Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 12)


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Radhika sam prena and anjali were playing cards. At that time they heard a honk sound . At once radhika and prena took the cards and hid them and anjali who was not able to move because of her leg bandage took a book from the table and gave that to sam . Sam made a face and saw the book . Inside the book there was a romantic novel . Sam was super happy and winked her eyes. Within seconds the house was turned into the temple’s environment (now u can understand the extend of torture , neil had made).

Just then krishna entered the house and sam who saw this threw the book on him which she had in her hand . Radhika hitted her head with her hand and gave a glare prena too joined, anjali was laughing her heart out . Krishna was not able to understand the reation of the ladies.

Sam ; cant u say that , that was u . We were in an important work i almost got the sets in the card , first time in todays game ….. argh u spoiled it. I thought it was neil .
Krishna laughed and held his ears and said sry di im soo sorry but he may come soon and ha aara we need to go to the doctor . Today he is going to remove the bandage and new dressing needs to be made . Come and gave a package to her. She saw that and found a cute lavender frook . She asked what for .
Krishna ; aah there is an important matter needs to be discussed and i want u by my side so i want u to wear this . He picked her up in his hand and let her in her room and after she changed he took her and turned to the ladies and winked at them . Radhika made her thumps up and sam said all the best. They started . Prena asked for the reason for the girls reaction and rads said everything . Prena was equally happy and said they make a cute pair like tom and jerry without them there is no fun let the kids be happy.

After 15 minutes neil and arjun entered into the house with a showroom full of dresses. Sam and radhika’s jaws opened when they saw this much dresses.
Arjun ; pls sam next time ask ur husband to do shopping all by himself i cant handle him . Whatever he sees, taking it .
Sam ; idiot why is the need for these many dresses ???
Neil ; sammy he is saying and u r questioning me ?? I saw u were strugglimg to wear ur old dress as ur tummy is little bit big and so i bought which would fit for every month . Radhika was happy for her friend had become very responsible.
Radhika ; arjun see the concern he is having towards his wife dont tease him and gave a hifi to Neil . Sam hugged him and kissed his cheeks. Prena appreciated his work.
Arjun ; darling u will see the real me when u r pregnant . I wont say anything but it will be total different . Radhika gulped for what he is going to do as neil was doing to much but arjun ??? She got goose bumps when she thought and nodded and all of them checked the dresses and neil informed that how arjun was taunting krishna . Sam said ” i dont know what plesure u brothers and sister is having when u r taunting my little brother. ”

Krishna took her to the hospital and while she was undergoing the exercise for the leg she was not able to bear the pain she screamed and kriahna hugged her tight till the leg got dressed . She still had pain in her leg she was sobbing and krishna picked her and was convincing her like a small baby in the lawn area where no many people were there . Once she was fine he took her to the car and they started from there. He took her to a restaurant and they ate, once she was totally alright he took her to a place . It was dark. Everywhere and he asked her to stand there and once he vanished from her sight , she was scared and called his name more than 3 times but no response . She was now scared and she tried to move herself but she was not able to succeed as she left her stick in the car .

After 5 minutes there was a huge screen and krishna was standing in front off it and the screen said ” will u be with me till my last breath , throughout my life and even after that?? ” and cute song tere bin from waazir was being played. She was struggling to breath . Tears are rolling and was about to say yes, just then she was scared. What will happen if her brothers and his mother a money maniac comes to know and what if he leaves her when he comes to know that she is not aradhana viren but anjali mehra. She was lost in thoughts

He came near her and kneeled down and took the ring from his pocket (the same ring he had on the day of annual day) and asked will you please fill my life with your presence. She made her heart into stone and said “sry krishna i can’t”.
Krishna ; aara why ??
Anjali ; It is good if we dont be together as it is not the right thing. There are many girls who love you but why me cant you find any other girl. I’m not even close when it comes to any aspect of yours. I dont want to get hurt more. Krishna tried his level best but it all went in vein.

Krishna was now broken and started to walk from there . She sat down and saw him going away and started to cry and said “cant u find some one why me?? i’m not rich”. Krishna who heard that was now able understand and she continued ” cant u find some girl who has a proper name , at times i even forget my name . How could i say u that im not the daughter of viren but an orphan and sister of arjun . She was still crying and said im sry stupid but i love u to the core i want u to all the time , in my hard time . I just wanted to hold ur hand then and i will face any difficulties in my life i love u krishna and she was crying hard. She never noticed that he was hearing all hiding himself from her. She was crying to much just then he remembered if she cries more then it would be difficult to control. She was crying and blabbering and struggling to breath . He ran and hugged her and she was still crying hard , slowly he rubbed her back and sat next to her and she was also holding him tight.

Krishna ; Aara …. aarraaaa….. now stop crying . i know everything. I just want you to be the mother of my kids nothing is more required neither money nor name, i just want your heart, your love, your care and your anger which will make my life more colourful and meaningful . If you really feel so then lets start from today a new life and let that be we have just saw each other now . Hiee i’m Krishna may i know your name please ?? and gave his hand. Anjali was just staring at him and tears are coming out of her eyes and krishna shook her and asked may i know your name please . She wiped her tears and hiee i’m…… Mrs Krishna . Krishna was soo happy he had happy tears and he hugged her tight. She said actually i was scared of loosing loved once. Once i lost my brother then my dad . I dont want to loose you. You will not leave me na if your mother calls you or for other reason ?? asked like a kid.
Krishna ;(smiled) The only reason i will leave you is on my death . She hit him and hugged him tight.

Anjali ; How are you going to say to your mom??
Krishna ; Dont worry she wont even come here and so no problem.
Anjali ; My brothers ??
Krishna ; Aah thats the problem . Lets do one thing we will go and ask them .
Anjali ; Nooo not now . I’ll make sure that they are in the good mood and then we can speak about that . Ok ?? Krishna nodded and gave the chain and made her wear the ring and said “ It should always be with you a symbol of our love ok?? She hugged him and when he was about to kiss her she slapped him and said “ These are all only after marriage” he nodded ok with a disguised face . They were spending some happy times and then Arjun called and they stared from there.

On the way she slept and he took her to the room and as usual she held his hand . He smiled and slowly he removed her hand at that time she was blabbering something. He just rubbed her head she slept peacefully and he went out. Ardhika and Nesam and prena followed him and Neil and Arjun silently closed his mouth and took them to the hall and asked for the same. He smiled and sam was super happy and hugged him . Radhika hugged him and Neil and Arjun too congratulated him.
Krishna ; She doesn’t know that you 2 knows this i mean you said yes to us.
Arjun ; Funny you said that you love her to all except to her. Krishna made a pout face.
Arjun ; Do they know they….(he was meaning charu and others)
Krishna ; All know in fact charu ma was the first to say yes to me…
Neil ; What ????? Radhika and Sam laughed . Neil saw sam and said its time for you to sleep sam . She hitted her head with her hand others were laughing for the reaction of Sam. All were happy for anjali and krishna and wanted to surprise her .

Arjun and Radhika are in their room and arjun was just staring at their photos and radhika leaned on him and he hugged her from side.
Radhika ; What are you looking at ??
Arjun ; I dont know how time flies. I still remember her seeing first time as a cute kid . Her first cry when she was taken out from the operation theatre and the first time she held my figure with her cute little fingers but today she is all grown up .
Radhika was just staring at him with her cute smile . Arjun saw this and nodded what ??
Radhika ; You look awesome when this cute curve comes on your face and pointed his smile..
Arjun ; I don’t know how but when i see you that curve comes automatically.
Radhika ; Ohh Arjun i will do anything to make you happy .
Arjun ; Ok now my happiness is I want a twin baby.
Radhika ; Done … and thought for a second and saw him who was smiling mischievously.
Radhika ; Dont be stupid Arjun
Arjun ; What ?? did i say anything wrong ?? Radhika blushed. But she did not notice that Arjun had already held her.
Radhika ; Arjun this is not nice, but he came close to her and tickled her and she was laughing and they were enjoying their love life happily and enjoying their time together.

Neil ; sam enough now please now go to sleep.
Sam ; Neil please yaar i’ll sleep after sometime , now let me hear some songs i’m done hearing all those songs please idiot after 5 minutes pakka.

Neil just picked her up and made her sit on the bed and he sat next to her .
Neil ; Sry Sammy i have to make sure that nothing should harm you and our junior so please my darling. Sam hugged him and she laid her head on his chest and he was reading her favourite book by softly rubbing her head and after some time he found her sleeping hugging him. He saw her with full of love and he said “ Sammy you are bearing many responsibility for me. I never thought that one day you will be the part of my life and fulfil all my heart with your love . Thank you for the love, affection and for our junior and he kissed her and hugged her and slept slanting so that she may be comfortable while sleeping.

Anjali was really happy as her love was successful and she purposefully made a fake sleep in the car so that he may pick her up. She thought all those moments and giggled. Just then her pat lock opened and the door slowly opened and she saw Krishna slowly tip totting and entering into her room . She was happy and again closed her eyes to know what he is going to do.
Krishna ; Aara …. Aaraaa…… with husky voice to wake her up. She was not ready to open her eyes. He shook her and she made a fake way and asked him what. He said “ sshshhhh…..”And kept his figure on his mouth and said “ aara there is a surprise for you” her eyes widened but before she could respond he picked her up and they slowly went to the terrace. There were cute settings which are made by him to spend some time with his lady love.
Anjali ; Why is this all required??
Krishna ; Shush i did not do for you but for my lover why are you shouting??
Anjali ; Ooh really and pinched him and he screamed , she at once closed his mouth . He kept her in the mattress and took a ice cream. It was kulfi her favourite.
Anjali ; what if i get cold , if neilu bhaiyya comes to know then i’m gone. I can even manage bhai but neilu bhaiyya will make me to undergo all the test in the hospital like going through the museum for all the department. I don’t want to take risk.
Krishna ; Dont worry i have an idea. See if you eat ice cream and drink hot water then you wont catch cold. \
Anjali ; Super and gave a kiss on his cheeks . He turned pink and she smiled the way he was blushing .
Krishna ; So will you be the mother for my kids. Anjali blushed and they started to enjoy the journey of love and were talking and were just spending their time happily.

It was like 3 pairs of love birds are enjoying their journey of love under the same nest and they are connected by each other in their hearts.

Thats it guys, how was it ??? Till then take care love you all stay blessed.

Credit to: Sv

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