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Chapter 2
Recap – Chasmash calls radhika , Arjun says about Anjali to Radhika, and chashmash is thinking about her brother .

Tears rolling from her eyes . She is still holding the drawing. “Aradhanaaa…aradhana” humble yet a concerned voice came, She knew who it would be . It brought a smile on her face. It was Charu ma , mother of aradhana, came and kept her hand in the shoulder , Aradhana kept the drawing aside and saw her mother. Charu said “ Do you want to go to Mumbai, why can’t you be here and search for a job here, and what is the need for the job, you can take care of the job ones which was dad did . Boss said that he will offer the job and you can stay here , what is the necessary to go to Mumbai. She saw the concern in charu ma’s eyes she smiled and she said ma I don’t belong here neither do you. I will go there and find a place to live, spoke to my friend and she will surely help me. I know about her she is really kind at heart. I will surely be fine ma now please give me my favorite coffee please ma my head is paining. She nodded and asked so should I say it to Arohi too???

She saw her mother who was emotionally blackmailing her, she knew Charu ma would do that , but Aradhanan was strong in her decision and said i spoke to her and convinced her too.

Arohi was aradhana’s elder sister Charu their mother and Viren is their father and they were really close to each other.They were in Mumbai, Arohi got married and shifted to Bangalore and the other went to Rishikesh and Aradhana did her collage there were she met her budhu Radhika , After the collage and because Viren’s medical condition they went to Bangalore and they settled there in Bangalore near Arohi’s house . The in-laws of Arohi were really supportive and they helped the family when Viren dad was hospitalised . Aradhana was offered a job in Mumbai but because of her dad’s condition she stayed in Bangaloreto be the side of her mother who was shattered because of Viren’s condition.She will cheer herself by saying ok will meet my bhai soon.

Time passed but her eagerness never left her.She was eagerly waiting for the day to just hug her brother and to say “enough for the wait I kept my promise by coming back to you and never leave you again”. After some time Viren passed away due to the medical issues and both Aradhana and Charu ma lived in Arohi’s house but aradhana wanted to stand on her own leg and also not to disturb them as they had disturbed them a lot but Arohi’s in-laws did not even say any word against them , they were also wanted Charu and Aradhana to be in with them.She loved her Jiju Rahul and he always treated her as his own sister. He was able to understand her need to stand on her own leg as he knew that she can handle anything but he doesn’t know her real reason for the Mumbai settlement, he used to always question her why Mumbai?? She said Jiju you know that I love exploring new places and I wanted to be in Mumbai as I heard more about that place, please jiju I really want to go there . He took a deep breath and said fine whatever you ask I won’t say no. I have some friends there I will find a job for and before he could say she said found , got the letter too and smiled like a child . He was really fishy now and thought “ok now I’ll let you go I know you will come to me one day and say me everything as I know you , you are still a kid” . She asked what Jiju ,he said nothing and asked is your packing over she nodded affirmatively, and he hugged her from the side and gave a kiss in her forehead .Charu ma was happy seeing the bond with the Aradhana and Rahul and blessed them that let them always be the same like this.

Aradhana’s mobile ringed,( Aradhana’s prince charm called, she not even cared him but for him she is the whole world)charu ma attened the call , before even she could say from the other side “hiee baby hoe u doing(sounded like animated movie tangled hero, Flynn rider lol , I guess they are made for each other as they always dont know to whom they are speaking but they speak , as you all remembered how aradhana spoke to arjun thinking it was radhika and he talking to his future mother-in-law this way)

She just jerked and the mobile was about to fall from her hand because of the voice and the words , she managed somehow by catching the mobile from falling of her hand , she saw the mobile and found the name and smiled and she just said hmmm, he without recognizing to whom he is speaking he continued “why is the reason to leave me please don’t leave my sweet heart” and he continued soo romantically , charu was not able to bear it ,even her ears which were hearing all those conversation also turned red, she said arey stop yaar enough , he was numb and asked whom am I speaking , she with a deep breath and said oye mental can’t you just give a second to respond and know to whom you are speaking ?? and what are those words not that much romantic my husband is thousand time better than you . He said Arohi didi sorry I thought that it was aradhana. Now charu ma lost her temper are you deaf idiot I’m her mother charu . Hearing that he just replied “AAAuuuuntttyyyyy sorry aunty but your voice is really sweet”. She controlling her laugh said are you in love with my daughter or me. Why do u always speak to me I really don’t know and on valentine’s day she left her mobile in the home and went to the garden and she had my mobile . And you know what you proposed me , before I could say anything you ended the call.

He screamed WHAT oh my god again I proposed you AGAIN (I guess that this is his routine lol), he said aunty why are you always attending my phone I thought that was aradhana , charu replied whenever your name pops up in the mobile she screams as if seeing a cockroach and gives the mobile to me and she will run away . I never knew she would get more scarier than cockroach”” and she laughed as she could not control here after.

He said with a sad face aunty.. and dragged . She said acha beta did you find any job in Mumbai ?? He said so she is going ha ?? Charu replied yes you know how stubborn she is and even arohi and Rahul cant able to stop her this time . He replied aunty I asked for few jobs and I will get it in max of max 2 weeks (but he did not know that he is gonna meet her soon on a daily basis in the office) . You better find a job else I dont know what I will do . He said I will promise aunty saying so he held the call

Charu knew that he loves her truly . He is a bit screw loose but from heart he is really good as she knew him from his childhood. Aradhana’s family and his family (I will disclose the name of the prince charm later as that too has some interesting scenes but for now it’s a secret shhhhh) are family friends they were really close to each other.

———————-Flash back(Aradhana and his prince charms first meet)————————-

When Aradhana came to bangalore after she finished her studies they all had a family get together and where he saw her at that function after so long time She was really wearing a normal dress ,a kurti top and a jean pant but something attracted him towards her , his mouth was not able to close even Nigeria falls failed with the speed of his mouth‘s waterfall . It was arohi didi closed his mouth. Then he came to his sense he blushed arohi said “oye hello this job should be done by her not you “saying so she left. All of a second all came to sense He still remember’s the first day they met each other in their childhood and now she was little matured in her way of behavior, but her chatter box has increased (thanks to radhika)

He straightly went to charu , as she was really easy for him to talk , aunty I want to say you something before he could complete she said if she says yes then I don’t have a problem. He was really happy , hugged her and said thank you aunty I love you(First proposal lol) She said I want only my children’s happiness but please now fulfill your parents desire. Grow big stand on your own leg make your parents feel proud, then no one can stop you . Your happiness is our happiness.
——————————————–Flash back ended —————————————————

Aradhana done her packing and the taxi came. She took all the blessings from the elders and she hugged her didi , jiju and her Mom , tears rolling from her eyes she she spoke to arohi and said didi take care of my jiju he is soo delicate don’t make him cry, all were laughing and she hugged her mother again and said ma wait and I will come soon to take you to the new house .

Taxi started and went to the airport . There was an announcement which said the next flight to Mumbai has arrived and we request all the passengers to check-in their ticket. When she was in the queue a voice called Arjun, Arjun …. She turned abruptly towards the direction of the voice . She saw a lady shouting from the end of the queue and a small boy hid himself with Aradhana . She went on her knees and kissed the boy and the lady just saw the kid was here and she gave a thankful smile to aradhana . She too replied with a smile.

She entered the flight and found her seat .She fastened the seat belt and was wearing the head set heard few old songs which they both liked and she felt really happy.

She closed her eyes listening to the songs and everything came as a flash

Arjun was 2 years when anjali was born and they had a beautiful childhood. He used to take care of her with a fatherly protection and she showed a motherly care. They had a wonderful bond which even words cannot explain.

One day when they were coming towards home they met with an accident. Thank goodness Arjun and Anjali were safe but she got affected in her eyes and so she has to wear the big glasses ,their parents were not able to do as it was a direct hit between 2 cars. They had no one to take care of they were joined to the orphanage . They were sad for few days but it was nandhini who showed immense affection towards them (here till then she was really a good person , but after that samrat came and you all know what happened , this is before she met samrat and she really loved these kids) and Viren used to visit the orphanage ones in a while and help them in monetary terms , where he saw Anjali , her innocent eyes attracted him and he asked the orphanage incharge to give Anjali for adoption, the incharge said if nandhini says yes then I will surely accept for the proposal as she is the only person who takes care of these kids . Incharge was so sure that nandhini will not accept as she had kept her life in these kids. Viren literally pleaded Nandhini and finally he somehow convienced her .

On the day of the adoption, these kids were not aware of the news that they are gonna be separated forever were happily enjoying the school . There was a drawing competition and Arjun drew himself and anjali and won the first prize(the drawing which she has now).

School got over

He came running towards anjali who was sitting in the swing. She saw him coming so speed she got scared and asked Bhai are you alright ?? He showed the drawing which he made . Her round eyes popped out and she was soo happy . She gave a kiss in his cheeks and said is that us?? He nodded positively and they were happily speaking about their day in the school.

Just then Nandhini called them .They just got up held their hands and ran towards Nandhini seeing this she had tears in her eyes she controlled her tears and said . Anjali he is your new dad say hi to him and viren was really happy to see her . Anjali was really scared and Arjun was frozen .

She hid herself behind Arjun and said I won’t leave my bhai. Bhai say something so that nandhu will listen to you. Nandhu please I love you please I will not leave you. Saying so she ran away. Arjun was still standing as a stone . Nandhini controlled her tears and said Arjun if she goes with him she can stay happily . You want your sister to be happy na and said something. His head was able to understand but his heart said what so ever happen don’t ever leave her . But he had no choice and so he said yes to nandhini. But he was really scared to face anjali.

He went to the room where they were staying she saw his brother and said with tears rolling down her cheeks “ bhai I don’t want to go please don’t send me anywhere and what if they beat me or what of they take me to some other place and what if my plants gets dry which I planted yesterday “ with her innocence overloaded .

Arjun said with his tears with the eyes, said”anjali don’t worry I will take care of your plant and I promise you that I will be here till you come and ones you become big no one can stop us from being together. Anjali with a teary eyes asked “How many days it will take for me to become big ?? Even Arjun dont know the answer and said 10 days may be. She said 10 days only na ??? He nodded yes. She said then ok I will go and come back soon. Till then don’t eat too much of candies as 2 tooth are already taken away and don’t drink coffee with 3 spoons of sugar, only I know how much you like (now you can understand why Arjun doesn’t adds sugar in his coffee and he hates sweets, it was his Anjali’s order which he followed). He nodded and she continued what he should do and what not to do as if these were the instructions given by a mother who goes out for a small trip for a day or 2, this shows her concern towards Arjun, she continued Wait for me here don’t go anywhere ok . He said “I promsie you that I will be here”.

Nandhini who was watching this all from behind came running towards them hugged them and cried as she cannot control anymore and said “no one can separate you both” She turned towards Anjali and said “Anjali get ready”.

Anjali wore a pink frock as it is her favorite colour(Now you guys can understand why Arjun loves pink .Anjali loves pink , he loves Anjali hence he loves pink) Nandhini packed Anjali’s stuffs , her toys and arjun gave the drawing and said , If you want to say anything to me say to this picture , I will hear ok . She said ok Bhai. (Anjali has a habit of trusting her bhai blindly and so she continues till now by speaking to that drawing and believed that he will hear her)

Viren lifted her and said thank you nandhini for accepting and turned to Arjun (who was boiling like an active volcano which was in an eruption stage) said “I will take care of her , don’t worry” He gave an angry stare as he is taking his life from him and leaving the body alone. He said as a big person I want only my sister’s happiness. If I come to know that she is crying then I will find you and I will not spare you. Nandhini was shocked to hear this reply and said , Arjun first ask sorry to uncle and who gave you a right to speak like that , before she could continue Viren said , Nandhini leave he is just a kid and he turned towards Arjun and said I will promise you that I will not make her cry(he kept his words , the total family showed immense affection towards her to make her feel comfortable and she started loving her new family , but never forget her brother .She never says that out as it may hurt Viren or charu as they may think that their love was not enough for her)

The car started and both had tears in their eyes and she shouted “bhai bhai don’t go anywhere please I will come soon” and she started to cry Arjun ran till the gate and stoped there and shouted AAANNNJJJAAALLIIIIIIIII. Viren consoled her and he named her Aradhana, and she was henceforth she was called Aradhana(now you can understand who is anjali and aradhana and chasmash, wait wait she has got many names will be revealed soon in the upcoming updates)

Her thoughts were disturbed by the announcement please fasten your seat belts as the flight is going to land to Mumbai . Thank you.”” An unknown happiness struck her heart . Finally she made it , Mumbai . With more expectations she was waiting. She don’t know from where to start but she knew she would definitely find him. She cannot control her tears and she was smiling too . The co-passenger asked for the reason . She said “finally gonna meet my life”. He was not able to understand.

She came out of the airport . Caught a taxi and said the destination she needs to go and she was really happy as she is going to meet the important person in her life soon in the place where she is heading to.


Arjun was restless , he cant explain but he was restless. Radhika came and said they came , he asked who, she with an annoying face said the clients . He with an “ oh my god face said , chalo lets go to the conference hall”

All were in the conference hall and the client has also joined. It was an antique product company but it was a big and branded company. They wanted to promote their company in India for which they approached Bird song and all were discussing their ideas and Radhika as usual she played with words, with her magic she really impressed all.

While she was explaining Arjun never took his eyes off from her and his jaws were open. It was neil who sat next to him closed Arjun’s mouth. Arjun gave an angry stare , Neil with a small smile(as usual in his own style)said Arjun concentrate . Arjun with a mischievous smile said i’m concentrating only and again he was staring at his angle . Neil again said “Arjun work , work” with a very lower voice as they were in the conference room , Arjun said yes this is the most important work for me.

Sam who was listening to their conversation said “guys you 2 please shut up” and she turned her face to radhika . Neil made a puppy face towards Arjun and arjun said ; you need to concentrate more on your work and he signed towards Sam . Now neil was really irritated and turned his face straight and Arjun smiled for the reaction made by Neil, continued his job(lol)

Just then an idea popped his mind, by then she completed her presentation and all were impressed . Arjun stood up and asked May I give a suggestion if you all allow me to and saw the people who were sitting there all nodded and he then saw radhika , she gave a positive nod. He was happy and went to the front and she sat there nearby.

He started “ we all know that how our relation is really important to us , many came up with beautiful ideas spoke about many relation but we forgot a most delicate , beautiful and yet a wonderful relationship ”brother sister relationship” Radhika now understood why he wanted to speak and she was happy for that. Radhika saw Arjun and smiled at him. This gave him full confidence that his heart was understood by his lady love. He continued . His speech was really mind-blowing and he said “for a brother his sister is his first daughter, she is the guide, critic she stands by him in any situation she is the second mother for him . When it comes to the girls it is their first hero their protector .

Sam who was listening now thought of Jai every thing flashed in front of her eyes . She had tears , just then a hand was holding her hand . It was neil . She was really happy , she held his hand tightly and he gave a nod and she nodded back with the smile and turned towards Arjun. All were really happy about the thought and they were really impressed. He finished his speech.

There were silence for 2 minutes all stood up and clapped for him with tears in their eyes.Arjun too had tears in his eyes too and thought of his Anjali. Piyali said Arjun that was a great job and Samrat congratulated with the hug and all appreciated his idea and left the room for further formalities. Only those 4 were left. Radhika really felt proud of Arjun and she was smiling at him. Neil came there and said man you rocked today , Radhika i’m sorry to say this but I’m really impressed with you arjun you made me fall , I cannot resist myself from saying this I really love you and he came near Arjun and Arjun had “what are doing” look. Radhika was laughing with Neils behaviour . Sam said you idiot stop it yaar. Arjun said , Sam don’t worry Neil is always yours and he gave Neils hand to Sam and he turned to Neil and said sorry sister my hands are full by holding Radhika’s hands and she hugged him happily.

Recap – Meeting of the friends

Thats it guys for the day hope you all liked it . I will update soon . Till then take care .Sorry couldn’t make Ardhika or Nesam scenes . Will try to do that in the upcoming updates.

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