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Chapter 19
The hair were white colour like snow, eyes where shrieked , the skin was all old, no teeth and he was calling “ Saaaamm…… with shaken voice saaaammm…. And when sam came he was shell shocked as she was also looking aged because of the age. He found arjun with bald head and radhika with a big specs, Krishna was walking with the help of a walking stick and anjali was all soo aged….. Neil sa his face in the mirror and hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……………………..
He woke from the big slumber and shouted in his top voice. Sam who was next to him jerked and woke up and all the others too rushed to the room.
Neil ; Sam u were , arjun was like anjali ……… Sam was not able to understand his blabbering but he was just sweating bad. All asked him to relax and sanjana offered him some water.
Neil ; Sanju (sanjana short form) do u have white hairs ??

Sanjana ; Neilu…..(the kids call neil as neilu)
Neil ; I mean do I have white hairs ?? Sanjana nodded negative.
Arjun ; u still look young man don’t worry.
Radhika ; Neil why did shout that loud.
Sam ; might had some dreams. All except neil banged their head with their hand.
Neil ; Don’t tease me guys. I found that all were aged , no teeth eyes can’t see well and had goose bumps while thinking that. All laughed at his horrified face. All went to their rooms to sleep.
Days were going and Jai was taking practice to propose to Sanjana with Akshara.
Jai ; I love u akshara (akshara was angry) sry sry sanjana.
Akshara ; mmmhhmmmm I don’t think so you will pass in this test. Bhai you cant even say her name properly how would you going to propose her. Practice session itself this many mistakes then are you going to say her . She turned and saw Sanjay and apsara eating pop corn and drinking some cool drink and witnessing the act. Akshara took a small stone and threw in the direction of them.
Sanjay ; Oye why are you throwing the stones on me.
Akshara ; Cant u help me ?? coming for helping or romancing. Both saw each other and Sanjay gave his tips to propose his twin sister.

Jai after the work asked sanjana to accompany him to ride home. Sanjana was waiting for Sanjay. Sanjay said he will come late and asked her to start. Sanjana left with Jai and immediately he took his bike and informed the same to Apsara. Apsara, Akshara and Vishnu were making all the setting ready for Jai and sanjana. Once the place was ready Akshara texted jai . He was double happy and drove his car to the spot.
It was beautifully decorated with light pink rose flowers and the scent was flowing over the whole area. Jai stopped his car a bit distant and opened the door and offered his hand to her. She was not able to understand but just smiled and accepted his hand. He turned her and blind folded her and slowly took her to the place at that time he saw all the other 4 hiding themselves and silently wishing him good luck.
Once he took his hands from her eyes, she slowly opened the eyes and saw the settings and she was spell bound , even jai was happy for the work of his young ones.
Sanjana ; did you do this for me ???
Jai ; Yes its for u I…. I myself did this.

Akshara who was hiding herself in the bushes wanted to shout but Vishnu held her hand and she slipped and they were having an intense eye lock. Slowly unknowingly she leaned over him and he wrapped her . Apsara and Sanjay were already in their love saga immediately after jai entered the place and they took a shelter of a tree nearby and enjoying the moon’s view.
Vishnu and Akshara came to sense only after sometime and they pulled themselves from the other.
Jai ; (kneeled down) will you fill my live with your love ashara ??? Sanjana giggled . Akshara banged her head and said not again but cant kick her brother.
Sanjana ; Ooohh this was the practice you were making ?? I thought of some other thing. Jai why is this necessary for all these things . You can just hold my hand and take me. I have fallen for you the day I first saw you. So pls stop this romance and ask our parents’ permission for the same.
Jai ; Are you serious I mean I was practicing for weeks to say this to u.
Sanjana ; But you said this wrong even again. You said Akshara not sanjana.
Jai ; Did I and looked towards the direction where akshara was hiding and she signed punching him. He closed his eyes and gave a stupid smile.
Jai ; Sry sanjana just ………

Sanjana laughed and hugged him. Akshara was holding Vishnu’s hands and was squeezing it and said “ she hugged….. she hugged “ and akshara hugged. Vishnu also hugged her back and they were like this. Jai slowly wrapped his hands over the delicate body of Sanjana and said “ Wish I would have said that before”. She giggled and they were like this for some time.
In between Sanjay and Apsara started from there and slowly akshara and Vishnu too left the place leaving the love birds alone. Jai and sanjana had their dinner and some happy times they went home and did not show much infront of their family went to their room silently which confirmed the feelings of their parents strong.
Neil ; Chashni I guess……
Radhika ; Yup so we are in law people. Super but whom side should I take bride or groom ???
Neil ; diplomatic situation yaar. All were silent for few seconds and laughed out loud and finished their dinner.
The marriage date was approaching so the kids started to execute their plan . First was they need to separate the brides and grooms. They somehow made a story and took arjun sam and Krishna with Akshara, sanjana and vishnu in one car and Neil, Arjun and Anjali in one car with the rest of the kids.

Jai booked a big mandap for Ardhika and Nesam. That was a grand mandap and the work was excellently done. The elders were not able to understand what was going on. Slowly they stepped out of the car and the kids did aarthi to their parents and asked them to step in. Once they steeped insode the mandap, they saw the decoration works.
Arjun ; What function is going to happen here ??
Jai ; Marriage maamu.
Sam ; whose ??

Sanjana ; Yours ofcourse.
All the 6 frowned .
Vishnu ; my dear patents as your 25th wedding anniversary has come , we have planned to give you a surprise celebration, so we as the head of the family ordering the brides to take this room and grooms to take that room.
All the elder 6 shouted ; what?????
Arjun ; I cannot be without Radhika .
Sam ; Only if neil snores I can sleep.
Anjali ; I cannot leave Krishna
The kids said; Nothing doing no excuses you guys are being separately sleeping today . what so ever happens.
Jai ; Now pls ladies pls start with the mehandi ceremony and I as the head of this marriage committee order u guys to listen to me. Ardhika , Nesam and anjali,Krishna knew that their kids so the ladies changed and sat for the mehandi and the mehandi was done by experts which were appointed by Jai.
Once the mehandi was going on all rewinded their life.
Radhika thought how was her mehandi was and unknowingly she had A in her hand. She never thought that her life would be changed from that day. Sam was thinking of her marriage, Anjali thought how nesam and Ardhika filled her life with affection and how neil compelled her to eat and her leg bandage was decorated by the kids and krishna her love. Akshara, apsara and sanjana too were wearing the mehandi . The boys were watching their love ladies and all were happy. Arjun appreciated Jai’s work .

Mehandi was done and the brides and grooms were separately in the rooms. After some time slowly Radhika , Sam and Anjali peeped out and made sure that the kids were not there, slowly tip toed to the boys room.

Grooms room.

The boys were not able to sleep. They were waiting for their wives to come. The girls rushed and hugged them as if they were seperated for years. Without much noise they switched off the light and slept on the floor as the bed was not fair enough for the 6.
Arjun was having Radhika in one and and Anjali in other and and she was facing Krishna and he was having his hand on anjali’s waist and holding sam, Sam was sleeping holding Krishna’s hand and keeping her head on Neil’s chest.The kids knew their parents , so slowly they closed the door and they left them to sleep.

Precap – Ardhika, Nesam marriage honey moon trips etc……

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    1. Aastha thank you so much dear. I am updating let me live now. It will come soon. Sry for making you wait. Love u always.

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  3. Hey sv I didn’t understand one thing….
    Sanjay is arjun’s son..and apsara is anjali’s how come Sanjay and apsara paired up when arjun and anjali are siblings by birth…pls make it clear…jai confession was awesome:-) 🙂

    1. In few religions it is accepted we can marry our bua’s and mama’s children

      1. OK nats actually I don’t know that I only that it happens in other religion..but here radhika arjun anjali ..they all live in Mumbai ..and rishikesh…and they are mehra or mishra…so I thought…that how come San Jay and apsara paired .but its OK…may be sv had written it so she must have some reason..thanks nats for the u:-) 🙂

      2. Thsnk you so much natasha for speaking on my behalf. Love you dear

    2. Sammy see even if Arjun and Anjali are siblings she is now to other family, that is she is not anjali mehra but anjali krishna and in my family custome the bua’s daughter has the right to marry her mama’s son. so only i wrote that way. Thank you so much sammy. Love u dear.

      1. Thanks sv for replying actually iam from UP…so our .very distant relations we consider ..our relatives as our cousins …that’s why only asked for that purpose only u a lot:-) 🙂

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