Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 16)


Hieee all im Sv back with my next update .Thank you all my lovely friends out there who are showing your love towards me. Love you all and thank you once again. Guys sry to say this i’m taking a break from this for a month .I’ll resume once i finish my examsand come. Sry sry sry. I’ll swear that i will write once i finish my exams. Till then please dont forget me 🙂

Enjoy the ride………

All were having happy times together and they were working simultaneously. Arjun was taking care of radhika like she was a new born kid for him. Neil towards sam no words to explain as Sam was not able to find radhika as she was stuck with Arjun. The newly wedded Anjali and Krishna were roaming the city in the name of office work and they even jump over the compound wall and roam the streets at night. Arohi and Rahul were busy with kushi mayuri and Charu was running around the house.

Rahul’s house……..

Asia cup finals Nail biting match. All were in the hall to watch except Sam, Radhika and arohi. Anjali was wearing the Indian team jersey . Her fav 10 no Sachin’s jersey. It was viren who made Anjali watch the match and the daughter and Father never misses any match even if she had exams or he had important work. Such a kind of Match maniac were these 2. Till the last over they were not able to decide who is going to win. Anjali started to chant Hanuman chalisa and Charu said “ yaar started again”. Anjali was praying for the win and at last India won.
Anjali was the highest to shout. Charu was so happy to see her daughter as she is seeing the match with this interest after 4 years. Coz after Viren’s death she changed more but today she forgot everything and she is dancing the way she used to celebrate the victory with Viren.
Anjali ; We won the maaaattchhhh….. We won the maaaatchhhhh papa say with me na we woonnn…… and saw his picture on the wall. Then anjali realized her father is no more. The tears are not asking her permission to flow.
For a girl her father is the first hero and for a boy the father is the first role model. We shower love on some people so much that at times we forget that they left us but we still believe that they are with us. Same has happened. Charu felt missing of viren today after 4 years . But to the fact she did not show that as Anjali’s cry may not be controlled. Anjali did not speak. All signed Krishna to take her to their room.


Krishna was hugging her in side and they were standing in the balcony .
Anjali ; Why did papa leave me ???? Krishna was numb.
Anjali ; Krishna please promise me that what so ever happens , How so ever happens don’t leave me im not that strong enough . Im acting as if im strong but im really scared of loosing my loved ones . Pls Krishna don’t ever leave me pls and she cries her heart out. Krishna hugs her tight and says “ I’ll promise you one thing I will not leave you and we will stay together with the all of them till we take our last breath . I promise that. She cries and he picks her in his hands and he sings her cute lullaby songs and she sobs but sleeps in his hands .
Krishna puts her in the bed and she mummers “ don’t leave me……..” He smiles and sleeps by hugging her tight.
All were happy except one nandhini. She was detoriating, but never ever considered that but wanted to spend some time with Arjun and Anjali again as they were in the orphanage so that she may find some peace before she leaves the world. Somehow she begged Arjun and Anjali .Both said that they are going to paris for a week trip and will come back soon. Neil was not in the mood of leaving his siblings as he was not experienced their absence once they came.

Ardhika’s Room…..

Radhika was packing the stuffs for Arjun . He came from behind and hugged her. She with a smile kissed his cheeks and said “ Do you need to go there ?? Nandhini Di ??”
Arjun ; Radhika I never thought of even seeing her but she was pleading and so I was not able to say no . I don’t know what is she up to but this time I will never ever believe her. Thanks for believing her I would have lost everything but you came to save me . Radhika smiled for his infinite love towards her.
Radhika ; Arjun what so ever it is she is your sister . Give her a chance too as you gave me to live a beautiful life.
Arjun ; Shut up you made my life beautiful but ya , she is not the old nandhu yaar. That’s the one which is scaring me. She is weak. I thought that she would be safe and healthy but she is not that strong who used to be.Radhika sensed that even though he said that he seems to be ignoring nandhini he still has a place for her. That was the one which radhika loved the most. They were discussing something.

Here anjali and Krishna were packing. Sorry Krishna was packing and she was in between his arms to make him the maximum way to distract.
Krishna ; Munni pls I need to pack.
Anjali ; such a stubborn head you. I’m going for 1 week and you are like was waiting for the chance to send me out and to roam outside the city to hang out with some girls?? Mark my words I may be 10 cm away or 10 countries away when you try to turn your eyes to any other girl except me . I will be there the next moment to take your life get it Mr.Cockroach??

Krishna always like this kind of lioness from her because of the possessiveness of her towards him. He loved that always and gave a tight kiss. After that kiss she said “enough for 1 week ??” they were hitting each other and Krishna hugged her tight and said “ dear take care of yourself as im still scared who will be there if arjun looses his temper when that nurse does anything to speak. Still light marks are there in your face.
Anjali ; mannu don’t worry , it was bhai who said yes to this. Just a week I will come back, saying so she was sad now. Hugged him tight and did not want to leave him .They were keeping their heads together unknown tears escaping from their eyes. There was a knock on the door. Krishna and anjali now stepped back. Some how they came out and found neil . He hugged her tight and she also hugged him tight.

Neil ; take care of yourself. Just one week. I should have gone but I am stuck here with the work and Krishna is also with me that’s why sending you. Anjali pls take care . call me once you reach and also pls take care of that khadoos arjun. Eat properly… and he was saying continuously.
Anjali ; Neilu bhaiyya its just a week 7 days will come soon, you take care , take care of my bhabhi sam and you eat well . I’ll come soon ok now smile and she hugged him again.

In between arjun and radhika too came there and they all went to the outside of the house where the car was waiting for them. Arjun and Anjali hopped in the car and the car started from there . all were waving their hands and they were reciprocated by anjali till the end of the street.
Anjali ; Bhai did you say to budhu ??
Arjun ; Yup and you ??
Anjali ; Ya said to Krishna . Are we really going to paris or gonna be here ??
Arjun ; Hlo madam we are going to Paris but Nandhu will accompany us in paris for a week. Donno why she is asking this but I don’t want to get trapped again.
Anjali ; Bhai she is not the one I guess. She has changed. Lets hope everything goes fine. They reached the airport .


He booked a cottage for the 3 . It was a big cottage and Nandhini wanted to spend her savings for the 2 so all the expenses were paid by her not by arjun. Once Arjun and anjali reached the cottage they found nandhini. She gave a broad smile. Arjun was not in the mood of reciprocating it but anjali hitted him with her elbow and he smiled for a name sake. She asked them to change and she wanted to speak with her 2 younger people. Once they freshed themselves Anjali took the laptop and started to speak to Krishna and Arjun too joined with Anjali to speak to Radhika were by mistake Krishna said I love you to Arjun and Neil too joined them. After literally an hour of speech they disconnected the call.

Nandhini was waiting for them.
Nandhini ; Arjun and Anjali I want only 1 wish from you 2 . I want you to behave like we were in the orphanage. Before Anjali left the place. For this 1 week only forgetting about what happened in the past . Just need you guys as 10 year and 8 year . Would you pls do that. Anjali was in but Arjun was not interested first but because of Anjali said yes. All started to enjoy the days together and arjun too started to become normal with nandhini and started calling hr nandhu once again. Nandhini was very happy for the change in Arjun. He started to talk to her like before and they used to play cards where arjun held a set secretly and Anjali found that and the 3 were splashing the cards and playing. Suddenly Nandhini started to cough. Arjun panicked and gave her the water to drink. Nandhini was thinking “ Im a fool to misuse a gem like you. Im sorry arjun”. The work was going on and on and on . Hectic work and Nandhini was helping the 2 for the work and many video meetings and telephome meetings mails everything was done finally the work was done.

Next day they started from Paris and Arjun , Anjali and Nanadhini were in same flight. Neil came to the airport and Nandhini disappeared before Neil could see her. Arjun and Anjali came home and showed the stuffs bought for their family and were having a happy chat with them.

Few days later Arjun and Anjali were discussing with Neil and Krishna about the Paris project and suddenly Arjun gets a call from Rana kaka. He went some steps away to speak.
Immediately Anjali , Neil and Krishna changed the tab in the laptop and Anjali was showing Arjun and her pics in Paris.
Rana kaka ; Arjun please come to the hospital immediately. Nandhini is not well. She wants to see you and anjali soon please come quick. Arjun with tears turns to see anjali who was sitting in the upper part of the sofa and hitting Neil for his tease and laughing her heart out and were looking at the laptop.

Thats it guys for now. I knew it is a short one .Will finish my exams and will continue this and also 2 states. Till then a ta ta bye bye from my side . Miss you all. Pls dont forget me. Take care all stay blessed and Love you all…………………..

Credit to: Sv

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