Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 9)


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As the birdsong annual day was fast approaching all were busy of their practice that was a big day for not only the employees but also for piyali and samrat. There were many programs which were being organized and also there are many projects approaching the company so many used to stay night for completing the jobs.

After the dinner Anjali was making ready her bed for her to sleep at that time her chain was hanging over her neck. She saw the pendent and she was happy. She can’t say why but some happiness comes when she sees that pendent and she always feels some pleasure when she taunts and tortures Krishna , always. She remembered what happened today – He was dancing with Suju(the one who was joined birdsong with Krishna) for the annual day and when Anjali passed by she saw them dancing. Krishna was not feeling well dancing with her but Suju wants to dance with him. Anjali was burning , don’t know why or what name to keep. She can’t see anyone near with Krishna . Only she should stand near him. There was a conversation between her heart and Brain.
Heart- How dare he can dance with her . Following me like hutch dog but dancing pair some one . You are finished Mr.Cockroach. I’m not gonna leave you . Let me see how you are gonna dance with her . I’m gonna break that hand which is holding her and your leg which is doing steps with her.
Brain – Whats your problem anjali if he is dancing with anyone. If you don’t have any feelings on him then why the heck you are angry on him. You know what will happen if your brothers come to know about this. Forget them you know Krishna’s mother always speaks that she wants her son to get married to some girl who is of their status level or even more. Even she has tried to humiliate dad when he asked Krishna for you just for a name sake but because of uncle (Krishna’s father) she stopped it. Don’t burn with jealousy. Stop this nonsense and concentrate on your work. She ewent to work but she cannot concentrate she was able to see only those 2 in her eyes.

Anjali was not able to take it as she was literally burning like an active volcano. She saw Suju going out of the room for a break. Anjali entered the room and saw here and there and walked towards him. Krishna was now really relieved as he was waiting for the chance to escape from suju but he did not know about Anjali’s anger(poor guy). He turned and jerked and saw her eyes. It was red hot. He gulped, he was now sweating. He started to step back but she was gaining on him. She was really angry. He finally ended in the wall and she pinned him by making her hand cross over his neck and crushing him. She with a silent yet threatening voice said “Look if you wanna dance, dance all by yourself if you are doing any pair dancing you are dead do you understand? ”. He nodded , he was totally wet looking at her. She released her hand over his neck and turned to go. He asked “can you dance with me , I don’t want to dance with her”. She was smiling hearing those words, controlled her happiness, turned towards him and said “I’ll let you know and haa….. sam called you tomorrow to our house as there is a function in our house don’t forget to come. She’ll be waiting for you. Krishna ; Will you be waiting for me ??She gave an angry glare.
Anjali ; You come and see, if you really want me to wait then I’ll wait . Then you will feel sorry for asking me to wait.

She laughed what did she meant . Sam called Krishna for Raksha bandhan as she is celebrating after many years . Anjali then thought that it was her rakhi day after 15 years since she left Arjun and it’s also a special day. She wanted to spend some time with Arjun but Anjali did not want to spoil the time he is spending with radhika . She always wanted her brothers happiness than hers . She felt happiness when Ardhika and Nesam were happy.
Anjali heard the knock sound . She opened and her eyes widened. It was arjun. He gestured her to come and she asked where . He just gave a stare , she nodded and followed him. He proceeded towards the terrace. Arjun sat and asked her to sit beside him.

Arjun ; It’s been soo many days we spoke to each other properly . So what do you want for tomorrow . Don’t ask the usual one that will be there but other than that what do you want??
Anjali ; Bhai whatever you feel it will be good for me give me that. I have got the biggest gift this year that’s you and I’m gonna celebrate this rakhi with my bhai and she pulled his cheeks. He smiled and hugged her.

Anjali ; (looked up to his face) What if I leave you again ??
Arjun (gave an angry glare and hitted her head ) ; Shut up Anjali if you say that one more time I will kill you. I lost you one time not again.
Anjali ; Sorry sorry bhai I’m sry I’ll not leave you I promise.
Arjun ; Who gave you permission for leaving me , not even in your dreams, you are always gonna be with me , my little angle get it ?? Anjali nodded and she hugged him again tightly and asked “ it is going to be tough for the one who is going to marry me , he needs to face 4 people before even he can think of speaking to me and both laughed.
Arjun ; We will do one thing I’ll ask your future husband to come and stay with us so that we can always be together.

Anjali ; What if he says no??
Arjun ; Then he is not your husband. I’ll choose the one for you who says yes to this. She nodded and thought of Krishna and felt sorry for him.
They were talking for a long time. Anjali said what all she did and how she missed him and they were lost in their world. It was radhika who asked arjun to speak with Anjali as she knew that both the brother and the sister are not spending quality time.

The rakhi is planned to celebrate in Samrat’s house as they are celebrating after so many years after Jai’s death and all the preparations are ready for the rakhi. Neil felt all excited as he is going to celebrate first time rakhi and he never felt that brotherhood would be so happy. He has a surprise for his sister and he knew how she would react. Sam and Neil were in her house for the preparation. Arjun and Radhika started but Anjali said Sam wanted Krishna to come so I will come with him. Arjun left to the car but Radhika nodded and gave a mischief smile. Anjali understood and pushed her and laughed.
She called Krishna and he said he will be in 5 mins . Just then she got an idea to taunt him and she gave winning smile thinking of that. Krishna reached and started inside. When he entered the house he saw only Anjali. She was waiting for him with the diya plate and Rakhi . He did no notice the plate in her hand as he was mesmerized in her beauty.

Krishna ; Where is everybody else ??
Anjali ; They will come bhaiyya and smiled
Krishna jerked for the word bhaiyya and just then he remembered that , that day was rakhi . He saw Anjali with the diya plate and Rakhi in her hand. He started to move back . She kept the diya plate in the table took the rakhi in her hand and started to chase him. He started to run the whole house by shouting “Help me , Help me” but it was of no use as she was chasing him very fastly. He slipped and she got hold of him by his hip (ulta of what will normally happen). She gave a heroic look and he blinked his eyes like a cute girl. She said “Chiii “ and left his hand he slipped and got hurt, she laughed and held his hand tight and started to tie the rakhi (for name sake).
Krishna ; (pleadingly) Aara please don’t do this I cannot take this aara please don’t and he was hurt as she was trying to tie the rakhi in his hands. She saw him like that and she don’t know why but she cannot see him like that. She threw the rakhi and sat down to him, held up his chin and made a puppy face and said “ I’m sorry I’ll not do that again please”. Krishna stood up and was about to go. She held his hand and said “ I said sry cant you say something back cockroach”.
Krishna ; What ??

Anjali ; (shouted on her top of her voice)Cockroach…………………………….. Look you asked me to wait I waited . I wanted to say you that there is a rakhi function in Sam’s house ,Samrat sir’s house . She is doing this all for you. We are already late let us start from here . She did not wait for his answer she took her stuffs for her brother and started from the house and Krishna followed her. They reached the destination and that was a grand preparation for them both , both were frozen as they saw this big decoration for them. Neil came from back and asked them to proceed . When both entered the house it was a mind blowing. preparation. All the places were brightened by cute lamps and it was decorated with beautiful flowers. Arjun came there and gave a big parcel to her and Neil joined. She looked like why this is necessary.

Neil ; Atleast be a girl on function days. Here it is a gift from your brothers now go and check this out. She was super happy. She asked Sam for the room, sam showed the room and she went inside to change. Sam saw Krishna and gave a gift to him and he said “di what is the need for this ??”
Sam ; The word di you are using na for that now go and change . He went to change.
Both came out and made a perfect pair. Anjali was wearing a cute pink patiyala dress which had beautiful works. Krishna came out with a typical formal dress. Manya fainted looking at his charms. All the girls eyes were on Krishna and all the men jaws were open to see Anjali’s beauty. She saw Arjun and gestered how it is he winked his eyes she was searching Neil but he came behind her and blindfolded her. She struggled to walk and he guided her and took her to a place. He opened his hands. She slowly opened her eyes and her eyes widened. It was a non gear bike gifted for her by Neil. She screamed and hugged him tight and said “ Neilu this is great I really loved it.” Neil was not able to explain the happiness he had on those moments and he to held her tightly. She saw him and once again jumped and hugged him.

Neil (with a pleading voice); Will you call me bhai too and was looking like a kid. Anjali never thought that .
Anjali ; No ,Neil was disappointed , She continued may be bhaiyya ?? as I call bhai as bhai then if I call you bhai then there would be confusion , if you are ok then bhaiyya what deal ?? Neil’s face was brightened double ok and he hugged her and had tears for her accepting him fully as her brother. Arjun saw that from behind and smiled.
He called them and they came to the main hall .

Anjali was doing the arthi to Arjun and she wore thilak to him . She took her bag and took a hand full of Rakhi . she gave that to Arjun and said “wait I will come”. She then went to Neil and took aarthi and did the thilak and tied a rakhi. It was a different one . He saw and asked for the same. Anjali said “See I’m 23 years old. It has 23 knots . 1 knot denote 1 year ok that’s why it is different I made it all by myself for my Neilu bhaiyya. He nodded and was happy . He saw the rakhi and waved his hand here and there to look at its beauty and he found something different. When he noticed he saw the words” Neilu and Anjali are always together”. He had tears and hugged her and said you and me always together and kissed her forehead and blessed her.
She came back to Arjun and sat next to him and took those rakhi’s from his hand. He gave a questioning stare for the number of Rakhi she had. She asked his hand he gave and she started to tie them. She said 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 …….. And it went on. Arjun was not able to understand for the count she is making. She said “ What ?? I left you in the year 2000 from that year till now every year I will buy rakhi for you and will keep it just for this day . Arjun had tears and hugged her tight. Now no sentiments where is my gift . He gave her favorite cotton candy. She jumped wow my fav but only 1 and made a puppy face. He asked her to close her eyes and placed a box in her hand. She opened her eyes and unwrapped the box. It was a brand new phone. She jumped with excitement and she said best gift and hugged him.

Sam was doing the rituals to Krishna and she was a bit emotional by thinking Jai . Krishna said “ di I’m really happy now di as for me this is the first rakhi . I have a sister and a brother but they don’t like me coz I’m not like them . My mother always wanted status than anything. Both of them were like that but I was like my dad. I always longed for a rakhi from my sister. I got it today di” , he bend down and took her blessings. Sam made him stand and hugged him. Di a small gift from me and gave a cute photo frame which had the pic of herself and Neil during the rishikesh trip. She saw this and again hugged him. Radhika too tied the rakhi for him and he gave a watch for her and said “ you work too much di , you ned to take care of your health and so it bought this , Manya was compelled to tie rakhi for Krishna. Anjali , Neil and Arjun had a ride in the new bike and took some selfiess in that . All were really happy.
Few days later.

All were vigorously practising and decorations was half way through for the annual day. Just then Anjali saw krishna blushing at his laptop screen. When she came near that he closed his laptop and asked “Why are you looking at my personal stuffs??”
Anjali ;(gave an angry look) Chii decorations are not fully made all are working there and you are simply sitting and staring at some nonsense . Now stop ur waterfalls as the office is flooding and come and help.

The work went for almost mid night . After that All the 5 started to their house but Sam asked Krishna to accompany them as it was already late . Her intention was to make some good time for Krishna to speak out his heart to Anjali. Anjali – Outside she was angry , but in heart she was really happy to hear that he is also coming.

But Krishna said “No di work is still going i’ll come after I finish the work and will come .They started from there. Neil was really sleepy because of hectic work. He went straight to his room. Sam and Anjali were wearing face pack . Arjun and Radhika went to their room and relaxing. It was a drizzililng out there. Suddenly power went off. Arjun saw Radhika who just came out changing , she was wearing his shirt as she was not able to find her night dress in the dark.
He remembered their first day in their old house and how they spent their night on that day and today it was different. He just came to her and hugged her. She was not able to understand why ??
Arjun ; This dress suits you preety well that mine.

Radhika ; (blushed and was trying to remove his hand from her) Arjunnnnn….(with her cute husky voice)..
Arjun ; Dont call me like that and I cant control myself from you and he tightened his grip. He slowly came towards her and she walked back and they slipped on their bed. He slowly , slowly came to her and there was a tiny gap between them, she closed her eyes. He was about to kiss her and
Arjun jerked hearing that sound and Radhika opened her eyes and both saw each other and unanimously shouted “ Neil ” and ran out .
Neil was crawling on the floor and 2 people were walking slowly towards him. He shouted “ Hhheeeeeelllllllpppppppppppppppppppp , Hhheeeeeelllllllpppppppppppppppppppp” . Both laughed vigorously . Radhika was scared seeing them as their hairs were clumsy and hand was fully white their face had a special lighting effect like a ghost movies . She hugged Arjun tightly and kept her face over his chest and closed her eyes tightly.

Arjun was laughing seeing this and said something to Radhika . She noticed that and she too laughed but they were not in the sight of Neil and other 2 . When the 2 monsters bend down towards Neil , he was sweating and he was bending down and was closing his eyes tightly. Suddenly the power came and Neil found who was that , It was Anjali and sam who were wearing face pack wanted to taunt Neil as he was sleeping but they can’t . Both laughed and gave a hifi .
Neil ; You guys almost gave me a heart attack. Made an angry face.
Sam ; Don;t worry. You will not die soo soon , you have to face this till your life end and both were seriously laughing . Neil could not make any fake anger , laughed at what has happened . Arjun and Radhika came there .

Arjun ; Cant you see their mobile phones in their hand with which they were using to make their face to glow(flash light). Neil noticed and hitted his head with his hand and started to chase them and both ran away laughing ghostly . After all the chaos they went to sleep with those happy moments……

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Credit to: Sv

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