Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 6)


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Radhika came out of the room and saw Anjali was making ready the breakfast. Radhika gave a cute smile and asked anjali “What is the necessary for all these now” Anjali was a bit shocked , She was thinking what is she meaning , Radhika continued “What is the necessary for the breakfast?? Why you are doing this all alone I would have helped you na?”
Anjali now gave a sign of relief and said ;my dear budhu bhabhi , you were tired and you were fast asleep I dont want to disturb you as you are really stressed with your work so it is my responsibility to take care of my family, so no need to speak anything , saying so she sneezed.
Radhika;What happened why you are sneezing ??In between Arjun woke up and saw those pics and he smiled and came out of the room and heard the sneeze.
Anjali; Nothing budhu just cold it will go off now get ready as we are already running late, saying so she sneezed again.
Arjun came to the kitchen where they were speaking and gave a plain stare towards anjali
Anjali; what ?? why are you looking like that , you are seeing as if I ate 2 icecreams and did not say anything to you ha??
Now radhika understood the reason of the sneeze but Arjun did not changed his position he was plainly staring by folding the arms,
Anjali continued; What I did not say you that I drank 3 bottle juice and 2 ice cream and …. (her list continued)Radhika was about to faint by the list, but she still continued.
Arjun just came near anjali held her ears and said “is your list over ?? or still is there ??”
Anjali; Bhai I did not do anything I promise, please dont look at me like that
(from the childhood Arjun’s threating style towards anjali was giving a plain stare and she would blabber everything she did .He will not even say a single word. That stare is enough for her to say everything, same happened today)
Anjali made a sad puppy face and said “sorry bhai, I left 2 things to say” and said those too.
Anjali;’Dont worry I took the medicine.
Arjun; You stay home i’ll come back soon,Radhika to nodded for arjun’s words.
Anjali; Me home all alone , no way i’ll come there(sneeze) i’ll not do any work sit with(sneeze) you but please ….. doooontt(sneeze) leave me all alllll(sneeze) oone today.
Arjun was not in the mood at all to take her to office but she promised that she will stay with him and she pleaded very much he agreed and all the way from their house to office she was sneezing.
Anjali proceeded towards her room but Arjun held her hand and took her towards his room and made her sit in the sofa.
Arjun; You sit here no work ok and gave an angry glare. Anjali clearing her nose nodded yes.

There was an interview going on in the birdsong and many applied for the jobs. Nesam and Ardhika were incharge of the same.There were many round of interview held. Neil felt something bad and asked radhika about anjali as he had not seen her from the morning.

Radhika ; She is in Arjun’s cabin , not well but was really stubborn to come to office. Arjun made her sit in his cabin so that she may take some rest and not doing work.

Neil rushed to Arjun’s cabin but he did not find her there.He then went to anjali’s cabin, she was on the floor with files in her hand and was only half concious. He called sam as arjun was busy in the interview and don’t want to disturb him. Radhika joined Sam. He picked up Anjali in his hands. She was really boiling due to high temperature. He said “dont inform Arjun till the interviwe is over i’ll take her and inform me once the interview is over” .Saying so he rushed towards the car and went to the hospital.
5 people were selected out of which Arjun took Krishna and Suju for his team. Once the interview was over he was informed about Anjali and all the 3 rushed to the hospital.


Neil was really scared as he had never seen anjali like that. Without even his knowledge tears were coming. Doctor came out asked Neil about his relationship with the patient. Neil without even thinking for a second said “i’m her brother”.

Doctor; She is really weak and she fainted because of high temperature nothing to worry. We have given some medicine and trips is going, she will be fine. While he was saying there was a scream from Anjali’s room. Both neil and doctor rushed towards the room , A nurse was in a fainting stage. Doctor asked the nurse for the reason of her scream.

Nurse;Doctor I just changed the trips bottle 2 minutes before. But when I see now its half empty . She was sweeting . Neil saw Anjali was slightly moving .Neil understood and said madam nothing to worry. I know what would have happened and asked them to leave. That nurse was still scared. Neil went straight to the bed and saw anjali was sleeping and Neil made a noise as if he left the room.

Anjali slowly opened her eyes and saw no one before her but she did not know that Neil was watching her. She silently removed the trips from her hand and started to drink them. Neil jumped before her. She was shocked and started to cough.
Anjali; You scared me.
Neil; Who you or me , You want me to get scared more?? And gave an angry glare.
Anjali; Neilu i’m fine see
Neil; Fine…? You….? How can you say a lie as if it is true haa . Look…. dont ever take a chance of doing something like this to scare me . I dont have big family. First my mom then Sam came to my life. Arjun , Radhika joined and you. I dont have anyone in the name of sister to trouble me . If you wanna do something say it to me so that I will also join with you, please don’t scare me get it.

Anjali never thought that neil was so concerned about her this much .she was happy to have a brother like him . She had tears and said “Neilu I’m sorry . But in the office I fainted was true. I’m starving now and I dont like this hospital smell. I wanted to go home soon . So only I did like this. I promise that I will not do that again I promise. Neil was also happy. She opened her arms and he hugged her and gave a kiss on her forehead and said you still have fever and more over I too dont like this smell and both laughed. They did not know that Arjun , Radhika and sam were standing and watching them. There was a kind of happiness in all of their hearts which are beyond explanation

Anjali was brought home. As per the doctor’s advice she was asked to stay home and Neil made sure about Anjali’s health. His daily duty became like when Ardhika left the house he will come and take care of Anjali and will stay till they come and he return to his house. Sam has not seen this much concern from Neil and one day when he returned home she asked about the same , he made a ring around her neck and said ” Sammy for me Anjali is not a sister she is more of a daughter to me. She is too small for me she is a kid, my girl. I don’t know why but i’m really concerned about her that she is always safe and happy. I don’t have a sister and I really wanted to have a sibling relationship , Arjun came and fulfilled the wish by a brother but when it comes to a cross gender sibling relationship, its….its…..a kind of different, and I never experienced this before and I dont want to loose it now. Sam was very happy and said I can understand that Neil Jai and I were different when it comes to Manya and myself. But you need to come to office and see a guy by name krishna , you know he is, he is soo sweet and cute, very talkative and reminds me my jai. At times I see him and I see my Jai..saying so the couple continued their talk.

Next day after Anjali freshen up came to the kitchen where neil was trying to do something She saw him and laughed and was sitting in the kitchen slab.
Neil; What ??
Anjali;Nothing you forgot to on the stove.And continued to laugh .
Neil; Oh thats why the milk was not boiling,Anjali was laughing with tears in her eyes and holing her stomach as they were started to pain because of her laugh.
Neil; Now stop and have them and gave some bread pieces to her.
Anjali;(with a fed up face) Neilu i’m fed up with this can you give me something spicy and tasty
Neil; Anjali once you are alright I will give you or we can have them together now have and gave the plate to her. She was playing with the bread Neil took it from her hand and he feed her

As neil was taking care of Anjali, he did not attened the office for 4,5 days and there are certain documents need to be signed by him. Arjun asked Krishna to go and get the sign from Neil as Arjun too started to like Krishna by his works. Krishna came to Arjun’s house by Arjun’s car as there were many documents need to be signed. When he rang the bell, Neil was in the balcony speaking with the client and was not able to hear bell sound. Again he rang the bell Anjali who was half sleep due to the tablet came and opened the door and left as she was informed by arjun that someone from the office is coming . He kept his files on the table and was about to speak to her but was not able to see her properly. Anjali was not stable enough to walk, because of the drowsiness. She was about to fall but Krishna ran quickly and held her hand and pulled her towards himself. She leaned on him with eyes closed. Still she was having fever but not that high. She was just sliding down and he managed to make her stand. Her face was covered by her hair and he slowly removed the hair from her face and saw her.

He was not able to trust his eyes. His love, his heart , his life is on him. His heart started to beat fast, it was like the heart is having running race. He was in cloud nine. He saw left and right and gave a small peck on Anjali’s forehead and took her in his arms and proceeded towards the room , she was blabbering all the way. He slowly placed her in the bed. When he tried to move she held his hand and was not in the mood of letting him. He saw that and he was really happy . He slowly kneeled down and kissed Anjali’s hand which was holding Krishna’s hand .After that finally she left his hand. He came to the hall and Neil came there with a questioning face.

Krishna; “Sir my name is Krishna , Arjun sir sent me , Neil nodded. Sir these are the files you need to sign and gave those files. Sir..”
before he could continue Neil said Just call me by my name I hate sir’s that makes me old. Ok call me Neil, Krishna smiled and nodded . Just then Anjali came out of her room calling “Neilu , Neilu…”
Neil at once stood up and went towards Anjali and she in the blaberring state said “Bhai said someone from the offcie is going to come , He’s waiting for you. Before she could continue Neil said , Ya ya I saw him now you go and take rest my princess, we’ll play cards after I finish the work.
Anjali; Promise??
Neil; Pakka promise.Anjali nodded
Neil helped her to go the her room and came back to the hall and saw Krishna who was continuously staring at the room where Anjali was there.
Neil coughed and Krishna came back to normal and saw neil busy with the file and he gave back the files to Krishna.
Krishna wanted to speak something but got scared as he may get fired and not be able to see his Aradhana daily.He started from there and said to himself ”Aradhana I thought how could I see you but god is always with me . I’ll surely impress you but i’m really scared of Neil as he has to accept me to get you”. But he was not aware that even Neil could be convinced but Arjun is even tougher.

Actually Anjali has some feeling towards Krishna but she did not show them because she was scared that when compared to Viren’s status Krishna’s parents were well off, and she was also scared that what if he comes to know about her original identity and leave her all alone. She cannot take that . Thats why she used to avoid him by convincing herself by saying he is not the one for you.

Anjali was all well. She started to office as she is going after a week and she need to finish many work as they planned to attend the saral’s engagement and that has only 4 days left for them. She entered the office and she spoke to Zubin, Karthika and Teji as they were thick friends. She also spoke with the new joinees and she was informed that a guy was really handsome and all the girls are after him in the office even Manya who saw him once was attracted by his charms. She was really confused and she thought who that prince charm is. She never knew that, that prince charm is her love.

She went straight to her room and found a new small cabin like structure in her room corner, Just then Krishna came and they collided each other and all the papers were scattered. She was rubbing her head and saw him , He was really happy to see her alright.

Anjali; You ?? what are you doing here…. with her top of the voice and he just closed her mouth and was really near to her. Her big round eyes was just looking into the crazy, beautiful blue eyes. She was heavily breathing as she was never this close with her Krishna.
Krishna;I work here. Under Arjun sir, and he remover his hand from her mouth and she was still blinking.
Krishna; See this is my cabin and yours too, you too work here and I too work here . Arjun cannot do anything without me , he is totally dependent on me and he was saying something to make her believe that really arjun is dependent on him. She was listening to all those words and wanted to punch his face to tell that “You nonsence he is my brother” but was waiting for him to complete his blaberring by giving a plain stare and eyebrows up.

After he completed, Anjali;’Finished , shut up and out of my room now.
Krishna; Who said its ur room ?? It’s our room and he stressed our a bit that she was happy with those words but dont want to show him as he might know her feelings. Just then Arjun came and said I forgor to introduce you he is Krishna newly appointed and he is very talented, Anjali gave a fake smile towards arjun and an angry glare towards Krishna. Krishna was smiling and the smile was like I said na. Arjun continued, For few days he will be here and after that we will shift his place to my cabin. Anjali’s face brightened and saw Krishna with a winning smile but Krishna’s face turned dull and Anjali was trying hard to control her laugh by seeing his face.

Just then Sam called Anjali and Anjali nodded and left the place. The girls trio were discussing about the Saral’s engagement trip and they wanted spend some happy times together.

Radhika ; Chashu I have booked 6 tickets to Rishikesh as for us.
Anjali; what 6 you, me, Sam, neilu, bhai all comes to 5 then why 6
Sam; Krishna…. Krishna is also coming with us as Arjun wants Krishna to take with us. Arjun wanted to see some location and he thought that taking krishna would be helpful for him.
Anjali Whhhaatttt …Cant he take someone else.
Radhika ; What happened ??
Anjali; Nothing just leave.
Sam; Chashu now say what happened why this reaction?? And they continuously asked her and finally Anjali spoke out.
Anjali; Dont say to Neilu or Bhai, Actually I know him. He is my childhood friend and family friend. He has got some feelings on me. But I, I Don’t like him that much. He will always taunt me thats why i’m saying.

Sam and Radhika saw each other and said we’ll take care of that boy if he is troubling you but u dont worry ok. Now go and continue your work. She left the room After she left the room Sam and Radhika were laughig and said Chashni make sure that anjali is not aware that we know everything about Krishna.
Radhika; He’s a cute boy , he is really suitable for chashu our only problem is to make Anjali to like him

Flash back(small one only)
Krishna after coming from Arjun’s house straight away went to the office and asked Radhika and Sam permission to speak to them. He said everything about his love to them and said “I know that she is a good friend of yours if you can really help me then I can get my love”and gave a pleading look. Sam and Radhika were not able to deny Krishna’s love and they were able to sense that he is really good at heart and the true love he has with Anjali. They agreed to help them and they asked a promise from krishna that what so ever they say should not be informrd to Aradhana until she herself speaks out. Krishna promised them and Sam and Radhika said everything about Aradhana and her relationship with arjun and with Neil.He was really happy for the trust they kept on him and so he said if you dont mind can I call you 2 di?? Sam and Radhika were happy.

Now you can understand there are 2 teams. Team A Arjun, Anjali, Neil and Team B Radhika, Krishna, Sam .

It was evening and anjali was seriously working when saw Krishna’s table it was empty. She turned to search him and she finally saw him in the Arjun’s cabin. Somewhere there was a small , cute smile peeped out of Anjali’s face , she herself don’t know that she was smiling. Krishna from the Arjun’s cabin noticed the smile of his love lady but he did not show that. He wanted to leave everything and to take her in his arms and hug her tight but did not want to take chance at all.

Neil came to Anjali’s cabin and gave her the tablet. Anjali pleaded that she will not take the medicine. Neil threatened that if you are taking the medicine then Saral’s engagement trip masti will be cut, I mean you will stay here and all others will go. Anjali had no other choice to go along with Neil.

The packing works are going as the next day they are going to start. All the 5 gathered in Arjun’s house and the girls are doing the packing while the boys were watching the cricket match. Just then Krishna (who was also asked by Arjun to come and stay home that night) came and helped the girls. Anjali left the room without speaking anything and started to watch the match with her brothers. She was in the middle of Arjun and Neil and was enjoying the match.
Sam; Sorry Krishna but don’t worry she will accept you.
Krishna; No di if she was here then I would be worried. She will always move out whenever I comes to packing. I’ll do the packing and she will not even say which she wants . I’ll pack and she will take that and go. It is a kind of mutual agreement between us. No one knows it but we are like this only. Sam and Radhika were happy the way he understands her. Packing was all done. When they came out they saw Arjun was sleeping on the sofa, Anjali’s head was on Arjun’s shoulder and Neil’s head was on Anjali’s lap. Anjali was holing Neil’s mouth so that his snoring sound will not be much audible. The other 3 saw and smiled and left them as they were and not to disturb them.


All were ready and the taxi came. All hoped in the car and were enjoying the ride. Krishna never left the chance of seeing his Aradhana. They reached the airport and after check in they entered the filght. It was a 2 seater corner seats. Nesam in 1set, Ardhika in one set and Krishna and Anjnali in one set. She was hiting her head with her hand bag. Krishna was all excited but did not show it out. Nesam and Ardhika were enjoying their time together while Anjali and Krishna were literally fighting like Tom and Jerry. She was sitting near the window , Krishna used to peep out and she would give an angry glare. Whenever he speaks she would give a nose cut and he will always smile which makes her even more irritating.

They came to Delhi airport and got a private big size car and started to rishikesh. Anjali and Radhika were fully excited as they are going to see their town after soo many days. They were explaining the others how they spent the time together and the places they were enjoying. They reached the destination. Anjali was seeing here and there and enjoying the place Krishna was also enjoying the beauty of the town but the other 4 were really shocked and frozen. Anjali noticed this and saw the board which stated “Welcome all to the engagement of SARAL AND BONNIE”.(Guys I literally need your comment regarding this pair)

That’s it guys for today now. Hope you all are enjoying the ride, please do comment , love you all , take care.

Credit to: Sv

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  1. Srsly u r a amazing writer I loved everything abt this ….bro nd sis bond was just awsome nd bonnie nd saral ka track z also gd I was wondering bonnie ka dating standards became so low from arjun to saral srsly funny but plz don’t make that saral trouble any1 do cont really u r creative

    1. Supriya thank you soo much dear. It just peeped out of my mind and I did it. Im really happy that u liked it. Dont worry saral cannot touch our radhika as she is my fav too.

  2. Wow both villians 2gather … Wat a thought sv…. Lets c wat wil dey plan for our 6….well plot is going good n bro sis relation of arjun neil n anjali is good n that of radi sam n krishna too… Keep going buddy n upload d nxt fastly….

    1. Dev thank you. Let them plan but this 6 can handle it. I’ll update fast. Take care

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    1. He he he did you like it hayathi ?? And thanks for the comment .

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      2. Thank you soo much feby i’m sorry i saw your comment really late. I never thought that i would write well but its because of all your support i’m writing.

  6. Bonnie and Saral are a perfect couple just hope they don’t trouble Arjun and Radhika.
    Today episode was awesome, can’t wait for the next update. 🙂

    1. I agree with u brin they make a perfect pair . Lol . I love ardhika so I will make sure that they are not troubling our ardhika

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