manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 5)

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Manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 5)

PIYALI: sam, r u okay? U look tired
SAM: nthg mom. Just some head ache
PIYALI: sam, take some rest. U will feel better or I will call doctor.
SAM: no mom no need for that. If I sleep for some time I will be okay.
PIYALI: okay sam and tomorrow your flight is by 9:00 a.m
SAM: yes mom. Thanks for reminding.

RADHIKA: pa, ma, bhaiya, dadaji I am going to miss u all.
DADAJI: don’t worry choti. We are always with you. Now don’t cry like a baby
DILIP: choti, dadaji was right come on stop crying and be brave. We are always there to support you.
MALA: neil beta I know you will always be with chashni. Please take care of her beta.
NEIL: aunty, please don’t worry. I am there for chashni na she will be alright. I will take care of her.
She packed her things and went to rishikesh airport and from there to Mumbai.

NEIL: chashni r u okay? U look so nervous.
RADHIKA: neil, first time coming to Mumbai. That’s why yaar.
NEIL: chashni, this is your big opportunity. Prove yourself to this world and one day u will be the world’s best writer.
RADHIKA: thank u neil
NEIL: chashni u go to parking lot I will come there after taking luggage.
RADHIKA: okay neil
Sam was calling someone through her phone.
SAM: hi, I am standing near platform 4.
ARJUN: yes I am on the way sam.
He was leaving from parking lot suddenly he crashed with someone. It’s none other than our radhika
ARJUN: oh miss radhika u r here in Mumbai.
RADHIKA: just now I came with neil sir.
ARJUN: so u r staying with neil.
RADHIKA: yes sir his house is there in Mumbai.
Arjun was really angry hearing but he controlled himself
ARJUN (angrily): okay radhika I have to go now see u later.
He started to move without listening her. Radhika was very much confused
RADHIKA (MIND): why he is becoming angry ?

SAM: hi, arjun how r u?
ARJUN: I’m fine sam. How was your travel?
SAM: yeah better, okay I will get my luggage and we will move.
ARJUN: okay sam

OFFICER: sir u can take your luggage
NEIL: thank u

NEIL: chashni, u look so confused yaar. R u fine?
RADHIKA: actually I met arjun sir here
NEIL: what really?
RADHIKA: it is very difficult to understand about him. Sometimes he speaks nicely and sometimes angrily.
NEIL: I too feel the same. Chashni, we are already late. Mom will be waiting for us.
RADHIKA: okay neil we will go.
Both of them sat in neil’s bike. Arjun was watching this from distance. He was very angry seeing both of them together. His mind told him why u always think abt that girl but his heart said whenever she comes to me I feel so happy but when she leaves me I feel too sad. He came to conscience when sam called him
SAM: arjun u look tensed any problem?
ARJUN: nthg sam just some headache. Shall we go now?
SAM: yes arjun

Prerna was very happy seeing neil and radhika. She hugged radhika and blessed her.
PRERNA: radhu I am so happy to see u in Mumbai.
RADHIKA: I am so happy aunty to see u again. How r u?
PRERNA: I am fine beta both of you get fresh and come.
Radhika went to her room tried to open her suitcase but she couldn’t she called neil for help. He too tried his best but he couldn’t.
NEIL: chashni I think your suitcase got exchanged. I saw a same suitcase like yours. I have their address we will go there right now.
Neil and radhika went to that address and while radhika went inside neil was waiting outside for her. It was a very big bungalow.
WATCHMAN: mam what do you want?
She explained to him what happened. Watchman said he will inform sir about this. After sometime he came outside… mam u can go now please wait in living room. Radhika entered the house it was very big she was stunned seeing its beauty.
Arjun came out from his room and was shocked to see radhika there.
ARJUN: miss radhika what r u doing here?
Radhika was equally shocked seeing him. She blabbered sir voh mein
ARJUN: if u want to meet me u can meet me in office but not In my home. do u understand?
RADHIKA: sir actually I didn’t come to meet you here. Even I don’t know this is your house. My suitcase got interchanged. I just came here to return this suitcase and take mine.
ARJUN: ok ok so u came here to take suitcase
By that time neil entered arjun’s house and was shocked to see arjun there.
NEIL: arjun sir what r u doing here?
ARJUN: should I give explanation to you for staying in my home.
NEIL: sir your home I’m sorry sir.
ARJUN: it’s okay your suitcase is in that room u can take and go.
Both of them nodded their head and went to that room. Arjun was very happy seeing radhika but very angry on seeing neil.
RADHIKA: we should keep a name for him.
NEIL: how abt MR.KHADOOS. he started laughing
RADHIKA: perfectly suits for him she too laughed
Arjun watched this from his room.
When radhika was abt to take her suitcase she slipped and neil holded her. Arjun became very angry he broke a glass to distract them. Radhika came out from room.
RADHIKA: sir r u okay? What happened?
ARJUN: I’m fine so did u take your suitcase.
NEIL: yes sir. I think we should leave now.
ARJUN: okay we will meet tomorrow in office and radhika all the best for your first day in office.
RADHIKA: thank u sir.
Both of them went to neil’s house. Prerna was waiting for them outside.
PRERNA: did u get your suitcase?
RADHIKA: yes aunty and u know what happened she explained everything to her.
All of them went to bed after dinner.

Credit to: rishi


    • rishi

      yes hayathi he is really khadoos but he is unknowingly falling for radhika he is feeling very much jealous right now

  1. manju

    wow nice update
    i thought u left it pls pls update regularly

    arjun is too possessive but i liked it

    update next one soon

    take care

  2. Rishi my dear friend I am very happy to see u again , iam dying fan of ur story, pls update regularly dear , episode mindblowing , I want more more arjun jealous from neil, pls update soon dear…tc…

    • rishi

      susi i am so happy to have a great fan like you i will try to update soon. we will have more jealous scene for arjun. take care dear

  3. Bhabya

    O my god. U r a superb writer. And I wanted in one ff that it should be Neil n radhikha pair like bff n Arjun getting jealous of it.

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