manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 7)


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Manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 7)

Neil, adi, radhika all reached hotel.
ADI: u guys go inside I will park car and join u guys
NEIL: ok adi come soon

Adi gets a call
ADI: how many times I told u don’t call me
ADI’S SISTER: bhai please listen to me. I want to talk to u. it was not my mistake bhai. Try to understand me bhai.
ADI: u r saying it was not your mistake. u ruined my entire life. Did u get it. Don’t call me bhai. I am not your brother.
ADI’S SISTER: please bhai forgive me.
He disconnected his call
ADI (MIND): I will never ever forgive you. How can I forget that day? It’s been two years. But still I remember that night. U ruined my entire life my happiness my life everything. I just want to stay away from your life. Neil and chashni will be waiting for me I should go now.
NEIL: look here adi came.

RADHIKA: ok friends let’s order something
All of them ordered some dishes. After some time waiter kept their orders in table. Neil and radhika changed their dishes.
ADI: y r u changing your orders
NEIL: usually when we go to restaurants I order chashni’s favourite dishes and she will order mine.
RADHIKA: by this way we can remember each other’s preferences
ADI: but I should say both of u shares a very good bond with each other. I mean u r meant for each other.
NEIL: actually we r friends from childhood maybe that’s the reason
All of them finished their dinner.
ADI: thanks chashni for the dinner
RADHIKA: no thanks or sorry in friendship
ADI: yeah u r right. I should go now friends. We will meet tomorrow in office

ARJUN: sam r u ready can we go?
SAM: yes arjun
Both of them reached the hotel

MANAGER: sir your place is in that side
ARJUN: thank u
SAM: can we go arjun
ARJUN: I’ll park my car and come
SAM: okay
Arjun parked his car in the parking lot. While walking towards the lobby he noticed neil and radhika. Both of them were laughing and talking. He became angrier.
WAITER: sir we have a special night today for couples. It’s near the private space. If u like u can join there
RADHIKA: but we r not
WAITER: mam u will have great time there. Best couple will get a prize too.
NEIL: chalo na chashni. We will have some fun
RADHIKA: okay neil
Both of them started walking. Arjun who was watching all these really became furious this time
ARJUN (MIND): why this radhika and neil are always together?
Arjun came to conscience when his phone started ringing.
ARJUN: hello sam I am on my way
SAM: okay arjun
ARJUN (MIND): I should stop thinking abt radhika and neil. Today is the most important night of my life.
ARJUN: sorry sam for being late

SAM: it’s okay arjun. Is everything fine?
ARJUN: yes just a call from client. But now I am going to switch off my phone. This going to be the most special day in my life.
Sam and arjun walked towards the private space. It was fully decorated with flowers. It looked fabulous. Everything was sam’s favourite.
SAM: arjun what is this? Everything look so fabulous. I mean it’s awesome
ARJUN: sam as I said it’s going to be the most important day of my life.
SAM: arjun I can’t understand
ARJUN: sam u r so special to me after meeting u everything changed in my life. Before meeting u I never had anyone so special in my life. When u come near to me I feel very happy sam. U makes me feel special.
Sam “ will u….
Arjun stopped when he heard a voice
MANAGER: gud evening friends so today we are here for the best couple competition. We have selected few couples for this competition. Let me announce their names. He was shocked when they announced neil and radhika’s name.
SAM: arjun u were saying something
ARJUN: yeah actually sam I want to ask u “will u…
Sam’s phone ringed
SAM: arjun if u have no problem can I attend this call
ARJUN: No problems take your own time

SAM: thank u arjun
Sam went outside to attend the call. Arjun went to the club where the best couple competition was going.
ORGANIZER: here we have a young couple mr. neil and ms. Radhika. For how many years do u know each other?
NEIL: 16 years 2 months 12 days
ORGANIZER: wow great seems both of u know each other for a long time
RADHIKA: yes we know each other at the age of five. We are gud friends and always will be.
ORGANIZER: so friends our first round is paper dance. We will give a sheet of paper to each couple and they have to dance in that sheet. After some time we will reduce the sheets length. The couple who stands in the paper till the last round will win the game.
RADHIKA: neil should we do this?
NEIL: chashni if u have any problem then we will quit the game
RADHIKA: no neil nthg like that
NEIL: then come on chashni give me your hand.
Organizers arranged sheets and asked couple to take their places. Music started neil and radhika were dancing together. They felt happy. But our arjun who was watching all these was feeling very jealous. He had only one thought in his mind how to separate both of them? Music stopped now the organizers reduced length of sheet. Radhika and neil are now more close. Arjun couldn’t able to tolerate this. Whenever they reduced the length of paper they came closer. At last only two couples were left. This time neil had to lift radhika in his hands. Arjun who was seeing this hurted himself. He just wanted to kill neil for holding radhika. But poor arjun he cannot do anything. At last they announced the winner name it was radhika and neil. They are very happy. They got the prize from stage.

NEIL: chashni first time we are winning as a couple.
RADHIKA: I can’t understand neil
NEIL: I mean we participated in many competitions as friends but not as a couple.
RADHIKA: neil, if u r happy I am also happy
NEIL: chashni if with your permission can I have a drink
RADHIKA: neil, never I said u not to drink
NEIL: now only u said na if I am happy then u r happy please yaar just one or two shots please.
RADHIKA: okay but I will drive you to home
NEIL: okay chashni
Arjun saw neil leaving radhika. He joined radhika.
ARJUN: hello miss radhika
RADHIKA: Sir aap yahan
ARJUN: I came here with my friends and u
RADHIKA: I came here with neil. He asked me to give party for getting job.
ARJUN: so neil is your boyfriend
RADHIKA: no, no sir we are just friends
ARJUN: seems u got best couple award
RADHIKA: sir actually neil wanted to participate. That’s why
ARJUN: so u r not interested

RADHIKA: no sir at first I thought I cannot do it. But neil made me comfortable.
ARJUN: it seems both of u have a gud relationship.
RADHIKA: yes sir he is everything to me. Without him I’m incomplete. He is very special to me. He is not only my friend but my mentor, caretaker and many more.
Arjun became angrier listening to her answer.
ARJUN (ANGRILY): okay radhika let me see u later.
He went away and reached his private space.
SAM: where were u arjun? I was searching for u
ARJUN: nthg sam one of my classmate met me
SAM: arjun u were saying something
ARJUN: yes sam I wanted to say “will u …..
When he started his mind was fully filled with radhika’s thoughts. He cannot able to say anything to sam
ARJUN: sam I am sorry actually I am not feeling well. If u have no problem then can we go to home
SAM: it’s okay arjun. Your health is more important.
ARJUN: sam I am sorry for disappointing u.
SAM: u didn’t disappoint me arjun u really impressed me today such beautiful arrangements it was really nice. I think we should take our relationship to next level.
ARJUN: u mean
SAM: I am ready to marry u arjun. Just now I spoke with my mom and everyone is okay with it.
ARJUN: sam actually I wanted to ask u this. But u asked me. Thanks or accepting my proposal sam.
SAM: it’s okay arjun u r really gud than I thought. So shall we go to home?
ARJUN: yeah sure.
ARJUN (MIND): this is just a beginning sam u have to feel the pain u gave to me. U can’t escape from me.


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Credit to: rishi

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