Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 17)


Hloooo all my lovely people out there . I love you all . Im soo not gonna take up another courses again. Who on earth has set up the timetable i dont know . 4 days 8 exams. God my hands were really bulged . Still 2 exams are there but it is a week later so no problem at all and i did my exams well. Never thought that you guys would really mean to me soo much.

But the thing was i really missed you all. I wanted the days to run fast so that i can come back to see you all. Guys i’m planning to end the ff as i dont want to make it a boring one. I’ll complete the journey in max 3 to 4 updates. Please do say your views regarding this update. And i am planning to write a new one. I need your comments is that OK for me to torture you all with my new ff ???

Enjoy the Ride……….

Recap of new bond.
Ardhika and nesam after 6 months of marriage. Arjun says about anjali. Anjali comes to mumbai in search of arjun and friend of radhika. Finally the brother and sister meet. Anjali makes a new bond with neil. Krishna enters birdsong . Saral weds bonnie. Anjali meets with an accident. Slips in coma for 3 months Sam’s pregnant. Anjali is normal. Krishna and anjali confess their feeling. They gets married. London trip to meet charu and others. Rahul and arohi gets a gift of baby girl kushi mayuri. Arjun encounters nandhini. The slap ofrom arjun to anjali. Nandhini’s illness. Nandhini pleading for a week time to spend with arjun and anjali . Trip to paris . Arjun gets a call regarding nandhini’s health from rana kaka.


10 years later
Radhika ; Jaj jaiiiiiiii wake up .
Jai ; radhu ma pls 5 mins more and hugs akshara. Akshara was sleeping over arjun and now jai also keeping his head on arjun’s shoulder. Arjun wrapps his hand over jai’s shoulder.
Jai son of neil and sam but was taken care by radhika. Akshara last of the set . 2nd daughter of anjali and krishna and heart of arjun. Ardhika were blessed by twins sanjay and sanjana. Sanjay always with anjali and sanjana was with neil. Vishnu the second son of nesam was a tipical krishna and apsara was anjali’s first daughter , loved by sam.

Clear cut details…..
Nesam – Jai & Vishnu
Ardhika – Sanjana & Sanjay
Anjali, Krishna – Apsara & Akshara

These kids were ruling the 6. Jai a typical khadoos but with patience and responsible kid . But when it comes to pulling of legs he is the master and over protective when it comes to akshara the tiny tod of the whole family. Apsara and sanjay are partners in crime. Sanjana is a silent girl but silently does all hr mischief works. Vishnu gets caught for her work but never scolds her. They had this deal mutually as sanjana does vishnu’s homework.

Prena , samrat and piyali became the typical grand parents and enjoyed everystep of their grand children. Summer holidays would be total chaos of the house. But kushi was the superior head of these rowdy gang. She used to come for summer holidays with ankush’s son arnav ( never thought this before but came . Seriously promise).

Separate room for all the 6 together as the parents dont want to separate them. Arjun used to say stories yup bed time stories and one by one will start to sleep. After making them in proper position he will go to sleep. But the room doors should be made open. Slowly one by one will start to move. All will go to their god parents room until akshara taking her pillow which was bigger than her size and bed sheet maximum crawling over the floor will land in arjun’s room and will slowly goes to him and will somehow manages to get on the cot. Keep her head over his chest and those tiny hands over his neck . Arjun with closed eye but a smile in his face gently wraps her and the other hand was filled with jai and radhika. Radhika’s hand crosses jai till it reaches akshara. They are complete family. Same for the other 2 .Neil the snoring head was accompanied by sanjana the snorer. Sam and apsara who were not able to bear the snore finally took the help of cotton rolls. Krishna would be rolled down from the bed by pushing by the other 3 . These ladies gave birth to the kids but was taken care by the whole family.

Radhika got the best copywriter of the year award for the 3rd time. All were congratulating her but
Jai ; radhu ma how is that possible for u ?? Radhika smiled and said coz of my writing.
Sanjay lost his cool ; even i write.
Sam ; what did u write ??
Sanjay ; my homework but not getting any awards like mummy is getting. What is this say me the proper answer.
Sanjana and vishnu were giggling.
Sanjay ; i do my homework myself but not take anyones help. Vishnu stared and sanjana too joined him . After sometime the words became into action. All the 3 were rolling on the floor. It was a ninja fight all the three were furiously fighting.
jai in between ” radhu ma I mean u kill with ur speech but how ?? Did u speak to the jury so that to make u silent did they gave u the award “. Till then arjun and neil who were laughing silently bursted out.
Neil ; Jai think of it man she has got 3 times , so u can see the amount of speech she must be made.
Arjun ; The world should give us the noble prize for peace as she is always killing us.
Radhika was in top anger(fake).
Jai ; All hails to Radhu Maaa…..
Radhika with a book in her hand started to chase jai. They were living a happy life .
No one would dare to call them in the morning time till these kids start to school. Neil would polish the shoes and radhika would comb the hair for the 5 akshara was still did not start to school. Sam dreesses up all arjun wpuld pack the book bag. Anjali takes care of lunch and snacks. Krishna would drop them in the school. Jai is 3rd twins were in 2nd. Apsara 1st , Vishnu UKG and the last tiny starts to school that year.

Akara’s first day to school. Arjun was not in the mood of sending her. School started a week back but these 2 were not ready to start.
Anjali ; bhai…..
Arjun ; she will start from tomo . Akshara nodded and said yes pinky promise mummy.
Jai ; akshaaa(short form of aksharra) bhai will always be with u come lets go. Now the tiny round eyes are filling with tears . Hugged arjun tight and said ” maamuuu… ” and hugged him tight and turned her head towards the other side.
Jai ; sweety bhai hai na . I will be with u then maamu (arjun was called maamu by akshara so all started to call him maamu) will by ur chockate ( kids version of chocolate).
Akshara ; (with filled eyes )Bhai is calling i will go and come back and will u have my fav chockate?? ” .
Arjun nodded and kissed her. Anjali signed a relief and ruffled jai’s hair. All started and jai was holding akshara’s hand and arjun was having tears same as akshara. She waved by but keeping her face like crying. Jai held akshara and nodded.

Anjali ; bhai her school is till 12.30 and she will come to birdsong after that and u guys start ur job then(these 2 jointly wpuld watch all cartoon ). He keeping his hand over anjali’s shoulder and nodded and said come its getting late and she will come quick.

Few days later arjun was checking the date and that was the d day. It has been 10 full years that incident happened but still its remembered as a new one . The day…. last words her struggle and everything the same day 10 years back was the black day for them.

Arjun got the call from rana kaka. But was not having guts to speak that to radhika just asked anjali to accompany him. They reached the hospital. Till then arjun did not say anything to anjali. Slowly they entered the room where she was. Yup nandhini struggling to breath. Ventilator was kept for her to breath. Anjali was now stunned. She was not prepared mentally for that shock. Inbetween arjun texted krishna to come with radhika but not to inform neil and sam because of sam’s medical condition.

Arjun slowly went to nandhini and held her hand . She was having wet eyes. She sighned anjali to come near . Anjali came forward and she held nandhini’s hand tight. No words no noise nothing. Just silence yet had many meanings.
Nandhini ; ( keeping the mask )im sry i never thought my stupidity would cause this big.
Arjun ; shut up nandhu. Dont talk anything. Nothing will happen u will be alright. Before she could speak a nurse came and asked arjun and anjali to wait outside.

Krishna and radhika reached and found arjun who was asking rana kaka about nandhini . The worst part was anjali was in damn fear started to crawl and sitting in the corner by holding her legs and struggling to breath. Krishna rushed.

Anjali ; mannu mannu ( by holding his colar) nan….ddhuuu…… Mannu mannu nandhu mannu she was repeating the same thing again and again. Nothing was coming except that . Same situation same way she was the way she was on viren’s last day. Krishna somehow managed to take her away from there. She was still hugging him tight when he saw radhika from distance radhika nodded negative which meant nandhini is no more. Arjun was with nandhini and was keeping her head in his lap and crying out his heart. Radhika came there and hugged him and rubbed his back. His shout was heard out very loud and anjali too heard that. She was staring krishna by looking up his face with wet eyes . He nodded negative. She stepped back by mumbling “she left me.”

Krishna ; aara not again. She was just mumbling again and again the same thing. She was out of ger sense. Krishna shook her but no use. Tears were just rushing out . He was struggling hard to make her normal. Neil joined with rahul. He straightly went to the room and found arjun was out of control . Radhika just came to neil and hugged him. Neil ; chashni what happened. What happened to nandhini . Pls chashni say me what happened. But rana kaka came and said the reason for the demise of nandhini.

Flash back………

Nandhini left arjun on the night of the party when she confessed herself. She was on top anger and wanted to do something to all of u so that she can teach a lesson. Her anger turned into addiction. She became a drug addict started to consume them more. At one stage she took too much that affected her health very badly she lost her senses and she was im a very bad stage. Then i took her to her to the rehab centre to come out. She started a new life and she was very fine . She was normal and went to yoga classes and she was very much changed and came back to the original one and started her job. One day she came across your childhood picture and again she was haunted.

Doctors warned her not to take the drugs again as it may price her life. She struggled hard to avoid that but your memories where haunting her . She again fell into the trap. This time she was out of control . No one was able to do anything. Her inner organs were seriously damaged by this and she started to loose her life. She punished herself by not taking care of herself. Worst part was not taking her medicines which would gave prolonged her life. Then she saw u in the hospital and wanted to live with u and ur sister . But her wish was not fulfilled . Then she learnt that she will not be for long . So she begged them to stay with her for some time and her wish came true.
Arjun ; (crying) nandhu im an sinner by leaving u. Kaka why did u not say anything to me. I would have taken care of her na . Why did u hide that from me ??
Kaka ; i tried hard but nandhini stopped me from doing this. I was helpless Arjun im sorry.

Here krishna was trying hard and rahul joined him. She was trying to breath. The grief has struck her and she was not able to come out of normal. Krishna’s voice was heard over the entire floor. Radhika and neil rushed and shook her. They were helpless. Arjun came there rushing and shook her.
Radhika ; slap her ……
Arjun ; what and neil too joined him and he too shook her to make her normal. Radhika turned to krishna and said slap her. He was confused. Before anyone could react radhika slapped anjali hard to bring back her to normal. Anjali bursted herself . And she hugged radhika and cried out her grief. Arjun then remembered what she said about anjali the when he came to know about anjali ..


Arjun wiped his tears. Its been 10 years still he felt the pain. Radhika who noticed that came to his room and started to speak to divert his mood . After some time Akshara came from the school and directly ran towards his cabin shouting maamuuuuu. Arjun picked her up and she gave a chocolate to him and he forgot what he was thinking a minute back and started to enjoy with his heart. Radhika smiled and ruffled akshara’shair and left the mama kangaroo with its kid .

Akshara ; maamuuu my mam taught me how to write 1,2,3…
Arjun ; (with all excitement said ) i dont know will u teach me??
She nodded and started to write 1 and when she did 2 it was a big task for her and for 3 she did ulta that is putting the curves right to left. He clapped and kissed her and they were spending some quality time. Soon she fell asleep in his arms and he slowly placed her in the sofa which was bought for her.

Radhika came in discussing something regarding some work. Arjun was just staring at her. She first avoided but then she saw him and with a smile gestured what ??
Arjun ; i still cant accept that u are a mother of 2 kids.

Radhika (blushed ) ; arjun ur wrong not 2 but mother of 6 kids. Arjun pulled her and said ” u look gorgeous ” Before radhika could speak suddenly there was a cute voice interrupting said ” u said i was gorgeous not fair mamuu. ” with squeezing its eyes .

Thats it guys for the day.. Did you all like it ???? Please pls pls do say your views regarding the update and the new ff . That is a totally new one. About 2 states ff i will upload it tomo as im exhausted totally now . Till then take care love you all stay blessed and bear hugs and kisses.

Credit to: Sv

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  1. darling u r back finally??? how was d exams???? ???? now only gonna read ff ? ll come again to comment about ff ? love u ? missed u ?

    1. i did my exams well . All went well dear. I missed you too love you

  2. Aweee…my twin I missed u so much…but after my exam I came to know that u v exams…hows was exams….happy to see u back here…even I didn’t read …after read I’ll come again…n update two states plzzzzz…see ya again ?? m excited

    1. My dear twin sissy missed you darling . Hope you are fine and always happy. Dear love you muhhhaaaaa. Just now updating the 2 states .

  3. ❤?Natasha?❤

    At last ur back……..i missed ur ff alot………..the kids are soooooo cuuuutttteeee………their bonding and the naughyy stuff all r very chweeeet……..its amazing yaar……..who said this is boring…..i’m gonna kill u if u think sooo…….and do u need to ask our permission for writing a new ff…..we will be more than happy to read one more of ur incredible works……….happy that u have written ur exams well…….atb for ur upcoming xam……..waiting for ur xam to get over……missed u tooo…….luv ya???????….

    1. Natasha thank you soo much dear im really hppy that u liked it . No no i dont want to extend it wanna end the ff with a sweet memory . only that missed you too . love you lods bear hugs and kisses too..

  4. its lovely awesome. fabulous ??? top. takkaaaaarrrrrrrr ma??? oh god chumma kizhi. kizhi kizhichita darling ???(u know tamil na darling? )? oh. god u gonna end dis den really i ll miss charachters for sure coz i love. them all ??? dat last lil kid. s really awesome???superbbbbbbbbb darling???loveu lot???

    1. Thank you suga . Im happy that you loved it tons of hugs to u . Ya ya i can understand tamil . Love you dear take care and bear hugs

  5. I loved it. Sad that this is going to end soon. Can’t wait for your next ff. Please update soon. Good luck on your next 2 exams

    1. Kavina thank you . Pls dont be sad . Thank you for the wish and i am updating my new ff today . Hope it gets posted today itself . Love you always dear.

  6. Wow tat was sweet.. I loved it… So far it has been a grt journey with u. Though am nostalgic abt this getting over am happy abt u starting a new one. I hope it’s a new one abt ardhika and nesam…. I loved their life with kids after 10yrs. Eagerly waiting for d nxt few updates. Take care.

    1. Rg thank you for accompanying the journey till now dear I just wish that you will remember the ff. I know you will . Love you dear even i’m a bit sad but to the fact is i wanted to make it a memorable one for all . Hope my wish comes true.

  7. Yes…i read it at one go…the kids n their bond with parents are very lovely…n don’t dare to say ur story boring…once again waiting for ur new ff…n update two states

    1. Rosie i said idont want to make boring by prolonging it . Thank you my twin sister . I am updating it today . ok sry for saying boring . Im holding both my hands over my ears and sry ok happy now ???? 🙂

  8. Awesome episode, waiting for your next fan fiction. 🙂

    1. Thanks brin will update the new one today

  9. Sv…..misssed u lots n lots buddy…..n wat an epi.
    .d 6 masti children…..n 6 masti parents……nandus death….n all wer emotional…n cute…..n lovely too….
    Im glad dat u r going 2 start off a new ff ….n lil sad dat u r going 2 complete dis….
    Lots n lots of love ????hugs…

    1. Dev i too missed you buddy . You donno how mad i went with out this . Thanks for the comment . Love you too bear hugs and take care too……

  10. Missed you darling 🙂 So nice to to see your update 🙂 loved the kids part their bonding was so cute… when I started my school …I didn’t even shed a single tear…as I was hell happy…even I don’t know why and my dad who came to drop me couldn’t stop his tears.. we still tease him on that 🙂 loved it to the core waiting for the next one 🙂

    1. Thank you di . Di dont ask when i started for my school i fought with my dad that i will go all by myself. Actually my school was 2 building away from my house even then my dad wanted to accompany me and yup he was emotional but i was happy to go to school. LOL . Will update the next part soon.

  11. What a lovely update really enjoyed reading. ?

    1. Thank you gianna for your love. Im happy dear.

  12. loved it sv………..the affection for kids was the most beautiful part in it………….nandini’s past is sad………… r u gonna stop this ???????????plzzzzzzzz update 2 states……..

    1. aastha missed you darling soo much. 2 states updated . will come soon . Love you dear.

      1. thanks for replying………

      2. Aastha no thank you and sry between friends dear. No im not gonna stop this but end it in a sweet way so that it could be a happy ending for our this ff’s journey dear.

  13. Hi sv darling…how are u?..n how is ur exam….iam glad to see ur update…about d episode amazing dear…full nful happy families moments…I loved it to d core…waiting for next one…n 2 states too update soon.,…n glad that u r going to start new ff….pls make ardhika collage base love story dear pls…lots of love hug fr u…tc…

    1. Susi dear thank you soo much. 2 states updated in the afternoon itself and the new one is a bit different one from the other thing as 2 states is also based on collage story. Dear uploaded and waiting for tu to update it . Love u soo much and missed you.

  14. awesome…………

    1. Thanks subha.

  15. Awesome, wowwww sv it’s superbbbbb n awesoooooome episode. ..all the kids n their God parents …..I just loved these new bonds……all the kids names n there personalities very very cute….n arjun mammu kangaroo…lol……..nandu had very sad last moments. …but it was her fate….I’m just love this story very very much. …missed you sooooo muchhhh. …..keep it up honeyyy, all the best for your next exams. .. love you loads. . muaaaaahhhhhh 🙂 😉 🙂

    1. Thank u dear roma love u soo much. Man missed u too but i wont leave u all anymore. No more studies here after . Love u roma stay blessed bear hugs and kisses.

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