manmarziyan A NEW HOPE (CHAPTER 11)


manmarziyan – (A NEW HOPE) CHAPTER 11

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Radhika went down but she couldn’t find arjun probably he left the scene. She felt embarrassed by reminiscing those moments. She felt the same feeling before two years. Her life changed from that day. She was the happiest person in this world. But everything changed and she just wanted to move on from her past. She just wanted to call arjun but she couldn’t call him.

Here arjun was feeling restless. He just wanted to forget everything his revenge, his past, he just wanted to live with radhika. But he can’t do anything. He got a call. It was nandhini’s call (xx- most of u guessed correctly). She asked to arjun is everything fine? He said I’m fine and will talk to her later. She felt some change in his voice and asked him what happened? He said nothing just some headache and disconnected his call.

Here neil was consoling sam. He tried his level best but couldn’t do anything. He said to sam one day adi will understand her and will come to her. He asked her what happened in your life that changed everything. She kept quiet for some time. Neil doesn’t want to force her and decided to leave her alone. When he was about to leave the place sam holded his hand and said neil please sit. He sat near to her. She said I trust u neil I just wanna share my feelings, my past with u hope I may feel better. Sam u can trust me and I will never fail u. I knew it neil. She began to tell her past.

It all started before two years. It was the time I completed my graduation. Me, adi and manya (sam’s younger sister) all were so happy. Adi supported me in everything. He was like a best friend for me. He was not interested in living a rich life. He always wanted to live a normal life. He was my parent’s favourite especially to my mom. She always cared and loved him. But she always wanted him to live a rich life with full of status. But my brother never showed any interests in those things. He always preferred to be simple. My father always supported us. Soon adi fell in love with a girl named diya.
She was a middle class girl. She was the perfect choice for adi. One day adi introduced her to me. I really liked her. Her attitude and care for others really amazed me. Adi was deeply and madly in love with her. I knew my mother would never agree for this relationship and she can go to any extent to stop this love. I was afraid of her and adi asked me not tell her about diya to anyone. I promised him as per his wish.

One day my dad saw both adi and diya together. He enquired me about this and I tried my level best not to tell him but after some time I told him about their relationship. He was very happy and accepted this relationship but I never knew my mom too heard this. She confronted my brother and asked him to forget diya but he refused and decided to marry diya. Adi thought I only told my mother about their love and fought with me. He went away from home. I was very angry on my mom and fought with her for confronting adi. She realized her mistake and agreed to accept adi and diya.

Everything was fine but everyone’s fate changed that night. It was a dark night and I was driving the car. Everything happened in a second. My car’s brake was not working. My car collapsed with another car. I was lucky enough I didn’t get any injury. But when I checked the other car I found diya in it. I was literally shocked. She and other person may be her father was floating in flood of blood. I immediately admitted them in hospital. But nothing could be changed they were already dead. When adi reached hospital he literally became mad he couldn’t control himself he started shouting and cried a lot. I was really afraid. Doctors injected him and made him relax. He was in a deep sleep. When he gained consciousness I couldn’t able to face him. He asked me what happened. And I told him the truth. He said u killed diya and her father. He blamed me for this accident. He broke all relationships with me and said never call me as your brother. He left London forever. We wanted to do the funeral of diya and her father but diya’s brother claimed their bodies before our arrival. We tried to contact him but could never find his address. Sam took a break and started to cry. Neil hugged her and consoled her.

Arjun who lost his senses because of radhika came to sense by remembering his family. He thought about his sister diya and his father. He wanted to claim revenge for her death from sam and nandini supported him. He too blamed sam for this and wanted to punish her.

Adi was very much angry on sam. He looked at diya’s picture and said he will never forgive sam. Adi never knew diya was arjun’s sister. Actually the truth was diya was the daughter of mehra’s industries owner but she liked adi. Since he was simple she never revealed his identity to him thinking he will move away from her. She always kept it as a secret but she decided to tell him and called her father to join with her. But everything changed because of the accident.

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Credit to: rishi

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  1. Hi is rads past connected in some way to arjuns? Rads too has feelings is it? I liked d plot. Is Diya still alive? As u dint mention funeral though u did mention arjun collecting d body. The suspense is unbearable pls update soon. Thks.

    1. Thanks rg TC ☺☺☺☺

  2. Wow what a story !! So this was quite revealing chapter.. Painful part of adi!!!

    1. Thanks roshini TC ☺☺☺☺

  3. WOW Rishi…interesting ….loved it…waiting for Adi to forgive Sam and Arjun to spk his heart to Radhika 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Thanks gauri and soon everything will happen take care ☺☺☺☺

  4. wow…….osm part m waiting for some romance between nesam plz post next part soon wid some romance

    1. Thanks Amita singh ☺☺☺☺

  5. I feel sorry for adi…….finally I understood y arjun wanted revenge………bt does Arjun know that adi is the one whon his diya loved ?????? we’ll you reveal Rads past ????????… u….plz update soooooooooon……………..

    1. Aastha thanks and arjun never know abt Adi and diya relationship.

  6. Hey it’s really amazing…….. Plz update can’t wait…….. tc

    1. thanks deeva tc

  7. Omg….what a past n connection…awesome rishi…?

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  8. Feel sad for Adi… Diya is Arjun’s sister!! Omg… I’m waiting for the next one.. Post soon

    Love you. ??

    1. thanks shree next update tomorrow tc

  9. Wow what an awesome story. 🙂

    1. thanks brin tc

  10. Awesome dear it just gets more and more interesting. Pls post soon

    1. Thanks Gianna next update tomorrow TC ☺☺

  11. This one is interesting rishi..but shocking twist…diya is arjun’s sister..really sad for adi …waiting for radhu past…pls update soon

    1. Susi i was waiting for your comment thanks for your support TC ☺☺☺☺


    1. thanks bhabya tc

  13. amazing episode…………radhu past enna ? eagerly waiting next one…….tc

  14. Awesome, wowwww rishi…it was really very heart touching. ..neils love n support for sam very awesome…..sam so innocent but getting all the hits on her….adi n also arjun…. I’m shocked to know about diya being arjun’s sister. …wowwww such a powerful story….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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