manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (Chapter 3)

Manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 3)

Hi friends thanks for your comments. I also want to thank to my silent readers. I don’t know whether I am going in right path or not so if you have any suggestions please let me know it.


DILIP: choti u can work in Mumbai.

RADHIKA: pa thank u so much I can’t believe this I am very happy. Thank u for trusting me.

DILIP: choti, I trust you but… u can only work there for a year. If u agree for this then you can join in your work.

RADHIKA: okay pa I will agree for your condition. I will make u definitely proud. Saying this she hugged her father.

NEIL: wa wa chashni u made it yaar I am so happy uncle agreed. Now here is your appointment letter u have to pack soon.

MALA: neil when did u come? It has been a long time seeing you. How is prerna (neil’s mother)?

NEIL: aunty ma is fine. I came here to attend my office meeting. I am so happy to see u all.

He got blessings from dadaji, mala and dilip. They asked him to keep his things in room and join them for dinner. He nodded his head and went to room. When neil went to his room he locked the door and opened a photo from his bag. He said I don’t know when I will confess my feelings to u. I am waiting for u. I hope u will understand my feeling one day. Suddenly he heard someone knocking the door. He hidded the photo and opened the door. It was radhika.

RADHIKA: neil I want to talk with you personally.

NEIL: tell me chashni u r looking sad.

RADHIKA: neil I’m not sure whether I can do this job in Mumbai. I feel pa is not comfortable with his decision.

NEIL: oh chashni, this is what troubling you come on yaar uncle will be so proud of you one day. Be happy and pack your things. Don’t get stressed about this things I am always there for you na and we will soon sort out this things.

RADHIKA: thank u neil u r the best thing that happened to me. Both of them hugged friendly and left the room for having dinner.


When both of them reached table. All of them shouted CONGRATULATIONS radhika was surprised hearing this. Neil understood her confusion and said “RADHIKA MISHRA MY DEAR FRIEND THIS IS FOR U” he showed a cake to her and congratulated for her new job. Radhika was so happy thanked for the surprise. Dilip added neil planned this for you. U should give credit to him.

RADHIKA: neil thank u so much u r always there for me but I don’t know without u what I will be? Saying this tears came out from her eyes.

NEIL: chashni come on yaar if you are happy then I will be happy and don’t be so senti come on yaar cut the cake and let us celebrate this moment. He wiped her tears and gave a friendly hug to her.

Dilip, mala, ankush and dadaji were very happy seeing their friendship.


NEIL: chahsni I am going to see our shooting spot (neil was working in an advertisement company). Will u join me?

RADHIKA: wow really okay let me join you in few minutes. She got ready she was wearing a pink kurti and was looking beautiful. Even neil looking at her felt astonished.

NEIL: wow chashni u look awesome today.

RADHIKA: oh neil stop kidding and let us go.

Both of them reached the shooting spot.


Arjun entered his room and felt so tired so he jumped into his bed suddenly radhika’s phone came out of his coat. He took out the phone and looked at the picture of radhika.

ARJUN’S HEART: wow her smile she look so beautiful and something is there in her smile. I can feel it in my heart. He suddenly remembered how a girl fell on him and he holded her. He thought that the picture of this girl and that girl looks similar.

ARJUN’S MIND: don’t think and fall for her. U have many other work to do. So forget about her and concentrate in your life.

ARJUN: hello XX (I don’t want to reveal the person now)

XX: arjun how r u? did u attend meeting today.

ARJUN: yes I’m fine and did well in the meeting

XX: remember about our plan and wait for the perfect moment. Okay I’ll call you later. Take care bye.

ARJUN: Bye XX take care.

He thought about the shoot in rishikesh and decided to go there.


NEIL: you have a look around radhika I have some work let me join u after finishing my work.

RADHIKA: okay neil

She went near the mountain to see all the beautiful scenes. she was so mesmerised seeing the beauty of nature. Arjun came straight to the scene without noticing radhika. When she suddenly turned around both of them fall down on the ground. While falling down arjun hitted a basket of flowers and it started to fall on them. Arjun was above radhika and was trying to remove flowers from his face. Radhika who was below arjun felt the same experience when she was holded by an unknowing person. When arjun saw radhika’s face after removing flowers from his face he felt astonished after seeing her beauty. They had an intense eye lock which remained for some time. He smiled unknowingly by seeing her but suddenly came into his sense and got up.

Radhika who nearly lost her senses in his charming face came to sense when arjun shouted on her.

ARJUN: oh miss have u lost your mind? Can’t u see a person coming. I can’t hold you each and every time when u fall.

RADHIKA: she got angry after listening to his words but controlled herself. She said I’m sorry I should have seen you. She began to leave to the scene.

Then suddenly arjun holded her hand she felt too nervous and tried to free her hands.

ARJUN: oh miss wait I have something belonging to you. He took the phone out of his pocket and gave it to radhika.

RADHIKA: Oh my phone I think I left it in audition room. Anyway thank u sir. Well my name is radhika Mishra saying this she gave her hand to arjun for shake hand.

ARJUN: okay whatever i have to go.

RADHIKA: how rude?

ARJUN: did u say anything

RADHIKA: nothing

RADHIKA (MIND): how rude he is but still something is happening to me whenever he comes near to me.

Arjun was fully filled with her memories. He only thought about her little beautiful face and her innocent smile. His thoughts were disturbed when neil said

NEIL: sir may I come in

ARJUN: come in

NEIL: sir shot is ready

ARJUN: okay I’ll come by the way start the shooting.

NEIL: yes sir

Neil left the cabin again arjun started to dream about radhika again but came to sense when his alarm ringed. He turned off his alarm and went outside.

MANAGER: how can u say this in last time? What we will do now?

ARJUN: any problem?

MANAGER: sir voh…

ARJUN (angrily): oh come on tell me what happened?

MANAGER: our writer didn’t come today. He went to work in other add.

ARJUN: how dare he can do this? I’ll get him screwed. What we will do now?

NEIL: sir I think I can help u. my friend is a gud writer she can write about anything.

ARJUN: okay get her soon here. Let me see what she can do.

Neil nodded his head and went to radhika.

RADHIKA: where were u neil? I have to tell something to u.

NEIL: radhika we don’t have time please come with me.
Radhika followed neil to the shoot spot.

ARJUN: so did u bring her.

NEIL: yes sir and whispered in chashni’s ears. Our writer didn’t come today so please show your talent to our new boss.

RADHIKA: boss she couldn’t believe that arjun was neil’s boss.

Arjun was surprised to see her again but he didn’t show his excitement before her. He continued

ARJUN: so u r the one let me see what you’ve got?

Manager explained her about the scene and asked her to give a caption for it. Within few seconds she gave a wonderful caption which impressed everyone including arjun.

ARJUN: very gud. So do you work here?

RADHIKA: I just now got an appointment order to work in your office in Mumbai in accounts department.

ARJUN: in accounts department?. Okay now miss radhika you are appointed as a member of our writing associating as a leading writer.

RADHIKA: radhika can’t believe herself listening to his words. She said thank u sir.

ARJUN: it’s okay. Join soon
He said and left the place. after seeing arjun leaving the place neil hugged radhika and said chashni congrats yaar. I know you can do this. I am so proud of you. Radhika said this would be impossible without him and thanked him for being her best friend.

NEIL(MIND): how did arjun know radhika name? I didn’t tell him her name. He was confused.


That’s all for today hope u enjoyed it. I am so happy to hear from you. Your comments make me to write more. So please support me by spending your valuable time to comment on my story. Waiting eagerly for your comments.

NOTE: For readers please kindly note that arjun and radhika don’t know each other before their first meeting.

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