Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 8)


Hiee all i’m back with my new update . Thank you all for those comments they are really a booster as they really encourage me to write.And happy holi to all my friends .let this holi bring all the colours in your life. Please do comment your valuable comments as they mean a lot to me.

Enjoy the ride.

All were having good time and enjoying the city , At times Krishna would take few snaps of Anjali without her knowledge and show that to Sam and Radhika as he was always scared of those boys. Anjali was able to sense that some people were following them but she did not took that seriously but one day all the 6 were visiting some temples nearby , few people who were not relevant approached them to attack and Radhika saw this and shouted but before they could approach , Anjali came from the behind and hitted them with a big stick and one fell down and others just saw her(sorry guys I’m an action movie freak so I can’t help myself from this). She was in full anger. She held the stick in her hand even more tight. One by one they were approaching her. Before arjun, Neil and Krishna could move she finished them in few seconds and tapped her hand as if she had dust in her hand . Anjali roared by holding one of their shirt “say your boss that not to use cheep tricks to attack me and also that I’m not scared and not even dare to mess with me” Arjun called the police and they took them at once.
While fighting Anjali was hurt in her hand. She did not show that to anyone but as usual Neil found and that was dressed. Again for her health they gave trips. As usual Anjali drank it Neil shouted cant you wait for sometime. After that they proceeded towards the house as the next day they need to start from there to Mumbai. All were not able to understand what just happened but Anjali was now sure in her doubt which she had. Once they reached home, all changed and sat for dinner . Anjali was struggling to eat so Arjun proceeded to feed her but Mala held him and said I know about her and she made her eat the dinner Anjali was enjoying the dinner as a 5 year old kid. Others were not able to come out of what happened. After the dinner Anjali called the other 5 into her room and before anyone could speak she started “guys I am gonna say something don’t speak in between and once I finish I need your assistance regarding the same”. All nodded and she started “You all know that I work in bird song as accounts head, before me there was an accountant who left the job at once claiming that he is not well, but the fact is he has embezzled a huge some of Bird song and flew away , I started to find what else he did and I found that he was trying to fake the shares and other documents but he failed to do so and I don’t know where he is but. I found those things and reported the same to Samrat sir and he said I will take care of that, but I never knew that he would go this extend.
Neil; When did this all happened ??
Arjun; Can’t you say us before so that we would have been more cautious??
Radhika; U would always want to give a heart attack or what??
Sam ; Don’t hide anything again like that.
Anjali; Guys guys, please stop even I came to know about this very late and I confirmed only before we started here and Samrat sir has also lodged a case against that person , Ashok. But I did not say because I thought he was not that much worth enough and also not to spoil the trip but I was wrong.
Neil raised his hand and was about to hit her but he instead hits his head and shouted I can’t even think of hitting you. And again he banged his head.
Anjali ; We will talk about that later but if you are soo hot then its time to chill you all and showed 2 bottles of drink, Neil and Sam saw this and their face brightened and Radhika gave an angry glare against Arjun not to take it. Arjun held his face down, Anjali saw this and said “Bhabhi please only today , I will not allow him next time please” ,

Radhika was not convinced even then, all the other 5 kneeled down and “My lord please your judgment is our law please let this poor people to overcome their thirst and all folded their hands, Radhika cannot control she laughed at once and all were happy and Anjali kissed Radhika , Nesam kissed her and Krishna thanked her and and all left lastly Arjun kissed her tight in her lips and walked with pride. Radhika became stone and she jerked herself as if she had goosebumps , she blushed and went with them. Anjali made sure that Mala, Dilip , dadaji all are asleep and asked them not to make any noise and they slowly came to the terrace and all were shell shocked as Anjali made everything ready.

Krishna was all happy but Anjali gave an angry glare and slowly hissed in his ears if you take more you are dead, get it. He gulped and nodded as he saw her anger only that evening. All sat and they were enjoying the drink but Radhika and Anjali were having fruit juice. Sam insisted Radhika to have a glass but Radhika hesitated. Arjun mixed the drink in the juice and signed Anjali . She changed the glass of Radhika. Radhika without knowing the truth drank the juice. She just kept the glass in her mouth and drank in one gulp and kept the glass on the floor banging. All jerked the way she kept the glass. Radhika said “ I want one more, all were now scared as the way she was asking , Krishna in between mixed the other glass and kept it near Radhika she drunk it in one gulp and there were many rounds gone all were drinking and
Radhika ; Oye Arjun, (Arjun spitted the drink from the mouth and coughed and banged his head), she was in full form now, she continued oye Arjun…………. she was trying to get up but she was not able to stand straight and slipped and sat on Anjali’s lap and held her hand and made a wrap around her and said , Arjun you are a ….. you are an angry bird khadoos mirchi . You look excatly like the red bird, big one with big eyes and ….. I don’t know. I wonder how you would always keep on staring like that and imitated the way Arjun would do , Krishna who was out of control gave a hifi with Radhika and said yup di you are right he always looks like that and he too did that and laughed and Neil joined them. Arjun who made an angry stare Neil saw that and said the same way and again laughed . Arjun was about to stand, He kept his hand on the bottle and it rolled away , he slipped and fell down. Now all were laughing and Anjali who was wrapping Radhika said enough yaar , bhai are you alright ?? He just laid down and said I’m alright and made his thumps up.

Radhika ; Arjun you dont know how too even kiss me properly. I’ll show you , Chashu now you are me and i’m Arjun now i’ll show you how to kiss like an hollywood type and she proceeded towards Anjali making her lips in kissing way. Anjali is now scared and she slowly bend towards down and said “Radhu , my darling.. no no, no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no noooooooooooooooo……..

Anjali closed her eyes tightly , but Radhika slipped Anjali’s side and kissed her cheeks and she touched her cheeks and rubbed it and said “I cant find your lips chashu” Anjali opened her eyes and gave a big breath and pushe her aside and Radhika crawled towards Arjun and said learn to kiss first angry bird. He pushed her towards himself and made her lay on his hand.

Sam ; Chashni don’t worry i’ll kiss her and was about to proceed towards Anjali but neil held her waist and dragged her to himself and said please don’t kiss her she won’t brush her teeth properly . Her mouth stinks . Anjali was fuming and shouted Neiluuuuuuu and was about to hit him.
Radhika took the bottle and crawled towards Anjali. Anjali closed her mouth with both her hands. Nesam removed her hand , Radhika held her mouth Sam one side and Neil other side by holding her head made her drink. Anjali drank the full bottle but was ok not as bad as Radhika. And were blabbering to each other and laughing and having good time. All were about to sleep as it was really late, all laid down there itself.
At that time krishna went down and came up and gave a cute chain with a pendant which engraved Arashna (Aradhana+Krishna), she gave a questioning stare. Please wear it It has both our mane together. It is my love , life everything. If you wear it I will be happy and he made her wore it . She said Thank you Krishna and hugged him , kissed his cheeks and was about to say I………lov…………
Just then they heard someone is coming towards them. Immediately Anjali cleaned the mess and in few seconds she was acting like she was sleeping near Arjun. It was dilip . He came and saw them happily sleeping. He left them and went back downstairs. Anjali slightly opened her eyes and saw if he had gone down. All were actually sleeping. She turned and found herself very close to krishna.
It was like Radhika was sleeping in the hands of Arjun and he held Anjali’s hand with his other hand. Anjali was near Krishna and Sam was holing Krishna. Neil was sleeping by keeping his head in Sam’s lap and kept his hand over Anjali’s leg.
Suddenly there was a hand over Anjali it was Krishna , he wrapped his hand around Anjali. She saw him very close and hugged him tight and gave a cute kiss in his cheeks and slept of like that.

Morning ….
Krishna woke up and saw Anjali was hugging him and sleeping . He saw her with full love in his eyes and gave a cute kiss. He was not able to understand how and what happened. He took her in his arms and made sure that no one gets disturbed He went down slowly and also made sure that Radhika’s family is not seeing them . He layed her in the bed and gave a cute kiss in her forehead she held his hand , he smiled and he slowly removed the hand and closed the door. Ardhika and Nesam were sleeping in the terrace . Krishna asked them to go in and sleep. All were really drowsy and slowly went to their rooms and slept. Krishna too went to the room and slept.
Around 9.30 AM, Anjali pounced into the room where Ardhika were sleeping and shook them and asked them to get up as it was late and they need to start. Arjun and Radhika were holding their head and Radhika ; where am I ??
Anjali ; (with full irritation) haa heaven ….. Now wake up budhu and gave a jug full of lemonad and asked the both to take it and get ready soon . She went to Nesam’s room.

She opened the door and found Neil was about to slip from the bed because of the dream. Anjali ran and held him but she was not able to hold him because of her hurt, she slipped him and he banged his head on the floor and shouted “ somebody help me a beast is following me” Anjali saw him surprisingly and Sam who was digging her face towards the bed and shouted “idiot stop” and closed her face with the pillow. Neil did not even opened his eyes, he was still in dream he shouted again “ somebody help me a beast is gonna attack me” Anjali laughed and shook Neil but he did not come out of the dream and he held Anjali’s neck and shook, “somebody help me a beast is trying to kill me” . Neil held her tight and Anjali saw a jug full of water She struggled and atlast took that and poured in his face. He at once jerked and woke up and was full wet . Anjali was holding her neck , coughed , took few deep breath , stared Neil angrily , shouted “ stupid neilu 2 minutes late you would have killed me.
Neil ; Missed the golden opportunity . Anjali kicked him and said now get ready as it is already late.
Neil ; At times you are like me , at times you are like Arjun I cannot understand you and folded his hand and gave a gesture.
Anjali ; finished now shut up and go and get ready. We are late we need to go neilu please . Neil went and Anjali came to Sam.
Anjali; Sam…… Sam, Sammy please my darling now wake up and shook her . She slowly opened her eyes and saw it was Anjali She held her head and Anjali gave a glass of lemonade and said here have it . Sam took and saw here and there .
Anjali ; Neilu is in wash room . Please get ready princess we need to go home today please get ready fast.
Krishna was getting ready and he remembered the way she was sleeping and smiling thinking that. He was packing and found out that his chain was missing. He searched everywhere but he was not able to find it , Anjali called him as it was late. So with full disappointment he started from there.

All came down for the breakfast. After some time they started from Radhika’s house . Radhika was little bit emotional and Arjun held her hand and nodded. She hugged Mala , Dilip and dadaji. All took their blessings and Mala asked Anjali to take care of her health and they hugged each other and Anjali also hugged her dadu and they all went into the car.
Krishna was restless. But he did not say anything. After they reached the airport they checked in for the flight . Same way the seating arrangemens as they came to Delhi but this time Anjali was not taunting but she saw krishna was restless and asked for the same. He said I lost my chain somewhere its something important .I need it I dont know where I kept it.
Anjali ; I know where it is. I have that chain you gave me yesterday night and she was about to take the chain from her neck.
Krishna ; no don’t take that you have it. It belongs to you. He was really happy . Anjali was not able to understand what was he meaning .They reached Mumbai. All went to their respective home.
They took that day off and they started the next day. Neil called Arjun and said something Arjun agreed and they started from bird song at once. Krishna came to the office when he saw Arjun and Neil leaving and he was confused and he went straight to Anjali’s room. She was busy with her work . She did not realise that Krishna came she was working biting the pendant . He saw this and was really happy .
Samrat called Anjali and said “ Aradhana good news is Ashok is caught, he was held when he was trying to escape from Hyderabad as he shifted the place there. Investigation is going on. Its only because of you bird song was saved . Thank you Aradhana.
Anjali ; Sir this is my duty . And she disclosed about what other things she found. And samrat said I will take care of the issue as I dont want anything to happen to my people.
It was evening all were starting home but Arjun and Neil were not found. The girls were waiting for them when Arjun texted Radhika an address and asked them to come there. All the 3 came to the place . It was a seperate house but big . You cannot consider it as a bungalow but big when compared to the house. A kind of seperate villa. Neil called Sam and asked them to proceed towards the house. Once they entered in Arjun and Neil were standing inside and unanimously shouted “ surprise ”.
The girls were not able to understand what was going on . Neil and Arjun said “as we are more of a family now we have decided to stay together. All the girls eyes were widened now. All jumped and ran towards them and hugged them.
Sam ; I never thought of this thing, thats a good idea .
Arjun ; Yup Neil’s idea will always work.
Sam ; I never thought that you have brain.
Neil ; even I doubt because how did I fall for you. Sam was now angry and Neil ran and Sam was behind him and she caught hold of him and she was hitting him . The other 3 were laughing.
Radhika ; Neil prena aunty will also stay here na ??
Arjun ; Yup she will stay with us as the head of the family . We did all the shifting work and myself and Radhika first room, Sam you and Neil here and showed the room and Anjali your room here and showed a room. All the rooms contained cute cute photos of them and a group photo of all the 5.The girls were investigating the rooms one by one Ardhika room was decorated neatly , Nesam room had all their crazy stuffs , prena’s room was also arranged neatly, they saw the kitchen, and other room and at last they went to Anjali’s room . It was beautifully decorated painted pink and had cute photos of her. She ran and hugged her brothers and said I have got the best brothers in the world.
Radhika ; Neil where is aunty ??
Neil ; She has gone for a holy trip , visiting holy places will come next week . I said her and she was happy as she is gonna have a big family.All were enjoying their time together but they never knew that a strom is building against them.
Bird song annual day was approaching and all were asked to participate . Anjali was all set to show her talents to her friends and her brothers. All were excited about the announcement and they were simultaniously working and praticing for the annual day. Krishna thought of proposing Anjali on the Annual day and was preparing for that.

Anjali got the call from Rahul that they are gonna start for London. They are making a break of journey and will see her in Mumbai and proceed to London. She was both happy and sad. She informed the same to Nesam and Ardhika. She also informed Krishna as Arohi wanted to see him too. They all went to the airport and all the 6 were waiting for them to come. She saw Rahul and shouted on top of her voice Jiiiiijuuuuuuuuuu and ran towards him. He hugged her and she was not letting him. Finally they broke the hug and she saw charu ma and Arohi . She introduced Ardhika and Nesam to them. Rahul gave a warm hug to Neil and Arjun . He shook his hands with Radhika and Sam. He saw Krishna and asked “What are you doing here ??” Krishna ; I work with them same office. All were talking. Anjali was really happy as now her family is complete . The announcement came regarding the filght which Rahul , Arohi and Charu are going. Anjali was now sad and she had tears and she hugged her mother very tightly and she was not letting her go. At last all started for the flight and she broke down. Arjun and Neil convinced and said they will do whatever she wants but not to cry.

Anjali; (wiping her tears) Promise me that we will stay together and you will not leave me. Neil , Arjun laughed and promised , Radhika and Sam joined them and Krishna too joined them. Arjun and Neil was not able understand but the girls understood and smiled. They all started from the airport happily.

Thats is guys for today. i hope you all are liking this ride and please do comment your view as they mean a lot to me. Once again happy holi my friends.

Credit to: Sv

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