manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 8)


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Manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 8)

NEIL: what happened yesterday night? I can’t remember anything. Why my head is paining a lot?
RADHIKA (ANGRILY): if u drink a full bottle u will definitely have hangover na
NEIL: full bottle. But chashni I don’t remember anything.
RADHIKA: I know u won’t remember anything. Here take this nimbu pani and have some rest.
NEIL: chashni I know u r angry with me. Please talk to me properly chashni. I will accept any punishment from u.
RADHIKA: neil u think I will be happy when I give u punishment.
NEIL: I didn’t mean it chashni

RADHIKA: neil I know we understand each other very well. I can understand your pain and u can understand mine. But why are you hiding your pain from me? Why doesn’t u share your pain with me?
NEIL: chashni I never hided anything from u.
RADHIKA: neil, don’t tell lie. Who is this girl?
She showed a photo to him
NEIL: chashni, but but
RADHIKA: neil I know u can never lie to me. Yesterday full night you are blabbering about this girl. You showed this photo to me. You said you want to say something to her very important. I can’t keep this pain in my heart etc.. etc…
NEIL: chashni I was drunk maybe that’s why I was blabbering
RADHIKA: neil, u r undergoing through some pain I can understand it. When u feel comfortable, when u trust me. Share your pain with me. I will wait till then.
NEIL: chashni aisa kuch bee nahi hai. Please listen to me.
Radhika left neil’s room
NEIL: mein tumhe kaise bathaungi chashni. I’m sorry chashni.

Radhika was getting ready in her room her phone ringed.
RADHIKA: hello
ARJUN: good mrng radhika
RADHIKA: sir aap
ARJUN: why? can’t I call u?
RADHIKA: no sir nthg like that.
ARJUN: so r u coming to office
RADHIKA: yes sir
ARJUN: gud so what colour dress r u wearing today?
RADHIKA (MIND): why this khadoos is asking my dress colour?
RADHIKA: sir white
ARJUN: gud choice
ARJUN (MIND): why I am talking to her like this? Arjun u called for official purpose not to flirt.
RADHIKA: hello sir r u there
ARJUN (ANGRILY): radhika come to office quickly we have important meeting today. Don’t say any excuse.
He disconnected call
RADHIKA: is this khadoos mad? Suddenly talking nicely and suddenly angrily.
NEIL: scolding khadoos in morning. Wow chashni, u r in full form today.
RADHIKA: prerna aunty I have to go to office soon today. Bye.
NEIL: u won’t talk with me
RADHIKA: aunty bye

SAM: arjun can I come to your office today
ARJUN: but
SAM: u have any problem?
ARJUN: no nthg like that. I just thought why to strain u?
SAM: actually I feel bored today. I think I can have a look of your office and I may feel better.
ARJUN: yeah no problem. Okay u get ready.
SAM: thanks arjun

ADI: hi gud mrng chashni
RADHIKA: gud mrng adi
ADI: where is neil? I mean u both use to come together na
RADHIKA: yes adi but arjun sir called me today. He said about some important meeting. He asked me to come fast.
ADI: yeah u r right. This going to be the biggest project of this year. We have invested many crores in this project. Do u know saral dixit? We should present our ad before him after 5 days
RADHIKA: what? Saral dixit
ADI: do u know abt him?
RADHIKA (MIND): how can I forget dixit family? How can I forget everything they did to us?
ADI: where r u chashni?
RADHIKA: nthg adi. I read about him in some newspaper articles.
ADI: oh u know he is a very big critic. He never admires anyone. He only criticises our project. This time arjun sir is taking a very big risk. If he did not like our project we should face a very big loss.
RADHIKA: okay adi let us do our best today. Let’s start work.
NEIL: U will start working without me.
ADI: hey neil gud mrng
NEIL: hi adi , chashni I want to talk with u

RADHIKA: adi we have lot of work to do
NEIL: please chashni just two minutes. I will tell u everything.
RADHIKA: okay neil I’ll come. But u have to tell me everything.
NEIL: okay chashni
Suddenly their office door opened. Everyone was shocked to see arjun sir and beside him a beautiful girl.
ARJUN: gud mrng friends meet ms.samaira khanna M.D. of khanna industries and my fiancée.
He saw radhika with a guilty face. He don’t know why? He was not happy introducing sam as her fiancée. But he can’t do anything. He is feeling for radhika but going to marry sam. He was in a dilemma. But radhika was not looking at him. Her thoughts were fully occupied with sam.
STAFF: what fiancée? Arjun sir going to get married. That’s really cool.
Neil, adi and radhika when they saw sam they were shocked.
RADHIKA: neil, she is the girl in the photo. Neil speak something.
NEIL (MIND): she is going to marry arjun. I can’t believe this. U should have told her your feelings when u saw her first. Now she won’t even recognizes you. Chashni, should not know about this.

NEIL: chashni, I said u na. actually she is the owner of khanna industries. For some project purpose I kept her photo.
RADHIKA: sorry neil
NEIL (MIND): I’m sorry chashni. I don’t want to see u pain.
NEIL: that’s okay yaar. U only said no sorry or thanks in friendship.
RADHIKA: adi what happened to u? why u r shocked?
SAMAIRA: adi bhai
RADHIKA: bhai? Sam is adi’s sister.
NEIL: I too can’t believe it.
Adi left the room. Radhika and neil tried to stop them. But he went away.
SAM: bhai please stop. Listen to me.

Arjun too was shocked. Till date he don’t know adi was sam’s brother. He tried to console samaira.
ARJUN: sam r u okay. Is adi your brother?
SAM: it’s a long story arjun. I don’t want to discuss now. Please leave me alone for some time. I’m sorry.
Sam left the room. Everyone was shocked. adi said to everyone he was an orphan he don’t have any family. but when sam called him bhai, no one can digest it. especially radhika and neil.

ARJUN (ANGRILY): no shooting is going here go and do your work.
SAM (CRYING): bhai
ADI (ANGRILY): how many times I told u? don’t call me bhai.
SAM: bhai I didn’t do anything intentionally that night. I am feeling that pain each and every second of my life.
ADI: there is no use talking to me sam. I don’t want to talk to you sam. Please leave me alone. U want me to stay here or let me quit from this company.
SAM: no bhai, I won’t disturb u. at least I may have a chance to see u.
ADI: gud then go from here now

Sorry friends for this short update. I may not update for a week. Many of u r asking for ardhika’s scene I will try to give it in next update. Thanks to all for your support.

Credit to: rishi

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