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manmarziyan – (A NEW HOPE) CHAPTER 11

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Three days passed neil called sam many times but she never answered him. Arjun too avoided radhika. Everyone was busy in their work. Prerna too went to hrishikesh to meet radhika’s parents. Neil tried to meet sam but couldn’t meet her. Bird song was getting ready for its biggest presentation. Radhika tried to talk with neil but he seems to be depressed and don’t want to disturb him.

Radhika couldn’t see neil in this situation she decided to talk to him he was sitting in balcony. She went near him and touched his shoulder he wiped his tears and turned back showing a fake smile to radhika. Radhika understood he is sad she continued neil, do u think I’m your best friend? Hey chashni u r asking such a stupid question the whole world knew we r best friends, why did u ask such stupid question? Radhika replied but I don’t think so the neil I knew never hided anything from me, he shared everything with me. But neil I can’t see u in pain, pls tell me neil what is troubling u? after seeing samaira u r restless.

He remained silent. Radhika said it’s okay neil if u r not ready to tell me anything I thought u trusted me. When she was about to leave neil pulled her close to him and hugged her tightly he was crying like a 5yr child she too hugged him tightly and pacified him.

Arjun who was watching all these from his car window felt restless. He just wanted to kill neil for this. Actually he came to discuss abt presentation after seeing this he felt hurt and left the place. here rads and neil broke their hug. Neil, tell me what is troubling u? I am there to help u. Neil replied Samaira khanna. Radhika was shocked by hearing this. She asked him what happened exactly. Neil told her anything.

Radhika and neil were studying in same college. Radhika and neil were selected for an exchange program in London. But due to some problems radhika couldn’t join neil. After reaching London neil joined the same school where sam studied. They were from same departments. They both became gud friends but radhika was unaware abt this relationship.

Neil never told her bcoz he was feeling for sam and thought sam may reject him. He don’t want radhika to know abt this as she may be sad after seeing him in pain. It was their final day every student have to submit their project but sam’s project went missing she tried her level best to find the project but couldn’t find it. She was crying a lot. Neil was watching all these.

They were announcing best project in the stage. Announcer said 1st prize goes to samaira khanna she was surprised. Her parents and friends congratulated her. She don’t know what happened? She checked the project and found it was neil’s project. She searched for neil everywhere but when she found him prinicipal was scolding him for not submitting his project. She entered prinicpal’s room and was abt to say something but neil holded her wrist. She managed the situation and prinicipal left. Sam said why did u do this neil? It was your idea u worked day and night for that.

Neil replied sam I know very well abt u. it was your parents dream to see u achieve this. I can do anything for your happiness. Sam hugged neil tightly. Next day neil left college sam tried her level best to find him but he never revealed himself before her. But when he saw her as arjun’s fiancée he couldn’t control himself. His heart was broken into million pieces.

Radhika was shocked hearing this she very well knew the pain of losing loved ones. She can never see neil in this situation. she told him neil ,it’s not gud to run from your past u said this to me. U have to face sam. I don’t want to lose u neil. I am always with u neil. Promise me u will share everything with me. She hugged him. Neil broke the hug and said chashni, I will face sam but I want a promise from u. promise me u will forget your past and move on in your life. Radhika replied but…. Neil she took a deep breath and said I will neil.

Now go and sleep we have to go to office otherwise that khadoos will kill us. Neil laughed yes u right that khadoos will never leave us. She said gud night and went to her room. She couldn’t control herself and started crying. Why u left me shravan? Without u I cannot imagine my life. I want u back shravan. Pls come to me.

Precap: saral’s entry and some past reveleation.

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