Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 5)


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It was being around 3 weeks Anjali joined the birdsong.The antique company’s project was a huge success and so many new project started to knock the doors of Birdsong and all were really busy. Anjali was also equally busy with her work. At times when she finishes her work will come to help Ardhika and Nesam.Arjun needed some more people so he made an arrangement to take some more staff to face the upcoming new projects.

Radhika was earlier informed about Saral’s engagement but she did not take it seriously but because of Mala , she had to inform the same to all the other 4.They were having their lunch in their cafeteria as they made a deal as how much so the work they have all the 5 will sit together for lunch and would talk any rubbish but not about their work . They will have a wonderful1 hour that will be a charge booster for them to continue the post lunch session work. Radhika after the call came to the cafeteria and saw them enjoying and she was a bit scared of saying the same as what they will say.Anjali was drinking water at that time Radhika came and sat next to her. She was drinking and gestered what?
Radhika; Saral’s getting married. Immediately anjali spitted the water out and coughed . She taped her head and asked “Who ??” and was still coughing.
Radhika; you didn’t hear me Saral is getting married and I need to come itseems Ma’s order.
Arjun; (with a disgusting face) Do you really need to go?? Radhika made a puppy face and nodded yes sadly.
Neil; come on chashni we’ll speak to aunty she will say ok and sam to agreed with Neil.
Radhika; Negative , I begged , shouted , pleaded and even fell on her feet but it is her final decision nothing can be done and made a fake crying face and said if you guys are accompanying then it will be good but for me I surely need to go.

After so many round of discussion all agreed to go but before that Anjali planned a secret and a romantic date for both her brothers as the 4 were really stressed out of work and did not even have a proper time for them to speak. She made all the arrangements for them and she continued her job.

In the late evening after all the 5 finished their jobs Anjali called both her brothers secretly and gave bike keys to them and said”Look guys I made few arrangements for youself and your love ladies , you 2 are taking them and here (she gave a gadget for their romantic date) have them they will say where you need to go and have some beautiful time with your wives. Enough of being so unromantic and here she gave 2 dress bag and said , you guys change.I want you 2 not to be in this town tonight.

Neil’s face brightened like a 1000 volts bulb but Arjun was not ready, finally both of them convinced Arjun and the boys changed . It was a cool light yellow T-shirt and a dark blue jeans for Arjun and Neil came out with a sad face as it was a shirt , Dark blue half hand shirt and a half white trouser . He said I want t-shirt pls yaar. Anjali; Neilu sam wants to see you in shirt she even said me twice . If you wanna go then wear these else i’ll cancel……..
Neil; Aaaah no no I will go and thank you my darling and gave a hug she to her and said its my pleasure neilu. Now go, bikes are waitiing for you guys.

They came out secretly and went outside . Anjali said boys are done now with these ladies.Come on Anjali you can do this.She slipped into Radhika’s room and kept the bag silently with a note “Darling please wear it and come for me , i’m waiting” She was successful in Radhika’s room but when she entered sam’s room Sam was there and gestered what by raising her eyebrows . Anjali said Neilu wanted to give this to you and so he asked me to give this to you . She gave and went out. It was a dress cover and a note saying “Sammy desperately waiting to see you in this dress , waiting for my life to come” She was really happy and checked it . It was a beautiful dark blue sleeve less tops and a half white 3/4th pant (to suit Neil) and for Radhika it was a beautifully designed yellow colour kurti tops and a dark blue patiyala pant(To suit Arjun).

The girls sliently came out and saw each other .Before they were about to speak, Anjali gestered them to come out and not to speak anything. They came to Anjali and Anjali said “Budhu you go here and showed her to go right side and Sam you here and asked her to go to the left. Inbetween the girls changed Anjali asked the boys not to reveal that she made all the arrangement as for the girls it should be Neil’s and Arjun’s Idea of this date plan and asked them to take go out and stand there where she has now sent the girls.

Radhika silently was walking in a dark area and suddenly a hand pulled her towards it. She was able to see only his eyes , A passionate , loving caring and a crazy eyes of her man her Arjun. He held her towards him very close and said you looking gorgeous and gave a small peak on her lips(finally I made it). She was stunned and said so this was all your idea (Arjun’s Mind;If I say no Anjalli will kill , if I say yes Radhika will kill god Arjun you are either way dead but for now we will manage her) Arjun;Yup
Radhika ;Did you ever thought about chashu she is all alone now na what is the requriement now for us for all this ?? (Arjun’s Mind; Anjali never thought of me , If she had thought of me she wouldn’t have done this , Arjun you need to be strong What so ever happens manage my man manage you can do it) Radhika I have made all arrangements for her too. We will come back soon now come i’m waiting for you saying so he started the bike(It was a Black harley and Davidson Bike, my fav) and she sat behind by holding his shoulders.

Here Nesam
Neil was standing behind and was waiting for her and she came and saw neil in a shirt and she was really happy . She went straight to him and hugged him from behind and gave a cute kiss in his cheeks. He never expected this (Neils thought; Anjali I love you) Neil; Sammy how do I look and he turns around to show his dress fully , She was really happy and Hugged him .They were talking standing there when anjali called and said ”Idiot neilu do I made all those arrangements for you to just stand here , Now start your bike and take her with you”. He was only smiling and said I will and he said Sam come lets go(It was KTM Duke).
Sam; Bike ??
Neil; Yup there is a big surprise waiting for you come and he pulled her to the bike and they started the love ride.

Now guys i’ll say how ardhika enjoyed their date and then will come to nesam to avoid confusion

As Anjali knew about Ardhika, she made all arrangements in favour of them.
Arjun was driving and she was sitting behind him with her hands on his shoulder. It was a cold night with a beautiful full moon night and the breeze were cutely wiped radhika’s face and she started to enjoy. Suddenly the so called gadget started to sing .
Radhika; Arjun stop that song
Arjun; I dont know from where it is singing let it be as it is a nice song only (it was Moh moh ke dhage dual song from Dum laga ke haisha). She started to enjoy the song and they started to sing along. She slowly moved her hands from the shoulders to his hip and held them tight and hugged him .He noted this made a naughty smile raised the bike and they were singing , laughing and were happy .She totally forgot that they were driving for more than 1 hours. It was full of romantic numbers and they were really enjoying the ride. They reached the desatination. It was a silent place. A board was kept which said “To my darling please go further ” .Arjun understood and he held radhika and they proceeded towards that area , there was a very dim light seen from far . As they proceeded to that place further and further the light’s brightness grown and so the smile of Radhika . It river area(dont ask where does river comes in Mumbai please imagine as I did) there was a table and 2 chairs opposite to it and it was surrounded by 4 big sticks wrapped by beautiful white and red colour cloths just covering the top. It was a private area and Anjali did all this to make them happy. Then he got a message stating “If you reach that place there is a box on the table give it to her and you will find your happiness”. He turned to the table and saw a box. He smiled and went to the table and saw the box and took it. Radhika was spellbound by the arrangements and she was really happy and turning here and there looking at the arrangements.

Arjun came from behind hugged her and gave the package to her. She turned her head and looked with a questioning face. He said open up. She did the same. It was a beautiful platinum chain with a blue diamond pendent (Radhika’s fav).Radhika turned and said “ how do you know that I love this. This is my fav and arjun this is the best gift ever and hugged arjun . Radhika asked Arjun to make it wear . He did the same . She was smiling seeing and Arjun was smiling keeping his hand inside the pocket and found 2 ring .It was engraved Arjun and Radhika in those rings. He was not able to understand the plan of Anjali. He made radhika to wear the ring which had the name Arjun and she made Arjun to wear the other ring which had Radhika and she kissed him and was hugging him. Suddenly the lights dimmed and a beautiful music started surrounding them that started with tum hi ho , Arjun gave his hand and Radhika nodded and took his hand and they were dancing in the sand forgetting everything . He flipped her and they were loosing themselves in the dance. They were hugging each other and dancing. Arjun took radhika in his hands and he was dancing. It was very slow dance moments but very beautiful moments for them. They finally kissed and hugged each other.

After the dance there was a way which was lighted all the way on the lawn. Arjun and Radhika proceeded towards that place and found there was a swing on the banks of the river . Radhika was double happy and she started to hop and dance and Arjun was walking with a cute smile on his face and holding her hand. The swing’s string was fully covered with beautiful scented flowers on both side and it was fair enough for 2 people to sit. Below the swing the river was flowing and the place was really cute as by sitting in the swing they can enjoy the visual of the moon, and the beautiful moon was showering its love towards the earth. Arjun made Radhika sit and she asked Arjun to sit too. They started to swing and Radhika was lying on arjun’s chest and Arjun was hugging her from the side they were just living their love life and they were flipping their feet in the water which was flowing below the swing.

After sometime he got the message stating that their dinner is ready and to come back.
Arjun; Radhika come lets go .
Radhika; Arjun please let us be like this for some more time and held him tightly.
Arjun;(held her chin to face him) Radhika dinner is ready let’s eat and come back.
Radhika; i”m not hungry .
Arjun; My darling lets eat , I’ll promise you that we’ll come back soon . I promise. Please come.Radhika agreed and they went back to the same table but the table was full. Arjun was literally scratching his head and turned here and there to find anyone there but no one was there and gave a fake smile to radhika and sat on the chair. They had their dinner and enjoying the scenery and ones again went to the swing as he promised, and spent some time there. When they came back they did not find any table or other things , they found a beautiful bed wrapped with Arjun and Ardhika’s pic as bed cover, a pillow with Arjun and Radhika’s picture in the cover a small camp fire for the light surrounded by a cute hut like temporary tent. Radhika’s eyes are now widened and gave a vage look to Arjun , Arjun was really nervous now as what she will ask next. But she just went near him and slowly said I never expected that you would be so romantic thank you arjun and gave an intense kiss. They were happily spending their night together.

Fwwww Ardhika were like this but when it comes to our nesam its the other way round . Let’s see

Neil and sam started from bird song a bit late as they were talking in the entrance and after Anjali’s shouting he started and they were enjoying the ride at that time the gadget started to sing , Galliyan gudi from dhil dhadukane dho , and other peppy numbers . Sam was super happy and she started to dance and wave the hand and they were singing and having a masti time. Their destination was a bit near than Ardhika’s . They entered a private beach resort . There was a get together for a newly wedded couples and had a dance floor. They were stopped in the entrance for the pre registration details. Neil said his name and they gave a royal treatement and they handed a gift to Neil and said This is for your love lady sir. Sam snatched from Neil and opened up and found 2 bracelets with the engravement NESAM. Neil made Sam to wear it and sam made Neil to wear it . They held their hand and but before they could proceed NESAM was stopped by few people and gave jolly flower garlands and a flower crowns to make them wear it. They wore it and entered the dance floor. All were peppy and dancy numbers. Chickney chamalie, dhil dhadukane dho and other dance songs. They were also given an artificial mustache. Both wore them and laughed at each other and started to dance again. The couples joined the hands with other few couples and made a train and were dancing by rounding the whole dance floor and both Neil and Sam were just laughing , dancing and enjoying the time together. When gulabo song started both sam and Neil did the steps of the song and other were applauding seeing their dance.

They were informed about the dinner and Neil and sam went there and concentrating on their food. There were few bottles which made Sam’s face brighten. Neil held her hand and gave a warning look , Sam pleaded and said not too much please and gave a cute puppy look. Neil couldn’t stop after that look and they both drank a full bottle. After that they again went to the dance floor and it was tum hi ho bandhu from cocktail they both danced by keeping their hands on each other’s shoulder and they were looking at each other and they were having a cute eyelock. Suddenly Sam jumped near to Neil and Kissed him and said you will always come up with crazy ideas which I like the most. Be crazy like this and make every moment special please idiot and he nodded.

They started to walk from the dance floor and found a person calling them and gave a key and asked them to go to a place which was specially booked for them. They went to that place and found a water boat they searched for someone and a guy asks them to hop in and he drove to other part of the beach and it was specially arranged beautiful settings of a cute decorated room and the guy said happy night sir. Neil scratched his head and sam snatched the key from him and opened the door and found it was a beautiful room. They were on the shore of the sea and they were able to hear the sea waves .

They stepped outside the room from the other side and sat on the sand and saw each other . There was silence all over only sea waves were speaking. A wave came near and kissed their feet. Neil and Sam saw each other and started to play on the shore. Neil held sam and rolled over each other and laughing and saw a beautiful sky above them a cute moon showering its love in the form of its brightness . Neil saw Sam and said Sammy my life is full of you and only you. Please what so ever happens don’t leave me . Sam kissed his cheeks and said Idiot, I don’t know what you did to me but without you its like human without life. I cannot even think of anything beyond you . Neil at turned and kissed her and said I love you Sammy . Sam I love you too idiot and hugged him . He took her on his hand and they proceeded towards the room.


It was around 3 AM Arjun’s phone was ringing,he opened up and saw Radhika was on him . She was sleeping on his chest . Arjun saw her and gave a cute kiss on her forehead and attended the call.
Anjali; Bhai good morning . You guys start from there now. There is a car waiting for you 2 .
Arjun; But radhika is still sleeping.
Anjali; Pick her up and go to the car.
Arjun; but
Anjali;Bhai I’m saying na go the car is waiting very close to you guys only.

Arjun tried his level best to wake her up but all went waste and he picked her. She immediately made a ring around the neck . He smiled and proceeded towards the car.The car started immediately and it went straight to Arjun’s house and he picked her up and went to the house and it was opened . He was surprised as Anjali was not there but there was a note stating go to your room and sleep. He knew that this would be Anjali and went to his room and put Radhika on the bed and he too slept by hugging her.

Neil’s mobile rang and he cutted the call more than 3 times. Finally he picked the call and Anjali instructed the same as she did to Arjun. Neil was not ready but she literally pleaded They too started from there and went to their house and Neil and Sam entered walking in the room half sleeping state.

When Radhika woke up she saw that she was in her house and more over she saw pictures of all the cute moments spent with Arjun. All cute moments, dance, swing time everything was captured. She was clearing her eyes and she could not believe that . She saw Arjun who was still sleeping and she was really happy and thanked god for a beautiful life she got.

Neil was snoring and Sam woke up by the snore sound and found that they were home and there was the same way as of in the Ardhika’s house. Full of their pictures. With garland and crown ,with mustache, when they danced everything was cutely captured. She was not ableto believe her eyes and she shook Neil but he said yaar please I need to sleep. Sam was shaking and it was like a earthquake shake and he finally woke up and saw everything and he silently thanked Anjali for those arrangements. He smiled and went straight to bed and Sam pounced on him and said I love you idiot and hugged him tight.

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