Manmarziyan- A new story (Chapter 1….Radhika’s no)


Hi guys I’m Shree .. A silent reader .. I just love the updates of my friends kfar,kriti,natasha,nisha,tanya and the others too.I know I’m not that good nor I can pace up with you guys .. But I hope it goes well .. For me to continue further I will need all of your support

So, I’m gonna be starting from the part where Radhika leaves Arjun’s house with her signature on the divorce papers.

Arjun just stood there shell shocked looking at her signature on the divorce papers. Tears just rolled down his eyes and his hands trembled when he picked up the letter she had kept there. He just collapsed to the floor reading it .

The words just kept ringing in his head “our paths are separate, you’re free now “.He cried even more clutching the letter to his chest.Huge guilt rose in his body.It just pricked him inside out when he remembered her innocent face,her tears and she calling him a good human being.And her words that said she’s always with him and they’ll eat the darkness together and the brighter side of life.

He wondered how could she just leave him like that? Without confessing her feelings though he knew what she felt for him,he wanted to listen to it from her .He knew that she loved him ,more than how much he loved her.

Just then something rang in his head ” don’t let go of her,find her,get her back, you’re nothing without her”.

He then got up wiping his tears remembering their sweet and bitter moments, a small smile crept over his lips. Be then thought “I will do anything to get her back”.

He went towards the door just then Sam appeared. He thought ” what is she doing here?that too early in the morning “.He couldn’t face her as he didn’t have the guts to look at her face ,when thought of how he used her and hurted her.He just stood there with his face hung down. Sam just stood there and kept staring at him.It was silent,silence everywhere.

After a while Sam took up the courage to speak.
She said ” Ar..Arjun,I need to tell something, something very important “.He cut her on the middle and spoke ” no,I want to tell you something, a confession, a sin I have committed blindly, for which you’ll hate me forever and never forgive me and I don’t deserve your forgiveness at all”. This just shocked Sam. She thought “what was he talking about? What sin?What all?” She just stood there with all these things running in her head, she asked him to tell it all.

Arjust told her everything. Sam just stood her crying as guilt rise in her body thinking how she had insulted Radhika and how much she had warned her and how she never trusted her words. She had one hand on her forehead and the other on her mouth as she kept listening.

She then spoke “then it means Chashni was right? She kept telling me and I never trusted her”. She too sat down crying next to Arjun who was also crying. She then wiped her tears placed her hand on Arjun’s shoulder giving him an assuring smile.Arjun too gave a smile releived that there was someone who understood him.

Then Sam that she loves Neil and Arjun was happy to hear that from her. He wished her luck . Then Sam shook hands with Arjun calling him her friend, Arjun too nodded in agreement.

Before leaving Sam said “you love her so much,why not go get her back? You won’t find another Radhika”. Arjun said ” I promise I will “.

A month passes by.. Now let’s see what’s going on in Rishikesh.

Radhika’s still the same ,but her face has lost the charm she used to have. She’s trying hard to move on in life.

During breakfast, her dad asked ” beta why not get married again?” Radhika was shocked to hear this . Her mom too agreed and said “yes choti your papa is right you need to move on”. But Radhika humbly refused and walked away.

Dada ji said ” I will talk to her,choti never refuses to listen to her Dada ji”.

Dada ji came to Radhika and was about to speak when Radhika said “please Dada ji I know why you’re here”. Than Dada ji asked what her decision was . She said “I love Arjun and I will not marry anyone else”. Dada ji just walked away with a sad face. Both her parents were listening to the conversation also became sad.

Just then they heard from the doorbell ring.It was Arjun, Neil and Sam on the other said. Everyone was surprised . While Neil and Sam sat with the others in the hall,Arjun went to talk to Radhika. He saw her standing by the window, went up to her and hugged her from behind.

Radhika was overwhelmed to see him . But then she drew away from him and said ” were divorced “.She was happy when Arjun informed her abou t nesam’s wedding.

Arjun nodded in a no and confessed his feelings to her drawing her closer to him . She just hugged him thight and confessed her feelings. But it turned out to be a dream(Radhika’s confession). She drew away and said ” no “.

Arjun was shocked and asked” what?”

She said “no this is wrong, it would be better of you understand this soon and move on in life”. She had her back towards Arjun as she couldn’t face him and cried while saying this . Arjun sstrted laughing and said ” you’re joking right? I know you love me”. Radhika nodded a no.

He sat on his knees with folded hands and asked her not to do so and begged for forgiveness.Radhika fought back her tears and tried not to cry. She said “how can I forgive you when I’m not angry on you”.

Arjun gave a releived smile .

She then said ” we need to let everyone know our decision “. He asked ” why?” She just kept walking.

Arjun kept requesting Radhika not to do so and everyone’s talking stopped in the hall when they heard Arjun saying “please Radhika don’t do this”.

All of them wondered what it was . Sam asked “what is Arjun talking about?” Neil said “I donno lets see”.

Everyone was worried looking at Arjun’s state and Radhika’s emotionless face. Radhika saw neasm and hugged them,they too were happy to see her.

Just then Mala asked Arjun” beta Arjun what happened? What were you talking about? ”

Arjun then told them about Radhika’s decision which shocked everyone.

Everyone asked her why she did this, but Radhika stood there speechless . Arjun just felt his whole world has shattered.

They tried convincing her ,Arjun had a bit of hope,but she stuck on to her decision.

While leaving Arjun said “no matter what happens, I’ll get you back”. It was a challenge, which Radhika accepted. Then they all left with heavy hearts .

That’s it for today friends … Hope you liked it … Please let me know , so that I can continue ..

Up next : Chapter 2-Radhika’s hidden motive.

Credit to: Shree

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    1. Thank you so much ameena.. It means a lot .. I’ll surely continue .. Will update soon .. Love you too .. Tc

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