manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 9)


Hi everyone so sorry for this late update. U know exams and result tensions. Happy to say scored first rank . From now I will try to update once per week. No more blabbering.

Sam entered washroom. She was crying a lot she can’t control herself tears busted out from her eyes. She remembered each and every moment she spended with her brother. She was so lucky to have brother like adi. a brother who cared for her like a brother, father, friend and more.she never thought of seeing him again after their last conversation but everything changed today. Suddenly neil entered washroom.

NEIL: I’m sorry

SAM: it’s okay

NEIL: r u okay

SAM: yeah I’m fine.

She rubbed her eyes. When neil was about to leave. She called him.

SAM: excuse me. Have we met before?

NEIL: well yeah I’m neil we met before. Hope u remember me.

SAM: wait let me guess. Oh u r neil malhothra. U came to our college for some exchange program.

NEIL (MIND): at least she remembers my name.

SAM: what r u thinking?

NEIL: nthg. I’m glad u remember me.

SAM: how can I forget u? if u didn’t help me on that day I could have never completed my graduation.

NEIL: it’s okay. Well happy to see u again.

SAM: yeah so u work here.

NEIL: for past two years. If u don’t have any problem can I ask u something.

SAM: yes u can

NEIL: is adi your brother? I mean he never told anyone he had a family.

SAM: neil I’m sorry to say this but sometimes we may not have answers for other questions. Hope u understand me.

NEIL: yes I do understand.

SAM: arjun will be searching for me. I think I should go.

NEIL: u forgot something

SAM: what?

NEIL: u promised me u will join me for a coffee next time when we meet again.

SAM: yeah but arjun…

NEIL: don’t worry I will tell chashni to inform arjun sir.

SAM: yeah okay I’ll just come in few minutes.

NEIL: hello, chashni

RADHIKA: neil, where r u? I’m searching for u .

NEIL: chashni sorry yaar. Guess what? I’m going to have coffee with samaira.

RADHIKA: what but u said..

NEIL: chashni please listen I have to go now I will tell u everything later. Please inform arjun sir that samaira is with me. Please chashni bye.

RADHIKA: ok neil, I’ll tell him.

RADHIKA (MIND): now I have to go to khadoos and inform him. Yeh neil be na.


RADHIKA: sir may I come in

ARJUN: yes come in. oh miss radhika u r here in my cabin without my call.

RADHIKA: sir actually neil wanted to say something.

ARJUN (MIND): neil, why she always talk abt him?

RADHIKA: sir r u listening?

ARJUN: yes radhika tell me

RADHIKA: sir voh neil and sam went out for coffee. He told me to inform you.

ARJUN (MIND): Why this neil always interferes in my life?

ARJUN: it’s okay radhika.

RADHIKA: sir can I leave now

Suddenly something strikes arjun’s mind.

ARJUN: radhika wait I have to say something to you.

RADHIKA: yes sir

ARJUN: can we go out? I mean for lunch

RADHIKA (MIND): lunch? Voh bee iss khadoos ke saath

ARJUN: don’t think too much radhika. It’s just a formality we offer lunch to our new employees.

RADHIKA: ok sir

ARJUN: gud

ARJUN (HEART): what r u doing arjun? U never had lunch with any staff. R u slowly falling for her.

ARJUN (MIND): nthg like that just stop thinking. She will be waiting for you.


ARJUN: so radhika what would u like to have?

RADHIKA: sir anything but more sweets

ARJUN: do u like our office?

RADHIKA: Yes sir it is really nice. Working with neil is more cool.

ARJUN: neil, actually radhika u both look like a perfect couple. I mean r both of u in relationship?


ARJUN: radhika why r u laughing? Did I ask anything wrong?

RADHIKA: sir actually me and neil r very gud friends. I can never think him more than this relationship. He always supported me, helped me, made me happy. No one in this world can replace neil in my life

Arjun hearing this felt little relieved but he was jealous when radhika said No one in this world can replace neil in her life. He tried to get her attention.

ARJUN: so miss radhika do u want to ask something to me?

RADHIKA: but sir

ARJUN: come on radhika

RADHIKA: do u know anything abt adi sir?

ARJUN: to be frank I knew she had a brother but I don’t know it’s adi. Anything else

RADHIKA: okay sir tell me about your love story?

ARJUN: what? Love story

RADHIKA: haan sir your’s and samaira mam love story

ARJUN: nthg special radhika. We met in an official meeting. Our parents wanted us to marry so I proposed her and she accepted it that’s it.

RADHIKA: that’s it sir it’s really boring.

ARJUN: so radhika it’s boring seems u have experience in it.

RADHIKA: sir actually every girl wants their special ones to be more romantic. To care for them, trust them, be loyal to them and many more. samaira mam will also expect this things from you. She is broken now she needs you.

ARJUN POV: radhika u r right every girl have their own dreams but all r not like u. people like sam and their families must be punished.

ARJUN: yeah u r right. Radhika can i ask u something?

RADHIKA: yes sir

ARJUN: will u help me to impress sam?

RADHIKA: sir but me I mean…

ARJUN: radhika don’t say no only a girl can understand other girl’s feelings.

RADHIKA: okay sir

ARJUN’S POV: now I can spend more time with u radhika. No one can stop me from this even your neil.

ARJUN: that sounds better radhika I’ll pick up tomorrow and we can discuss about this.


SAM: u changed a lot neil. I mean seeing u after these many years it’ really a kind of surprise for me.

NEIL: yeah sam people changes their life also changes but only time remains unchanged.

SAM: seems u learnt lot of philosophy because the neil I knew really hated lectures.

NEIL: yeah may be u r right I changed a lot.

SAM: tell me neil how did u landed in birdsong?

NEIL: it was my chashni’s wish

SAM: chashni wait let me guess oh radhika u always talked about her me. It seems u got a girlfriend.

NEIL: no sam she is just my best friend. I can never think about her in that way.

SAM: oh I’m sorry

NEIL: well I forgot to say congrats for your engagement.

SAM: thanks

NEIL: okay seems we are late. I’ll drop u home.

SAM: Okay. Neil can u please give me some information about adi.

NEIL: adi? Yeah he is working in our office for past 2 years. He said he was an orphan and don’t have family. He is living alone in his apartment.

SAM: could u take me there? Please

NEIL: yeah sure sam I’ll pick u tomorrow

SAM: thanks neil. It was nice meeting you


PRECAP: ardhika’s romantic movements, adi – neil’s fight

Note: susi I’m sorry for uploading late. Hope all of u will forgive me.

Credit to: rishi

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