Manmarziyan-A new story (Chapter 10- Ardhika unite)


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Radhika just stood there unmoved. She started at him in disbelief. She felt as if she was dreaming. She even pinched herself. But, she found him standing in front of her.

He smiled and asked “you satisfied that it’s not a dream? I’m right here.”

She said still in disbelief “huh.. Yeah. Go now.”

She just remembered what he had said. She looked at him again with a blank expression.

She thought “what did he say? He broke the engagement?! Is he joking?”

She was happy. At the same time, she felt sad. She felt bad for Reena. She wasn’t going to spare him today. Arjun kept smiling, staring at her. He drew closer to her.

She gasped out loud and asked “what? You broke the engagement? What do you think of yourself? Is this a joke? What about Reena?”

He smiled and caressed her cheek. Radhika gave him an angry look.

He said “it was all fake.”

Radhika asked “what?! What fake? I didn’t get you.”

He said “the engagement. I did it to make you jealous. But, you seemed to be unaffected. That’s why I had to go to this extend. I thought you’ll stop the ring ceremony, but you didn’t. You gave my hand in Reena’s and walked out.”

Radhika said “slowly slowly. I’m right here. I’m not running anywhere. And even if I try to, you’ll catch me. So, no use. Now, tell me everything. But, slowly.”

He smiled looking down at her. Though she was exhausted, she had energy to blabber. And he loved it.

He told her. Everything. How Neil had asked him to get a girl to make her jealous. And Reena being his PA. And how Karthik and Nandini had told him everything. And that he knew of her fake admission too. And everything else. Radhika stood there and listened to him. Fear rose up in her body. She gulped down a lump of saliva. She was angry at the same time.

Radhika thought “so he did all of this to get me back?! And even the admission? Lol, he knows Neil’s idea won’t work, but still he tried it. And Neil, I’m not gonna spare you.”

She smiled thinking about it. How he would have struggled. Arjun kept staring at her.

She screamed “not funny Arjun. Not at all. I hate you for this.”

He said “i did this to get you back.”

She asked “to get me back?”

She turned away making a fake annoyed face. She was smiling. She loved to pester him. With all these nonsense stuff.

He came to her and said “yes Radhika. To get you back. And even now you seem to be unaffected.”

He kept staring at her. Radhika felt like laughing out loud, bit she didn’t. She managed to put up with the angry face. Arjun felt that she came here only for Nandini and turned around and started to walk.

Radhika asked “where are you going?”

He said “to the hotel.”

She said “take me too.”

He asked “why?”

She said “it’s your engagement. I need to meet di and bhai. They’ll be worried sick. Oh, I’m such an idiot.”

He asked “nothing else?”

She asked “what else do you want?”

He asked “how can you be like this Radhika? You didn’t think even once about me. Fine, I’m going to Reena.”

She asked “didn’t you just say that you broke the engagement? Is this some joke? Get engaged whenever you want and break it. And then, go back and get engaged again.”

He asked “what’s the point Radhika? You still don’t feel anything for me. You’re such a hard hearted person. How can you be so unaffected? If you respect me, then you should have felt something.”

She screamed “who told you that I was unaffected? Who told you? You don’t know how much I cried. How much I struggled. And during your engagement preparations, the shopping, you think it was easy for me? No!! No. No. No. No.”

He came so close to her. He cupped her cheeks. He felt her skin go burning hot. Hot tears rose. He tried to wipe them off, but they never stopped.

He made her forehead meet his. There was hardly an inch gap between their lips.

He asked in a sweet voice “and why was that honey?”

She bit out “to get my eyes cleaned. Just go Arjun. Leave me alone.”

He got angry now. He pulled even more close, when she tried to pull away. He caught hold of shoulders and shook her hard.

He asked “why Radhika? Why? What was it so though for you? When you had no feelings for me? You should have been fine.”

Radhika didn’t understand what had gone into him. What was her trying to do? But, she only only one thing. She forgot the cold. She was not shivering. All of his words made her forget everything and look deep into his eyes.

She said “none of your business. You wanted to go back no? Go. You’re free to go.”

He said “I’m not going till I find out.”

She asked “find out what?”

He said “the reason your your dullness. Why you took up the preparations in your hands? Why you didn’t stop the engagement? You never payed attention to me this whole week. Why?”

She said “I’m not dull. I’m fine. See. And yes, you said you wanted to move on. So, I thought I’d so something for you. You’ve done a lot for me. I didn’t know how to pay back. So, I thought this was the best way.”

He said “enough Radhika, enough. Is this all? And stop lying. You can never learn to lie. You know me only this much? I thought that you’re the only person who understood me well, better than Nandu.”

She said “but I do.”

He asked “then tell me. Why did you come out of the hall without telling anyone a thing? Do you know how worried I was? And stop this. Just look at your face. Anyone would find out that you’ve had a heart break.”

She asked “you know right? Then why are you asking?”

She said “because I’m you husband. I love you.”

She felt so happy. She felt like hugging him so tight. Squeezing him to pulp. Never ever let go of him. But, not so soon.

She asked “that’s all? Nothing else?”

He asked “then what else?”

She asked “you wanted to give me divorce no? Plan cancelled?”

He asked “how can I give you divorce? You’re my life Radhika. My everything. You’ll never understand.”

He let go of her and started to walk away. He was so frustrated. The woman was so stubborn. Radhika smiled. She then saw him go.

She called out “where’re you going?”

He said “you wanted to be alone. So, I’m letting you be.”

She said “Arjun stay.”

He turned around and asked “why?”

She said “just stay.”

He asked “why?”

She said “I want you here with me.”

He asked “why? Why shouldn’t I go? Why do you want me here?”

She said “Arjun please.”

He kept walking towards her. She just stood there, thinking of what to tell next. He halted at one point, maintaining good distance between them.

He asked “why Radhika.”

She said “just don’t go. Stay with me. Right here. Not now, forever.”

He asked “why?”

She said “because I….”

He asked “because you?”

She said “because…. Because.”

She could take it no more. She could no longer control it. She had to tell it out. She was cornered now. Arjun kept staring at her with hands in the pant pockets. It was silent. The silence lasted for a minute or two.

She then screamed out loud “I LOVE YOU. I love you Arjun. I love you.”

His body went stiff at that. Finally, she said it. For how long he was longing to hear this. He was so happy. He had tears. He looked at her. She too was smiling with tears. She then came running and hugged him tight.

He then broke the hug and asked “what did you just say?!”

She shied away and said “Arjuuun.”

He asked “what? I couldn’t hear it properly. So, I asked you to tell it again. Now, say it again.”

She smiled. She seemed even more louder “I love you Arjun!!”

He said “I still couldn’t hear it.”

She screamed to the highest “I love you Arjun. I love you.”

He was so happy. He laughed and cried. Finally, she confessed. He hugged her so tight. She too hugged him back. Both of them were lost in each other. He then broke the hug and kissed her forehead. Then her eyes and cheeks. He then went down towards her lips.

Just then Radhika said “Arjun let go. Someone might see.”

He said “I don’t care. I’m your husband and you’re my wife.”

He then came closer to her. Slowly, slowly. Their lips met. It was a slow yet passionate kiss. They kissed for like a very long time. It seemed like they were the only ones who existed in the world. Radhika broke the kiss and looked up to him. She didn’t wanna let go him. She held him tight. He hugged her again.

She said “Arjun that’s enough. Let’s go.”

He said “no Radhika. Please. I like it here. Like this.”

She said “Arjun.”

He said “you need to promise me.”

She asked still hugging him “what promise?”

He said “promise me that you’ll never leave me. You’ll share everything with me. You’ll have to trust me.”

She said “I’ll never leave you. Never ever. I love you. I love you more that everything in the world. I trust you more than myself Arjun. And I promise, I’ll share everything. Never hide anything from you.”

He broke the hug and looked down at her and asked “promise?”

She said “yes. Pakka promise. No, pinky promise” and showed her pinky finger.”

He laughed and so did she. He hugged her again. Oh, god such a happy moment.

(God: I told you right, I never dissapoint my children. I promised you that I’d make things right. And I did. Stay blessed. Never let go of each other ??)

(Yippie!! Everyone’s happy ??)

He then carries her in his arms. He kept looking at her. She too kept looking. He then made her sit in the car and drive off. They reached the hotel. Radhika went to the washroom and washed her face. She put on a little bit of make up. She didn’t want it to be obvious that she had cried. She gave him his coat. They walked in hall hand in hand. Nandini looked up when they entered. Karthik who was pacing around impatiently, biting his nails, stopped when he saw them coming. Nitin too saw them. Reena smiled looking at them. Everyone were happy. No, relieved. Nandini came and hugged Radhika, so did Karthik.

Suddenly the lights went off. Everyone was shocked. They kept looking around in the dark. Just then, Radhika realized that Arjun wasn’t with her. She panicked.

She started to call out “Arjun!! Arjun where are you? Arjun!!”

Everyone were tensed. Radhika started to cry. She didn’t know what to do. She had just got him. Where did he go. All kinds of thoughts went through her mind. She felt her head go heavy. Just then, the lights went on. Just then she heard a voice.

The voice called out “turn around princess. Come up.”

Radhika turned around immediately. She saw Arjun in the stage. He signalled her to come up. She nodded in a negative, but she had to when he insisted again. She went up and stood there. The next thing what he did was unexpected. He was in his knees.

Jut then Reena came up and said “Arjun get up.”

He looked up and asked “what?!”

She said “get up.”

He got up and asked “what now?”

She said “remove your ring.”

He asked “why?”

She said “just remove it.”

He removed it and gave it to her.

She then said “only Radhika has the right to make you wear this. No one else.”

Saying so she gave the ring in Radhika’s hand and started to walk away. Radhika stopped her and hugged her.

She said “thank you. Thank you so much!!”

She said “it was nothing. All the best to you both.”

Radhika said “wish you too the same. You’ll find your prince charming, soon enough.”

She said “yeah I hope so” and walked down the stage.

Arjun went on his knees again. Radhika was in tears. She stood there looking down at him.

He looked up at her and said “Radhika, my princess. Will you please accept this ring and become mine forever?”

Radhika said “I was yours always. And will forever be. Now get up Arjun.”

He got up and made her wear the ring. She too made him wear it. She remembered selecting rings for them. Matching ones. How much she cried. It was so difficult for her. Now, it was her dream come true. Arjun made her wear the ring. He hugged her tight. She too hugged him back. He gave her a kiss on her forehead. Everyone were clapping. Arjun took Radhika in his arms and carried her out of the hall. Everyone smiled watching them.

They drove off. Radhika sat quietly and watched the road. He smiled looking at her.

She asked “where’re we going?”

He said “home.”

She smiled looking at him. She leaned on his shoulder and circled her hands around his arm smiling. He looked down at her and kissed her forehead.

They reached home. Arjun carried Radhika to the room. He then put her down. He came closer and removed the bun she had worn hugging her from behind and kissed her earshell.

He said “you look like an aunty with this bun.”

She turned around and naughtily said “then you shouldn’t have married me.”

He said “shut up Radhika.”

She said “ssshhh…. Ok OK.”

He said “don’t you dare say that again.”

She said “OK fine” and hugged him.

He said still hugging her “you lied to me about admission.”

She said “sorry. I won’t do that hereafter.”

He said “you better not.”

He then kissed her neck and his hands went down and caught hold of her bare waist. She shook as it tickled her. He then kissed her eyes, cheeks and lips. They kissed for a long time. Arjun took off her waist chain. Then her earrings and all other jewelries. He then carried her and laid her on the bed.

He said “I love you.”

She said “love you more.”

He said “stay with me forever. I just can’t imagine life without you.”

She looked up at him and said “I’ll always be with you. Forever.”

They consummated their marriage. Slept peacefully in each other’s arms dreaming of their beautiful future. Such a dream come true.

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Up next:Chapter 11-Arjun’s birthday

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