Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 3)

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Bird song was really busy as the meeting was successful and the target of the project has been fixed All were running here and there for the project as it was a big MNC client.
Arjun started for the site visit after the meeting as the deadline is very close by. Radhika got a call from Rishikesh. She was speaking to them but due to the network problem she went outside the office and she was speaking.

Mala;Choti how are you? How is Arjun , neil and sam?? All are Fine??
Radhika replied ya ma all fine here ma how are you and she was really sounding excited , Mala said i’m fine and asked “Radhu why so excitement, any good news ??” and she dragged, Radhika said what good news and thought for a second and understood what was mala meaning and said “not that but do you know Aradhana ??”

Mala asked who and she was thinking ,while Radhika explained the one who used to wear a big specs and would always talk and used to come to our house and also loves your Aloo parata and says that even my mom wont do these kinds of parata……, Mala said “ya ya ooohh that girl who was your collage met and also she was the one who fought for you that day with the other girls” , “yup” Radhika replied and said ma I still can’t believe she was really soft but that day……… and she got goose bumps thinking about her and the incident.

Mala asked why all of a sudden you are talking about her ??? Radhika said Ma she is coming to meet me today , just wanted to say to you and how is everybody else there ?? Mala said all are fine and she said “haa saral is getting married and his engagement is this month end”.

She shouted” WHAT” who is that person ??? who is gonna get merried to him. Did she said yes to his condition and how that happened ?? ………She was really in her top of her voice , and a security guard who was there gave a is there any problem look , she nodded nothing and reduced her voice From the other side Mala shouted “choti already I’m half deaf because of your shouting of these many years , please don’t make me full deaf. I’m really feeling bad for Arjun, how is he managing you , so sorry for him and so the mother and daughter were speaking and was speaking to all of them who were in the house.

Inbetween all a taxi entered bird song(as you all might have guessed) , yes our Aradhana enters the office. It was big, a small smile peeps out of her face she settles the taxi driver takes her baggage and enteres the office.She gives a letter to the receptionist and the receptionist show her hand towards Sam’s room. She keeps the bag near by and enters the room and was waiting for Sam to come. Just then Radhika enters Sams room and shouts “Sam, Saam” in search of Sam to speak regarding saral’s marriage and finds a girl sitting in the opposite chair of Sam’s and she wonders who it would be and before she could see her Aradhana found that it is her budhu , she just wanted to scare her by a shock. she shouted “bhaaaahhhh”.

Radhika just screamed because of fear , Aradhana immediately closed radhika’s mouth and said “budhu its me your chashu chamash” she recognized it is aradhana . she removed her hand from the mouth , she blinked for few seconds and she ones again shouted on top of her voice(Even Alarm sound in the Factories would fail when it competes our chasni voice).

Every one panicked as they heard the voice all of a sudden and they were running towards Sam’s room, Neil came sliding in the floor(think of any super hero who would come sliding to save the world), Sam who was in Piyali’s room heard the sound and rushed out to find out the reason of the sound and found the whole Bird song was in a chaos. All were found but Radhika was not there.

All slowly approached towards Sam’s room as from there only the sound has come (now you can think of the power of our chasni), slowly opened the door and all were shell shocked.

Radhika was not in the floor, she was being lifted by Aradhana with the hug Aradhana was not visible. As she was lifting Radhika facing the door and only Radhiak’s back was visible for them.

She was shouting “I love you , I love youuuuuuu I love you my darling , aradhana said “give me my cute kiss budhu ,I missed you and your kiss saying so she showed her cheeks , radhika was still being lifted and radhu bend down and gave a kiss in her cheeks and again said I love you chashu missed you so much. Sam turned towards all others and asked them to continue their job and she saw Neil.

Neil scratched his head who saw the scene and he was not able to understand what is going on, while sam who saw Neil said , “idiot your hair will always stand straight now why are you scratching and making them even more messier, you go I’ll take care of this as the target is fast approaching, Neil nodded positively and gave a small kiss on her cheeks ,sam smiled at neil and she turned towards them and gave an angry stare.

That’s it ,she couldn’t take it anymore Sam felt possessive over Radhika and thought who is this guy showing his right against my chasni,(as aradhana was wearing a jean and t.shirt, so sam was not able to identify that it was actually a girl who was carrying Radhika) I won’t spare him.She is my friend only I have the right as a friend on her, even that idiot is only after me . She was boiling like a hot tea pot. Her face turned red hot. She went straightly towards them and broke the hug and found it was not a guy ,a girl, Radhika’s hair was totally on her face

Aradhana’s face was fully covered with radhika’s big and beautiful hair, aradhana removed the hair from her face and sam saw aradhana and asked who are you but before she could complete radhu interrupted and said sam this is my friend chashmash, aradhana gave an annoyed angry look and said “please one time call me by name” ,radhika said sorry sorry Aradhana.

Aradhana lifted her hand for a hand shake and sam just for the formality gave the hand , Aradhana was able to understand the mind of sam and said I can understand the feelings , if your beloved is being claimed as others as he used to do, that idiot daffar….. sam interepted and asked who is the one you are speaking about?? aradhana said that sa.. radhika said …ral completing the name and aradhana and sam uninamiously said don’t take his name , and saw each other and laughed.

Sam said so chasmash , sorry aradhana what are you doing ??Aradhana gave a cover to sam and she with the questing face opened the cover and found an appointment letter on the name of aradhana for the post of accounts department head as the previous one resigned without prior information claiming that he is medically I’ll. Sam congratulated Aradhana , she asked so you are officially gonna join the office from day after tomorrow?? and Aradhana said Yes ma’am ,

Sam said no formalities , you can call me by my name she nodded affirmatively and gave a friendly hug ,By then Neil came to there and aradhana became friends with nesam easily as she was of radhika’s kind.

Radhika literally pleaded aradhana to stay with her but aradhana wanted to stay alone as she was planning to take charu with her from Bangalore.Aradhana accepted as arjun was not home , and when he comes she will find a separate place for herself and for her mother. Radhika was really happy atleast she said yes for to stay tonight and tomorrow.

After the work the girls went straight to Ardhika’s house and they were enjoying their time together after long time, they were talking talking and talking but radhika would see the mobile now and then expecting arjun would call her but no call from him . Aradhana called charu ma and updated her arrival and to the family members and Radhika too spoke to them and all were really happy speaking with radhika as she uses her power of words to impress them.

After the call radhika asked why you did not say me that you are going to join the office and you are coming to bird song , I was really scared when you shouted like that ,Aradhana said if I had said that before then you wouldn’t have shouted that big and she laughed thinking that incident. Radhika hits her with the pillow and she ones again checks the mobile whether he had messaged or called , but no response, Aradhana notices that and asked where is your romeo why did he not call?? as this Juliet is really sad.

Just then Arjun calls , Radhika’s face brightens and all of a sudden aradhana snatched the mobile, attends the call and said “are you a loving husband, you are not calling me and I’m really waiting for you and worried about youidiot” Radhika was struggling with aradhana to get the phone, Arjun looks at the display and checks whether he has called only to Radhika , he keeps his mobile on his ears to speak

There aradhana puts the phone on a speaker, Arjun speaks , “Radhika I’m really sorry dear I really wanted to call you but I was little busy” and he started to speak romantically , Radhika felt shy as Aradhana was making faces as he was speaking , She said that ok we’ll talk tomorrow.. bye. and she cuts the call . Arjun was really surprised but left the matter as it is

Here aradhana was imitating like Arjun and teasing her to the core and she was laughing out very loudly , Radhika hits her with the pillow and said now go to sleep it is already late. She too sleeps but silently messages Arjun and they were talking romantically the whole night.

Next morning aradhana woke up and saw radhika was sleeping hugging her .She gently moved her and did the breakfast She came to the room where they were sleeping with a coffee and she tried her level best to wake Radhika up and finally she shouted Radhika wake up your husband came . Radhu all of a sudden jumped out of the bed and runs towards the hall but he was not thereShe understood that this was Aradhana’s trick she gave a angry glare towards aradhana ,she goes back again and was about to fall towards the bed to sleep , but aradhan held her hand and said “oye enough of your sleep now wake up”

Radhika pleaded and said “pls chasu 5 minutes” saying so she again went towards the bed , but aradhan knew she is capable of sleeping till the next day morning and so she said “my darling , please wake up its already 9.30 AM you have work in the office please darling” ,

Radhika with half eyes closed and said Aradhana I don’t like you , Aradhana said ok ok you love me and I love you , you go now please brush your teeth please, I have made all your favorite so please come soon my little angel now go and she pulls her chin, Radhika was not even moving even a inch .

Aradhana has no other way to other than pushing her into the wash room .aradhan used to bang the door so that she is not sleeping inside.

Radhika came out of the wash room and finds aradhana was waiting for her They had their breakfast together. Radhika asks what are you going to do today, come with me na to office . Chasu said “no budhu got a work to complete, I’ll be back soon.” Radhika asks where , Aradhana says , “I’ll say you ones I complete , don’t ask me more ok now I’m leaving and I’ll be back soon”. Radhika gives a spare key to aradhana and says “chasu I may be late ,so if you come home before me you open the house and take rest but no cooking as you did too much now , so no cooking ok”. Aradhana nodded positively and they left the house. Radhika starts for the office. Aradhana had a list of orphanages and she was searching for her brother’s whereabouts as she was not sure about which orphanage they were ,so she was searching all the places.

Bird song

Arjun entered the office and updated the progress of their job to Piyali and he went straight to radhika’s room , He banged the door , no response, he slowly opened the room and he was not able to find the room , it was all messed up , even a store room would be better than radhika’s room Radhika was seriously thinking and did not even noticed that Arjun has come , he was staring at her but she was literally messed up with her work. He entered the room and sat on a chair and he was waiting tht she may see him hmmm no response , she was scratching her head , writing something , seeing that and throwing the paper at times it will hit Arjun but she will not even care about that

He called her “Radhika” but no response . she was walking here and there , he pulled her and he made her sit on his lap even then she did not recognise that she is in his lap she was still busy thinking,

He went close to her and gave a small kiss in her cheeks, she wiped the cheeks as if something stuck on her cheeks and she was continuing her work , Arjun slowly came near her to give another kiss.

Just then aradhana calls her mobile and speaks to her , he was still staring at her who was in her lap , he went close again to her but she was busy talking She picked her hair from the shoulders to her back when she was doing she gave a slap on arjun’s face and she continued to speak,he held his cheeks.

He did not know to whom she was speaking .Radhika said “yaar this stupid is yet come waiting for him……” , ”yup ……” she continues “he will come today but you know he is really irresponsible if ever he speaks to me anything, he is dead for not coming soon or not informing”, Arjun who was staring at her made an action of hitting her in the air but she was continuously scolding him , she said “chashu you know what he is a screw loose , mirchi,always he will be angry and I can even imagine if a person will always stare like that??? If I do like how he stares for 5 minutes I will end up with headache ,From where on earth I fell for him I seriously don’t know, goooooddddd” ,

After a few seconds she said “ok bye I have got lots of work to do call you later .you go home i’ll come late I guess ,so you go home and take rest don’t do any work I’ll come and I will take care of that ” saying so she ended the call and radhika was now staring at arjun and said What ?? I think you are really near to me now but the next minute you will disappear , so just disappear now as I dont want to get disappointed as you always do that , mental , Arjun was literally enjoying for the love which Radhika is having on him, but made a fake anger face and asked who is mental?? she said you……. then btw when did you start to speak??? You will always come will come closer I will close my eyes and when I open my eyes I will find no one but …. ….

She was numb she now realised that she was not day dreaming and it is her Arjun on whom she was sitting, She blushed and she tried to get off of him but no use .

Radhika; arjun when did you come and how did you come but btw….. before she continues he kept his fingure on her lips and said “shusss” and they had an eyelock (BGM Daastan from our manmarziyan , I love that tune so kept here say me if you too like that)

He just slipped his hands over her waist and held her tight that she wont be able to move , he slowly came near to her and she slowly moved back but no use as he his grip was soo tight so that she was not able to move here and there .

She closes her eyes tightly ,arjun smiles at her reaction and he sees a strand of hair was lying over her cutie pie face he blows out that strand and she slighlt opens her eyes , then he slowly kisses her , an intense but a small kiss, she blushed and punched his chest , smilingly she kept her hand over him and made a ring around his neck and said , how was the job?? ,Arjun; All went well my darling, She was still blushing for the incident which just happened between them

Arjun shook her and said you are day dreaming more ,stop that she nodded and she tried to get up but no use he did not loosened his grip and she said arjun we have got work to do , he said yup very important work and he again comes closer to her and she slightly slaps him and says shut up mental, Arjun “who is mental me or you ??, day dreamer, you will speak with me in the dreams but not in reality what a kind of unromantic wife for a romantic husband god you are soo mean.

She pinches his hands and says enough for now, , he said who keeps the measurement for my love over you They were just lost in their love world. Just then neil enters the room and finds them and coughs , no use as they were sailing the love boat , he coughed again ,hmmm no response He coughed again so hard he literally coughed They came back to sense Arjun loosed his grip and radhika jumped out of his lap and ran away out of the room Neil gave a mischievious smile to Arjun.

Aradhana who was searching many orphanages was not able to find anyone by name Arjun even she finds them they are not her brother .she was not able to find Arjun mehra , it was really late so she started home She reached and found radhika was not there She opened the door and she saw tv for some time She got bored she made the dinner for them and did all the household work as she had no other important work . She went to her room and she picked arjun’s drawing and came to the hall and she was updating everything to that picture and after sometime she fallen asleep with the drawing in the sofa.

Radhika informed about Aradhana’s stay with them on the other night itself when they were texting each other and Arjun was happy for that .Radhika and arjun entered the house and found the tv was on and they found aradhana was sleeping in the sofa , Radhika woke her up and asked to sleep inside and aradhana said I have made dinner for you and balbberd something She was going to bang on the door due to sleep and radhika helped her to sleep on the bed and when she came out Arjun was standing like a rock with the chart in his hands and just tears are rolling down , Radhika asked arjun what happened and he just pointed the drawing , Radhika turned towards the drawing and said “yaar she will always loose this chart and will search the next day” saying so she was folding the chart and when she was about to move arjun held her hand and opened the drawing He was happy and his vision was blurt due to the tears

Radhika had not seen arjun like that before She was scared to see arjun like that She called “arjun… arjun….. what happened ??why are you like this?? im scared please speak up” and she hugged him, she rubbed his back and she saw him and again she held him tightly, he held her back tightly but no words was coming out ,he was happy wanted to scream but no words were coming out he slowly murmered anjali….anjali….. Radhika looked up and said what ?? he again said anjali , she was not able to understand first then he shook her and said radhika this is the best day of my life I found my anjali , I gave this drawing to her and she is still having it , this is the only proof for me and her to find out each other.He showed the name which was there in the chart” Arjun mehra 6B” She then realized what aradhana said , “I have a work to complete and I will say it ones I find it and Arjun said the other day about Anjali

Radhika was really happy as her best friend is actually her husband’s sister , she hugged him and he gave a tight kiss to her to celebrate his happiness. Arjun and radhika slowly went to the room where she was sleeping and they were standing in the entrance of the room .Arjun who was holding Radhika and Radhika was leaning on Arjun’s shoulder said “I never knew that my little sister would grow up this big , put on the lights Radhika I would see her face”, Radhika was able to understand the feeling of Arjun and she turned on the light and Arjun saw a delicate flower sleeping peacefully. He wanted to hug her and say “enough now i’ll always be with you and I promise you that this time I will not give you to anyone ,you are only my sister and no one can adopt you or take away from me”,

Because of the light aradhana’s sleep got disturbed and she saw radhika and someone She found out him as she saw him in the picture which was in the house , she woke up and was about to get out of the bed where radhika held her and said, aaaa no need now you sleep we will have the dinner , just then aradhana said “who said that i’m coming for you I have not yet had food , I was waiting for you ,

Arjun shouted what?? , why did you not eat , look at you u r already thin, you wanna go even more slimmer, and he was shouting but radhika held his hand and said softly Arjun she doesn’t know that you are her …. and so control ,will speak about that later .

Aradhana who was watching this said “budhu your husband is so as my brother .. I mean , my father he used to shout the same way She was cut short by Radhika She said “chashu you forgot the chart and gives the chart to her She grabs it from her immediately and holds the chart really close to her by tightening the grip of her hand.

Arjun asked “what is it in the chart ??Is there anything really special ???” Aradhana tried her level best not to reveal to him and said actually this is was given by a most important person of my life it is really close to my heart She was continuously blaberring so that they will not know the truth and arjun was just staring her with the pure love in his eyes and his way of smile in his face and thought , I thought that you were grown up ,no you are the same, old and little angle and she finally concluded and radhika was just nodding and thought how well she is hiding the truth and she did not reveal about herself and arjun ,even I was not able to find that .

All the three had their dinner and arjun really enjoyed the food made by his sister and radhika and anjali were continuously talking and enjoying their time and he was just staring at the most beautiful ladies of his life He asked why are you not wearing your glasses ?? Aradhana who was taking her spoon towards her mouth just held there and her mouth was open , she gave “how do you know” look just then radhika said I said that you used to wear glasses thats why he asked

She turns towards arjun and gave an angry glare , Aradhana said “wearing only but as I came out only for dinner na that’s why did not wear them” and she continued the dinner as she was also really hungry.After the dinner all the 3 went to their respective rooms. Aradhana slept but Arjun and Radhika were planning something.

Thats it guys for today . I hope you all are happy with the track. I will promise that I will update soon . Till then take care 🙂

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