Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 18)

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15 years later…………………
All rushed to the akshara’s room as there was a sudden shouting. Neil who was taking a nap in the sofa rolled over the floor and got hurt in his hands. When the whole family entered Jai , Akshara and Arjun were jumping and forming a circle and jumping holding their hands. All were on their top of their voices. No one could understand what was happening and how come at a time 3 become a crack ??
Arjun ; She got first mark in the board exam. Anjali fainted. The reason was akshara forgot her board practical date and at the last minute it was arjun who begged the teachers to enter the school so that she can finish her practicals and the duo went to the movie after that.
Arjun ; Radhika… radhikaaaaaaa…………

Radhika (from the kitchen) ; Its in the first cup board.
Arjun (after few mins) ; Radhika….. Radhikaaaaa……..
Radhika ; It’s in the 2nd draw.
This was the daily course the way arjun calls her and she repiles from the kitchen is done for years and the other 10 would just see the direction of the sound. Radhika after a point of time would just mumble and from the kitchen to the room and after 2 mins she would come out and he would stop the shouting. The others wanna know the secret of what was happening. So they decided to peep inside the room without making noise.

Again today the same things happened. Radhika went to the room and he was struggling with the tie . She was helping him and he was continuously blabbering and she just o make him shut his mouth kissed his cheeks and he frowned . She made the tie and said “ big business man but cant even tie a tie now . Outside big scene inside nothing angry bird. Arjun wrapped his hand over her and held her close
Arjun ; Stop calling me angry bird darling . Do you think still I look like a khadoos ???
Radhika ; No Arjun but your salt and pepper hair style gives more look to you and I am falling for that so pls colour your hair.

She started from there and the other 10 rushed to the hall and acted as if nothing happened but were just cant stop them from the smiling seeing their parents romance and the kids were planning a big for the parents.
Jai was managing the bird song and Sanjay was good in photography accompanied him in Bird song and Sanjana was like her mother Radhika playing with words but god child of Neil so she had his quality more than Radhika’s. Bird song has now became a big company. The kids wanted to celebrate their parents wedding anniversary a grand way as it was the 25th year for Ardhika and Nesam and 24th year for Anjali and Krishna. Jai was the head of this committee but always asks is opinion to a person (reason will be revealed soon).
Akshara was joining her collage. She was shell scared coz till then she was a kid school but collage…….. she was scared but she was going to join the collage Vishnu was studying. Apsara in other collage.

Arjun went with Akshara to drop her. Till she entered the collage gate she was holding his hand as she was scared of ragging but she found no one doing ragging. She turned towards arjun and he gave a peak on her forehead and said “All the best little one”.
After the collage the seniors gathered and started to rag the juniors. Akshara was got caught by one of the bad gang.
Guy 1 ; hey you the tall girl.
Akshara ; Me sir and she was pointing herself.
Guy 2 ; Ya you only idiot come.
She was twisting the books in her hand in fear and she proceeded towards them.
Guy 1 ; what is your name ??
Akshara ; Akshara…..

Guy 2 ; Aah cant hear you what is your namein a yelling voice.
Akshara ; (Jerked with fear) Akshara Sir….. Those guys stood from there and surrounded her. She was in full fear and when the boys thought of stepping forward towards her , a tall handsome guy from the behind held her hand and twisted her and made her behind him. He was in top anger turned his fist to hit them but she held his hand and nodded not to . He held her from behind and warned them to stay away from her.
Principal ; Y cant you guys stop this sh*t . She is the sister of the owner of the collage.
Akshara was scratching the head and so Vishnu who was holding her. They all turned to see who was that . It was none other than Jai . Akshara ran to Jai and hugged him . He side hugged her and gave a proud look towards his brother Vishnu.
Jai ; I said you guys when u were juniors for me that behave with girls and now you guys are coming near my life. Behave for this year and get lost else I will do something that you will not even think of dreaming of looking at a girl. Get that . Now go……..
All ran and Akshara hugged him . He made her see his face and said “ Akshaaa bhai hai naa”
She again hugged him and they all went back . On the way in the car
Akshara ; You bought the collage for me ????

Jai ; No no no I bought the collage for my sister and also for the kids who were in the orphanage where Mamuu(Arjun) and Anjali ma were there na . Im just helping those kids for their education and the poor kids who need education but cant afford them. That’s it akshaa and you Vishnu when did you become big for the fight I loved the way you twisted your fist. Man you are all grown up. Vishnu blushed as his brother is speaking good infront of his crush . Vishnu has a secret crush on Akshara.

Jai the head of the marriage committee was always waiting for sanjana to speak and he will listen only to her or Akshara (so now you can understand the heart of Jai).They have made the planning and nesam’s wedding was first as their marriage was not attended by many people and also their wedding was 2nd and Ardhika’s wedding in a grand way and also with only happiness not as the previous one and for Anjali and Krishna there was a small pooja for them for their healthy and prosperous future. The plan was all done and they were executing the plan and that came out to be a perfect one. But these were not known by elders.

They did not call others for the wedding as they wanted to do it allby themselvs and for their parents that s it . If they call the others they will not have the masti of pulling their parents legs.

Thats it guys for today. Next one on Sunday . 2 states on Saturday and Let me live will be updated tomorrow. PLs comment your views regarding the same. Love you all . Stay blessed and take care …… and sorry for the small update. Muhhaaaaaaa………

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  1. aastha

    vishu-akshara scne was cute………………..and also ardhika……………plzzz upadate soon…….love u……….TC….

  2. Ha ha ha secret s semma darling 😀 😀 😀 loved it 😀 😀 waiting for 2 States 😀 😀 love u 🙂 darling wats s full name???? 😀

    • Sv

      The 3rd one has its own way Emz Fasa will update soon and will reveal the next pair in that

  3. alll so sweet n cute moments….why not…twin it will end …oh god…but u did ur job fantastic…ardhika…they are still in young mode….very nice….so nice surprise…children are like their parents…tooo cooool…update other two stories….??? waiting

    • Sv

      Rosie thank you darling. Coz im saying the truth that i wanted to make this a memorable one short and sweet . The kids are so as their parents. Let me live gonna be updated now and 2 sates on saturday .

  4. Gauri

    Hey SV loved it …it was cute and sweet update….waiting for the other 2 🙂 stay blsses:)

  5. Roma

    Awesome episode sv my sweeeeeetheart. …loved it very very muchhhh. …so sorry for late comment. …loved the narration n lovelyyyyyy bonding of this amazing family. ..ardhika veryyyyyyy awesoooooome. …n kids, now grown up youngsters, tooo adorable. …vishnu n akshara, jai n sanjana….wowwww lovelyyyyyy pairs…more to be revealed. …congrats for 25th anniversary of ardhika n nesam. lovelyyyyyy surprise…..akshara n arjun’s lovely bond is very sweeeeeet. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh

  6. Sv

    Roma missed you dear. No sry at all you are always my show stopper for my comments. Love you dear always stay blessed , take care and bear hugs and kisses too

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