Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 7)


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Anjali was reading “Welcome all to the engagement of SARAL AND BONNIE” What is this name pony,
Krishna; Its not pony Aara (short form of Aradhana all who knows her as Aradhana would always call her as Aara) its bonnie.
Anjali was about to punch him but Neil held her and said ”pls not here after we go to the room you even kill him i’ll not ask.Ok not here please and made her normal.

Too much money spent for the engagement , it was not like engagement but seems to be a wedding function by the way it was decorated.

Anjali; Where are we gonna stay ??
Radhika; My house
Anjali Yippiee did you say aunty i’m coming?? Radhika nodded yes,
Anjali; then no one stop me from eating my fav dishes. Neil gave a glare.
Anjali; Neilu only if you say yes i’ll take ok and gave a tooth paste ad smile(showing all 32 teeth).

Just then Saral came out of and saw them and gave a glare as if it was like proud or head weight glare. The 5 gave back an angry glare(not krishna), Anjali was folding her fist and wanted to punch him but Radhika held her hand and nodded no. They started from there. Krishna was not able to understand the situation.

Radhika’s house was nearby and so all took their luggages and started to walk from there, Radhika and Anjali were talking and saying what all adventures they did , how they broke a shop because the shopkeeper scolded them and other stuffs. All the 4 mouth’s were open as they learnt the other side of these people. They reached the house and Anjali ran to the upstairs and found Dadaji.

Anjali; (made a big sound and said) Daduuuuuuuuuuuu and hugged him.
Dadaji; Aradhana beta how are you .
Anjali ; I’m fine dadu and saying so she kept a hat on dadaji’s head and said you look perfectly like a cowboy dadu and hugged him, She got the blessing from him and asked where is every body else

Just then other 5 came up and Krishna felt a bit reserved as it was a new place for him.
Anjali’s ears were held by Mala and she said “is this the way to come to home cant you come once in a while to show your face, pagli”. She held her ears and said i’m sorry mallu darling. Then the had a hug and Mala invited the others to come in and she saw Krishna and gave a confusion look.

Sam ; He also came with us aunty, Aradhana’s friend he is also working in bird song.Anjali jerked and gave a questioning look as why ?? Sam gave a fake smile. Mala asked them to take rest and freshen up as they need to go to Saral’s engagement .They also planned to have a break of 5 days from their work as it has been continuous work and they literally wanted to take break and have some fun time together.

Rooms were alloted as Ardhika one room(Radhika room) Nesam one room (guest room)
dont expect too much here, Anjali one room (Ridhima’s room) and Krishna shared the room with Ankush.

They all came out after they freshened up and sat for the lunch , It was full of Anjali’s fav and her eyes was widened, Neil gave her the tablet and said if you wanna enjoy the feast take the medicine else bread and jam. She was really scared and took tablet immediately.Anjali was really enjoying and said aunty I love you and gave a flying kiss to her. All were done their lunch and their tummy’s were full.

Mala just then said the engagement is going for 2 days. All gave a questioning look and Neil said are they gonna get engaged separately ?? One day saral and the other day bonnie ?? The others laughed.
Mala ; No they are planning something big and wanted to be a talk of the town and it is Saral’s idea for 2 days engagement and they are also having some rituals so that atleast this will be complete as you all know that Radhika and… she took a deep breadth and continued today is the 2nd day of the engagement ceremony. Radhika was hurt, Others just cheered her up. Krishna was able to understand a little bit.

Anjali just wanted to change the topic; Talk of the town . My hands are really waiting for the day to punch his face. I dont know why but just want to punch him whenever I see him. If I ever get a chance I will not spare that idiot.
Neil; Your so as Arjun, he too doesnot like him all laughed.They all came out of the house to have a walk and to exprerience the beauty of the city which was not as busy as Mumbai.

Krishna; arjun sir shall I bring my camera so that we can take some snaps of the location. All the other 5 including Arjun said oooooooooohhhh and kept their hand over their head
Arjun; Can you please stop being so professional I will say you when to have location search, now this is break time . We are planning to enjoy are you coming with us or not, Krishna saw Anjali she immediately turned her face.
Krishna; OK sir i’ll come.
Arjun; Good now shut up and come with us saying so they all started to walk.
They were enjoying their time together and were having many delicious foods, Neil made sure that it does not affect Anjali’s health.

2 people were staring at them from far away and took their mobile and saw a picture and confirmed that, that person is there and asked the others to be careful and to wait till they get the order from their boss. All the 6 came back to the house and were all tired .They went straight to their rooms and took some rest. Mala dilip and others started early because of Ridhima.

It was around 6 pm all started to dress up and the girls were all in the same room to help each other. First Anjali helped Radhika and sam to get ready. Both were like princess .
Sam was wearing a cute red lehanga with white stones and sleeveless blouse and her hair was let loose with matching jewellery, She was like an angle.

Radhika was wearing a maroon lehanga with golden works, Short sleeve and she wore beautiful jewelleryto match the outfit Her hair was been made a small french plate and the rest were let loose and it made her even more beautiful. Anjali took her bag . She opened and saw a cover in it, she checked the cover and found a beautiful white lehanga with peocock blue works and she also found matching jewellery. Anjali just got a message from krishna please wear it and come my angle. She was shivering and did not show that message to Radhika and Sam.She had 2 minds , she wanted to wear but does not want to wear(because of the fear). Sam and Radhika finally convinced her and made her wear it. They took her glasses and asked her to wear contact lens. They made her ready. She was like an angle from heaven her hair was cutely plated and that adds more beauty to her.

Boys were getting ready too. Arjun was wearing a black colour shervani with cream bottom. Neil with golden colour with a kind of brown bottom and Krishna was wearing a normal shirt and came out to them. Both Neil and Arjun made him to get ready by making him wear a dashing dark blue colour velvet shervani with cream bottom. He was looking lot more handsome in those outfits. All the 3 looked at each other and all were looking fabulous and all the 3 were dashing(oh my god can’t explain how handsome they are). They took some selfies and were waiting for theie ladies to come.

The door opened……………………………..

It was like the doors of the heaven has been opened for the angles to come . The boys were breathing heavily and eagerly waiting for their lovely ladies to come. All the three came out at once and the boys forgot to breath. Arjun saw Radhika in that dress and was spell bound, he then saw Anjali and he cannot believe his eyes. Neil was lost in Sams beauty and then when he saw anjali he silently blessed her that always to be happy. Krishna never took his eyes from Anjali , she was wearing the dress he took. He was really happy and wanted to kiss her. He imagined the scene.

Radhika was also mesmerised with the beauty of her darling Arjun. Sam was staring at Neil and cannot look at anything else and Anjali was lost in her love’s beauty. She was just staring him and was hardly blinking not to take a chance of loosing his sight.

Arjun and Neil came to them and said you girls are mindblowing and you(anjali) when did you become a girl. Anjali gave a look.
Neil; I always see you in Pant and shirt , you are really looking like a girl anjali , saying so he was laughing , Arjun too joined him. She was hitting them and Arjun said “ I never knew my little angle will be this cute, bless you my dear” Arjun , Neil and Anjali had a group hug and they started for the engagement. Arjun took Radhika’s hand, Neil took Sam’s , Anjali was all alone, she wanted Krishna to come and ask. She was waiting for him , but he started to go. She felt disappointed , she had tears and turned back. After few seconds she felt that someone was behind her. A hand came wrapped her from behind slowly. She was breathing heavily

A voice said slowly“I just made sure that they went , how can you feel that I will leave you my angle , I love you” and gave a small peck on her cheeks. She was frozen, she turned and saw her handsome really close to her.
Krishna; How do I look??
Anjali; Haa ??(cant take her eyes off from him)
Krishna; Aara how do I look ?? and kept his hands over her waist and made a ring
Anjali ; Haaa ??? and she was looking at him no, no she was lost in his charms. He slowly came near her by tightening the hug, she realised it and broke the hug and ran away blushingly. Krishna said my angle I will make you to tell what is deep inside you. He smiled and started behind.

Ardhika and Nesam were walking in front and Anjali was waiting for Krishna to come. Just then a hand came and took her hand. It was krishna . He was holding her hand and she was simply staring at him and smiling , when he turned to see her she turned front just to control her smile. He was also smiling. Ardhika and Nesam waited for them to come and when they saw Anjali and Krishna coming the boys proceeded but the girls saw each other and gave a happy smile.

In the entry of the engagement place they saw ridhima , Anjali just left Krishna and hugged her. She was also happy to see Anjali. She asked them to go in, but she signed Radhika to stay.
Ridhima; I’m sorry choti
Radhika; Dii??
Ridhima; No choti , I was not there when I need to stand. But i’m happy to see you now and all the others. Now go and have some fun, go . Radhika and Ridhimma hugged and Radhika entered, Radhika collided with Saral .
Saral; Look like someone has got some pain and laughed
Before Radhika could say something Arjun came and said ; Radhika come lets go. He held her hand and gave an angry look to Saral and took her from there.

Anjali; What happened.
Arjun; Nothing come lets go,She signed Radhika and Radhika just moved her lips and said Saral without speaking out. Anjali understood and thought, you are gonna pay for that my boy.

All were gathered there and there was some one who was speaking over the mike ,(literally no one listened to him), and Saral and Bonnie were asked to come on the stage. All the 5 gave a disgusting stare and clapped for name sake. Krishna was clapping vigorously and Anjali nodded enough. They exchanged the rings and Saral took the mike and said Thank you all for coming, and was walking and he said I specially thank you Radhika for breaking the engagement its because of you I found my true love(lol I cant control my self from laughing) Arjun was buring for those words , but before saral could say more he slipped. He turned here and there and found no one He did not know why he slipped. He felt a bit embarassed and went from there and sat on the chair where they were alloted for him.

The organiser said we are going to have some music now and I want all those who can dance to come forward with the bride and the groom. Krishna was all excited and wanted to dance but Anjali held him and nodded no. He was sad. Saral asked the organiser to ask the 3 pairs to join them. The organiser did the same and they had no other choice they joined the other people.

Anjali did not go but krishna proceeded to dance.It was pair dance first. Anjali was waiting for the perfect time to smash Saral’s face as he planned the engagement mainly to embarass Arjun and Radhika. All were dancing . Ardhika and Nesam were dancing and Anjali was standing in the corner and found Krishna was dancing with some girl and he is holding her a bit closer to him. A flower in her hand was bearing all her anger, she just cant take that she wanted to rip Krishna apart, she was really boiling in anger, but did not show it out, Arjun saw Anjali and askede her to join, she made a fake smile and was dancing with someone but she did not see who and she was continuously staring at Krishna.That person was taking advantage of the situation and was trying come closer. Krishna saw that and excused himself from that girl,that girl felt disappointed and he took Anjali’s hand from that other person. Anjali was all excited, she flipped the other one’s hand, he twisted and felt a bit dizzy. She was now dancing with Krishna. She was keeping her one hand over his shoulder and other was on holding his hand. He slowly moved his hand to her bare waist and made her close to him. She never thought of it and wanted to move away but he was not leaving her. They were not speaking but their hearts were speaking to each other.

Arjun who was already lost in Radhika’s beauty was just staring at her and he twisted her and made her really close to him and said “you look gorgeous my darling, You are always breath taking and he came a bit closer.Radhika blushed and said Arjun we are in public,
Arjun;(giggled) Who is saying this. Do you remember the other night at in the lake side and gave a big breath, she blushed and punched him. Saral and Bonnie who were looking at them were buring in jealosy , anger (what ever name you can keep). Nesam were lost in their world.

Next was a circle formation, Boys were in the inner circle and the girls were in the outer circle. All were ready for the song . Once the song started they started to dance, It was like Saral, Krishna, Arjun and Neil on the row.
Bonnie started with Saral first and she went to Krishna. She wanted to speak to him but he twisted her to Arjun. Arjun saw that and gave a why?? stare. Bonnie was dancing with Arjun.
Bonnie; Arjun I still love you. I’m way more better than Radhika. Before she could say anything Arjun said slowly“Radhika is my soul and you can never be near her so stop dreaming and start the life which you have got now”. She was about to say something but he twisted her to Neil and she left Neil’s hand and went away.

All were turned and when Radhika came to Saral he held her tight and said “dont think that you are free from me i’ll ruin you. What so ever it happenes it will not spare you, she was struggling in his hands and said “let go its paining” he twisted her and Krishna held her and asked Di are you alright?? Radhika nodded and he asked Arjun to take care of Radhika.

After Radhika Anjali came and immediately she held him tight .She with a silent yet violent voice said “Dont mess with us you might have done anything before but if you wanna hurt her you should face me first” and held him tight . He shouted because if her hold(karate kid rocks).The song stopped .He was about to hit her but she held his hand and waved back and

Anjali; Did you forget what you did in that culturals?? you wanted to become a hero in front of Radhika by saving her from the goons you set up. They said everything dont act Saral.
Saral; Shut up Aradhana just shut up.
Anjali; what shut up I knew everything you did you mosquito , I’m leaving you because of your engagement else will just squeeze you , nonsense

He lost his control he was loosing his balance but shouted at Anjali “ Aaradhana I will not spare you , you ….. , thats it Neil Arjun and Krishna can’t take that word against her and was about to make fight with him but Anjali said no .She had tears for the words that he spoke. She just walked away and all the other 5 came behind her, all were sad and did not speak. After they stepped out the engagement hall suddenly there was full of chaos full of noise inside and someone shouted groom fainted.

Anjali now laughed out and said yes, others were not able to understand. She wiped her tears and said , “he was speaking too much and I wanted to do something but no chance came and also it was his engagement so before the dance started I mixed some sleeping pills in his juice which were given to me when I was sick , talk of the town ahh ??Let him sleep for 2 days , ha ha ha I won you idiot just pay for your deeds ha ha ha I’m happy now” she walked with full pride and others saw her and they cant imagine that what is she made of ??

They reached home and Mala came back of them and all entered the house.They changed to the normal dress. Anjali still remembered the words spoke by Saral , it was pricking her heart , no one spoke anything bad of her but those words , she did not show out and she was sitting in the terrace. Arjun , Neil did not want her to disturb, but Krishna after changing came to the terrace and gave the mobile to her, she with a questioning face look at him. He gave the mobile and said di.
Arohi; Aara where is your phone stupid??
Anjali; Why di its inside the room and i’m here…..k now leave what is the matter say na di?
Arohi ; You are gonna become Mausi ,
Anjali; Aah I can’t get you please dont say something which I cant understand
Arohi; I’m pregnant pagli
Anjali ; What when did that happened ??
Arohi ; Aara ??
Anjali ; (laughing)sry sry I was just kidding where is jiju give it to him.She gave the mobile to Rahul.
Rahul; My angle how r u ??
Anjali; Jiju leave me , congrats my boy .So when is my treat , you still owe me 2
Rahul; How on earth that you still remember those, but ya I will give you and ha I forgot to say we’re shifting , I got a new job and we’re going to London and Charu ma is also coming with us ,
Anjali;(was now sad ) Mom said that you may go but your going ??(she was sad for her mother is going , she was way more sad that Rahul is going), what about uncle and Aunty (Rahul’s mom and Dad)
Rahul; Srija (Rahul’s sister , settled in dubai) was calling for a long time so they are going there to srija’s house and will come to London after 3 months. But dont worry my angle I will book the ticket whenever you say me.
Anjali ;(happily) Then including this totally 4 treat ok???
Rahul; Done what ever my angle says. Bye and held the call.

She started to jump and hugged krishna and gave a tight kiss in his cheeks and said Arohi didi is pregnant and i’m gonna be…… what ……….I dont know, i’m really happy krishna , i’m soo happy and she was hugging him more tightly and he was standing like a stone as he was not able to understand what is going on??

She ran down and informed everyone and all were happy not only because of the news but also because Anjali is back to normal. She again ran back to Krishna but he was like that only no change in his position. She shook him “Krishna…Krishnaaaa” he came to normal and said haa what happened now ??
Anjali ; What happened ??
Krishna ; What did you do ??
Anjali ; I shook you , what did I do ??
Krishna ; Did you hug me??
Anjali ; What are you blabbering are you dreaming, we are going to have some ice cream are you coming or not ??
Krishna ; Where ever you go I will follow.
Anjali(hitting her head) ; Come stupid.They came down where everyone were there.
Anjali walked in front and was smiling remembered what she did. But she did not show it off. Krishna still did not come out of from the happy shock.

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