manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 6)


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Manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 6)

Radhika was looking so nice and cool in her outfit. Neil as usual was looking smart and cool in his costume. Prerna felt so happy seeing them together. Both of them got blessings from her and reached office.

NEIL: chashni, all the best for first day. Always be confident and never miss a good chance to show your talents.
RADHIKA: thanks neil
At reception radhika informed about her arrival and gave her appointment letter. Receptionist asked radhika to wait for some time. She called someone in her phone.
RECEPTIONIST: radhika Mishra u can go now inside.
She went inside and as usual collides with someone but this time it was not arjun. He was looking so beautiful, charming eyes, perfect physique.
ADITYA: so u must be radhika Mishra. Am I right?
RADHIKA: yes sir I am radhika and sry for colliding with u. but how do u know my name? I never met u before.
ADITYA: yeah u r right. I met u in a conference in hrishikesh u came with arjun sir.
RADHIKA: yes I remember
ADITYA: but I must say u r really talented .u can call me aditya I am the head of writers association.
RADHIKA: nice meeting u sir

ADITYA: u can call me adi
RADHIKA: okay adi
Aditya showed her cabin explained her everything abt work. By this time both of them became gud friends.
NEIL: so chashni looks like u got a new friend
ADITHYA: so she is your friend neil and chashni really nice name u know
RADHIKA: adi u can call me chashni
NEIL: so chashni it is my duty to introduce mr. aditya most handsome young and eligible bachelor of this office.
ADI: neil stop it yaar but I should say chashni is really talented.
NEIL: yes adi u r right but she forgot something
RADHIKA: what did I forget neil? Anything important
NEIL: oh chashni don’t be so serious. U forgot to give your treat for getting job.
ADI: I think neil is right
RADHIKA: okay then shall we have dinner this night.
ADI: I have no problem I’ll join you

NEIL: I will message u time and place
Adi gets a phone call and excuse himself. Radhika gets a call from her cabin.
RADHIKA: hello
ARJUN: miss radhika come to my cabin right now
He disconnected his call without listening her.
RADHIKA: neil mr. khadoos is calling me to his cabin.
NEIL: all the best chashni and be careful
RADHIKA: neil tu bi na

RADHIKA: sir may I come in
ARJUN: come in radhika how was your first day in office.
RADHIKA: nice sir
He pointed his hand towards his table and said take it. At first she refused to do but arjun insisted her to do. When he turned towards her he was shocked seeing her
ARJUN (ANNOYINGLY): miss radhika what r u doing?
RADHIKA: sir u only said to take this na (she was drinking juice kept on his table) but I have an suggestion u should add some more sugar in this juice.
Arjun became very angry he pulled her close to him. He said look radhika I don’t like sugar and any other sweet. He was looking through her very angrily but slowly lost himself in her eyes. He came to conscience when tear came from radhika’s eyes.
ARJUN: radhika I didn’t mean to hurt u

RADHIKA: I know sir actually I’m not crying for your scolding’s. That juice was really was not nice. I don’t know how I will drink it fully.
Arjun started laughing hearing her words . He forgot everything about him. He was laughing for a long time. Radhika was much surprised seeing him laughing.
RADHIKA: sir did I say anything wrong. But really I cannot finish this juice.
ARJUN(laughingly): radhika Mishra I told u take the file not the juice.
Radhika saw the file in the table
RADHIKA: sry sir I didn’t see the file.
ARJUN: u r really funny radhika. Now take the file and go to your cabin.
Radhika took the file and left the cabin.
ARJUN: what a girl she is? Why I always smile before her. She looks nice from her heart too. Something special is there.
His thoughts were disturbed when his phone started ringing
XX: hello arjun
ARJUN: Hello xx

XX: is everything going correctly as per plan?
ARJUN: yes xx I have something special today
XX: okay arjun be careful and don’t miss this chance.
ARJUN: ok xx take care of your health.
XX: u too arjun
ARJUN: from now I should only concentrate in my work.

RADHIKA: neil u know what happened in khadoos cabin
ADI: khadoos who is that?
NEIL: our beloved boss
ADI: if he knows that he will fire us
NEIL: only when he knows
She explained them what happened inside
NEIL: chashni if u want juice u could have asked me but u took arjun sirs juice. Wah wah kya baath hai.
ADI: u r really brave
RADHIKA: stop teasing me guys
When they were talking with each other arjun saw them and joined them
ARJUN: both the boys are asking sry to radhika
NEIL: sir voh nthg just like that
ARJUN: so u don’t want to share with me.
ADI: sir nthg like that radhika was telling joke
ARJUN: then tell me too radhika

RADHIKA: sir voh actually
Arjun phone ringed
ARJUN: excuse me
RADHIKA: escaped
NEIL: ok adi we will meet in hotel. Chashni, shall we go?
ADI: ok I will meet you in hotel
RADHIKA: come on neil let us go before this khadoos come
Arjun after finishing his call turned back but he could not find anyone. He decided to go from there as he has other plans to execute.

NEIL: come fast yaar we are already late adi will kill us.
RADHIKA: just two more minutes neil
NEIL: u r saying this for past half an hour
Radhika opened her door and came out. She was looking fabulous in her outfit.

Neil was stunned seeing her in this outfit. Radhika was equally shocked seeing neil’s outfit. He was looking like a prince.

NEIL: chashni u look so beautiful
RADHIKA: I think we should arrange some body guards for u
NEIL: but why?
RADHIKA: I have to protect u from many girls.
NEIL: no need chashni u will always have the first right.
PRERNA: neil, radhika adi is waiting for u come down fast.
Adi was equally looking good. He was really handsome.

Adi’s dress link
adi: shall we go

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