Manmarziyan a new bond (Epi 11)


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It’s been 3 months since the incident happened, she was still in coma . No one could understand that for an accident would the consequence be this big. They took her to their house and they had a personal nurse to take care of her. Krishna with the help of sam and radhika somehow entered the house and he used to stay all night just holding her hand and the only response from her was a tight hold of her hand .

Arjun somehow informed rahul about anjali so that charu will not panic.
Rahul ; take care of my angle arjun , i’ll make sure that ma and arohi are informed and will say
them in the correct time.
Arjun ; i need to say another thing too but before that rahul interpreted and said ” i know who you are how u r related to her. She never hides anything from me. she said everything way
before once you 2 met each other and it was really hard for me to inform her about that , first ma was angry with aradhana but she always loves her and aradhana also as usual melted her mother and charu was happy. Arjun pls take care of her. She is a delicate flower of our family.

Arjun had tears in his eyes and ended the call. Just then someone entered the house. She was doing too much makeup for her age and her dress, her makeup nothing suited her age. Arjun was not able to control himself from laughing the way she was. Arjun after controlling his laugh asked about her.
She ; i guess krishna is here and he works under u , her voice showed some kind of arrogant
and pride in her speech.
Arjun ; ya he is here and may i know who are you ?? Before she could speak Krishna cuts off
and said ” ma why did you come here ?? to make me run again . What do you want now ??”
Arjun never seen this kind of krishna he always knew him a soft jolly type and always smiling
one but he was different now.
She ; i came here just see my son and my aradhana and made a big drama because of that
krishna asked permission to Arjun and took her to see anjali .

She saw her and gave a smile it was a kind of wicked smile which said ” thank god , she’ ll not
be behind my son” as still she mattered only her status. Krishna held Anjali’s hand and saw her. His mother “enough of everything i made all arrangements, u leave her and come with me . I have fixed a girl for you. She is way more rich and beautiful than aradhana.” Krishna’s hand was tightened by anjali for the words she spoke. Krishna was happy to see the response from anjali after days and he kneeled down and called her ” aara …. Aara ….. ” a tiny tears escaped from her eyes but her eyes were still closed. He said ” I’m here and i’ll not leave you i promise that and he turned towards his mother and said “show off your money to someone i neither need your money nor your name . I love her and she loves me that’s it. I’m earning and that is more than enough for 2 to live and i will take care of her as a princess. So please this is the way out” and asked her to move out. She tried hard but of no use, She said “ never ever try to come to me and I am damn sure that she will kick you off one day because money is what everything”
Krishna ; Mrs.Verma (verma is the name of Krishna’s father) this is the way out and don’t worry I will not come to the so called house of yours even in my dreams . I’m way more happy here, so can you leave my house now”. She gave an angry glare and left the place. Neil who heard their conversation wanted to smash her face but was really happy for krishna’s answer and somehow thought that he will be the perfect one for anjali.

There was a slight improvement in her health. Radhika and sam were talking while having their food.
Radhika ; how many days are u going to hide that from him , he has a right of knowing it you cannot do this to him.
Sam ; i dont know for how many days but i’m not sure what would he say ??
Arjun joined them and said ; he will feel some happiness . He’s not showing out his pain but he is dying inside because of anjali and i dont want him to get hurt even more.
Radhika ; arjun’s right let him cherish his fatherhood and i want some smile in his face. Doctors said the medicines are responding good and she’ll be alright but if you don’t tell him then i’m sure no one can stop him from swallowing you. Sam nodded and planned to say about her pregnancy to neil . She was not able explain but some happiness struck when she thought about the pregrancy and she thought ” i know him since childhood but why I’m nervous to speak out to my idiot i dont know . I want to make him happy and the best dad for my child” .

Neil entered the room and saw sam . He noticed her after many days but today some unknown happiness came around him he was smiling after days and sam who saw him started to walk to him and hugged him. He hugged her back and that was a protective wrap around her and they were standing like that for some time . After that neil raised sam’s chin and nodded what. She nodded nothing and hugged him again.
Neil ; (who was hugging her) sammy im sorry i was not even talking to u properly these days . But u know me i’m really mad when i see her like this . But i should have spent some time with you . Im an idiot .
Sam giggled and said so you are accepting the name. Neil broke the hug and wrapped his hand over her shoulders and asked ” sammy whats up ”
Sam blushed and tried hard to face his face but her shyness overtook her and she was not able to face him .

Neil ; aahaa soo something important.
Sam ; (blushing) im going to say something dont just freak out. Now neil was really freaking out but he controlled and saw sam.
Sam ; i…… I mean u …… We ……
Neil scratched his head and was now really scared and said “Sam pls say”
Sam ; we……. no and took a deep breath and said do you find any difference in me ??
Neil ; ya u have put on weight u look a bit fat but thats not a problem. You even look great in this slight fatness.
Sam was now seriously angry . She on her top of her voice” you are an perfect idiot , idiot. I wanted to say that we are soon gonna have a child” .
Neil ; ok…… what ?? and jumped.
Sam giggled. Neil was soo happy and he gugged her tight and there were happy tears for both of them. Sam cursed herself for not saying that to him before. She continued i’m pregnant neil we are gonna have a cute baby. Neil was still hugging her. He saw her and said “you gave me a meaning for my life sammy its the greatest gift u would ever given me I love you Sammy this is the best day of my life . I wish everything will be set right” and he hugged her and they went
out to spend sometime together. Arjun and radhika are happy to see them happy. Neil enjoyed every moment of sam’ s happiness and an unknown happiness was in his heart . He badly wanted anjali who would have teased him to the core. But he didn’t show out.

Arjun’s routine became like office house and spend some time with his sister by talking to her what he did and at that time he will have Radhika with his side so that she may control him when he was broken down.

Few days later krishna was going through her mobile and found many cute pics of her and all in rishikesh , office , rakhi everything. He was smiling looking at those pics. The way she was keeping posses, all were crazy pics of her. Many tongue out and keeping weird faces. At that time he saw few videos and when he started to see them they are her selfiee videos, dubsmash videos and some crazy videos which she took of all of them, everything. He asked the nurse to take care of her and went to the other room to change for the night and after he came the nurse started home …..

It was a dark, night time. A big truck lost its control and it was a straight hit………..

Anjali jerked and opened her eyes it was like she came from a deep sleep. She was sweating and somehow understood that she was in her room. Slowly she twisted her head and saw krishna was sleeping holding her hand and keeping her head over the bed. She saw herself wrapped with many bandages. She was about to move her hand and kriahna woke up and found that she was awake. Krishna was happy but scared and wanted to know that is she alright and does she knew him. Anjali finally managed to speak .

Anjali ; krishna why are u in my house and where all are ?? And she was blabbering.
Krishna was full happy as she was able to recognize him and she is all well coz she was blabbering the way she used to speak and also he heard her voice after days.
Krishna ; its night aara . Tomo all will come. Now sleep and he gently rubbed her head and asked her to sleep. But she was not in the mood of sleeping.
Anjali ; you wanted to say something na ?? What was that ?? and what is this bandage.
Krishna ; Nothing and this is not the time for me to say that to you, I’ll say you once you are alright now sleep. She then again went to sleep. He was so happy that she is all fine and he thanked all the god for hearing his prayers.


Neil started for the day and he went to Anjali’s room and saw something different but could not find anything. Krishna was seen happy which was missing all those days. Neil came and softly kissed her forehead and said ” i want to say u something important .
Anjali ; what ???
Neil ; it is …. And stopped and stared at her . She winked her eyes and smiled. He was not able to believe his eyes and was thinking is that a dream . She pinched him and he shouted. Anjali laughed and neil hugged her tight and cried out his grief which he was holding all those days and shouted everyone’s name .
All came running with a panic and found neil hugging her tight and she with one hand hugging him the other was fractured .Healing but not fully. Radhika came near her and held her hand and said ” why u were sleeping for these many days . I missed u chashu ” and hugged her . Anjali was not able to understand and asked how many days ?? And thought for few seconds and said “wait i was going to office to take a file and suddenly a truck hit me and then what happened ???”
Radhika ; 3 months over of all those things happened .
Anjali ; what ??
Sam ; i missed you and there is something important that i need to say you but not now afterwards and hugged her.
Anjali ; sam pls what is that ?? And what happened to me ??
Sam ; u met with an accident and u were seriously injured . Those were the worst time for us . But thank god u are fine now. Anjali smiled and she was searching for arjun. He was standing in the entrance of the room and was watching her. He was standing like a stone and was just watching her. Radhika who saw him and dragged him inside . He was holding her hand tightly and was resisting to come in .

Neil who saw this signed sam and others to come out and he pushed arjun to anjali. She tried to move herself but it was difficult for her to move. Arjun nodded her not to move. He saw her, tears are flowing out of his eyes without asking any permission. Anjali wiped his eyes and he cried even hard and took her up and hugged her tight and said ” im not going to give u the bike and why the hell we bought u the helmet for doing pooja ??? you scared us all and don’t ever say that u r going to leave me again. Where ever u go i’ll slap you and bring u back with me”.
Anjali ; Bhai I’m sorry please don’t cry and she too hugged him back. She was also crying and thanked the god for giving a beautiful and affectionate family.

Neil became a typical husband and it was difficult for sam and prena to handle him. He bought many god songs cds and asked her only to hear them . Full spiritual book shop was bought and sam was threatened only to read them. anjali’s hand was much better but she still had a band in her hand. But for the leg, she was still undergoing treatment. Krishna made sure of that. Neil used to instruct prena regarding the food that sam should take and he would speak like he has already got more than 3 kids and if she interferes, then gone. He will give lecture and sam who sees this was really happy about his concern but at times he would be to too much. He will not even ask Sam to walk and she was restricted from office and her only company was anjali and prena.

Once the others leave the house, the house would turn into a time zone area of the mall. anjali and sam will continuously play the video games and prena will prepare the food which are good but not the thing which neil says as they are not required at that time for sam. They’ll watch crazy movies and prena was the one who used to select the movies . Many were scary ghost movies and the 3 ladies enjoyed the time together. Arjun used to inform them when neil starts from birdsong. Once neil starts from office and the time he reaches home the home would be like a temple. The house would be upside down when he enters and all the 3 ladies would act perfectly like nothing happened.

All became back to their form and it was like all had one soul but that was equally in all of them. Neil wanted to speak about anjali’s marriage to sam and ardhika . Neil knew sam really loved krishna and he saw krishna’s concern towards anjali but he was really scared of arjun as what would he say regarding this.
Neil made a secret meeting with the other three in their house without making Anjali know.

Arjun ; what is the matter guys why this sudden meeting ??
Neil ; cleared his throat and said i wanted to ask about anjali’s……….
Arjun ; what happened?? what did she do now again ??
Neil ; arjun , arjun ……. Relax she’s all fine but the thing is i wanted to ask about her marriage .
Sam ; what ????? She was nervous as what he had planned to anjali and saw radhika who was equally shocked.

Arjun ; i should find a guy who will accept for staying with us. Myself and anjali made a plan that who so ever says yes for staying with us then he is the one .
Neil ; i found one who would not even dream to say no and will always be with us and he is really scared of her . He loves her madly for which he left everything and was just holding her hand for her to be alright. Sam understood that he was talking about krishna and she hugged him and thanked him. Radhika was also super happy by those words but she was scared of what arjun would think.
Arjun ; neil come with me and they left the girls and both were really scared of what is Arjun up to . Arjun called krishna and asked him meet him in a place where they were waiting.

Krishna ; sir what should i do sir ??
Arjun ; nothing krishna just wanted to say that anjali I mean aradhan is going to get married and we need your help can u find a perfect venue for her marriage so that her marriage is made a grand way.
Krishna’s heart stopped for each word he spoke. He asked ” did she said yes for the marriage??. Arjun raised his eyebrow and nodded yes and neil was really sweating for the test arjun is keeping for Krishna and made maximum possible way to say Krishna that she did not say yes by making many signs behind Arjun but Krishna did not notice that.
Krishna ; she wouldn’t have said yes .
Arjun ; she said yes and can u just find a place for the wedding ?? And those were threatening words for krishna . He with wet eyes said “ sir pls dont do this…… he will not know about aradhana . He will not know why she is angry, her likes and dislikes and he may take her away sir pls dont do this I’m damn sure that he is not the one .
Arjun ; (who was really happy for those words which he spoke knowingly or unknowingly) why are u really concerned about this?? He knew her very much and he’s the best for her.

Krishna lost his cool and wanted kill that nonsense who said he knew her and asked arjun ” may i know where that utham purysh is ?? ” with an annoyed face.
Arjun ; he is standing before me . Krishna looked here and there and saw no one and asked where ??
Arjun ; “worlds stupid” im really feeling sorry for my sister. He is standing in front of me and pointed krishna. Krishna was out of the world and hugged arjun tight and thanked him.
Arjun ; but one condition she will be with us . If u r ok then marriage else…….
Krishna ; no no i cannot stay without di both of them
Arjun and Neil unanimously ; Ooh really???
Krishna ; actually i wanted to ask you abt the same but i’m happy. Did aradhana really said yes for me ??
Neil ; who would ?? Arjun gave a plain stare.
Neil ; I mean we never spoke about the marriage to her and pls stop the hide and seek and say your heart to her.
Krishna ; i was about to say on annual day but… And took a deep breath…neil tapped his shoulder and said what happened is happened now go and say your heart to her. I know that she too loves you…. so go and make her tell her feelings , she’s tough when it comes to accepting but i know she’s really good at heart and pls dont hurt her. Those words showed concern he has for anjali .

Krishna happily nodded and said pls take care of me too from her and the boys laughed. Neil gave his car key to krishna and asked him to go and speak his heart to her. Krishna hugged neil

Neil ; Stop hugging us. Now go and somehow make her accept for that even you fall on the feet. Krishna nodded and took the key and started from there. He informed sam and radhika and they were really happy .

Neil ; what do you say arjun ??
Arjun ; i really feel sorry for him and both laughed and started home.

Thats it guys. Please comment your views. Love you all , take rest and stay blessed.

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