Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 13)


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All were busy with the work of the wedding.Yes anjali and krishna wedding. Some how she managed to speak with her brothers but then she came to know that they have already started the preparation of the wedding. Charu and others were not able to come because arohi’s delivery date were nearing but thanks to the technology because of that she was able to see her daughter’s wedding live . After the wedding the honeymoon spot was london as anjali and krishna need to meet charu and others as it was soo many days since anjali was with charu. But even fate played there all the 6 started for the London(honey moon but family honey moon lol). as charu wanted to make a small get together with the family members. The other elders would join a bit later. The wedding was not for 3 days but morning all the rituals evening wedding as they considered anjali and sam’s health condition . Before that day it was their engagement.

Krishna informed his dad about his wedding and asked him to come but verma said no coz if he comes, then his mother may create a chaos and he wants his son’s happiness than he himself coming . Verma felt sorry as he was not able to attend his own son’s marriage so he decided to go but not to inform her.

Total birdsong was in the wedding work and for anjali’s side arjun and radhika were standing in the position of her parents for kannika dhan and samrat and piyali stood for krishna as krishna became the true brother for sam and she wanted to prove herself by making her parents his so that krishna may not feel bad in the wedding.

Ring ceremony …….

2 cute rings were bought and those rings were happy because it is going to make 2 peoples life into one anjali some how managed to walk but still her leg was having the bandage. Teji and suju used to romance whenever they find chance and all thought that there is one more wedding to come soon. Anjali and krishna are asked to come on the stage were the engagement was going to be held. Krishna was in typical formals as he would rock in that dress. He was breath taking. Just then anjali was called. She slowly came to the venue with beautiful red lehaga with a kind of cream colour blouse and she was wearing her specs which gave more beauty to her. She held radhika’s hand and walked with her help. She struggled to step up the stairs. Arjun and neil were about to rush but krishna came down and took her in his hands and went to the stage . All were soo happy for the concern he has for her. All went to the stage and they exchanged the rings . All clapped and all took pictures . Here arjun was wearing dark blue kurtha and radhika was wearing light pink lehanga and arjun tried his level best to control himself as she was breath taking . Whenever he finds time he just say a single word “twins” slowly in her ears and the next moment Radhika will turn pink. Neil was wearing a dark green kurtha and sam was wearing a lavender lehanga. Neil always made sure that she was alright . Prena and samrat , piyali were also having some good time and mala and dilip said that they will join for the wedding. Mehandi started and all the ladies were wearing mehandi but anjali was sad as she was not able wear for her leg because of bandage. Arjun who called all the orphanage children for the wedding asked them to take their sketch and colour the full bandage and he too joined them . It came out to be a most beautiful pictures . Anjali was soo happy and hugged arjun and said ” how do u know that i was sad ?? ”
Arjun ; because my angle’s heart is always in me so i know what my sister thinks”. Neil came with the plate and asked her to eat she showed her hand which fully had mehandhi. He himself made her eat by feeding till she cried enough. Ardhika were happy to see this. Just then radhika felt a bit dizzy and thought it was because of not eating and arjun made her eat by feeding her. Charu who witness this had happy tears and wished viren was there.


Arohi suddenly got labour pain and both rahul and charu took her and rushed to the hospital . Rahul and charu were very scared as she got the pain before the fixed date. The doctor came out and said its a girl . All were happy and a nurse came out with the kid . Just then anjali called and through video call she saw the kid and she also saw the nurse , she looked familiar but anjali brushed aside that and she captured the kids face and on the top of her voice shouted and showed the picture of the kid to everyone and all were happy as the kid was the first child of the whole family.

It was really late as the next day is the big day for all. Both anjali and krishna were not able to sleep because of more excitement. She wanted to see him but cursed her leg because of which she was not able to move more. Krishna slowly entered her room and she was soo happy . She jumped in her bed and hugged him tight. He smiled for her love and without breaking the hug said ” we r going out now so come with me ” .
Anjali ; are u crazy what if anyone finds ??
Krishna ; see tomo morning 7 the rituals start we’ll be back around 5 pls dear pls. She was not able to deny and they slowly started in her bike and once they travelled a bit distance she let her hands on the air and she was shouting ” i love u krishna ” . He too joined and shouted “i love u toooo” and they went to a place it was a party area and when anjali and krishna entered the area the girls stared at him and he too reciprocated them with a smile back but forgot to notice the lady don(name courtecy gauri di). She was fuming in anger. He just turned to see her but she was staring him angryly. She took something to hit him and he shouted. She realised that it was a big glass bottle. She kept this and took something of a small size and asked” is it ok??” he nodded yes and she came to hit him but to his surprise she kissed his cheeks and gave an angry stare to the girl who stared at him and forcefully threw the small glass on the floor, that girl left the spot at once. Both were having masti time together and they started from there as she felt sleepy . They came back and she slept peacefully and he gave a small peak on her forehead and he too went to his room and slept peacefully.

Morning 6 o clock ……..

All started for the big day . Haldi and other rituals were going on when mala dilip entered with ankush . Anjali was soo happy to see them and ankush bought some gifts to anjali and they both were talking . Nesam and arjun cannot believe their eyes as they never seen this ankush. He was other way round and all never seen him this naughty .

After all the rituals the bride and groom are asked to change the dress for the next one. It was third or fourth time they are changing . They lost the interest in dress change but that was the last as that was for their wedding. They came out and she was wearing full red lehanga and she had covered her head with a cute red cloth which had beads in the end. She was wearing a ring type nose stud and she came slowly by taking the help of radhika and sam. She came to the mandap and she saw her man who was wearing golden colour kurtha and red bottom . Once the rituals were over they asked ardhika to keep their hand with anjali and to give that to krishna and when they were doing it arjun became a bit emotional . Just then another hand joined. It was neil he stood in the place of the brother and arjun smiled and they gave the hand of anjali to krishna and samrat and piyal standing behind him. He wore her the sacred chain “mangal sutar ” and he filled her forehead with the kum kum and she saw him and had tears in her eyes and he gave a cute kiss on her forehead. Sam tied the knot between krishna and anjali as a sister and they stood up to take 7 rounds . After 2 to 3 rounds anjali struggled . Krishna picked her and said “lets finish this together” they revolved around the fire and they finished the round.

After all this they were having their food. Krishna came to sam and gave a pack full of glass bangles. Sam was not able to understand .
Krishna ; di i heard from my friend that pregnant ladies should wear bangles . If they wear it it is good for them and for the babies i even heard that there are certain celebration made for this bangle ceremony. I too wanna gift u the bangles so that u will always be happy and healthy . Neil hugged krishna and krishna and other family members made sam to wear the bangle . Both the hands were covered by the bangles. Sam was soo happy and hugged him and said thank u for coming to my life krishna and he too hugged her .

Neil again got haunted by responsibility asked sam to come as they need to decorate the house. After sometime all started , anjali and arjun were hugging and he had tears as she is no longer his lil sister but wife of krishna. But he was happy as they are gonna be together in the same house only. when they were about to start from the mandap, verma came rushing. He saw his son and felt ashamed as he is coming for his son’s wedding like a third person . The couple took his blessings and he gave a gift and at once he left the venue without speaking much. Krishna was sad piyali said son We are here dont worry one day everything will be right. Now come” and she took his hand.

All started from the mandap and anjali and krishna where asked to take a long drive before coming home. when they reached home it was a mini mandap, lighting and other things anjali and krishna were spell bound . ardhika and nesam did everything which these 2 naughty heads would like it. Both were soo happy and held their hand and sam and radhika took aarthi and they were asked to enter the house. Again stairs. She did not tell anything he picked her up and neil showed the room where they need to go . Just then arjun entered his room and found it was fully decorated . He ran out and shouted “who did this ??”
Anjali ; (peeping out of the room shouted) bhai enjoy. Neilu bhaiyya thank u .
Neil ; ur welcome . Before arjun was able to catch them, both closed their respective doors and locked it. Radhika was laughing seeing his reaction. Arjun turned towards her. She took a step and he started to chase her and they landed in their room .

Neil saw sam and she was struggling to sleep. Neil came near her and she hugged him and she slept peacefully as she was really tired because of the wedding. He hugged her and they slept peacefully.

Anjali somehow managed to change and she came out of the washroom and she saw krishna with her medicines. She made a face ” not today please ”
Krishna just gave a stare. Anjali saw those tab all very different colours orange, white blue everything . It was tough for him to make her take those medicines. He after making her take the tablets went to the washroom to change. When he came out she was sleeping. He sat on the bed and laid down near her and he slowly pulled her towards him . She adjusted herself and hugged him and kept her head on his chest and sleeping and was blabbering something . He was not able to understand much . She said ” i love u stupid “. He tightened his grip and she too hugged him back and she herself blabbered “stupid cant u kiss me?? mental case” and blushed but was closing her eyes. He nodded and understood and when he came to kiss her she opened her eyes and winked and smiled . Both laughed at others for their naughty reaction having a beautiful time together.

Morning was a blushful morning for all of them . Krishna woke up and found his love so beautiful and he remembered the first time he saw her and today she is his wife . The journey was different but beautiful and wanted to be the most beautiful journey in the future. She turned herself and still she was sleeping , he was about to move . She immediately said ” kill u “. He gulped and saw her but she was sleeping . He smiled , kissed her and said thank u munni for coming to my life (munni was the nick name for anjal and mannu was the nickname for krishna and they decided that no one should know this as this is the secret names kept by these love birds) .
Anjali ; love u mannu and she turned and hugged him , they continued to sleep hugging each other.

Radhika woke up and found arjun was sleeping and when she tried to get up arjun held her hand and pulled towards him and she fell on him .
Arjun ; good morning darling . Radhika blushed and hitted his chest and said “good morning angry bird”
Arjun ; excuse me ??
Radhika ; u were keeping ur eyebrows like u r angry when u sleep soo angry bird.
Arjun ; u admire my beauty when i sleep wow thats really nice . She was still blusing and tried to control her smile.
Arjun ; Oh please don’t control ur smile , u look even more beautiful . Darling dont forget of packing as we are leaving tomo for london. She nodded and pushed him to the washroom.

All came to the dining and had their breakfast and the boys started for the day and girls started for packing . As usual Neil joined with sam sry he made the packing and she was instructing him what are required and what are not . Ardhika did their packing and having some fun time as Arjun was in full romantic mood and Krishna took care of all the packing work and Anjali’s only job was to sit and stare and take a video of how he is packing and taunting him.

They all took the blessing from prena and she said she will also join them after some time and they started for the airport after they checked it they entered the flight and found that it was a 3 seater 3 on front and 3 on the back. Lol all sat and Krishna made a sad face and anjali was not able to control her laugh and she had tears seeing Krishna’s behavior and his sad face. They sat and the seating arrangement was Nesam and Krishna one set and Ardhika and Anjali the next one. Neil one corner sam in the middle and Krishna the other corner. Arjun in the middle and Radhika and Anjali on the either side. They both slept on Arjun and Arjun was hugging them and was sleeping peacefully . Neil took that pic and when he turned to see Sam . she was leaning on Krishna and he was having his head on her head. He smiled and took that photo too. Just then there was an announcement saying that the flight is going land please fasten your seat belts. All woke up and they fasten their seat belts and after few minutes the flight landed and they checked out and Rahul was waiting for them . Anjali’s eyes widened and she shouted “JJJJJJJJiiiiiiiiiiijjjjjjjjjuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” . The whole airport stopped at her shouting. Rahul came running and hugged her . All were soo happy to see them . He greeted them all and they started for Rahul’s house.

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