radhika smiled looking at him. He came after a while. Radhika had finished preparing breakfast. He saw her waiting for him. They had breakfast. She smiled looking at the ring with a princess cut diamond that sat on her left ring finger. Arjun saw this and smiled.

She looked at him and said “I love you.”

He said “love you even more.”

He said “I need to go to office.”

She said “Arjun, it’s Sunday.”

He asked “is it?”

She said laughing “yes dufus.”

He asked “who dufus?!”

She said still laughing “it’s only us here. So, I think it’s obvious that I called you a dufus. Not think, it is.”

He said “uh huh.”

She smiled at him. He was so happy. Radhika got up and walked towards the kitchen. Arjun stopped her. He pulled her and she was on his lap.

Arjun said “it’s been so long. And my dream’s come true.”

She asked “what was your dream?”

He said “you.”

She hugged him. He too hugged her. She then kissed his cheek.

She said “your morning kiss.”

He said “this is not fair.”

She asked “what’s not fair?”

He said “this is not the way you give a kiss to a romantic husband.”

She asked “are you alright? I think bhai was right.”

He asked “yeah I’m fine. And what did Karthik say?”

She said “psychiatrist. You need a psychiatrist.”

He exclaimed “what?!”

She said “yes. I like the old Arjun. The ‘Arjun sir’. The angry one.”

He asked “what about this one?”

She said “a bit too much to handle.”

(Too much to handle?! Did I just say that?! Oh, yes I did ??)

He asked “so, you want the old Arjun huh?”

She said “yeah. But, not too angry.”

He said “that can’t happen.”

She said “hmmmmm. But why not?”

He said “that was a fake. I had a motive at that time. Lived a fake life. And the most important thing, I didn’t love you at that time.”

She asked “and now?”

He said “I love you. And will forever. Now, my kiss.”

She asked “how many? I gave you.”

He said “that’s not it” and went down towards her lips.

She saw this and got off his lap. She stood there with hands on her hips. Arjun got up and started to walk towards her. She started to run. They ran throughout the house. Finally, he managed to get hold of her and pinned her to the wall. She tried to move away, but couldn’t as she could feel his weight on her. Her front was plastered to his. She fell short of breaths and started to sweat. Arjun smiled teasingly at her and came closer. Radhika closed her eyes as he came down towards her. He planted a wet kiss on her neck and put his face there. Radhika opened her eyes still panting.

He asked “still too much to handle?”

She said “Arjuun.”

He asked “do you know what it is on Tuesday?”

She said “I donno. You tell.”

He gave her an upset look. She knew it was his birthday, but didn’t say. She smiled, while he looked away.

She made him face her and said “I seriously donno Arjun. Is it something important?”

He said “no. Nothing.”

He thought “how could she not know my birthday? I really expected you to know Radhika.”

She said to herself looking at him “I promise you, I’ll make this birthday the most memorable one for you. It’ll be the best.”

He let go of her and started to walk away. He then turned around and said something that shocked her. She was happy too. But, the shock dominated the happiness.

He said “I want a baby girl.”

She blushed at his statement.

She asked “what?”

He said “you heard it right. A baby girl.”

She asked “why not a son?”

He said “that’s k. But I want only a princess. A cute one.”

Radhika said “all babies are cute.”

He said “yeah. But I want her to be the prettiest of all.”

Radhika said “I want a baby boy. Cool and handsome.”

He said “no. Baby girl.”

She said “baby boy.”

They had an argument. The boy, girl… boy, girl argument lasted for long. They enjoyed it. Finally, Radhika spoke up.

She said “I don’t care if it’s a girl or boy. All I want is, it has to be healthy, cute and chubby.”

He smiled at her and walked away. She kept thinking what made him to say that suddenly.

Radhika kept thinking of ways to celebrate his birthday. She wondered if he celebrated it. Radhika couldn’t think much as Arjun was at home. But, she had something planned. A rough sketch. The day was boring. Nothing much to be done. They had lunch and then watched a movie. Had dinner and went to bed.

Radhika screamed again. The nightmare was back. Arjun woke up and saw her swaying her arms and kicking in the air in fright. He caught hold of her hands and cuddled her up. He planted a deep kiss on her forehead and she woke up. She saw that she was banded between his strong yet gentle arms. She too hugged him.

She said still in fright, trying to control her tears “Arjun, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

He said “sshhhh… It’s k. No need of sorry. Radhika please try to get over it. I can’t see you like this. Please Radhika.”

Tears started to roll down. She couldn’t do anything. It kept haunting her. She felt like killing Saral. How she had spoilt her peaceful life.

She said “but…”

He came close and kissed her gently. They were like that for a long time. Arjun caught hold of her dress and pulled the sleeves down her shoulder. He kissed her there. He then kissed her forehead. He looked down at her left shoulder. The mark was gone. Spotless.

He said “princess, your shoulder’s all clear. There’s nothing that can haunt you now. And please, try to get over it as soon as possible. This is not the princess I knew and fell in love with. She was strong. She could face any problem and knew how to deal with it. Very well.”

Radhika broke the hug and smiled at him. She had to put it behind. She can’t carry it along and trouble him along with her. She then nodded in agreement. He lied down and she was on him. She laid her head on his chest and could hear his heartbeat. He caught hold of her waist and dozed off. She looked up and saw that he had slept. She put her head down and slept peacefully, listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

She got up in the morning and saw him sleeping. She smiled caressing his cheek and got off him. She pulled the covers to his chest and went to freshen up. She prepared breakfast. She made lunch for him. He got up and got ready for office. He went down and saw her having breakfast. He too sat along and had.

She smiled and said “good morning.”

He said “good morning. You forgot something.”

She asked “what?”

He asked “forgot so soon?”

She asked as if remembering something “oh! That?”

He knew that she understood and smiled at her. Radhika kept staring at him.

He said “yes. That.”

She got up and went to him. He finished eating and got up watching her come close. He caught her waist and pulled her closer. She came close and kissed his lips. She drew back.

She said “you got it. Now go, it’s getting late.”

He said “hmmmmm. But still you’re forgetting something important.”

She knew what he was talking about. She smiled at him.

She said “tell me what it is. I donno what is Arjun. At least if you tell, I can try doing something.”

He said “nothing” and walked out the door.

He turned around and saw her standing.

He said “bye. See you in the evening. Love you.”

She said “bye. Love you too.”

She called up Nandini and Karthik. It was a conference call.

Radhika said “hi di. Hi bhai.”

Karthik said “hi Radhu.”

Nandini said “hi.”

Radhika asked “di what does Arjun like? Like how can we celebrate his birthday? And bhai, which pastry shop is good here?”

Karthik said “La Patisserie. The best French pastry. They’re too yummy.”

(I just love La Patisserie. They’re too good. Their chocolate cake, almond cake and the best…. Chocolate tarts!! Yummy yummy yummy. I remember, we used to go almost like every month to buy these goodies. I miss US ??)

Nandini said “vanilla cake!! There has to be champagne.”

Karthik said “I’ll take charge of the cake. Don’t worry ma’am.”

Nandini said “Karthik, you can call me di. You’re like Arjun to me. So, from now I have two baby brothers.”

Karthik’s voice broke. No one had shown him so much care. Radhika smiled listening to it.

He said “thank you. Thank you so much. I’ve never had a sister.”

Nandini said “well, now you do.”

He chuckled and said “yes di.”

Radhika said “I forgot. Di, kaju barfi. He loves it. And yours is the best. I’ve heard him saying that.”

Nandini said “I’ll start with it right away.”

Karthik said “Radhu, I’ll get the champagne too.”

She said “OK fine. Bye now. Gotta do a lot of preparations.”

They said bye and cut the call. Radhika went to the supermarket nearby and bought streamers and balloons. She got a suit, gift and a big card. And yes, roses too.

(I’ll let you know of the roses ??)

She hid them in a place which he couldn’t even think of. She came down and prepared dinner. She then called up Nitin and Reena. She told them her plan and invited them to the party. They assured that they’d help her and wouldn’t let Arjun know of it. Arjun came back home and changed. They had dinner and went to sleep. Radhika pretended to be asleep. She waited till it was 12. She wanted to be the first one to wish him. She kept watching him sleep. After a while, she looked at her phone. It was 11:59. Only one minute left. As the phone showed 12:00, she went to him and wished him gently.

She said “happy birthday sweetheart. Stay blessed and keep smiling. Always. Love you” and kissed his forehead, caressing his head.

She went to the other side of the bed and slept. Arjun woke up as his alarm rang. Radhika pretended to be asleep. He got off the bed and stood staring out the window.

He wished himself “happy birthday Arjun. Seems like no one remembers your birthday. It’s k.”

Radhika listened to all of this and had tears. He came back and lied down and slept.

Radhika woke up excited. She got ready soon and went down to prepare breakfast. She prepared his favorite. Aloo paratha with loads of butter and chocolate milkshake.

(I really donno. Trying to put something. I’m really running short of food listing. It’s k ??)

He woke up and got ready. He came and saw the delicacies spread across the table. He looked at her. She smiled.

He asked “what was the need for all of this?”

She said “I just felt like preparing them. Now, shut up and eat.”

He stared at her with a raised eyebrow. He sat down and had breakfast. It was heavily. Yummy. He saw her in the kitchen.

He said “you too come. Have something.”

She screamed back “I’m not hungry. You carry on.”

He said “you’re coming now. Stop skipping meals.”

She said “I won’t. Now, shut up and eat. You’re running late.”

He had breakfast and left. As soon as he left, Radhika started with the decorations. She blew balloons, tied them to streamers and decorated the house well. She had the parathas in between. Meanwhile, Arjun was lost in thoughts. Just then Nitin came. His voice broke his thoughts and brought him to reality.

He said “happy birthday buddy” and gave him a red rose.

Arjun got up and hugged him.

He asked “what is this rose for?”

Nitin said “just like that. Go give it to Radhika. She’ll be happy.”

Just then Reena came. She too wished him and gave him a rose. So did Nitin’s dad. Arjun took his blessings. He stared at everyone in suspicion. He had no time to interrogate.

After a while, Nandini came along with Karthik. He smiled looking at them.

Nandini said hugging him “aww.. Happy birthday my little brother” and handed him the rose. The same red rose.

Karthik too wished him and gave the rose. Nandini and Karthik saw roses in Arjun’s hand and looked at him. His face had a lot of questions.

Nandini said “wow, looks like everyone’s giving you roses. What a coincidence. I wonder what Radhika gave.”

He said “Radhika doesn’t even know that it’s my birthday.”

Nandini asked “oh. Want me to talk to her? I’ll ask her to do something.”

He said “no need Nandu.”

She said “fine. At least take these roses to Radhika.”

Both Karthik and Nandini were smiling at his state. They wanted to laugh out loud. ButBut, they controlled themselves.

He said “OK. I have some important work. Catch you later.”

They came out of office. Nitin and Reena too came out. They all laughed out loud. They called Radhika and told her everything. She too laughed at it.

Neil called Arjun and wished him. So did Sam, Piyali, Samrat. Even Teji, Zubin and Kritika wished him. Arjun felt bad that even now Radhika didn’t wish him. He wanted her to wish him first.

Nandini came home with Karthik. She had the barfi and Karthik had the cake and champagne. They set it right on the table. They saw the decorations. It was lovely.

Nandini said “it’s lovely Radhika.”

Karthik said “yes Radhu. It is very pretty.”

She smiled and said “thank you.”

Nandini and Karthik went to their respective homes to change. They came back quickly. Nandini helped Radhika in preparing dinner for the guests. Karthik had gone out as he had some urgent work.

It was evening, Arjun started towards home. Radhika finished her work and took a quick shower. She changed to a pink short dress and wire matching accessories. Arjun reached home and saw that the lights were off. He ran and opened the door. It was dark. Very dark. He got scared.

He called out “Radhika!! Radhika where are you?”

He panicked when there was no response. He kept walking in the dark. Just then, he hit the table and stopped there rubbing his foot. The next moment, the lights went on. He looked up and saw the beautiful decoration. He identified Reena, Nitin, his dad, Karthik and Nandini. His eyes kept searching for Radhika. He smiled when he realized that she had planned it all. He looked down at the cake. It was vanilla cake, his favorite. There was a thin chocolate in the shape of a heart that said “happy birthday Arjun.”

He saw the champagne bottle. Just then, he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw Radhika. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked too pretty.

She had a bouquet in her hand. Filled with red roses. He understood it now.

She came to him and wished “happy birthday dear.”

He chuckled. He had tears too. He hugged her tight. She too hugged him. He kissed her forehead.

He asked “so you did remember?”

She said “I can never forget your birthday. You like it?”

He said “like it?! I love it.”

She smiled at him. He was already smiling so much that there was no need to give it back.

He asked “isn’t it too hot here?”

She understood what he meant.

She said “shut up Arjun.”

He said “no, I mean it. You look hot in this dress.”

She smiled and said “ well, thank you.”

She took the roses from him and set it in the bouquet and gave it to him. She gave him the card too. He smiled down at her.

She said “this completes it. Now go change. You can’t cut cake like this. I’ve set your clothes, go now.”

He asked “clothes?”

She said “yes. Now go.”

He went to the room. He saw the bed and smiled. It was a suit. White shirt, black pant and coat with a red tie. He quickly freshened up and wore them. He came down and saw everyone waiting for him.

He came and cut the cake. He fed Radhika. Then Nandini, Karthik, Nitin and Reena. Nandini came to Arjun with a box. She opened it and his eyes grew wide. He smiles showing all of his 32 teeth.

He said “Nandu you made barfi!!”

She said “not just barfi, kaju barfi. Your favorite. Good that Radhika reminded me, else I would have forgotten.”

He said “now feed me” opening his mouth wide.

( I too want … Let’s all go aaaa … Me hungry now with all the food moments going on ??)

Nandini fed him and he fed her back. He hugged her and so did she.

They all had dinner and talked for a long time. They all left. Arjun came to his room. Radhika was already there. He saw a small box on the bed. He looked at her and she asked him to open it. He opened it. He was dumbstruck. It was a Kenneth Cole men’s watch. He ran and hugged her.

He said “thank you” and kissed her cheek.

She said “there’s no need for that.”

He said “it was the best birthday ever. Love the surprise. Thank you so much!! For coming in my life. Love you.”

She said “I’m happy that you liked it. Love you too.”

They went to sleep as it was late. Later at night hugged Radhika in his sleep, which woke her up. She too hugged him back and slept.

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