Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 4)

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Aradhana was sleeping in the other room .Radhika made sure that she is sleeping, went to her room. She did not find Arjun there. She searched him by calling his name but couldn’t find him.She searched for him in the wash room but he was not there , she then went to the balcony and saw him standing there enjoying the cold wind.

She smiled and silently went close and blindfolded his eyes. He smiled with, held her hand , removed it from his eyes and gently kissed it. She hugged immediately from the back. Arjun made her to come front and asked “why is my darling so happy today??” Radhika making a ring around his neck; “I dont know but feeling happy because I dont know” she jumped and hugged him again. Arjun always liked her childish behaviour . He broke the hug , cupped her face, and came near her she got nervous and she said Arrjjuunnn he gave a cute yet a passionate kiss on her cheeks(dont expect too much here ;-)) she pushed him aside and said Arjun you are going beyond these days, turned and walked away.

Arjun again held her hand and pulled her towards himself and said , Radhika , you are the best thing happened to my life. Without you I’m incomplete, I dont know how I lived without you before but now I cannot even imagine a second without you and before he could complete she kissed him He did not expect that . He was just blinking

Radhika;“mental I’m always in you, in your breadth in your blood and I’m all around you as you are around me the same way. Why do you need to explain when I can understand your silence?? I’m also incomplete without you”.

I can understand that you are happy because you found your sister, there is no need to say thank you I’m ok with it and if you want to say me also its my duty and pleasure but please don’t say thank you I’m always fine and she specified the thank you more than 5 times ,Arjun was not able to understand what is she meaning to. He gave a confused look to her.

She was annoyed and said cant you say me thank you even one time, she kept both her hands in her hip and said “you always do opposite of what ever I say. I will say nothing is required but you should have countered by saying No, no radhika you are my darling it’s because of you only I found my sister , like this like that you should say.” He now made a naughty smile .Seeing him she stepped back from him and he undertood and started to chase her , there was a “catch me if you can” match between Radhika and Arjun, they rotated the bed at least 5 times and he finally held her and both slipped in the bed and were laughing.

Both were laughing and were on each other’s hand. He saw her laughing and came near her she was still taking long breath as they were running. Radhika realised that he is coming near her and pushed him aside of the bed and kept her chin over his chest and saw him like a cute kitty.

Arjun;Thank you Radhika.
Radhika ; At last , and your welcome.
Arjun; Because of you I was able to find light in my darkness , Because of you I got a new life, and because of you I got my sister. So thank you Radhika,

Radhika was happy for him but wanted to taunt him, so she said plain sorry won’t work Arjun sir, you need to please me more , i’m not the old Radhika Mishra , I”m Radhika Mehra , I have my own demands Sirrrrr . She stressed sir and for Arjun it was as if some iron rod is going into his ears.

Arjun got up , sat on the bed folded his hands and said , My darling I will do whatever you say please I beg you stop calling me Sir else….
Radhika; Else what sir,
Arjun; I will call you panoti. Radhika was red hot, her eyes were burning,
Arjun; We made a deal not to say those words to each other.
Radhika pounced on him and said how dare could you call me panoti , do I look like a block how could you and she was hitting him, Arjun held her hands and said yup you are panoti, if you were not there as a block then I would have gone to the wrong side , if you were not there to stop me then I would have been a toy in the hands of Nandhu and I would have lost my love life , Yes you are the one who blocked me and saved me. Radhika gave a plain stare Arjun held his both the ears and said I’m sorry my darling, I promise I will not call you by that word.

Radhika who was actually convienced , wanted to make him to undergo some punishment, she made an angry face and said , nope i’m not at all convinced .
Arjun; so what do you want me to do,
Radhika ;I will call you 10 times sir and you should not close your, eyes, close your ears and should hear me and you should also so say “sorry radhika” whenever I say sir.
He was shocked. HE shouted WHAT, no way for calling you 1 time panoti ??This is too much
Radhika; K 20
Arjun; No yaar
Radhika 30 then
Arjun What???
Radhika; for every argument 10 times will be increased,
He finally went with her, kneeled down the floor and said pls my darling can you consider for 5 ,
Radhika ; Arjuuuun And she gave an angry glare .
He said fine fine but 10 not more than that and gave a pleading look , Radhika laughed and said Sir, Arjun closed his eyes , she said if you close your eyes then +10 , he immediately opened the eyes and i’m sorry Radhika ,
Radhika ; Ok trails over now the counting starts,
Arjun; Radhika please,
Radhika; you closed your eyes so suffer and laughed , saying so she started the punishment of calling him sir and every time he will say sorry Radhika . At times she would go near to his ears and say those harsh words SIR which Arjun considered really harsh. The penalty went to 15 as he closed his eyes inbetween.

Finally after finishing the punishment course he shook his whole body and she was laughing till her tummy said enough.
Arjun; So my darling can you say me about my sister, something about her. She was happy but she said Arjun you first lay down and I will tell you everything about her .Everything. Arjun obeyed, he laid down on the bed and she kept her head on his hand (they made a rule that Radhika’s pillow is Arjun’s hand as he wanted her always by his side so that he feels secure by her presence), she started and said that “Aradhana was not my class, she was in the different class , we met each other during the practice of the cultural fest. We became good friends. She was good in dance and music. I came to know about her another important thing on the day of the cultural fest.

On the day of cultural fest all the main collages in Rishikesh were in the battle, and our collage was on the top and second was collage X(seriously no name stricked hence X came to help), Last program was group dance and they danced well and came to the top at that time. The last performance was our collage’s performance and we were all on the stage. We took the position and those collage students started their work (they planned to attack Radhika by hiring some people from below the stage by throwing a considerably big size stone so that she would get attached and the dance will be called off and they will win the trophy). It was ABCD last performance dance song and we were dancing in full concentration. In the middle of the dance Aradhana found that they were planning to attack me. She just pulled me from the side and the stone was thrown were no one was there and we won the trophy.

After the cultural got over we went to the room allotted to us and she after freshening up said “I’ll be back Radhika but for some time you stay here I have an unfinished business saying so she folded her hand cuff of her shirt and started from the room. After sometime I came out of the room as I heard some people shouting .I saw around 4 people running towards me and begging me to save them , I was shocked as I have not seen them before, She came back with a big hockey stick and she was like a Tiger walking with its full pride and she roared,“you have made a wrong choice of trying to attack, if you had planned to attack me then I would have left you but when it comes to my friends you will pay for it. Don’t ever dream of coming near my friends”, saying so she held my hand and took me from there and I was dumb I just felt that’’…… saying so she had tears . She was not able to explain the feeling she had in that day .She again continued “Arjun she will bear if anyone troubles her, but if she comes to know that her loved ones are being targeted she will go to any extend to save them”.

After hearing Arjun was also having tears and he felt proud about his sister, Radhika continued she is karate black belt. Actually uncle was not well so he wanted Aradhana to be strong enough so that if aunty shatters she will give some moral support. But her only problem is if she gets more emotional she will suffer from suffocation I mean only tears will come down , she will stand like a stone ,she will struggle to breath and we have to shout , shake her or slap her to make her come normal”.

Arjun gave a questioning look, she said “yes arjun I saw her in that condition first time, when uncle died .She was struggling to breadth Arohi didi tried a lot to make her normal but aunty slaped her face ,I was shocked .She blasted into tears and I was there the whole time with her so that she would feel better. Arjun promise me one thing that what so ever happens do not make her cry very high, I don’t want my chashu to get hurt in what so ever circumstances” . Arjun gave his hand and promised , and understood the bond between Radhika and Anjali.

Radhika asked so when are you planning to say that you are her brother??
Arjun; Radhika before coming to conclusion we need to confirm so that nothing goes wrong, Radhika too agreed and they went to sleep as it was very late and there was a big day ahead for them.

Next day all the three started to bird song together as it was first day of work for Aradhana in the birdsong .She spoke to everyone in Bangalore and got their blessings and Arjun was desperately waiting for Neil to come as he would come up with some ideas for him to give a great surprise to his sister.

When they entered Birdsong Ardhika went to their respective cabins and Aradhana went Piyali’s cabin informed her about the joining and she started her work. Ardhika made a secret call to Nesam and all the 4 had an important meeting.

Arjun said everything to Nesam and he asked for the help. Sam and Neil were so happy to hear that Aradhana was actually anjali but they also agreed with Arjun as to not to decide before confirming. Just then they heard the door’s knock sound and they found Aradhana with coffee for all of them and with a cute smile in her face. All the four were happy

Aradhana; First day of office nothing much of work so thought that I would help you by this small work as I heard that there is a big project is going, I knew that you all will be busy so…came here to give coffee and offered them the coffee.

Neil ; Did you put sugar in all those coffee as he would prefer without it.
Aradhana; Ooh I thought he likes coffee with sugar but don’t worry I have made a perfect one as the way I would do for my brother He would always take coffee with 3 spoons of sugar and it would be always a fight for me to make him to drink with less sugar

She saw Radhika who was staring at her with a questioning face, Aradhana understood and said cousin….. cousin brother, she gave the coffee to Arjun who was standing still after hearing Aradhana’s words .Neil got his cup and said,he suddenly goes off like this you don’t mind , she gave them coffee and left the room.

Neil kept both the cups near the table and shook Arjun by calling ARRJJJJJJUUUUUNNNNNNNNN…….(this big), Arjun came to senses and turned towards neil and gave a tight hug and said I’m really happy neil, I’m really happy ,
Neil; but I’m not , you are hugging me and killing me please sam , chasni help me save me and he shouted , Sam and Radhika were laughing and Arjun released Neil from him .Neil was taking deep breath and saw Arjun and asked why this kolaveri ????

Arjun; I used to take 3 spoons of sugar for coffee, she stills remembers every minute of our childhood and he was happily jumping while the other 3 were frozen,
Sam; you…You like sweets??
Arjun; Yes very much I’m really fond of sweets but it was my Anjali’s order as not to take more sweets and so no sweet in my life except……. And dragged .All the 3 were curiously looking at Arjun(as if their eye balls came out , like the eyes of tom (tom and jerry) which will come out when ever tom see’s some beautiful cat)
Arjun continued; Chashni, neil banged his head with his hands , Radhika blushed.Sam was smiling

Sam thought for some time and said I’ll be back and went out . Arjun was again the 10 year old boy and was happily explaining everything to Neil and Radhika . After sometime Sam came back with few paper and said I made all the enquiries and got all the details available for you Arjun, Her name is Aradhana Viren , name changed from Anjali Mehra, She was adopted from the ——— orphanage(I don’t know the name so fill in the blanks with suitable words), and said other details about her , so from this we can conclude that she is your sister, Neil said no she is our sister, Arjun gave a questioning look, Neil; What ??? You know that we have a brother brother relationship, if she is your sister then she is my sister too so she is our sister Arjun.

Arjun was really happy for getting a brother in the name of Neil and Neil was happy to have a sister as he has no one to fight in the name of siblings. Arjun hugged neil and felt really happy for having him by his side. All made a decision to make a big surprise as she was also a family now to the birdsong. Arjun and Neil started for the work.

Aradhana who did not know a surprise is waiting for her was going through some files and she was finding something a bit strange and she wanted to make a note of it as it has some relevance with the ex accountant of the Birdsong.

It was late evening all were busy with their work as the target was near approaching and Aradhana was seriously working but suddenly Radhika pounced into the room and said Chashu something important we need to go.
Aradhana; Where???
Radhika; “Just come with me no arguments” and she pulled her out of the room and She saw all the other 3 were waiting at the entrance. She gave a questioning look and Radhika ; We are going out for dinner and I want you to come along with us. She said “but budhu I have work”, Radhika; come that’s final and she dragged her towards to the car and she made her sit inbetween Sam and herself in the back side where Arjun and Neil sat in the front. The 3 ladies were talking, and Neil was turning back and he was talking with them.

All reached the hotel and they were having a good time together .Aradhana was enjoying the time with them and Neil used to pull the legs of Radhika and Sam. Arjun would always watch them, just a small smile in his face. He made a face to Radhika indicating that they are starting and she nodded.
Arjun; Aaah myself and Neil has got some work to do so we are starting. There is another car waiting for you. You guys continue we’ll join you later and pulled Neil out from there.

Girls were enjoying the time. Sam said many things about Neil and Aradhana was happily hearing all those adventures done by Neil and said; You 2 make a perfect couple. I’m really happy the way you 2 are. You know sometimes crazy things work and I really feel that Neil is always crazy about you. Sam nodded positively , just then Neil’s message disturbs Radhika’s mobile by saying them to start. Radhika signaled Sam and Sam said chalo lets start.

They reached the destination. Aradhana was not able to see anything as it was really dark.she asked where were they . Radhika was on the left and sam was on her right. They both held her hand and they started to walk. Suddenly all the lights were on and there was a setting of lights which was stating “Welcome back Anjali Mehra” and a beautiful lighting effect and then she realized that she was brought to the orphanage which she was searching. Actually the orphanage shifted to the new place and Arjun got permission to the orphanage incharge and made a grant preparation to welcome his sister.

At times radhika would make her normal but she was struggling to breadth. She asked radhika; why we came here and what is happening i dont know please radhika say me . Neil came and gave a small package and said it is a please open up saying so he saw the package in her hand and gestured her to openup. She opened , her eyes were blurted and she was continuously wiping them and saw the gift. It was a very old photo of herself and arjun. She turned towards neil and asked ; where did you find them who gave you this Neil please say me.
Neil; there and pointed a room far away from the ground where they were standing
Anjali ; my bhai came, is he there do you know him , did he asked about me and she was continuously listing many questions.
Neil; woo woo stop stop stop all the questions will be answered in that room now go and pushed towards the way of the room
She ran towards the room and sam came towards neil and asked all done . Neil nodded . Radhika who was watching came near nesam and she was smiling and tears in her eyes.

Aradhana opened the room and it was.dark. For each step she kept there was a light burnt and below that there was a photo of herself and arjun. Either their school group photo, orphanage cultural photo everything and the day of they were separated .At last a photo of her present day and arjun’s drawing.

Suddenly everything went off and she turned everywhere and then lights came back, it was big picture of herself and Arjun’s present day which was beautifully photoshoped . She went near that big picture and hugged the picture by leaning in that picture by tears rolling down.

Suddenly she couldn’t breadth she was struggling .A voice called her “anjali” That’s it she blasted and closed her face and was crying terribly. She sat down and cried out miserably.
The sadness, loneliness and the pain of being separated from her brother, she cried out everything. Arjun stood back of her and tears rolling down. He went down to her. Gently cared her head. She knew who it would be but did not have the courage to face him. She at once turned and hugged him by holding his neck and cried terribly. Arjun too hugged her tight and let out all his sorrows she was speaking in-between the cry
Anjali; Please don’t send me back , please I don’t want to go anywhere please bhai don’t send me anywhere and continued to cry.
Arjun; I was stupid to send you. I promised that I will be here and kept my promise. I will not send you anywhere anjali. I promise , what so ever happens I will not leave you.

All the other 3 were standing there and watching them happily with a happy tears in their eyes. Anjali cried till she felt ok. She then slowly broke the hug and saw arjun for the first time as a brother. He saw her , made the hair proper as they were falling over her face and wiped her tears and she wiped his tears.
Anjali;arjun??? He nodded .
Anjali; did you eat sweets??
Arjun; no,
anjali ; so coffee without sugar haa?? You either add too much or not at all. Don’t you have anything in between??Arjun laughed at her and she asked where is nandhu ?? Arjun face changed . He remembered everything and she asked him again where is our nandhu ?? Arjun was not able to answer and neil pressed his shoulder and said i will say you and said everything to anjali. She was not able to believe what he said as she saw only the good side of nandhini .She was able to understand the truth in every word spoke by neil. She got up and went straight to radhika and hugged her and said sry budhu for what nandhu did and to you too sam. Sam nodded positively and said we made a promise that we will start a new life by throwing all those memories back. And don’t feel sorry for the things which you were not responsible.

Arjun;Anjali will you say no for staying in my house now??
Anjali;who said it’s your house it’s our house bhai and smiled. After soo many years he heard his sister calling him bhai and felt really happy, just then neil came and said mujse bhai karogi(will you make me your brother) and gave a hand , she said naa I’ll call bhai only my bhai , if you wanna become my brother then I’ll call you Neilu . If you are ready for this deal then no problem neilu and took the hand of Neil.

Neil gave a hug to Anjali and all joined and gave a family hug and they were enjoying.Anjali said let this be with us I mean till I convince my mother about this please we will keep it with our self. She will not feel happy all of a sudden if I say that Arjun is my brother. She has no one, dad loved me lot and just only asked me to take care of her when he was in the death bed.I cannot leave my charu ma. First I need to convince her no no we need to convince her bhai .She is very sweet She will then stay with us forever but for that we need to convince her Will you allow her to be with me , I mean us ??
Arjun; come on anjali I’ll say yes when it comes to your happiness . We’ll bring her here and I’ll take care as a son ok happy ?? and gave a questioning look. She ones again hugged him and said you are the best bhai, you are also neilu and held his hand . They started from there happily.

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