Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 20)

Hiee all it me Sv with the last update of the ride of A new bond. Im feeling blessed as I was able to get more love and affection from you all. Please do comment your views regarding the update and thank you all for those wonderful commnets and thank to the silent readers too , I hope I have .

Enjoy the ride……..

The alarm rang and slowly the ladies woke up and silently they reached their room. After that all the god children went to their god parents and all of them in a seperate room for making them ready for the wedding . They did not keep haldi but started wedding.

Jai made it so specific that he wanted them to wear the same dress type as they wore on their first wedding.

Neil was dressed in golden colour shervani and Sanjana coloured his hair , removed the specs and he was like the old neil with all chripy and handsome look.
Neil ; Sanju do u like jai ?? Sanjana blushed. Ok fine then I will find another girl for him. She hitted his head and said Neilu I know you and you cannot go against my wish so stop it and get ready for your wedding man.

Neil ; Hmm first time in the history getting married infront of children. Ok any plans for honey moon . Sanjana’s eyes widened.
Neil ; Sanju not yours ours . She giggled and said jai is taking care of those things. Neilu dont shake your head I cannot get your old hair style.

Sam’s room.

San was offered golden colour lehanga and a shawl with golden stone beads in the corner (remember the dress she wore on her canceled wedding with Arjun , a look alike of that. All these were done purposefully by those kids to make them cherish their memories upto today). Apsara did some coloring to Sam’s hair and she turned 25 after some makeup. Apsara was stunned to see her like this and hugged her and said “ Beautiful lady ever in the world” Sam smiled and gave a peak on her forehead.

Sam ; Did he take you for a date ??
Aprasa ; Dont ask sammy he was all busy for the job of Jai and Sanjana’s proposal and forgot to take me for the date. But promised me that after the function he would take me for the date.
Sam ; Tell me if he is not taking you out I will kick him.
Apsara ; Sammy you are not talking like a mother , I mean if a girl is in love their parents will not say yes that easy but you…… so different.
Sam ; Apsara you are so as me. I was able to see you and sanjay the way I was with Neil. I dont want my kids to shed any tears and more over sanjay is my best friends’s son(she was meaning both Radhika and Anjali). So what is the reason for me to oppose with in the family. Now you too get ready as it is getting late. Apsara nodded and started to get ready.

Arjun’s room.

Arjun ; Aksha dont take my specs I cannot see then.
Akshara ; Oh stop it maamu , you look old with those specs.
Arjun ; oye even today there are many girls following me . So dont say I look old.
Akshara ; Day dreamer.
Arjun ; Excuse me and he was shaking his head.
Akshara ; Maaamuuu stop shaking your head . I need to put colour in your hair. She was done colouring and after the wash his sizzling hair was all set and he was really looking hot and handsome and he was the old Arjun. Akshara was just staring at him and he gestered what by raising his eye brows.
Akshara ; Maamu seriously you are breath taking.
Arjun ; Chup you little brat and slightly hit her head.

He was offered golden colour shervani and that was the typical the same one. He saw the dress and all just went as a recap. He took a deep breath and changed and came back. He wished Nandhini was there atleast to be happy to see him. He still had the pain of loosing her.
Akshara too came out changed.

Radhika’s room.

Radhika ; Jai pls dont give me heavy dress I cannot wear them. Jai nodded and gave the saree to her. It was pink colour saree with golden blouse and a golden colour shawl with beads in the end.

Radhika eyes were widened to see the set. She was spell bound.
Radhika ; How did you…..
Jai ; Hmmmm no more senti speeches now wear this and come I wanna set your hair and you should rock the floor today . I cannot loose the bet against others. After changing Jai set her hair and she was looking more beautiful.
Jai ; See done. Radhika hugged him and blessed .

Anjali’s room

Anjali ; Sanjay you are taking my life .. take that clip from my hair pls…..
Sanjay ; Anju ma nothing doing I want to make your hair curls so stop shouting and stay for 5 minutes. After the 5 minute war she was released from that clip. He made her ready with the red lehenga with ring type nose stud and shawl with beads in the corner and sanjay offered the old type specs which she wore.
Anjali ; How did you …..
Sanjay ; Hmmm no speech now wear and come down.

He too went and changed and came out.

Krishna’s room

Krishna was offered a golden colour kurtha and red patiyala bottom same as his wedding day.
Vishnu ; Pops (krishna was called pops) you are only wearing this .
Krishna ; But how pls give me a bit loose. I dont think so I will fit in this.
Vishnu gave an angry glare. Krishna’s thought ; y all the ones whom I love are short tempered. Krishna changed and Vishnu made him look exactly like the way he looked on his wedding day.

The kids instructed their parents to come only when they call them. Here jai was wearing a slightly dark grey kurtha and with white bottom and Sanjay with Red kurtha and Vishnu Blue colour Kurtha. Girls were wearing Lehanga’s with Sanjana lavender colour , Akshara pink (so obvious) and Apsara with chocolate brown colour. The boys took the hand of the girls and they were standing with their pairs. They made all the preparations ready and the kids went inside their parent’s respective rooms.

First Neil and Sam were instructed to come. Slowly Sam was coming holding Apsara’s hand and Neil and sanjana’s hands were clutched and they came out. But Nesam did not see the others. Slowly Sam saw Neil and she was spell bound. Her idiot was looking so young. She was just mesmerized with his charms. Neil’s mouth opened to see his lady love . Sanjana slowly closed his mouth and the kids made them to sit inside the mandap where the next pair was called. Ardhika came with their children and Arjun saw radhika in that dress and he remembered how he hurted her and how she was in pain . Tiny droplets of tears ran over his cheeks. Radhika saw this and nodded no. Akshara held his hand tight and said no maamu this is happy time no sad time ok ??. Arjun too nodded and made a smile in his face and they were made to sit in the next mandap. The next was Krishnanjali . They came and Krishna did not even blink to loose the sight of his lovely lady and so vishnu. Both the ladies blushed and the rituals started.

Arjun held radhika’s hand tight and said “Last time I hurted you but you gave me a happiest life to me. I wish whatever life I take I want you by my side to guide me. Will you always be my side ???” Radhika nodded and thanked the gods for giving her a most precious life .

Neil was continuously staring at Sam and she blushed .
Sam; Idiot kids are here stop that look.
Neil ; It was because of this look they came to the world. Sam blushed and pinched him and said ” You are so not changed’
Krishna ; this time I cannot carry you , you walk all by yourself munni.
Anjali ; You are so dead mannu if you dont carry me. He smiled as he still found his lioness.

Jai ; Guys let the surprise begin and opened the door. The whole bird song came. Teji and Suju with their kids , Zubin and Karthika with their kids and the new staffs . Rahul arohi , Kushi and Arnav , Ankush with his wife. Ridhima and her family. Why even Saral and Bonnie with his kids came to the function.

All were so happy to see their old friends again and all the credit goes to the younger 6 . The rituals were over and all were happy to see their family back. All came to meet their family and all felt pleased with the meeting. The elders were taken to a place which had the name “Bird song’s nest” . It was a new house gifted by these kids to their parents. A big mansion as the family has become big now. They took them inside the house with the other rituals and when they entered the parents found all their pictures . It was like a family tree formation with dadaji , Mala , Dilip and Piyali , Samrat, Prena ,Nandhini ,Charu and even Viren. The parents were so blessed to have them as their kids. They had a family hug and all the elders were asked to go to their respective rooms which was fully decorated.

Arjun and Radhika entered the room and found the preparations. Radhika’s eyes widened , Arjun was rubbing his head . Slowly he came towards her and hugged from the back and said “ Darling how about a triplet” Radhika was not able to believe what she heard. She turned to face him .
Radhika ; What did you say ??
Arjun ; Triplet and he gained over her. She slowly went back and they landed in the bed.

Sam ; Turned towards Neil and huged him and ; May I know what did you just say in the mandap idiot ?? He saw her passionately and kissed her and said thank you sam for this wonderful life. They hugged each other.

Krishna and anjali were just looking at the decoration and was spell bound. She lifted her hand and he picked her in his arms and she held his hand and said today I wont kick you out of the bed in the night and they giggled.

Morning all the packing were done and the parents were ordered to go to a honeymoon trip to Switzerland for a week holiday.


All started from the place and Akshara was a bit emotional as she never left the hand of Arjun. She was leaning over jai. He was holding her one side while he was wrapping over the shoulders of Sanjana with his other hand. Akshara slowly held Vishnu’s hand and he was so happy , He was holding her hand tight while keeping his other hand over Sanjay he was holding Apsara in her waist and they formed a new bond of Love and friendship. The parents turned to look at them and saw them standing like this. With happy tears they waved their hand to start to switzerland.

Manmarziyan title track plays…..

Hum khooshbuo se sare
Gulo se ab udd rahe hai
The dil ke andar khwabo ke
Manzar ab dikh rahe hai
Ab bandisho ke sare
Bandhan khul gaye
Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale
Hum manchale hain man ki kare
Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale

Hum titliyaan hai udati phireUs aasma pe sare jaha pe
Phaili hai baahe
Chanda na niklta taro
Pe khalta apni hai raahe
Ab zindgi ki raato ko
Juganu ban gaye
Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale
Hum manchale hain man ki kare
Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale
Hum titliyaan hai udati phire

Manmarziyon pe hum chalte rehte hai
Bas man ki karte hai
Hai titlyo se hum bas udte rehte hai
Bas man ki karte hai
Manmarziyon pe ab hum chale
Hum titliyaan hai udati phire.

Clip scenes

They come back to Mumbai.

All are working in the bird song and office happiness and fight.

Sanjay and Apsara’s love

Akshara learns to drive the car with Jai.

Vishnu proposing to Akshara .

Jai and sanjana’s marriage.

Akshara getting collage topper award.

The 2 pairs of Apsara and Sanjay and Akshara and Vishnu’s marriage .

Sanjana gets the best copywriter award.

Ardhika, Nesam and Krishnanjai living happily ever after with their children and grand children.

THE END…………………………..

I’m having the same feeling the way I had when our manmarziyan telecasted its last episode. Something like different which I had never experienced before.Thank you all for the wonderful support you guys showed towards me. Im so happy that I could also write something. Coz I never knew that writing would give this pleasure. I took this track from gauri di’s journey of love and friendship . In that the bond of Vicky and Radhika made me to think y cant Arjun have a younger sister.

I did not start to watch our manmarziya from the beginning . I was a die hard fan of Mahabharat as it got over I was not able to see anything other than that . It was my friend who insisted me to watch this and I started to watch from lonavala trip. It was a different and I started to watch it from there and also I started from the beining to watch in the net. Again it was also ended . I was in top anger as why it suddenly ended and I stopped watching TV itself. One day I came to TU and I found many ffs on our manmarziyan so I started to read all the ffs . I was a silent reader then I started to write the comments. But never thought that even I can write. It was all because of your support I started to write. I got many sisters twin and many loveable friends. My humble request pls do support all the writers and do come up with many ffs as they are the treat to all. Thank you all . Love you bear hugs and kisses too . Stay strong and stay blessed. But stay tuned for the other ffs as im not going to leave you all

Thats it guys for the journey of manmarziyan a new bond . Hope you all have enjoyed my first try. All starts well should end well. Hope I have given an satisfying end to our journey .I’ll try to improve in my writing. Good bye from me in this journey. Love you all.

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  1. Hi sv it was beautiful journey with u. I loved ur ff. So much. It’s too gud. Feeling nostalgic. Yet bittersweet. Write more ffs on ardhika. C u soon.

    1. Rg thank you so much dear. Im also like this only. Never knew that i can do this big. Its all because of your all support only i was able to come this much. Im writing 2 ffs in the name of manmarziyan 2 states and manmarziyan let me live. Pls do support me in those ffs tooo

  2. Sv u rocked it…
    thank you so much such wonderful and heart warming mmz story dear…
    gonna miss those characters very badly…
    but still nice ending 🙂 🙂
    waiting for one more new track of mmz …
    thank you so much 🙂

    1. Raaga thank you . I am happy with the support. Im writing 2 ffs 2 states and let me live. U can read it dear.

  3. Great episode sv ..why don’t you try a new ff containing only sanjana and jai…the pair look so good….u know like mine shiksha and samarth….BTW. you nailed it ..and anjali and Krishna are so cute..munni and mannu …damn cute…:-) 🙂

    1. sammy i never thought of that track at all . But thanks for the idea i will try to do it. Love you dear and also your ffs.

  4. sv dear
    u did an amzing wrk by writing tis ff
    it was mind blowing ff
    if possible write anotherone also plzzzz
    surely we r gng to miss new bond dear
    luv u muah

    1. natasha love you. Thank you so much. Im also writing 2 ffs . Im also gonna miss this. Luv you too dear

  5. I hate u you make me cry…. Not because of sorrow of ending the ff but this tears are of happiness… Today again I feel that ache in my heart when I saw the last episode of Manmarziyan…. I will really very miss you ? and same thing happened with me when Manmarziyan was off-air I was very angry ? on the owner and C.E.Os of Star plus.. So stop watching that channel… I really had started hating them for this cause they show always that typical saas- bahu drama what I hate most cause it is all fake and imaginative…there is no reality in these show but still they are on… They should show some show like this…. But it’s okay I will ? not comment on them more….. But I really feel blessed with you all.. Cause you all writers make hope in me and I am silent reader I don’t comment on many ffs but whenever I get time I read all ffs and I do comment on some ffs when I get time… I want to thank all my dear writer who gave these amazing ffs I want to give my all my gratitude to all Manmarziyan writers…I LOVE YOU ? ALL AND LOTS OF KISSES ? TO YOU ALL… SV I GIVE YOU MY HEART ♥ MY DEAR FRIEND…… I Love ❤ LOVE ❤ LOVE TILL INFINITY….

    1. Sry for making you cry. Sam but u always support me with your comments dear. Im really happy that i got many friends here . i love u too dear you take my heart sam (i donno how to type the heart emojo sry). I love too till my infinity dear.

      actually i dont watch any serials but i started mahabharat and manmarziyan and now nothing . just this updates i read and cherish our manmarziyan on a daily basis.

  6. Dear u nailed it I luv ds epi especially kid’s are making elders to get fr thr re-marriage its super no words to explain…..I gonna badly miss ds bond…whn arjun triplets I couldn’t cnrtl my laugh totally luv it……. I luv u a lots of kisssss…….. 🙂

    1. thank you gayathri. Im always happy to see this love you have on me . Love you too and bear my kisses too

  7. Hey sv…..
    Hats off 4 dis long n wonderful journey of ur ff buddy……frm start till dis epi….it has been too good… b frank….i used 2 wait 4 updates while waiiting 4 colg bus…..
    N u kept each in every epi afresh with apt amount of emotions b it happiness..worries..sadness…frndship.. brotherhood..or d new bond of d youngr 1s…love u d most 4 dis credit….
    Love u lots…..hugs….will definetely miss dis

    1. Dev i really missed you buddy. where were you these days no comments too. Im feling happy now as i saw your comment. i really donno how i did it. If it was not you guys then i wouldnt have crossed 5 updates.

      Thank you dear. Love you too and bear hugs

      1. Sorry abt not commenting sv….i was in vacation 4 a week wid frnds….n dos idiots took hold of my fon……so no ff or comments
        ….went to hydrabad….so om sorry abt dat part …..n hugs reciprocated buddy

      2. Thank u for the reply. Hope u had a happy vacation . Enjoy more. Thanks for the hugs . Take care and stay blessed .

  8. ..rocking episode ……………….loved it completely …………… i’ll miss this FF alot ………..LOVE YOU………..TC

    1. Thank you priya. Love you too. Take care and pls do support all dear.

  9. U r amazing writer ……….u in wat u said it reflect me ……I was die hard fan of Mahabharat but it got over I some day after I got news that ahem is coming with new show called mmz ……from 1 st day itself I was waiting for him but slowly slowly I stared to like nasam ‘s friendship then radz acting ……and ahem as Arjun got gave me good shock …….but it go ended ……then I came to know tu …….I m a silent reader ……but I just wanna thank you heartily …… fill my entertain gap ……..u Gauri ,SHRee,renu will always be my favorite writer …….I will really miss you r amazing writing ………but I hope the journey of your writing keep on entertaining me …….god bless you stay happy ………and keep connected to us ……………. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-);-)

    1. Shreya thank you so much dear. Im searching words to thank you. I came to tu very late at the month of feb only. Im just a beginner in writing. There are many amazing writers are here. Pls do support all. Love you dear bear hugs and kisses too. I will be connected always with u all

  10. Sv this was a beautiful story…with so many bonds being made … Arjun Radhika, Arjun -Anjali-Neil , Sam Radhika there kids…loved the marriage preparations…beginning of new stories…its never the end and the stories continue ……loved it will miss this one 🙂 stay blessed 🙂

    1. Di im so thankful to you as i was able to think of this plot because of you. Love you so much di bear my hugs and kisses di

  11. Oh u gave it such a beautiful end sv i love yaar……. it was the same feeling for me too……. it pained that it ended but happy ending……. should be in happy mood…. love u dear tc

    1. Deeva love you so much dear. im happy to see this much love you have for me. Always be happy stay blessed dear

  12. Beautiful ending 🙂 i wanna cry my heart out ;-( everything have to end one day but i dont want it 🙁 Why our fav unique shows have to end so soon 🙁 i am happy that your ff had happy ending but my mind and heart dont want to see ending ;-( bcoz recently another mmz ff got ended i didnt overcome with that but today this ff also i really miss this story 😀 now i will stop my bakwas i dont wanna make you sad by my emotional talks 🙂 stay blessed and thank you for this wonderful journey of my fav manmarziyan 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Emz pls dont cry . im also a bit emotional as i would always think how to pull neil’s leg but every start should have an end . Thats y i made a happy end. No bakwas at all dear. your words are always my happiness. Love you dear stay blessed and pls dont be sad

  13. I felt really happy for dis all happy ending ?? i can only do dis??????? dis s superbbbbbbbbbb darling?? hats off to u ? sv seriously u r fabulous? love u ?

    1. suga thank you so much . Love you dear. im happy to see your comment. Take care dear and bear hugs.

  14. This story will be missed, but it was a awesome ending. 🙂

    1. Hats off for completing the story 🙂

      1. Thank you brin.

    2. Brin you are an awesome supporter . Pls do support me and all the others too . Pls always stay like this . Thank you dear

  15. My dear twin it was a great journey with ur new bond…even we create our new bond…the last part was so emotional it make me remember last episode of original mmz…argh star plus …i hate them…remarriage idea was really heart touching….Arjun become old still his naughtiness is there ,so as Neil…dono hi besaram…but I like them most….u created all the magic with ur words that makes us happy till the core…last time thanks dear for writing….write more n more….god bless …b happy ??

    1. Rosie my elder twin sister, this relation of ours came only because of this ff. This is so special to me and so you too. I just wrote which came to my heart nothing more . even im angry coz i cannot see it in Tv but one way im thankful because of them we got our manmarziyan in many ways in many plot and many dimensions 😉 Love you so much rosie and ok this time im allowing you to say thank you lol. . Love you so much. My happiness stays with you all. Im speaking a bit senti y i donno . Bear hugs and kisses dear . always be happy and strong

  16. hey….i have no words for u….u really touched our heart…. sooo emotional….last epi ka yaad dila diya….u know wat..i havent seen mmz serial at all… but nov me jab i was searching for youth fictions i came across tu and mmz… since thn i bcame a regular member of it….always brain eating our authors…and for name sake i watched last epi of mmz coz i got to know of its story line from all ffs….and remarraige and awakening of past memories with BS members…was an awesome idea….the closing line was really good…and the conclusion with the new pairs was really fab…i will miss it sv….i had happy tears….mummy saw me with tears and asked me wat happnd….but iam happy in one way…coz ab college join karne ke baad toh shayad me hostel rahungi aur mujhe acha phone bhi nahi milega thum logon ke updates dekhne ke liye…i will miss it very much dear….love u loads….

    1. Febs im soo happy to see your comment and im sry to make you cry. You always supported me with your fabulous comments and they weremy boosters . Even i will miss this ff as it is really a special one as this is my first try and also gave me many valuable friends. Love you lods and also pls do support me with my other 2 ffs too . I know you would. Love you soo much dear.

      Everything will be alright and also rock the collage . All the best to you dear

  17. O my sv, my sweeeeeetheart lovely friend. …I’m having tears in my eyes seeing this last epi of new bond…you nailed it my honeyyy to the very best. ..I’m gonna miss it soooo muchhhhhh. ..this story was really very heart touching n lovely, marvellous, beautiful. …….your journey of this ff was really very sweet n treat for us….even it was your first ff but you proved it that u r amazing, awesome, marvellous writer…u ended this ff very beautifully. …I had same feeling as the last epi of the show….I was watching it rather than reading….you narrated each n every details of the scenes very flawlessly. …the marriages of ardhika nesam n krishnanjali were incredible. ..all the arrangements n honeymoon ..wowwww. .then new pairs….mmz bg song n then the new bonding between kids ,their marriage n dreams achievements. ..very very very splendiferous n Devine update. …I should stop now…otherwise this u’ll get bore from my long comment. …but I can’t help it…it’s really superbbbb. …keep it up…it’ll be in touch with you in your other 2 ffs…take care sweetie. …love you loads, lotssssss of hugsssssss n kissesssss, muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Roma i will always wait for your comment . You were always my special. I always love your comment and do not say that your comments are boring. They mean a lot to me dear. Love you lots and kisses too bear my hugs and always stay strong and always support us dear.

      1. Thx a lotttttttttt honeyyy. …you deserve all the appreciation for your hard work….I’m gonna be in touch with you always…..your stories r very close to my heart….n you my sweeeeeetheart. ….I’m honored as you made me feel special. …I’m on cloud 9….love you loads. …muaaaaahhhhhh. .. 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

      2. Roma thank you for those humble words. Stay my side always and i never thought i can also impress by writing. Thank you dear. Always stay blessed and love you soo much

  18. Hey sv chellam … was damn good….u r impressing me day by day with ur writing…I have no words to praise u….iam speechless….ahaa that’s like a perfect ending…you give ur characters equal rights importance which is nice…I gonna miss this ff badly….thanks dear for giving this lovely ff..always keep smiling nd yah never forget to entertain us …lots of loves hugs for u…tc …stay blessed…

    1. Im searching words to say my gratitude dear. I wont leave you all that soon you have to bear me with the other 2 ffs and lot more in future. Love you soo much dear Stay blessed and take care too and bear my hugs too

  19. awesome episode……….

    1. Thanks subha.

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