Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 14 part 1)


All the 6 started to rahul’s house . All the time from airport to rahul’s house there was continuous talking u know who yup anjali and rahul would hear it without saying anything. Arjun was able to understand that what rahul said” she never hides anything from me” It was a month trip for them . It was a kind of official trip also as the birdsong got a project in london as the client was a big company and one of the improtant project of birdsong so it was both family and official trip once the project comes to a final stage samrat and piyali would join them for the other formalities and prena would also accompany them then the small functiom for anjali and krishna for the wedding.

Rahul’s house…..

It was a independent villa surrounded by greneries and it was a huge house behind the house there was an open space . It was same pattern hoise which was followed throughout the street all same to same maximum difference was the colour of the house.
Anjali ; maa maaaaaa maaaaaaaaaa charu ; go refresh urself and come i have made something special. Anjali was just able to hear her but was not able see her. Anjali ; maa where are u ?? Charu ; pagal go straight to ur right and refresh urself and come . And pls change ur dress and come i know u will always not do that. I have some new dresses for u now go change and come . Just then the others entered the house. They were not able to find anjali just then charu came from kitchen. She invited them inside and asked them to refresh and showed them the rooms where they were supposed to stay . It was a separate portion like it had a separate hall and it led to 3 rooms . Other than that there was other rooms like kitchen drawing room and a big hall and dining room. All went to their respective rooms . Anjali came out and she helped her mother . Charu was feeding her sweet daughter with her favorite sweets. Just then arjun came out and he saw her sitting on dining table and charu was feeding her with gulob jamun . She filled her mouth with more than 3 at a time. She saw arjun and signed him to come. He felt a little awkward and charu gave him a gulob jumun he lifted his hand to take it but she said eat and she fed him. Charu ; u r also my family so no formalities required feel free and u can even call me ma as i dont have a son . Rahul used to fill the place of the son and i would be so happy of u too call me maa as u r my aara’s brother. Arjun was moved by her words and had tears for charu’s words . Took her blessings and they each other. “you forgot me” radhika said charu was very happy to see her and they hugged each other and it was like the first time radhika and anjali’s hug in birdsong. Charu lifted her and said ” u put on wait budhu “(as mother as daughter). Nesam too joined . Anjali ;maaa and opened her mouth. Charu fed her with the next piece. Arjun’s eyes widened and he stared at it. Anjali found that and at once she took the bowl to herself and kept near her. Arjun made a face and charu tapped anjali’s head and took it from her and fed it to arjun . Nesam and radhika too took the piece . Just then krishna came to that spot. Anjali ; ma where is jiju ?? Charu ; he started . He came here to leave u and took food for arohi. Come krishna and asked him to take a piece of jamun Charu ; im going to the hospital . Rahul will send me the car. U guys wait here and take rest . Day after tomorrow she would be discharged. But anjali and krishna denied. Arjun also wanted to meet them. Sam was really tired so neil said that he will come tomorrow. Radhika also stayed back because she will be with sam to resque her from neil. The othrers started to the hospital. Hospital…………. Arohi was taken care by a nurse she was specially delicated to arohi. Arohi ; avanthika can u pls help me to get that box ?? Avanthika ; sure dear and gave the box for her. Avanthika was really helpful for arohi as she was really week . And doctors wanted a special care for her so they chose avanthika as she was the experienced nurse and so helpful more over indian so it would be easy for them to take care. Arjun and the others reached the hoapital and charu led them to the ward where arohi was there. Avanthika just went out as the chief doctor called her and at that time arjun and others came in . He noticed avanthika from the back and thought that some how he knew her . But anjali and others continuously called him and he went inside the room. Arjun saw the baby . It was soo chubby like a teddy bear. No one would have a mind of leaving the baby once they saw it. It was soo damn cute. He wished he too wanna have a kid like this . Anjali was scared to lift the baby. She was just touching the baby in the cradle. It started to cry and she sang a lullaby and the baby stopped crying and started to sleep. Arohi ; oye big lady how r u ?? Cant u sit quiet half of my life gone by seeing u in bandage. Arjun was not able to understand. She continued ” cant u be a normal woman always breaking ur hand and leg . How many times u broke ur leg ?? Anjali ; 5 may be. Arohi ; excuse me when we counted when i was in my collage it came around 9 and after that u broke ur leg when u planned to jump from our house terrace to another . Arjun ; what ?? Arohi ; ooho she did not say u that ?? She is an action movie maniac . She would see all those movies and would Anjali ; pls not now else i would say abt u to ma. Arohi ; what what ?? Anjali ; di pls dont take word from me i will say how u bunked the classes and……….. Arohi ; my sweet heart im sry soo soo sry dear. Charu ; wait what is this ?? Arohi and anjali unanimously ; nothing mom . Arjun was having the kid in his hand and she was happy when he picked her . The kids eyes were cute blue and curly hair and cute small rose petal lips and she was a pure gift from god. Arjun was not able to explain how happy when he was holding the kid. All were happy to see her. When krishna tried to take from arjun it felt unease and was about to cry again arjun held himself and the kid eased. Anjali was holding his shoulder and was pampering the kid. Just then avanthika entered and saw arjun but before he could see her she left the place Arjun ; u have got the god’s gift rahul im soo happy to see her. She is soo cute. Please come to mumbai and else i will take her with me to mumbai . She is way too cute. Rahul ; take her she is all urs. Arohi was also happy and said i can understand that u would take a perfect care of her. Anjali to agreed with arohi . The kid was hungry and so he gave the kid to arohi and they stepped aside . At that time krishna asked arjun ” can we show aara’s leg . It was her time for her to next dressing.” Arjun agreed and he said ” i’ll find the doctor and he left from there . Doctor was found and dressing was done. Avanthika was taking care of her as she wanted to avoid arjun who was in arohi’s room. Anjali was now taking rest because of the treatment. Avanthika was talking to her thinking she was aaradhana krishna . Krishna was with her and arjun was coming from arohi’s room to anjali’s room. At that time he say nandhini coming out of anjali’s room. Arjun paniced and ran towards anjali’s room and he saw her happily speaking with krishna and they were fighting for a remote for changing the movie. He ran towards her and hugged her tight. Anjali and krishna was not able to understand why he did this but just then nandhini entered. Anjali saw this and nodded her to enter the room. Nandhini was not able to see who was hugging anjali. Anjali ; bhai this is the nurse who took care of arohi didi and she is now taking care of me for this. Arjun turned to see and when he saw her his eyes were showering all his anger. Arjun ; stay away from my family and tightens his grip over anjali . Anjali ; bhai what happened ?? Arjun ; anjali nothing just come u can take rest in house we are leaving at once.

Guys dnt know why but im unable to upload the full part so doing it in 2 parts and im unable to aline spacing.

Credit to: Sv

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